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HARVEY AMES EABLE BLDG. BROADWAY AT 521 STREET SEW YORK CITY "HARVEY TRANSACTION" WON The last horse advised and, of course, the "Harvey Transaction," which means one horse, WON easily. Thus maknig the record, out of the last eight horses advised, seven WON and one finished second. "HARVEY TRANSACTION" TODAY TERMS: 00, IN ADVANCE, by telegraph or in person. Mr. Ames expects to prove again today why this service commands the highest fee for racing information. "Harvey Transactions" require NO comment or introduction, they are not like houses built of cards, they stand up. "Harvey Transac-i tion" means One Horse and One Horse Only. Our greatest profit is the esteem of our followers and our largest dividend, their confidence, which alone makes this service possible. TELEPHONES CIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 SUPREME FLASH "LITTLE 2TOISE" Wizard of Turfdom "BIG RESULTS" Two Horses Daily 510 Weekly, or 5 Weekly for Complete Service B OH ! GEE GOSH WOBVwfll EXTRAORDINARY OFFER I FOR.GOT TO SEfVC AAV enes you t0 one wels.s service 6 days, con- tvx E sisting of two horses daily. Also our snpsr-supreme SUBSCR.1 PTIOfV "TO THE. specials that go -when final O. K. is received from Z " SUPRE.VE FLfiSH f ND onr connections wo need no comment. Our record -T-J-Jy f winnins SUPER-SPECIALS is positively unsur- f-4W. ft .OAGSHOr passed to pf too t iiV" And Once Again My Followers . 1. CLEANED UP I lllllS lvT J YESTERDAYS FLASH: I lllm Frisate 9-2 Won V I lllwlllll I JPSl Laddie Buck . .... ..60- Won TUESDAYS SUPER - SUPREME SPECIAL: ioS Ml S fS TUESDAYS FLASH: jjV Wil1 Land -.50- Won imt n jjggjjt Courageous 4.50- Won MONDAYS FLASH: Billy Warren 4-1 Won Calembour 8.40- Won SATURDAYS SUPREME SPECIAL: Dimmesdale ..8-1.. Won SATURDAYS FLASH: All Gone 7.70- Won Crack o Dawn 10-1 Won FRIDAYS FLASH: Dry Moon 7-2 Won Lester Doctor ...9.50- Won Our information comes direct from our connections at the principal tracks. Wire 0, for six days two horses daily, or 5 a "week, for complete service, which includes all supsr-specials. Only weekly subscriptions will be accepted. Do not Temit by mail. Wire correct name and address to avoid delay. Address all communications to SUPREME PUBLISHING CO. 168 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STEEET NEW YORK CITY N O BULLETIN 143 WEST 41ST ST. NEW YORK CITY 0 DAILY. SPECIAL RATE, 6 DAYS, 25 1 IT PAYS TO GET REAL INSIDE INFORMATION X When a horse pays 10-1 or better, clients owe me 10 additional, to be Avired day a A after race. ! Result yesterdays horse unknown when sending: this ad from New York. MONDAYS ONE AND ONLY HORSE: TUESDAYS ONE AND ONLY HORSE: Noel 4.30- Won Lady Glasseh , .8.70- Lost Filed, as usual, in advance with this paper anil sent every subscriber. - MY DAILY ONE HORSES LAST WEEK WERE: MONDAY: THURSDAY: j Muldraugh . . .2.30- Won Ivory . .9.90- Won t S TUESDAY: FRIDAY: t Jacques .2.80- Won Lester Doctor 9.50- Won t 4. WEDNESDAY: " SATURDAY: X $ Hurry Inn . . . 37.90- Won. All Gone 7.70- Won I now deal only in long- shots and I am notified that my connections are shooting today and Y X tomorrow with two big priced ones that should amply repay clients for Lady Glassen, 8.70-, Y 2 tost. Intelligent players will realize that it is impassible to make these Jong shots win every day but X X niy past record shows what I can do. Furthermore, I do not hold clients up, waiting for code, X ; X etc., but will positively send the horse the minute I receive your subscription. I am told to cx- X . X pect better than 10-1 on todays. 