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80 E 11th St. Suite 544, New York. Two horges a day. Dally and Daily Paddock Special. SPECIAl OFFER BOTH DAILY "WIRES, 5 PER WEEK ,000 A WEEK . Couldnt eqnal my weekly information that I release for 5 per week Did you ever hear of a service that has kept its same nam and high winning percentage for years! Yon must produce winners to make goad that is "what I have been doing and seldom advertising for new clients. One weeks service will convince you. Confidence in secrecy must be the byword. ONCE AGAIN MY FOLLOWERS CLEANED UP Yesterdays Special: CLEM THEISEN . .50- WON Yesterdays Paddock Special: BOURBON BOY 3.50- WON INFORMATION INCOMPARABLE Throw away your dope book, workouts and other misleading information no matter how good or bad and subscribe at once with Ralph Moore, the man who knows when "right horses" are out to win. RECENT PADDOCK SPECIALS AND 52 SPECIALS RELEASED PADDOCK SPECIALS SPECIALS October 7: ROYAL DUCK 2.20- . WON OPULENT 1.20-52 WON October 6: SNOW MAIDEN 0.80- WrON TETON ; 5-1 WON October 4: RAM KIN 7.40- WON YALADOR S12.G0-S2 WON October 3: GUELP3I 0.00-52 WON SPECKLED BEAUTY . .0.80-02 2ND October 2: COMIXA 1.40- WON BRIAR HILL ...56.40-52 WON October 1: ROMAN BACHELOR ...70-52 WON SPORTY McGEE 6.80- WON September 30: . HURRY INN .80- WON CHERBU 2.00, 3.50- 2ND September 29 FIRE TOM A 2.70- WON AUDACIOUS .30-02 WON AND MANY ItfORE TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION "Wire 0 for one weeks service for Special cr 5 for both. Wiro all communications to RALPH MOORE J.T.COLLINS 128 Maiden I.anc, NEW YORK CITY TWO HORSES DAILY .00 DAILY OR 0.00 PER WEEK S25.00 DAILY OR 00.00 PER WEEK This includes all information that comes In the office the entire week. MY SERVICE IS SUPREME AND NEVER COMPARABLE. THIS IS NO GUESSWORK OR HANDICAPPING, BUT GENUINE INFORMATION. I am associated with the wise operators, and my connections will prove after a weeks trial that it is worth ten times as much as what I ask. Positively No Favorites Released Yesterdays Special: CAPTAIN COSTIGAN .9.60- WON Yesterdays 5 Special: DIXIE FLYER 12-1 WON Tuesdays Special: .VICAIRE 5.40- WON Tuesdays 3 Special: ZERO HOUR , 10-1 WON Mondays Special: TETON .. .5-1 WON Mondays 5 Special: COYNE 9.20- WON Saturdays Special: BETTY MALONEY .4.20- WON Saturdays 5 Special: DREAM MAKER 4.70- WON Fridays .00 Special: RETIRE 4.20- WON Fridays 5.00 Special: FOREST FLOWER 6-1 WON The above Is a record worth looking at and. following for the past week. Is this service not worth a trial! Remit 00.00 at once by wire and give this a weeks trial and he convinced that I can , make you a winner. Lew Williams Rooms 307-8-9, 145 West 41st Street NEW YORK CITY Look! Look! Opulent 1.20- Won Blue Moon 3-1 Won Sakah .60- Won BIue Moon 2d Outcast .50- Won . , ... Kentucky Cardinal .00- Won Sun Tess .40- Won Drumbeat .90- Won Westover 2.10- Won Lithuania ,..20- Won Volante .90- Won The above horses released by us Is our complete record for last ten days, and we never i released more than one horse dally. Negotiations for our present connections have been ! carried on for six months, and were completed a month ago. THE ABOVE HORSES ARE THE RESULT ! My service must not be compared to the average, for, as you all know, perhaps to your sorrow, "You