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at all newsstands everywhere. HOT-DOG ! What a Triple Smash-up I . Wo handed the LAYERS BANK BOLL YESTERDAY, -we CLEANED THEM UP, I tell you THEY ABE GROGGY Hero the7 are: YESTERDAYS ADVERTISED 10-1 SPECIAL: HOPELESS 9.90- WON YESTERDAYS ADVERTISED DYNAMITERS: FAIRY MASTER. 7.90- WON YESTERDAYS LAUREL SPECIAL: INITIATE $ 4.00- WON These WERE POSITIVELY the ONLY THREE HORSES on the MASTER CLOCKER. I tell you the hoys are RAVING ABOUT THE MASTER CLOCKER And do you wnoderl TODAY Another Latonia Smash-up 1 tell you, you have GOT to get the MASTER CLOCKER TODAY if you ever did and NO NEED TO SAY ANYTHING FURTHER. Now go to your newsdealer and ASK for the DAILY MASTER CLOCKER , mailed two weeks ?9, remit to MASTER CLOCKER, 440 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. DETROIT FOR SALE CH ICAGOANS FOR SALE Triangle Newsstand Griswold and Lafayete Blvd. Arcade Newsstand 74 W. Madison St. Family Theatre Newsstands Cadillac Square. High Ball State and Quincy Bts. ST. LOUIS Wm. Laser, 711 Market St. And all other newsstands in Chicago. OMAHA, NEB. Myer Coren, 1411 Farnum St. CLEVELAND, 0. 0. Schroeder. 212 E. Superior. INDIANAPOLIS Moeslein. 112 niinois St. KANSAS CITY Recksecker, 9th and Walnut Sts. HAMILTON Halperin, 338 1-2 High St. MILWAUKEE Kirhy Hotel, 432 Water St. ST. LOUIS Foster. 410 Wash St. AKRON Swartz Newsstand. p. A 80 EAST 11th STBEET, SUITE 544 NEW YOKE CITY Two Horses a Day. Daily and Daily Paddock Special SPECIAL OFFEK BOTH DAILY 1VIKES, 25 PER WEEK gff,000 A WEEK-9! Couldnt equal my weekly Information that I release for 5 per week Did you ever bear of a service that has kept its same name and high, winning percentage for years! Yon must produce "winners to make good that is what I have been doing and seldom advertising for new clients. One weeks service will convince you. Confidence In secrecy must he the byword. ONCE AGAIN MY FOLLOWERS WON Yesterdays ?2 Special: MY YALET .00- WON Yesterdays Paddock Special: FAIRY MASTER 7.90- WON INFORMATION INCOMPARABLE Throw away yonr dope book, workouts and other misleading information, no matter how good or bad, and subscribe at once with Ralph Moore, the man who knows the right spots. RECENT PADDOCK SPECIALS AND SPECIALS RELEASED ?5 PADDOCK SPECIALS ?2 SPECIALS October 8: BOURBON BOY 3.50- WON CLEM THEISEN .50- WON October 7: ROYAL DUCK 2.20- WON OPULENT 1.20- WON October 6: SNOW MAIDEN 0.80- WON TETON 5-1 WON October 4: RAM KIN 7.40- WON VALADOR 2.60- WON October 3: GUELPII 0.90-52 WON SPECKLED BEAUTY ..0.80-52 2ND October 2: COMIXA 1.40- WON BRIER HILL .40- WON October 1: ROMAN BACHELOR ...70-02 WON SPORTY McGEE 6.80- WON September 30: HURRY INN .80- WON CHEREBU ., . . . .2.00, 5.50- 2ND September 29 FIRETOMA 2.70- WON AUDACIOUS -Q2 WON AND MANY MORE TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION Wire 0 for one "weeks service for Special or 5 for both. Wire all communications to RALPH MOORE - V IMPORTANT NOTICE TO S. 0. SERVICE SUBSCRIBERS OUR NEXT 0 ONE-HORSE SPECIAL GOES SATURDAY This horse most win or onr next two Specials FREE. We -will have no Special today. Yesterdays 0 Special was: Fairy Master .... 7.90- Won Filed in advance with this paper. Old subscribers are urged to wire new snbscriptions on expiration of old subscription. By so doing they will avoid missing good ones. AH subscriptions have now expired. We have the assurance of our connections that Saturdays 0 One-Horse Special should win and expect around 20-1. We urge all to join us in celebrating with a big juicy winner, as this comes from the same people who sent us our recent 0 One-Horse Special: Frank Gaylor . . . . 7.00- Won S. O. SERVICE JAMAICA, NEW YORK Notet Tell telegraph company to send your address; It prevents delay. J.T.COLLINS 128 Maiden I.ane, NEW YORK CITY TWO HORSES DAILY .00 DAILY OR 0.00 PER WEEK 5.00 DAILY OR 00.00 PER WEEK This includes all information that comes In the office the entire week. MY SERYICE IS SUPREME AND NETER COMPARABLE. THIS IS NO GUESSWORK OR HANDjlCAPPING, BUT GENUINE INFORMATION. I am associated with the wise operators, and my connections will prove after a weeks trial that it is worth ten times as much as what I ask. Positively No Favorites Released Yesterdays 5 Special: CLEARVIEW 9.10- WON Yesterdays Special: WRACKLANE 6-1 WON Wednesdays Special. CAPTAIN COSTIGAN 9.60- WON Wednesdays 5 Special: GIPSY FLYER 10-1 WON Tuesdays Special: VICAIRE 5.40- WON Tuesdays 5 Special: ZERO HOUR 10-1 WON Mondays Special: TETON 5-1 WON Mondays 5 Special: COYNE 9.20- WON Saturdays Special: BETTY MALONEY 4.20- WON The above is a record -worth looking at and following for the past week. Is this service not worth a trial! Remit 00.00 at once by wire and give this