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HARVEY AMES EAKLE BLDG. BROADWAY AT 52D STREET ITEAT YORK CITT One of the best opportunities to take part in a "getaway special" is herewith offered you for the closing day of the Bowie meeting TOMORROW It is but seldom that we enthuse, but we are prompted to sidestep our usual conservative methods, in view of the fact that we have more than a passing interest in this matter and are familiar with the plans in consequence. The usual terms for each "Harvey Transaction" have been ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS 00.00. In order to make additional friends for the highest class service known in racing, we have decided to reduce the terms for TOMORROW, to Fifty Dollars as the result should make you a steady client for "Harvey Transactions" for the winter. Telegraph the amount, 0, in advance, which must reach us no later than ten oclock, tomorrow morning, in view of the early starting. Let us say in conclusion that nothing will be left undone to make this the event of the season. Expense is never a factor, when results are in sight. To illustrate the importance of "Harvey Transactions," it may prove of interest to know that many, while in Europe this summer, continued to play them, although three thousand miles from the scene of action. It should be needless to add that strictly one horse will be advised. THIS MEANS ONE HORSE, NOT A COLLECTION. To avoid unnecessary regrets, subscribe directly to this office. There are imposters in every town who, knowing the demand for "Harvey Transactions," issue wrong horses and are guessing same for you. The racing public has convinced itself of the fact that we state "FACTS, AND NOT ILLUSIONS." Telephones: Circle 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 George Barry "THE LIMIT PARLAY KING" 17 West 27th St. New York City Two Horses Daily 0 Weekly Your weekly subscription entitles you to my famous 0 transactions whenever occasion warrants. Yesterday Barry Gave: JoeilaJ 1.70, Won Edinburgh 2.20, Won Wednesday Barry Gave: Flagon ,.7.10, Won Freedoms Call ...4.40, 2d Tuesday Barry Gave: Senor 3.20, Won Bonnie Omar 9.70, Won Ten dollar parlay on both horses won ,722.60: Monday Barry Gave: Lady Audrey 3.90, Won Rock Pocket $ 9.70, Won Ten dollar parlay on both horses won ,060.45. Saturdays 0 Transaction: Laddie Buck 4.80, Won Saturday Barry Gave: Donaghee 3.40, Won King Nadi 2.60, Won Ten dollar parlay on Saturdays triple won ,343.80. Friday Barry Gave: Picnic 2.50-, Won Shindy 4.20-, Won Ten dollar parlay on both horses won 89.75. Thursday Barry Gave: Senator Norris .1.70-, Won Stargo 8.20-, Won Ten dollar parlay on both horses won ,403.50. Wednesday Barry Gave: Rosa Yeta . . . .8.60-, Won Ramkin 0.60-, Won Ten dollar parlay on both horses won 70.50. Give your correct address when wiring your remittance, to avoid delay. Advertise in Daily Racing Form Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing-the races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an averse? profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach, Fla. Monthly Form Book of November Racing will be ON SALE on or about December 3 Order Your Copy Now and Avoid Disappointment MILLIONAIRE SPORTSMAN ED. BREWSTER REAPER SPECIALS, S10 DAILY S35 FOR XXY SIX DAYS ALL STABLE SECRETS FREE. 3 O EXTRA CHARGE FOR ANYTHING I KEPT MY TURKEY PROMISEI THEY BOTH WON! Today and Tomorrow ! Softest Money You Ever Made ! YESTERDAYS TWO REAPERS SOAIE PARLAY: Bonnie Omar, 7.30, Won Elemental, $ 7.70, Won WEDNESDAYS TWO REAPERS SOME PARLAY: OUR STAR 8.30, Won SUMPTER $ 8.10, Won TUESDAYS TWO REAPERS SOME TARLAY: BONNIE OMAR 9.70, Won, AMOR PATRIAE $ 9.60, Won MONDAYS