cant pick em in an office on Broadway." For the first time in six years, the public has an opportunity to share In real live "winning turf information" that has hcrc-! tofore been limited to private clientele. WE DEMAND THAT YOU COME FROM "MISSOURI," for we can certainly show i enough reliable credentials to convince the most skeptical. Professional ethics will not permit the publication of the whole story. "A word to the wise Is sufficient." You are going to be amazed and astonished when you come to the office. THIS ISi OUR SEVENTH BIRTHDAY AND WE ARE GOING TO CELEBRATE WITH ANOTHER WINNER. TODAY IS THE DAY TERMS: 0.00 DAILY; 0.00 WEEKLY NOTICE: Above terms for one week onlj-. Out-of-town clients wire subscription 1 fVcstcrn Union or Postal Telegraph. more money What Would You Do With It ? Suppose you could add 00,00, 00.00 or even 00.00 a week to your present Income could yon use it pleasantly and profitably? Think It over. If you want more money,- get in touch with me, F. Duffy Fortunate Frank, as I haTC permission from my connections to increase my following. This is the first time I have advertised since 1921 and my old clients arc still with me and permanently satisfied. YESTERDAYS ONE AND ONLY HORSE GIVEN Eminent . . . 7.40- Won TUESDAYS ONE AND ONLY HORSE GIVEN OPULENT .20- WON MONDAYS ONE AND ONLY HORSE GIVEN COYNE 9.20- WON SATURDAYS ONE AND ONLY HORSE GIVEN BETTY MALONEY .4.20- WON FRIDAYS ONE AND ONLY HORSE GIVEN SIR GLEN 56.70- WON A complete list of my winners would more than fill this paper; here are a few ff my recent horr.es: COMLXA, 21.40, WON; ASAPH, .00, WON; SCOOP, 8.80, WON; ALLIE OCHS, I 06.10, SECOND; HOBSON, 0.70, WON; SPATS, 25.80, THIRD; SAKAH, 1.20, WON; FREJLWKLL, 6.00, WON; TIMES UP, 8.80, SECOND; MARK MASTER, 4.00, WON; ELECTOR, .70, WON; TEDS PLUM, 1.60, WON. As I am not permitted to release the New York horses on which my associates operate, my wires give one horse at mutuel tracks only. One Horse a Day No Subscription Accepted for Less Than Six Days. TERMS: SIX DAYS, 5.00. ONE HORSE A DAY All business must be done by Western Union. Address as follows: F. DUFFY, 21 WASHINGTON ST., JAMAICA, N. Y. V I M. E. KUHNER "PARLAYS PAY PLENTY" TERMS: ONE PABLAY, 0; FIVE PARLAYS, 5 My Connections Are Now Operating in Maryland and Kentucky MY PARLAYS ARE FILED IN ADVANCE WITH THIS PAPER Yesterdays PaTlay in late race, result unknown when sending ad. TUESDAY BOTH HORSES RAN THIRD, SHOW PRICE WAS 28.80 FOR 0. I cannot give a winning parlay every day and I make no excuses when my connections miss; just do the best I can, Mondays Parlay Was: CAPTIYA 1.00-52 WON SNOW MAIDEN 0.80- WON Saturdays Parlay Was: RAMKIN 7.40-52 WON VICE -CHAIRMAN 0.10- WON Fridays Parlay Was: PETER MALONEY 8.10- WON RETIRE 4 0- WON Thursdays Parlay Was: TURBULENT 5.50- AVON COLORED BOY .00-52 WON KRISHNA 4.30-52 WON PEP TO PEEP 6.20- 2ND LITHUANIA .20-UWON SCOOP 8.80-52 WON Mondays Parlay Was: RAMKIN 3.70- WON MAXIMANEH .20- 2ND It is impossible for ma to put over a, winning parlay every dayT That is -why I am offering five parlays for 5, as, if I get a client for one parlay and it loses, he is off me for life, but with five parlays he sees what I really can do and will stick with me. I am accepting just enough clients to cover my obligations to my connections, as my expenses are