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Daily Racing. Form Handicaps i LATONIA - The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: Latonia, Ky., October 8, 1914. " 1 Queen Charming, Delectable, Miss Rose- dale. 2 King Nadi. McCulloch, May Fly. 3 PARADER, My Valet, Haleakala. 4 Speckled Beauty, Rosabella, Atomin. 5 Blind Play, Bedford, Beginners Luck. 6 Bobs Mary, Miss Cerina, Quince Garden. 7 Midwestern, Llewellyn, Georgie. J. L Dempsey. New Yorlc Handicap. 1 Queen Charming, Colonel Wagner, Span ish Rose, Slicker. 2 Singlehand, Gaffney, Fairy Master, May Fly. 3 Parader, Yorick, Haleakala, Tippo Sahib. 4 Atomin, Rosabella, Dr. Tanner, Speckled Beauty. 5 BLIND PLAY, Bedford, Beginners Luck, Hopeless. 6 Brunswick, Braedalbane, Pindar Peel, Bobs Mary. 7 Midwestern, Rocky Mountain, Llewellyn, Opulent. Chicago Handicap. 1 Queen Charming, Queen Bess, Colonel Wagner, Spanish Rose. 2 Fairy Master, King Nadi, Singlehand, Friend. 3 -My Valet, Yorick, Haleakala, Parader. 4 Rosabella, Dr. Tanner, Sam Mengel, Ato min. 5 BLIND PLAY, Bedford, Hopeless, Begin ners Luck. 6 Braedalbane, Brunswick, Bobs Mary, Marionette. 7 Oo La La, Opulent, Rocky Mountain, Plus Ultra. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Queen Charming, Spanish Rose, Colonel Wagner, Watchful. 2 Singlehand, Friend, King Nadi, Fairy Master. 3 Parader, My Valet, Tippo Sahib, Yorick. 4 Atomin, Dr. Tanner, Fuo, Rosabella. 5 BLIND PLAY, Bedford, Hopeless, Be ginners Luck. 6 Bobs Mary, Pindar Peel, Braedalbane, Quince Garden. 7 Rocky Mountain, Midwestern, Plus Ultra, Llewellyn. Observers Handicap. 1 Spanish Rose, Queen Bess, Queen Charm ing, Watchful. 2 Singlehand, Gaffney, Fairy Master, Duanne. 3 Yorick, Parader, Tippo Sahib, My Valet. 4 Dr. Tanner, Rosabella, Atomin, Bad Luck. 5 BLIND PLAY, Beginners Luck, Bedford, Hopeless. 6 Quince Garden, Bobs Mary, Braedalbane, Best Pal. 7 Opulent, Plus Ultra, Midwestern, Llewel lyn. Consensns of Hndlenis. 1 Queen Charming, Spanish Rose, Queen Bess, Colonel Wagner. 2 Singleriand, King Nadi, Fairy Master, Gaffney. 3 Parader, My Valet, Yorick, Tippo Sahib. 4 Atomin, Speckled Beauty, Rosabella, Dr. Tanner. 5 BLIND PLAY, Bedford, Beginners Luck, Hopeless. G Bobs Mary, Brunswick, Braedalbane, Quince Garden. 7 Midwestern, Oo La La, Rocky Mountain, Opulent JAMAICA The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: Jfew York, IS. Y., October 8, 1924. 1 Hendrick, Tailteann, New Hope. 2 Anticipation, Rosa Yeta, Juno. 3 SKYSCRAPER, Swope, Avisack. 4 King Albert, Forest Flower, Athelstan. 5 Mcdo, Levoy, War Mask. G Young Martin, Swope, Joe Marrone III. C. J. Connors. Nctt Yorlc Handicap. 1 Wracklane, New Hope, Kumonin, Hen drick. 2 High Commander, Anticipation, Gladys V., Wynnewood. 3 ANNA MARRONE II., Skyscraper, Cy clops, Swope. 4 King Albert, Athelstan, High Prince, Forest Flower. 5 War Mask, Lockerbie, Venus, Modo. 6 Thundering, Repulse, Swope, Zuker. Chicago Handicap. 1 Kumonin, New Hope, Hendrick, Marjorie C. 2 High Commander, Fairlight, Anticipation, Warren Lynch. 3 Avisaclc Skyscraper, Anna Morrone II., Bontaud. 4 FOREST FLOWER, King Albert, High Prince, Athelstan. 