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FRANK GREEN NEW YORK OFFICE: Room 504, 1547 Broadway, New Ycrk City. i CHICAGO OFFICE: Room 626, 105 N. Clark St., Chicago, 111. TERMS: 25.00 WEEKLY. TWO HORSES DAILY Two more horses were filed yesterday. The thousands of players who answered roy advertlscments were sent these horses by mail three hours before post time. The postmark cn the envelop gives proof to this statement. YESTERDAY I TILED: EAGER 0.60, WON OPPERMAN 1.10, WON TUESDAY I TILED: CAMOUFLAGE 2.50, Won KING ONEILL II .00, Won I am now open for business. My terms appear above. The winners listed above arc a "wonderful demonstration of the powers of these new connections. Subscribers to this service will now be amply protected against loss. A new feature has been added. All clients must be winning at the end of the week on a flat play, or the next weeks Information will be sent free. Clients will be sent information until I make them a substantial winner. This statement shows what faith I have in the consistency of my colleagues. Subscribe at once. City clients, call at the office. Out of town, wire your subscription. "When wiring please enclose correct name and address. No information will be sent in the care of "Western Union. TERMS: 525.00 WEEKLY. TWO HORSES DAILY Supreme Flash ICS WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET NEW YORK, X. Y. pGentlemen: Special Investment for a Private Party-Bfg This information bureau has been conducted for years, sending out information of its own procuring. Todaj-, for the first time in racing annals, Ave are executing a trust for a private party, who docs not wish his name mentioned, for obvious reasons. This gentleman was, quite by accident, placed in possession of information on the horse wc will tell of herein. Not being a racing man himself he inquired of friends, who advised him the horse has not been running well. So, he went back to the turfman who had quite accidentally divulged the name of the horse. "I am very sorry you know anything about it, sir," said the horseman, "but since you do, I might as well tell you the whole story." " HE THEN WENT ON TO TELL HOW THIS HORSE, ONCE, AND NOT SO LONG HACK, A CRACK, HAD BEEN GIVEN TO A TRAINER TO TAKE TO OHIO AND WIN OUT THE RALANCE of his purchase price. "If he gets back his speed, wire me at once," was the parting advice of the trainer to the horseman taking the colt west. Quite suddenly, the colt showed he was ready, and the Ohio man did as ordered. Rack came the wire: "DONT SHOOT IN OHIO. NO PRICE AND CANT BET ANYTHING. BRING HIM TO MARYLAND AND WE WILL GRAB A CHUNK." Having this information, and not being a big bettor himself, on account of his position, the gentleman in question asked this office to disseminate this information for him. While it is a little out of our line, we have consented for one reason - - - and the peculiar excellence of the information Avhieh comes for the last ten years direct from one of the Tory highest horsemen in the country. The horse will start at Bowie. There arc only a few days left at Bowie. The horse is eligible to start in THREE DIFFERENT RACES NEXT WEEK, ANY Oy WHICn HE CAN WIN. "YOU WILL RECEIVE A TELEGRAM TIIE DAY OF THE RACE" and should be in readiness any day during the week to send it in, strong, to win only. The party says: " JUST TOLD ME HE WOULD WIN WnEN STARTED HIM AND FOR ME NOT TO WORRY. HE SAID I WILL SHOOT FIRST OUT - - - THE COLT COULDNT BE ANY BETTER IF I WAITED A YEAR. " This horse has been out of the money the last half a dozen starts, bsaten many lengths nt big odds, up to 50 to 1. He formerly beat dozens of horses costing 0,000 and more and IS NOW as good as ever. THE TERMS: Remit 2, in advance, and the winnings of straight play. All this goes to tho gentleman furnishing the information, less the expenses. SUPREME is handling tills free OF PROFIT merely to show the excellence of its connections. This gentleman, a highly placed Marylander, chose SUPREME, out of aU, to handle his secret. Trusting you take advantage of an opportunity that comes only once in a lifetime. Wire all remittances. SUPREME PUBLISHING CO. 16S WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET NEW YORK CITY WHAT BO YOU WANT-NAMES or WINNERS? I fcUYING reliable information is quite different from playing names. One is an investment at a price. The other is a chance at a guess. The name of a horse is just something anyone may give you or you can select yourself. RELIABLE INFORMATION is something paid for by people who want results and not rumors. I deal in REAL INFORMATION AND NOT HORSES NAMES. For 35 years I have been associated with the turf. I have made plenty of money myself and sold information to responsible people, who in turn have made plenty themselves. I give nothing away in my business. Favorites or favors dont interest me. For instance: My Clients Won as Follows WEDNESDAY: OPPERMAN 412-1 , Won TUESDAY: LADDIE BUCK 8-1 Won MONDAY: DONAGHEE 2.90- Won SATURDAY: JUDGE FULLER 10-1 Won PERRY BASCOM Suite 120, 1400 Broadway. Telephone Fitzroy 1045 N London Office: 21 Sussex St., London, S. W., 1. M NOTE. If in town, call at the office. I like to talk horse, if you want to talk Ijusi- r3 ness. Out of town, wire your subscription. 