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Daily Racing Form Handicaps CHURCHILL DOWNS The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: LOUISVILLE, Ky., October 22, 1924. 1 MARVIN MAY, Kindred, Teds Plum. 2 Nor" wester. Sir Peter, Mamoud. 3 Snow Maiden, Devil Girl, Uproar. 4 Broomster, Audacious, Sunspero. 5 Starbeck, Laveen, King Tut. 6 Blue Ridge, Lee O. Cotner, Swope. 7 Defiant, Pretty Politician, Fretwell. J. L. Dempsey. New York Handicap. 1 Kindred, John Q. Kelly, Parader King of the Spa. 2 Sun Hathor, Norwester, Sir Peter, Down Town. Z Snow Maiden, Xivlag, Phil McCann, Uproar. 4 AUDACIOUS, Surf Rider, Miss Cerina, Captain Haney. 5 King Tut, Laveen, Alleden, Valley Light. G Swope, Blue Ridge, Sunsard, Elsass. 7 Midwestern, Bean King, Pretty Politician, Delectable. Clilcngo Handicap. 1 Kindred, Teds Plum, Rubien, Marvin May. 2 Broadway Jones, Theo Red, Sun Hathor, Singlehand. 3 Phil McCann, Snow Maiden, Spanish Hose, Ivy. 4 AUDACIOUS, Bob Cahill, Sunspero, Surf Rider. 5 King Tut, Laveen, Alleden, John Hager. G Lee O. Cotner, Swope, Menifee, Fairy Master. 7 Bean King, Midwestern, Pretty Politician, Nogales. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Easter Bells, Marvin May, Kindred, King of the Spa. 2 Sun Hathor, Mamoud, Sir Peter, Rocky. 3 Uproar, Climax, Our Option, Elusive. 4 Audacious, Miss Cerina, Blotter, Surf Rider. 5 King Tut, Alleden, Laveen, Starbeck. 6 Lee O.. Cotner, Blue Ridge,. Swope, Elector. 7 MIDWESTERN, Pretty Politician, Nog-ales, Llewellyn. Observer Handicap. 1 Kindred, John Q. Kelly, Easter Bells, Marvin May. 2 Rocky, Sir Peter, Mamoud, Down Town. 3 Uproar, Elusive, Phil McCann, Climax. 4 AUDACIOUS, Certain, Bob Cahill, Miss Cerina. 5 John Hager. King Tut, Starbeck, Alleden. 6 Swope, Blue Ridge, Lee O. Cotner, Menifee. 7 Midwestern, Bean King, Delectable, Pretty Politician. Consensus oT. Hnndieaiis. 1 Kindred, Marvin May, Easter Bells; Teds Plum. 2 Sun Hathor, Norwester, Broadway Jones, Rocky. 3 Snow Maiden, Uproar, Phil McCann, Devil Girl. 4 AUDACIOUS, Broomster, Miss Cerina, Bob Cahill. 5 King Tut, Starbeck, John Hager, Alleden. G Lee O. Cotner, Swope, Blue Ridge, Menifee. 7 Midwestern, Defiant, Bean King, Pretty Politician. LAUREL PARK The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: LAUREL, Mil., October 22, 1924. 1 Ivory, Ampolac, Buena "Vista. 2 Grenadier, Houyhnhnm, Chuckle. 3 Silk Tassel, Hildur, Caligula. 4 Sanford, American Flag, Volante. 5 BLIND PLAY, Barbary Bush, Joy Smoke. 6 Despair. Trappean, Cote dOr. 7 Guelph, Prince Hamlet, Humboldt. T. K. Lynch. New Yor3k Handicap. 1 Ampolac, Bryndear, Calembour, Buena Arista. 2 Grenadier, Chuckle, Jim Coffroth, Houyhnhnm. 3 Silk Tassel, Blue Moon, Caligula, Leather-wood. 4 Primrose, -American Flag, Sanford, Vol ante. 5 BLIND PLAY, Barbary Bush, Joy Smoke, Calcutta 6-Despair, Cote dOr, Zouave, Gondolier. 7 Guelph, Scoop, Humboldt, Prince Hamlet. Chicago Handicap. 1 Ampolac, Buena Vista, Bryndear, Miss Bczetto. 2 Conniebert, Grenadier, Chuckle, Houy hnhnm. 3 Lester Doctor, Silk Tassel, Caligula, Coral Heef. 4 American Flag, Primrose, Betty Maloney, Senor. 5 BARBARY BUSH, Bonnie Omar, Joy Smoke, Blind Play. 6 Despair. Cote dOr, Day Lilly, Peace Pal. 7 The Tloll Call, Flying Cloud, Prince. Ham let, Scoop. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Ivory. Ampolac, Westover, Calembour. 2 Conniebert, Chuckle, Houyhnhnm, Jim Coffrotiu 3 Dream Maker, Scotch Broom, Quotation, Blue Moon. 4 AMERICAN FLAG, Battlefield, Harlan, Sanford. 5 Barbary Bush, Joy Smoke, Bonaparte, Blind Play. 6 Cote dOr, Gipsy Gold II., Gondolier, Despair. 