5 War Mask, Modo, Levoy, Lockerbie. 6 Repulse, Joe Marrone III., Gold Stick, Swope. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Kumonin, Hendrick, Grace Troxler, New Hope. 2 High Commander, Rosa Yeta, Wynnewood, Eagerness. 3 AVISACK, Skyscraper, Swope, Anna Mar rone II. 4 King Albert, Athelstan, High Prince, For est Flower. . . 5 War Mask, Fearnaught, Lockerbie, Cham- pignol. G Swope, Young Martin, Thundering, Repulse. Observers Handicap. 1 Carthage, Wracklane, New Hope, Grace Troxler. 2 Anticipation, Rosa Yeta, Byron, Gladys V. 3 Cyclops, Skyscraper, Swope, Bontaud. 4 Forest Flower, High Prince, Gladys V., King Albert. 5 WAR MASK, Lockerbie, Modo, Water GirL G Swope, Zuker, Repulse, Peanuts. Consensus of Handicaps. L Kumonin, Wracklane, Hendrick, Carthage. 2 -High. Commander, Anticipation, Rosa Yeta, Wynnewood. 3 Avisack, Anna Marrone II., Skyscraper, Cyclops. 4 King Albert, Forest Flower, Athelstan, High Prince. 5 WAR MASK, Modo, Lockerbie, Levoy. 6 Swope, Thundering Young Martin, Re pulse. LAUREL PARK The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: Laurel, "Md., October 8, 1924. 1 Sun Caris, Rose Cloud, Clique. 2 Dixon, Josephine, Miss Smith, White Ash. 3 Retire, Alex Woodliffe, Barbara Friet- chie. 4 Donaghee, Noel, Dream Maker. 5 INITIATE, Whetstone, Lilt C Time Exposure, Caligula, Wraith. 7 Normal, Episode, The Foreigner. T. K. Lynch. Jiew York Handicap. 1 Master Blue, Rose Cloud, Ampolac, Clique. 2 Orions Sword, Dixon, Josephine, Corn Products, Bright Lights. 3 Retire, Alex Woodliffe, Hurry Inn, Candy Kid. 4 Noel, Donaghee, Drumbeat, Lieutenant II., Barbary Bush. 5 WHETSTONE, Yankee Princess, Initiate, Alchemy. 6 Time Exposure, Wraith, Wellfinder, Cali gula. 7 Fancy Free, Normal, Episode, Smuts. Chicago Handicap. 1 Rose Cloud, Ampolac, Clear View, Master Blue. 2 Dixon Josephine, Orions Sword, Bever- wyck, Allerion. 3 Retire, Sea Fairy, Barbara Frietchie, Hur ry Inn. 4 DONAGHEE, Dream Maker, Drumbeat, Dr. OMara. . 5 Initiate, Whetstone, Lilt, Alchemy. 6 Time Exposure, Caligula, Wraith, Ever glade. 7 Fancy Free, Normal, Ep!sode, The Archer. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Ampolac, Master Blue, Rose Cloud, St. Nicholas. 2 Corn Products, Dixie Josephine, White Ash, Miss Smith. 3 Barbara Frietchie, Forecaster, Retire, Alex Woodliffe. 4 Dream Maker, Dr. OMara, Noel, Dona ghee. 5 -INITIATE, Whetstone, Alchemy, Lilt G Wraith, Time Exposure, Caligula, Strut Miss Lizzie. 7 Normal, Episode, Fancy Free, The Foreigner. Observers Handicap. 1 Rose Cloud, Master Blue, Polly May, Clique. 2 Dixon Josephine, Corn Products, White Ash, Orions Sword. i . 3 Alex Woodliffe, Sea Fairy, Forecaster, Battle Field. 4 Noel, Donaghee, Dream Maker, Drumbeat 5 INITIATE, Yankee Princess, Whetstone, Alchemy. G Wellfinder, Wraith, Time Exposure, Strut Miss Lizzie. .7 Episode, Normal, The Foreigner, Altissimo. Consensns of Handicaps. 1 Rosa Cloud, Sun Caris, Master Blue, Am polac. 2 Dixon Josephine, Orions Sword, Corn Products, White Ash. 3 Retire, Barbara Frietchie, Alex Woodliffe, Hurry Inn. . 4 Donaghee, Noel. Dream Maker, Drumbeat. 5 INITIATE, Whetstone, Lilt. Alchemy. G Time Exposure, Wraith, Wellfinder, Caligula. 