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William Henry Travers No Money in Advance You pay me after yon Tvln. I am at tho races cTcry day and I know jnst what Is goinff on at Lanrcl, Md., race track. A Speed Marvel WILL BE CUT LOOSE OX SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 and wo expect to roll homo the easiest winner of the day. Deal with an honest man. Let mo make yon winner. "Wire mo yonr correct street address at once and I will wire yon tho final O. K.on this horso at 9 a. m. Saturday morning. TEItMS THE WIXJflNCS OF S5 DOLLARS WIro my sharo tho day after my horse wins. Address WILLIAM II. TRAYERS 1 South Eutaw Street BALTIMORE, 3ID. LOUISVILLE RACES COL. J. J. SCHREINER AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER Thirty years experienco as clocker. YOU CAN EMPLOY ME TO WORK FOR YOU 5 FOR ANY TEN DAYS You will find mo to be just ten years ahead of the present-day people in my line. Rush your subscription. Dont fail to send your address. From me you got track conditions and no scratched horses, but fit horses. My many clients will vouch for my marvelous success at Kentucky tracks. Consult a specialist of the game. I wire one or two horses daily at 11 oclock. Telegraph remittances or remit by express order in letter. Propositions not considered. Strictly cash only. WEISSIJTGER-GAULBEItT AlTS. AFT. 58-A. LOUISVILLE, KY. F-6-25-4-33. BOOK 1038 All newsstands, 35 cents, mailed 3 weeks, SI. THE TURF REPORTER 22 W. Quincy St. Estab. 1304 Chicago, 111. Originator and oldest publication in existence. VOLUME I. OF Annual Racing Form for 1924 NOW ON SALE DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. ill PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO, ILL. 157-159 EAST S2ND STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. 320 EAST 3RD STREET, CINCINNATI. OHIO 50 RICHMOND STREET, EAST, TORONTO, ONT. WEEKLY BOOK, 35 Cents; mailed 10 weeks, S3. DAILY SHEET, SI, at All Newsstands. HOT DOG! AGAIN WE CLEANED UP YESTERDAYS ADV. SPECIAL: Laddie Buck, .60-, Won I toll you weve got the "LAYERS" begging for mercy. DAY after DAY wo have handed them a LACING that theyll remember for days. MONDAYS ADV. SPECIAL: Humboldt, .60-, Won AND HOT DOG ! MONDAYS BOOK SPECIAL: South Breeze 0.80- Won I tell you, Al Gern handed them this one so strong in the WEEKLY MASTER CLOCKER that you MUST realize THIS IS "REAL INTO." Who elso could hand yon such a LIVE MELON and at SUCH a price? SATURDAYS ADV. GETAWAY SPECIAL: Pas Seul, .20-, Won I toll you we are CLEANING UP on the DAILY MASTER CLOCKER EVERY DAY. TODAY WHAT A SPEED MARVEL ! AT CHURCHILL DOWNS I tell you, yon POSITIVELY cannot afford to miss this one today. I tell you, I got this one for tho Very Limit Today Rush right now to your newsdealer and ASK for the Daily Master Clocker Mailed, 2 weeks, ; 1 week, . Remit to: 440 S. Dearborn St. Chicago, 111. DETROIT FOR SALE AT Triangle Newsstand Griswold and Lafayette Blvd. Family Theatre Newsstand Cadillac Sq. ST. LOUIS Wm. Laser. 711 Market St. OMAHA, Neb. Myer Coren, 1411 Farnum St. CLEVELAND, O O. Schroader, 212 Superior St. KANSAS CITY Recksecker, 9th and Walnut Sts. MILWAUKEE Kirby Hotel, 432 Water St. CH ICAGOANS FOR SALE AT Arcado Newsstand 74 W. Madison St. High Ball Newsstand State and Quincy Sts, Dan.s 65 W. Randolph St. 47th St. "L" station. Newsstands at Clark and Madison Sts. erne BUGLE JtLj EVERY DAY iifjl! ?2 SPECIAL AND 50 CENT LETTER STILL GOING STRONG Yesterdays 00 Freo Special: SUN FLAG, .60-, WON Who else gave this fellow a chance? The Bugle told you that today is the day. Wo cleaned up. Yesterdays S3 SPECIAL: 0SPREY .50- WON A Few Recent S2 Specials: JOT SMOKE - "WON EASTER BELLS .90-52 WON WILD LIFE 5.70-52 WON MIDWESTERN 518.30-52 WON Th3 Specials are winning one ripht after another. ONLY ONE S2 SPECIAL DAILY. FIVE WINNERS out of the last seven Specials won. We have made connections for the Churchill Downs meeting to do business with the sama reliable people who furnished us with winning info last week at Latonia. Follow the Bugle every day at the Churchill Downs meeting. w TODAYS