2 , T TAKE IMMEDIATE ADVANTAGE OF MY REDUCED WEEKLY RATE J , MY INFORMATION CANNOT BE BEAT AT ANY PRICE , , ; I SERVICE I SEVENTH FLOOR 1454 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY Wo are now open to accept subscriptions from any part of the country. Our wires givo D two horses, with instructions how to play. jB TERMS: Six Days service, 5. Twenty-four Days Service, ?80. One Years Service, 50. Yesterdays One Best: . Yesterdays Members Special: I TURBULENT .90-8:2 WON CORDELIER S5.20-S2 WOX B We advised straight on each and straight and place parlay. 5 IPLAYRITE Oct. 21 One Best: Oct. 21 Members Special: I OAKWOOD SS.50-S2 WON 3IARGIE K : LOST We advised straight and place and a place parlay. Oct. 20 One Best: Oct. 20 Members Special: JOY SMOKE .20-52 WON CALE3IBOUK .40- WON Our horses are filed in advance with this paper. A complete list of our horses during the last two weeks appeared in recent editions of this papsr and amply proves what a combination of real information and intelligent play can do. Wire your subscription at once and wc will at once send you information and Instructions. ONLY FIVE HUNDRED NEW MEMBERS WILL BE ACCEPTED ! JOHN E. RO WN 324 WEST 42D STREET ROOM 317 NEW YORK CITY 5 For Five Winners 5 As a convincer, wo "will release a daily hone for .00, starting today for a few days only. Means just as stated. You must get five winners for your 5.00. Some of our recent winners, and filed hours in advance : YESTERDAYS ONE HORSE: INSULATE 8-1 WON NOEL 4.30- WON ALL GONE 7.70- WON SCOOP 8.80- WON MEN, this is the first time we have advertised ;.in FOUR YEARS, and as soon as we have enough additional clients we will STOP advertising for four years more. Wo can assure you of a steady weekly income frcm cur INFORMATION, and we want to be assured by you that you WILL NOT make any plunge plays, causing commissions to be sent to tha tracks, lowering the price. All horses sent out by us will be filed hours in advance with this paper to assure you of squarei treatment by us. TERMS: Five winners. 5.00. Out-of-town clients, wire subscriptions Western Union or Postal Telegraph at once. City clients, call. Office hours: 9:30 a. m. to 4 p. m. ! ; . , , , , ; JACK ROWE 164-165 W. Washington St. Federation Building. Room 705 CHICAGO, ILL. MY TWO Getaway Good Things at Latonia WON Belzoni Won was the horse I gave out to all my followers Saturday, Oct. 18, with instructions to have a heavy bet to win. The above Good Thing had not won a race in over a year. Horsa players, do you think I could advise .you to bet on a horse like the above unless I knew something! Provident Won was my real Good Thing Friday, Oct. 17. One of the bijgest plays of the meeting was made on Provident in the last race at Latonia Friday. They waited a long time for a spot for this fellow, but when they said so he went. Provident won rather easily. There was a world of money for him. Thosa were the only two horses that I advised. I told you all in my last adv. that I would give you a full weeks subscription free if both the Good Things did not win. I doubt if there is another service now operating that can compare with mine. Remember, I advise ONE HORSE a day to play; I also wish to congratulate my clients upon the manner in which they handle their play and, if you continue to use the same sensible judgment, we can safely assure you the highest liberal odds. RIGHT BACK At Em Again ! I have reliable information on certain horses that have been prepared at Latonia and shipped to Churchill Downs by their connections. They will show their roal ability when they "are sent to the post when ready and that would be the only time you will receive word from me. First one starts opening day, Thursday, Oct. 23rd This Special is being engineered by one of the oldest and smartest operators in the game. This horse was prepared by as clever a horseman as ever trained a thoroughbred. Ths race has been wisely selected and a very sood price is expected. I sin- cerely believe that this horse will prove to be one of the most successful operations of the meeting. My SECOND SPECIAL starts Friday, Oct. 24. I cant