a weeks trial and be convinced that I can make you a winner. All clients are requested to bo patient when subscribing for this service, as it becomes necessary at times to delay the information for some clients, on account of subscriptions arriving too late, therefore making it impassible for them to get this service in timo to make any wagers for a few days. All information is directed through connections from Jamaica, Latonia and Laurel, by wire when positive, that horse should win. That is why my followers are winners. All necessary precautions will be taken that subscribers do not spread this information through the source of pools. Tor early service, subscribe early. M. E. KUHNER "PARLAYS PAY PLENTY" TERMS: ONE PARLAY, 0; FIYE PARLAYS, 5 My Connections Are Now Operating in Maryland and Kentucky MT PARLAYS ABE FILED IN ADVANCE WITH THIS PAPER Results yesterdays Parlay nnknown when sending; this ad. Wednesdays Parlay Was: OLD BROADWAY .10- WON AND A LONG SHOT THAT Scratched Tuesdays Parlay, both ran third, paying .S0 for 0 to show. Mondays Parlay Was: CAPTIYA 11.00- WON SNOW MAIDEN 0.80-32 WON EAMKIN S17.40- WON YI CE - CHAIRMAN 0.10-S2 WON Fridays Parlay Was: PETER MALONEY 8.10-52 WON RETIRE 4.20- WON Thursdays Parlay Was: TURBULENT 5.50-52 WON COLORED BOY .00- WON Wednesdays Parlay Was: KRISHNA 4.30-82 WON PEP TO PEEP 6.20- 2ND Tuesdays Parlay Was: LITHUANIA .20- WON SCOOP S28.80- WON Monaays Parlay Was: RAM KIN 3.70-52 WON MAXIMANEII .20- 2ND It is impossible for me to put over a winning parlay every day. That is why I am offering five parlays for 5, as, if I get a client for one parlay and it loses, he is off me for life, but with five parlays he sees what I really can do and will stick with ms. I am accepting just enough clients to cover my obligations to my connections, as my expenses are very heavy for this information. Rush your subscription of 5 at once, as I am expecting big-priced parlays I during the next few days, after which my price will be raised to ?50 for six parlays. Wire 5, by Western Union or Postal, with your address. M. E. KUHNER SUITE 416, 1454 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY Frank Green 504 Gaiety Theatre Bldg. 1547 Broadway New York City Connections are giving more than ample proof of their capabilities. Yesterday two more horses were sent me and immediately filed with this publication. The results appear below. Yesterday Connections Sent Me Wracklane ..6-1 Won Fairy Master . . .7.90- Won Wednesday Connections Sent lie Gipsy Flyer 10-1 Won Eminent ....... 7.40- Won Tuesday Connections Sent Me Zero Hour 10-1 Won Opulent 1.20- Won As I have stated in previous advertisements, -I have made new connections with reliable people who will furnish me with information on two horses a day with the stipulation that they must produce 75 per cent winners at odds averaging better than 2A to 1. ALTHOUGH THESE PEOPLE have such a wonderful reputation on the race track, and from past experience I know of their reliability, in order to make certain of their value I had them agree to send me information for five days to convince every one that they can deliver the goods. Thus far six horses were sent me and the six won. Pour more horses must be sent me. Should the four be satisfactory, then this information will be on sale to the public. Watch for these results. NOTICE Arrangements are being made to open an office in Chicago to better handle a western clientele. Address of office will be published as soon as details are completed. ED BRADLEY GOTHAM BANK BLDG. 1819 BROADWAY NEW YOHK CITY Before going any further, let me say that this service consists of ABSOLUTELY ONLY ONE HOKSE A DAY. Thursday: Fairy Mter 7.90- Won Wednesday: Royal Miss 4.40- Won Tuesday: Arabian ...8.90- Won Monday: Dr. Tanner.. .10- 3rd Saturday: Ramkin . ..7.40- Won Friday: Plus Ultra .0.20- Won Thursday: Fantoche ....00- 2nd Wednesday: Krishna ...4.30- Won Tuesday: Sari .10- 3rd Monday: Firetoma . .2.70- Won This should convince the most skeptical that I AM IN THE KNOW when it comes to real Inside info, TERMS J25 daily; no propositions. Believe me, it pays to pay the price. Dont hesitate, as todays info should be 10 to 1. Wire subscription immediately. v- I THE GUARANTEE SYSTEM This System is old. It has outlived all of its earlier contemporaries. It is still hsre because it is the best and most consistent System that has ever been discovered. It costs you nothing to inquire about it. We will send you our free syllabus. If you expect to win a fortune in a, short time, dont inquire. But if you are satisfied with moderate results, we can prove you are on the right road. THE GUARANTEE SYSTEM 601 Cathedral Baltimore, Md.

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