7 Guelph, Prince Hamlet, Humboldt, The Roll Call. Observers Handicap. 1 Ampolac, Westover, Calembour, Ivory. 2 Chuckle, Houynhnhnm, Grenadier, Jim Coffroth. 3 Silk Tassel, Lester Doctor, Caligula, Blue Moon. 4 American Flag, Sanford, Harlan, Senor. 5 BLIND PLAY, Barbary Bush, Bonnie Omar. Joy Smoke. 6 Cote dOr, Despair, Gipsy Gold II., North "Wales. 7 Humboldt, Prince Hamlet, Guelph, The Roll Call. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Ampolac. Ivory, Buena Vista, "Westover. 2 Grenadier, Conniebert, Chuckle, Houy hnhnm. 3 Silk Tassel, Lester Doctor, Dream Maker, Caligula. 4 American Flag, Sanford, Primrose, Battle Field. 5 BLIND PLAY, Earbary Bush, Bonnie - Omar, Joy Smoke. G Despair, Cote dOr, Gipsy Gold II., Trappean. 7 Guelph, The Roll Call, Humboldt, Prince Hamlet. EMPIRE CITY The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: TOJTKERS, nr. Y., October 22, 1924. 1 Blue Hill, Broomfield, Rosa Yeta. 2 Master Billy, Flying Al, George De Mar. 3 Sleepy Head, Forest Flower, King Albert. 4 Rinkey, Thimble, Lockerbie. 5 DRY MOON, Joe Marrone LTL, Clavichord. 6 Silver Fox, Danby, Lawless. U. J. Connors. AeiT Yorlc Handicap. 1 Invictus, Pensive, Stonewall, Rosa Yeta. 2 Master Billy. Flying Al, George De Mar, Transformer. 3 KING ALBERT,, Forest Plower, Sleepy Head, Modo. 4 Lockerbie, Rinkey, Thimble. 5 Dry Moon, Joe Marrone HI., Clavichord, Bright Steel. 6 Peter Paul, Danby, Lawless, Watts. Chicago Handicap. 1 Invictus, Stonewall, Broomfield, Pensive. 2 Master Billy, George De Mar, Flying Al. Hayward. 3 FOREST FLOWER, Modo, Roseate IL, High Prince. 4 Rinkey, Lockerbie, Thimble. and Dry Moon, Cork Elm, Clavichord, Mc-Crimmon. G r-Lawless, Ranock, McCrimmon, Silver Fox. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Invictus, Superbum, Rosa Yeta, Louverne. 2 Master Billy, George Do Mar, Trans former, Hayward. 3 Sleepy Head, Forest Flower, Athelstan, King Albert. 4 RINKEY, Lockerbie. . Thimble. 5 Dry Moon, Bright Steel, Clavichord, ;3be Marrone IIL C Orageuse, Watts, Peter Paul, Lawless. Olwerveru Handicap. 1 Invictus, Stonewall, Rosa Yeta, Pensive. 2 Master Billy; George De Mar", Trans former, Flying Al. 3 Modo, Forest Flower, King Albert, Rose ate II. 4 RINKEY, Lockerbie, Thimble. 5 Dry -Moon, Clavichord, Cork Elm, Joe . Marrone HI. G Danby, Peter Paul, Lawless, Silver Fox. Concensus of Handicap. 1 invictus, Blue Hill, Stonewall, Broom field. 2 Master Billy, George De Mar, Flying Al, Transformer. 3 Sleepy Head, King Albert, Modo, Forest Flower. 4 Rinkey, Locherbie, Thimble. 5 DRY MOON, Joe Marrone III., Clavi chord, Cork Elm. 6 Silver Fox, Peter Paul, Lawless, Ora geuse. YOUNGSTOWN. The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: Yonngstown, Ohio, October 22, 1824. 1 Midnight Stories, Omega, Sling. 1 2 Bonstelle, Forty Two, Whispering. 3 THE CREOLE, O. C. Hutchinson, Glen antrim Maid. 4 Joe Joe, Perch, Bob Baker. 5 -Sweepstakes, Sun Brae, Capt Clover. 6 Servitor, Locarno, Cromwell. 7 Clansman, Illustrator, Lank. J. J. Murphy. Sew York Handicap. 1 Omega, Murphy, Acouchla II., L. Gentry. 2 Bonstelle, "Whispering, Miss Holland, Spin ning. 3 Mamselle Odette, The Creole, Illinois King, Odeon. 4 Bodanzky, Joe Joe, Drapery, Bob Baker. 5 SWEEPSTAKES, Amber Fly, Sun Brae, Crystal Ford. G Servitor, Locarno, James B. Brown, May GirL 7 Clansman, Lank, Acosta, Nuyaka. Chicago Handicap. 1 Omega, Arapahoe, Sling, Hilloro. 2 Whispering, Bonstelle, Chow, Forty Two. 3 Glenantrim Maid, Odeon, Sadies Lady, Illinois King. 4 Joe Joe, Legacy, Glabella, Bodanzky. 