tell you the inside details of what I know about this horse in my adv. But I will advise you not to miss it, as this horse can surely run. It seems as good as anything I ever handled. Thats saying a whole lot. My next BIG SPECIAL goes Saturday, Oct. 25. This Lons Shot Super Special that my connections will uncover Saturday has not won a race in a long time. His welfare is being looked after by a past master in the horse game. His mistakes are few and far between. I can only remember the many successful winners he put over that I have been fortunato enough to know. TERMS 5 WEEKLY SIX RACING DAYS . DONT MISS A SINGLE DAY DURING THE CHURCHILL DOWNS MEETING. When you subscribe to my service, you receive in return just what you pay for. Information, tho REAL KIND, the KIND THAT INFORMS. REAL INSIDE ADVICE. Each and every horse a supposed medium for delivery, with the information emanating from the right source. If you are a speculator, be convinced and send in your subscription at once. OUR BIG SUPER SPECIALS WILL BE SOLD AT OFFICE ADDRESS ONLY. OFFICE HOURS: 10 A. M. to 2 P. M. Notica to cur out-of-town patrons To avoid any possible delay or errors, kindly send correct address with your subscription. JACK ROWE FEDERATION BUILDING, ROOM 705 1G4-16S W. WASHINGTON ST. CHICAGO, ILL. J Pay From Your Profits I THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing ! the races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach. f!a. ! I Subscribe for Daily Racing Form Clifford S. Balle I5G FULTOX STREET SUITE 535 JTEtV YOItK CITY Arrangements are completed. My first horse will positively start today. Every little detail connected with this enterprise is Jnown to this office. My service consists one one, two, or three horses weekly. Each and every horse advised by this office is an enterprise in itself. Todays enterprise has. had the benefit of Mr. Parkers personal supervision. I have obligated myself to the extent of eight thousand dollars to obtain the information on this horse. This office will spare no expense to use all its influence to make certain each enterprise. Terms are five hundred dollars 00.00, payable strictly in advance. I can spare some people some trouble by saying that there will be positively no proposition entertained. Clients must be in position to be reached by phone thirty minutes before post time. This office will be built upon a policy of honesty, secrecy and a square deal to all. Above all, there will be no misrepresentations. Only facts will be published. The above policy will be adhered to at all times. bob ward 131 West 39th St., Room 201, New York City 0 A WINNER W NEXT WINNER GOES FRIDAY, OCT. 24 14 Straight Winners! Yesterdays Winner: SUX FLAG- .80- WOX Once again my Special WON. This makes fourteen straight. Dont forget, you must get a winner for your money. This is a broad statement to fulfill in "tho racing game. My twenty years of turf experience and acuaintances makes my winner for your money an easy task for ma to fulfill. Monday, Oct. 20th: NOEL 4.30- WON Saturday, October ISth: ROCK BOTTOM; 7.30-52 WON Thursday, October 16th: STIMULUS 1-1 WON Tuesday, October 14th COUEAGEOUS ?3.00-?2 WON Friday, October 10th: MAEGIE K ?5.60-S2 WON Recent Winners: CAPTAIN COSTIGAN 9.60- WON BRIDESMAID .60- WON OUTCAST .50- WON SPORTY McGEE 6.80-52 WON YANKEE PRINCESS 8.70- WON HOBSON 0.70-S2 WON PRETWELL 6.00- WON PRIVILEGE 4.40- WON LADY MARIAN 5.0O- WON Fifteen winners, one second out of sixteen mounts released. Why pay any attention to hazardous guesswork, suspense or past history turfmen! Wire 0 for my next winner, that goes Friday, Oct. 24th, and be one of my winning followers. Give correct name and address to avoid delay. BOB "WARD Advertise in Daily Racing Form DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO, ILL.

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