SPECIAL One of tho FASTEST YOUNGSTERS in training goes at Louisville. We have the word direct, today is the day. Todays 00 Free Special comas from same source we received five STRAIGHT winning S100 Free Specials from last week. Rush Right Now to our agent in yocr city and get The Bugles Special and 50 cent Letter. By mail, special delivery, both Special and 50 cent letter in plain envelope, one week, 0. Send 0 to BUGLE PUBLISHING CO. 20 West Jackson Blvd. Chicago, HI. DETROIT FOR SALE AT Triangle Newsstand. ..Griswold and Lafayette Blvd. Family Theatre Newsstand Cadillac Sq.. ST. LOUIS Wm. Laser, 711 Market St. OMAHA, Neb. Myer Coren, 1411 Farnum St. CLEVELAND, O. O. Schroeder, 212 Superior St. KANSAS CITY Recksecker, 9th and Walnut Sts. MILWAUKEE Kirby Hotel, 432 Water St. CHICAGOANS FOR SALE AT Arcado Newsstand 74 W. Madison St. ALSO AT ALT, OTHER LOOP NEWSSTANDS SENSATIONAL DISCOVERY THE GREAT MAXWELL SYSTEM A wonderful method that selects tho "LONG SHOTS" with great accuracy. Day after day it keeps on "making good." PRICE, ,00, BY MAIL ED MAXAVELL 840 SECOND AVE. NEW YORK CITS "Dynamite" Again YESTERDAYS DAILY SPECIAL: CORDELIER, .20-, WON And "CHIEF" said "BET LIMIT, WIN ONLY." 4 STRAIGHT DAYS A WINNER Last 4 days our DAILY SPECIAL "WON," and all paid good prices. WHY, DO YOU KNOW, that a "FLAT BET" " every day for the past 8 "STRAIGHT" weeks on our Daily Special has shown BIG ?PROFITS end of each week. Mr. Player: You Tried the Rest Now "Get the Best" Remember, tha "CHIEF," Mr. Danny White, is ALWAYS at the track retting the "REAL STUFF." Thats why tho "CHIEF" always puts them over DAY after DAY. "ONE HORSE" A DAY ONLY. COSTS YOU ; "Worth" 00. TODAY 0 FOR ?2 BET Thats what the "CHIEF" expects TODAYS "Special" to pay. IF you let this get away from you today, YOU never will forgive yourself. RUSH TO YOUR "NEWSDEALER" before he SELLS OUT and get "CHIEF CLOCKER" "SPECIAL and YOU SHOULD WIN tho BIGGEST WAGER you ever WON before. "BIG GUARANTEED" OFFER Send 0 for 1 weeks subscription and WE "GUARANTEE" to givo YOU 4 "Good-Priced" winners for your 0. MAILED TO YOU AT OUR EXPENSE AND YOU GET IT "FIRST MAILL" EACH MORNING iT CHICAGO PLAYERS "NOTICE" Call at our office TODAY after 8 a. m. EVERYBODY WELCOMED "FREE." We want to show you that WE get the "REAL STUFF DIRECT FROM THE TRACK. CHIEF CLOCKER Room 32, 39 W. Adams St. Chicago, 111. Phone HARRISON 0248. Ed Bradley Gotham Bank Building 1819 Broadway New York City Before going any further, let me say that this service consists of absolutely ONLY ONE HORSE A DAY At the Latonia meeting, which closed last Saturday, A 0 Straight Bet Won 6,970 After deducting the cost of service and losses of the five losing days. Some record. Only five losers during the entire meeting of 31 days. This should convince the most skeptical that I AM IN THE KNOW, WHEN IT COMES TO REAL INSIDE INFO. Terms: 5 daily. No propositions. Believe me, it pays to pay the price. Dont hesitate as TODAYS INFO should be 10 to 1. Wire Subscriptions Immediately. AL TURNER .C0 ADVANCE WINNINGS OF .00 PLAY ONE HORSE DALLY AGAIN I MADE GOOD Only Horse Wired: FRIGATE .50- WON Treat me square if you want to be a steady winner. Remit immediately, clients, for this horse and you get A LONG SHOT AGAIN TODAY All I ask is in advance and agree to play for mb and remit immediately after collecting and you become a client in good standing, Tuesdays Horse Was: COCKNEY .00- WON Mondays Horse Was: BY HISSELF ....00- WON Send only a bill. Give it a trial. I am entering new subscribers every day. Wire and agree to terms. Will wire you at once. Reliable players only need apply. AL TURNER Room 509, 23 Duano St. New York City JERRY J. DUNN RAND HOTEL CINCINNATI, OHIO Big doings during the entire Churchill Downs meeting. I have some real good things that "will be sent after the money. My advice is for you to rush your subscription to me at once. Terms: One horse daily wire, .00, or 6 wires, 5.00. WIRE ME A TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION Subscribe for Dally Racing Form

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