7 Normal, Fancy Free, Episode, The Foreigner. BROOKLYN PARK The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: Cleveland, Ohio, October 8, 1924. 1 Sweeptona, Lena Wood, Light Sand. 2 Daddy Wolf, Rapid Stride, Paulina. 3 Futen, Double Van, Dont Bother Me. 4 Louise Wagner, Raffles, Fleer. 5 Matinee Idol, Beg Pardon, Clock Stock ing. G Gordon Shaw, Seths Ak-Sar-Ben, Carnarvon. 7 EYE BRIGHT, She Devil, Hercules. J. J. Murphy. .New York Handicap. 1 Sweeptona, Marie Dattner, Light Sand, Moonbrook. 2 Florence B. Walker, Virgie K., Daddy Wolf, Lenora P. 3 Dont Bother Me, Summer Sigh, Futen, Glabella. 4 Spods, Raffles, Charlotte B., Mamie OJane. 5 Flaxy Mae, Balefull, Clock Stocking, Matinee Idol. G Seths Ak-Sar-Ben, Barriskane, Froth, Joe Joe. 7 HERCULES, Eye Bright, In Doubt, She Devil. Chicago Handicap. 1 Marie Dattner, Lena Wood, Sweeptona, Moonbrook. 2 Rapid Stride, Virgie K., Florence B. Walker, Quincy Ward. 3 Futen, Summer Sigh, Bill Head, Dont Bother Me. 4 Canny Lady, Louise Wagner, Raffles, Spods. 5 CLOCK STOCKING, Beg Pardon, Matinee Idol, Balefull. G Carnarvon, Joe Joe, Froth, Barriskane. 7 Hercules, Troma, Eye Bright, She Devil. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Mario Dattner, Sweeptona, Lena Wood, Moonbrook. 2 Florence B. Walker, Rapid Stride, Quincy Ward, Lenora P. 3 Dont Bother Me, Futen, Glabella, Virgin ia Goodwin. 4 RAFFLES, Fleer, Texas Chief, Charlotte B. 5 Beg Pardon, Flaxy Mae, Balefull, John A. Scott Jr. G Seths Ak-Sar-Ben, Froth, Joe Joe, Gordon Shaw. 7 Hercules, Troma, Eye Bright, Yermak. Observers Handicap. 1 Sweeptona, Marie Dattner, Moonbrook, Lena Wood. 2 Virgie K., Florence B. Walker, Daddy Wolf, Quincy Ward. 3 Dont Bother Me, Futen, Margaret Atkin, Glabella. 4 Fleer, Louise Wagner, Charlotte B., Spods. 5 Flaxy Mae, Beg Pardon, Matinee Idol, Balefull. G BARRISKANE, Seths Ak-Sar-Ben, Froth, Joe Joe. 7 Eye Bright, Troma, Yermak, In Doubt. Consensns of Handicaps. 1 SWEEPTONA, Marie Dattner, Lena Wood, Moonbrook. 2 Florence B. Walker, Daddy Wolf, Rapid Stride, Virgie K. 3 Dont Bother Me, Futen, Summer Sigh, Glabella. 4 Louise Wagner, Spods, Canny Lady, Raf fles. 5 Flaxy Mae, Matinee Idol, Clock Stocking, Beg Pardon. G Seths Ak-Sar-Ben, Gordon Shaw, Carnarvon, Barriskane. 7 Hercules, Eye Bright Troma, She Devil. Continued on sixteenth page. Daily Racing Form Handicaps Continued from second page. DUFFERIN PARK The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: Toronto, Ont., October 8, 1924. 1 Jingle, Blennerhassett, Pink Tea. 2 Briar Sweet, Sling, County Times. 3 Chief Sponsor, Beljoy, Thorny Way. 4 RHINESTONE, Wild -Flower, Henry J. 5 Kent L., Gem, Comedy. G Director, .Doctor Glenn, Ombrage. 7 Miracle Man, Sea Water, Apology. E. Galvin. . - AKRON . The horses which seem best in Thursdays races" are : Akron, Ohio,- October 8, 1921. 1 The Coyote, Lucky Pearl, Assume. 2 Peter Combs, Yukon, Miss Holland. 3 Virge, Crestwood Boy, Last Girl. 4 Bigwig, Silk Sox, Waywassamo. 5 Blue Streak, Bright Trash, Sleivebloom. 0 Hoover, Uncle Velo, Lottie Loraine. 7 FAME, Ilustrator, St. Paul. F. H. Sproule.

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