525.00, ONE HORSE AT A 1MIICE. 9 Full name, address and telephone number must be sent with your subscription. ! Subscribe for Monthly Form Book and insure its prompt receipt. fVl.Winley LP SHEET SOLD AT NEWSSTANDS 4K B SPECIAL WIRED FROM OFFICE ! SPECIAL ATTENTION WINLEY FOLLOWERS You all know my record. I have been before the public for six years. Everybody knows me or have been one of my followers. SATU RDAY My 5 Special Goes at Lexington This is a getaway special that comes to me from very strong connections. This is a regular plungers special and must win at 4 T0 1 OR BETTER or we will give you a weeks subscription FREE, to all our service. This means the Last Minute Special, wired to you; my Daily Sheet, by mail, and all specials that I get, for one week. DBWire 5, now, to C. Winley, Suite 416, Grilly Bldg., 35 South Dearborn St. Phone Dearborn 4908. Chicago Players Come up to our office. BOB WARD 131 WEST 39th ST. ROOM 201 NEW YORK CITY SERVICE CONSISTS OF TWO HORSES DAILY, 3.00 WEEKLY SIX DAYS YOU CAN MAKE EVERY WEEK A WINNING WEEK! WARDS RELEASE YESTERDAY: Kentucky Cardinal, 1.20-, Won SNOW MAIDEX 2nd ANOTHER BIG DOUBLE TODAY Both should Trin easily and pay the limit. Works of hoth hare hcen kept secret. Under no circumstances miss this double. RECENT WINNERS: LITTLE VISITOR .80-52 Won CHERRY FIE S S.20-52 Won PENSIVE 516.10-52 Won EDINBURGH S15.S0-52 Won HOMING BIRD 4.00-52 Won ALICE BLUE GOWN ..510.50-52 Won FIRE ON 4.40-52 Won ABU BEN AHDEM 515.30-52 Won SINGLE FOOT $ 9.10-S2 Won BARLEYCORN 5 G.80-S2 Won COUNTRY PRINCESS ..529.10-52 Won COMIXA S19.40-S2 Won HATS UP 513.00-52 Won HANDEL 522.10-52 Won If you appreciato real -winning information, DONT HESITATE, BUT RUSH YOUR REMITTANCE AT ONCE BY "WESTERN TJNION OB, POSTAL TELEGRAPH, giving your correct address. V 1 ALWYNS SERVICE I wire one horse a day. I try to live up to my name. SIX DAYS SERVICE, 5. No subscription accepted for less than sis days. MY TRACK CONNECTIONS SEND ONLY LONG SHOTS NO FAVORITES Extra days service free any time my horse is made favorite. "Wires are filed in advance with this paper MY ONE HORSE YESTERDAY "WAS: Eager, 0.60, Won MY ONE HORSE TUESDAY "WAS: RUPEE 7.10, Won MY ONE HORSE MONDAY WAS: RAJAH ; ; ....9.20, Won DURING THIS MONTH I HAD THE FOLLOWING HORSES: Our Option, 2.20, woni Golden Rule, 6.60, wen; Rothermel, 2.60, wonj Randel, 2.10, wonj Repeater, 0.50, won; Vexation, .S0, won; Balboa, 9.10, won, and many others at good prices. Rush 5 now for six days service, one horso a day. I will wire ycu as soon as subscription is received. This is your chance to lay up a bankroll for the winter. ALWYNS SERVICE 147 "WEST 41ST ST. NEW YORK CITY v- J i HENRY WELSH 20C BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY 55.00 DAILY 520.00 WEEKLY AND AGAIN" ANOTHER PARLAY CAME OVER SLATE 4.60, Won AGNES CALL 6.60, Won The only two horses wiTed yesterday. This is the third "PARLAY" at over 50 to 1. If you followed my advico for six days, with a 5.00 daily play, it netted over ,500 WON. ANOTHER 40-2 AT BOWIE TODAY And another Special; tho best of tho meeting at Lexington. This Special, at Lexington, given free to all weekly subscribers. GET A 50-1 DOUBLE TODAY MY RECENT WINNERS TUESDAY: LADDIE BUCK 518.00-52 Won BALBOA 5S7.C0-52 Won MONDAYS DOUBLE WINNER: DRY 3IOON 512.40-52 Won SISTER FLO 521.40-52 Won WINNERS LAST WEEK: PENSIVE 51C.10-S2 AVon PETER PAUL 514.30-52 Won DUSKY BELLE 538.10-52 Won BLUE AND RED 520.30-52 Won Bij special offer Bowie meeting nine days loft, 0.00. Wire 0.00 at once, Western Union cr Postal. All subscriptions received at this office by 1 oclock will be given service same day. Offer open to all. HENRY WELSH -:- -:- 206 Broadway, New York City Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing tho races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on tho scalo of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach. Ha. WESLEYS SPECIAL A horse goes on GETAWAY DAY AT LEXINGTON SATURDAY, NOV. 22 WHICH SHOULD PAY 10 TO 1 TERMS Wire to cover telegram charges to you and promiso to make a straight bet for me, winnings to be wired next day. One cr two Specials a week follow. ACT NOW. H. J. WESLEY 323 Canfield Ave. East Detroit. Mich.

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