TWO REAPERS SOME PARLAY: ROSAMOND 6.40, Won SUBURBAN $ 9.40, Won SATURDAYS TWO REAPERS SOME PARLAY: LADDIE BUCK ...4.80, Won VILLAGER 6.70, Won FRIDAYS TWO REAPERS: PICNIC 2.50, Won WILL WELLS 3.80, Won THURSDAYS TWO REAPERS: OUR BIRTHDAY 8.80, Won BLUE AND RED 0.00, Won -FREE SOCIETY SPECIAL GOES THIS SATURDAY SURE This nice winner will be given positively- FREE to all weekly subscribers. It Is so called because a dear friend of mine in high social standing is giving- it to mc in celebration of 20 years friendship. I do not have to advertise daily, bnt let mc remind you that if you expect the real merchandise, you must follow a man who is in a position to pay heavily for it, as you know, it costs thousands of dollars to Ret in with proper society. My name and reputation speak, volumes. Again, I say, dont miss a day. SUBSCRIBE NOW! Wire remittance with correct address for prompt service. ED. BREWSTER 1 MAIDEN LANE SUITE 110 NEW YORK CITY Clifford Balle NEW YORK OFFICES: CHICAGO OFFICES: 200 Broadway, Room 214 109 North Dearborn Street NEW YORK CITY Room 606, CHICAGO, ILL. EXTRAORDINARY PROPOSITION The twenty-seventh "Balle Enterprise" takes place Saturday, November 29. The proposition appearing below was suggested by Clarence E. Baume of this office, and should meet with the approval of all turf followers. FREE! FREE!! FREE!!! The next horse advised, by this office, that is the twenty-seventh "Balle Enterprise," will be given absolutely FREE to anyone desirous of obtaining this information. This office will go to the expense of two thousand dollars for advertisements and five thousand dollars for the information on this horse. In the event of this horse losing, this office will be the loser of peven thousand dollars. This office will not risk that amount of money on a blind proposition. We are well acquainted with the details connected with this enterprise. There are no strings attached to this proposition. Just send in your name and address and a message, bearing the name of the horse, will be sent you. Future terms will be arranged later. This office has been built up on a policy of honesty, secrecy and a square deal to all. Above all, there will be no misrepresentation. Only facts will be published. The above policy will be adhered to at all times. LONG SHOT BURNS ROOM 303 23 DUANE ST. HEW YORK CITZ ?5.C0 DAILY. STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY. 0.00 WEEKLY ANOTHER SMASHING DOUBLE WINNER YESTERDAYS ONE AND ONLY HORSE AT BOWIE: BONNIE OMAR 7.20, Won YESTERDAYS ONE AND ONLY HORSE AT TIJUANA, WON. Cannot Advertise Name. A BIG DOUBLE DAY TODAY YOTT GET TWO BIG LONG SHOTS TODAY FOR This is no empty promise, it is what I believe will be an actual fact. Send at one Tor this information. BEAT A 15-1 SHOT AT BOWIE WIN AT TIJUANA TODAY. Both these for U12 pries of one. SOME BIG OFFER. WINNERS! WINNERS!! WINNERS!!! WEDNESDAYS ONE AND ONLY HORSE: COTE DOIt :.10, AVon TUESDAYS ONE AND ONLY HORSE: BOyiE 03IAR C20.70, AVun MONDAYS ONE AND ONLY HORSE: LADY AUDREY 43.90, Won NOW OVER ,500 WINNER THIS WEEK WITH A SMALL 00 DAILY PLAY. THIS SERVICE IS CERTAINLY A REAL INVESTMENT. THIS SERVICE, 0, FOR SIX DAYS. Rush a wire at once. Use Western Union or Postal monay order. If you want winners, I have thiai. Be sure to deal direct with this offics. Nothing original unless released through this offics. Mr. Dams is at Tijuana and will wire this office ONE A DAY, right from that trick. Subscriptions start immj-diately upon receipt. DEAL WITH A BUREAU THAT YOU ALL KNOW AND THAT PREVIOUSLY GAVE PLENTY O WINNERS. L.BURNS Room 303 23 Duane St. irew York, N. Y. Daily Racing Guide Has the Winners

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