very heavy for this information. Rush your subscription of 5 at once, as I am expecting big-priced parlays during the next few days, after which my price will be raised to ?50 for six parlays. Wire 5, by Western Union or Postal, with your address. M. E. KUHNER SUITE 416, 1454 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY BUS at all newsstands. TODAY AT LAST THEYRE READY ! WHAT A SLAMFESTM AT LATONIA 10-1 SHOT Everything is SET, I tell you, and theyre going to HOP to the BIG .00 SPECIAL which we give FREE with the MASTER CLOCKER today. What a Clean Up ! Youll Be Mighty Sorry If you let this one GET AWAY from you today. Hasnt done a thing the PAST FEW MONTHS, but, TODAY oh, whats coming off. Again, I tell you RUSH RIGHT NOW to your newsdealer and ask for the Daily Master Clocker and he will give you Special Free Today Again, DONT DELAY, here is YOUR CHANCE." DETROIT FOR SALE AT Triangle Newsstand Griswold and Lafayette Blvd. Family Theatre Newsstand Cadillac Sq. ST. LOUIE Wm. Laser, 711 Market St. OMAHA, Neb. Myer Coren, 1411 Farnum St. CLEVELAND, 0. 0. Schrooder, 212 Superior St. KANSAS CITY Recks ecker, 9th and Walnut Sts. MILWAUKEE Kirby Hotel, 433 Water St. CHICAGOANS FOR SALE AT Arcade Newsstand 74 W. Madison St. High Ball Newsstand State and Quincy Sts. And at all newsstands. KLEANUP SERVICE Thursdays Code Horse: R R, RACE N, LATONIA. C Days Code, 5.00. 3 Days Code, 0.00. Codes wired prepaid on receipt of subscription. TODAY BIG 0.00 SPECIAL GOES. BIG SPECIAL OFFER: Wire us 5.00 at once and we will wire you our code for 6 days and Saturdays 50 Special, which should be as good as STAR LORE, 20-1, WON, our recent 0 Special. Another Big 0 SPECIAL is being prepared to go next Saturday at a big price. Wire 5 at once and we will wiro you 6 days codes and our 0 Specials. Our codo horses havo won over ,500 on a flat 0 play since Latonia opened. Several more bi? -priced code horses coming this week. KLEANUP SERVICE 147 WEST 41ST STREET NEW YORK CITY TWO HORSES DAILY George Barry TWO HORSES DAILY Win with ? The man who can make you win $ 17 West 27th St., New York City. Terms, 0.00 weekly. Your weekly subscription lets you in on all my 0.00 Specials FREE, which go Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. Yostorday Barry gave: Brunswick 0.10- Won Old Faithful ..10- Won TODAY 0 SPECIAL TODAY GOES TODAY. TAKE THE BAND OFF THE BANKROLL AGAIN, AS CONNECTIONS SHOULD PUT OVER A WINNING "TRIPLE." Recent 0.00 Specials Released: Rural Route .40- Won Feysun .15-1 Won Bear Grass 20-1 Won Some of my winners, as follows: ADOLPHUS .20 WOK n. E. COLEMAN 56.S0, .20 2nd BRIDESMAID .. 54.60- WON COLUMBIA .00, .50-52 2ND CADUCEUS .80-52 WON ALMADEL .30- WON THE FOREIGNER .00- WON ALTAWOOD 1924.sh.10-52 WON KENTUCKY CARDINAL .00- WON MISS MAZIE .50-52 WON ADA BLACKJACK .00-52 2nd SOPHY 18-5 WON CAMPANULA 523.30-52 WON BUTTRESS $ 6.90- WON SUPREMUS 00-52 WON CALEDON 5.55- WON LADY FINNELL $ 0.00-52 WON THE BADGER .00- WON GAD 5-1 WON Rush 0.00 by Western Union or Postal for this information. Send your correct name and address to avoid delay. Do not remit by mail. . Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of Trying tho races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach, fa. Advertise in Daily Racing Form

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