6 SWEEPSTAKES, Quanah, Sun Brae, Amber Fly. G Servitor, James B. Brown, Pat Hamp-son, Cromwell. 7 Clansman, Hubbub, Jetsam, Attorney. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Murphy, Omega, Midnight Stories, Sling. 2 Bonstelle, "Whispering, Forty Two, Chow. 3 Martharose. Mamselle Odette, Illinois King. Odeon. 4 Bob Baker, Joe Joe, Bodanzky, Machia- vellL 5 Sun Brae, Crystal Ford, Sweepstakes, Capt. Clover. G SERVITOR, Locarno, Pat Hampson. CromwelL 7 Clansman, Acosta, Lank, Hubbub. Observers Handicap. 1 Murphy, Midnight, Stories, Omega, Glit- tergold. 2 Whispering, Bonstelle, Forty Two, Miss Holland. 3 The Creole, Glenantrim Maid, O. C. Hut chinson, Odeon. 4 Joe Joe, Bob Baker, Bodanzky, Illusionist. 5 SWEEPSTAKES, Sun Brae, Capt Clover, Crystal Ford. 6 Servitor, May Girl, Sleivebloom, Crom well. 7 Lank, Clansman, Satana, Pirate McGee. Consensus of Haiidlcans. 1 Omega, Murphy, Midnight Stories, Sling. 2 Bonstelle, Whispering, Forty Two, Miss Holland. 3 The Creole, Mamselle Odette, Glenantrim Maid, Martharose. Continued on sixteenth page. RAGING FORM HANDICAP Continued from second page. 4 Joe Joe, Bodanzky, Bob Baker, Legacy. 5 SWEEPSTAKES, Sun Brae, Capt. Clover, Crystal Ford. G Servitor, Locarno, James B. Brown, Pat Hampson. 7 Clansman, Lank, Acosta, Hubbub. COLUMBUS The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are : Columbus, Ohio, October 22, 1924. 1 Honest Mose, Red Seth, Mary Maud Carr. 2 Henry J., Keaolani, Summer Moon. 3 Small Star, Great Beginner, Briar Sweet. 4 Matinee Idol, Lady Felix, Thorny Way. 5 Bayonet, Oran, Lough Storm. 6 Walk Up, Magician, Miracle Man. 7 GRASS TREE, Tingling, Sun Dial. F. H. Sproule. New York Handieap. 1 Bobs Hope, Mary Maud Carr, J. G. Bickle, Red Seth. 2 Keaolani, Woodland Queen, Summer Moon, Honey Girl. 3 Southern Pacific, Florence B. Walker, Judge Hickman, Louise Wagner. 4 Colando, Venizclos, Matinee Idol, Glenn. 5 Lough Storm, Doctor Tubbs, Billy Gard ner, Dont Bother Me. G MAGICIAN, Grandest, Walk Up, Rapid Stride. 7 Devonite, Sundial II., Quaver, Asaph. Chicago llainlleap. 1 Mary Maud Carr, Chef-dOeuvre, Mar- garette Martin, Blennerhassett. 2 Keaolani, Honey Gal, Henry J., Wood land Queen. 3 Great Beginner, Southern Pacific, Louise Wagner, Briar - Sweet. 4 Haidee, Boys Believe Me, Thorny Way, Glenn. 5 Oran, Castlereagh, Froth, Ella C. 6 WALK UP, Magician, Mary Maxim, Christie Holters. 7 Grass Tree, Asaph, Gem, Devonite. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 J. G. Bickle, Mary Maud Carr, Blenner hassett, Red Seth. 2 Keaolani, Henry J., Woodland Queen, Black Mask. 3 Southern Pacific, Dunoon, Briar Sweet, Spontaneous. 4 Colando, Venizelos, Glenn, Thorny Way. 5 Dont Bother Me, Hopeful, Castlereagh, Tulane. G WALK UP, Miracle Man, Dellahm, Rapid Stride. 7 Gem, Devonite, Hillman C, Grass Tree. Observers Handicap. 1 Mary Maud Carr, Blennerhassett, Timely Thoughts, Honest Mose. 2 Keaolina, Henry J., Woodland Queen, Mike Morrissey. 3 Southern Pacific, Great Beginner, Briar Sweet, Malthus. 4 Glenn, Boys Believe Me, Thorny Way, Matineo Idol. 5 Hopeful, Castlereagh, Doctor Tubbs, Froth. 6 WALK UP, Mary Maxim, Magician, Rapid Stride. 7 Sundial II., Tingling, Grass Tree, Quaver. Consensu of IlantUnans. 1 Mary Maud Carr, Honest Mose, Bobs ; Hope, J. G. Bickel. 2 Keaolani, Henry J., Woodland Queen, Summer Moon. 3 Southern Pacific, Small Star, Great Be ginner, Briar Sweet. 4 Colando, Matinee Idol, Haidee, Glenn. 5 Bayonet, Lough Storm, Oran, Dont Bother Me. G WALK UP, Magician, Mary Maxim, Miracle Man. 7 Grass Tree, Devonite, Gem, Sundial II.

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