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HARVEY AMES EAELE BLDG. BROADWAY AT 52D ST. STAY YOIIK CITY The Last "Harvey Transaction" WON At Good Odds To satisfy the popular demand, we have decided to give the large and small operator another opportunity to convince themselves of the supremacy of "Harvey Transactions" Tomorrow, Saturday "Harvey Transactions" need no comment or recommendation, they are the last word in exclusive inside information, as was proven last Saturday, when the horse WON easily and, of course, was not the favorite, thus making a lot of people happy who were unable to pay the tsual terms of 00. Twenty-Five Dollars These special terms are for tomorrow only. The horse in question has been specially prepared. Past performances are to be ignored. As we have often stated, there are "DAYS AND DAYS." Subscription, 5, must be telegraphed or paid in person at this office. Our doors are always open for the reception of our subscribers. To the uninitiated we may say again that "Harvey Transactions" consist of one horse, not a collection. The only way to avoid impostors is to subscribe directly to this office. Unscrupulous people throughout the United States, knowing the demand for "Harvey Transactions," continually give wrong horses never issued by us. It is a well-known fact that our advertisements state "facts, not illusions." We refrain from exaggerated statements, as we consider same an insult to intelligence. TELEPHONES CIRCLE 2591, 2592. 2593 and 5749 FRANK BAKER ESTABLISHED 1918 J JJJg PARLAY KING EMS507EEKLYj TWELVE STRAIGHT AND STILL GOING STRONG! I STBAKERS IXFO ABE NOT GAMBLES BDT INVESTMENTS"" Mr. Frank Baker who is now at Hew Orleans has again proven the value of inside information, when hoth releases came romping home, easy winners. As usual, all clients were advised to parlay both horses to win only. Subscribers know that brains, money and influence are combined to make this service what it is today. My past releases prove the facts stated. YESTERDAYS RELEASES: Trapdale r 13-5, Won Slanderer 12-1, Won WEDNESDAYS RELEASES: Lucifer 5-1, Won Huey 4-1, Won TUESDAYS RELEASES: SATURDAYS RELEASES: Al Levy 7-2, Won Stonewall 6-1, Won Sequel 5-1, Won St. Quentin 8-1, Won MONDAYS RELEASES: FRIDAYS RELEASES: Mabel C 6-1, Won Camouflage 11-5, Won Gorget 16-5, Won Frightful 8-1, Won TODAY TWO HORSES THAT ARE WELL MEANT TODAY Mr. Frank Baker has wired us two horses that are out to win. These horses come from the above releases. Here is your chance to make same men who gave us the soma easy Christmas money, as these two horses are fit and ready and are just waiting for the barrier to rise. STOP GUESSING AND SUBSCRIBE AT ONCE AND GET INSIDE INFORMATION FROM THE! HAN WHO KNOWS. Wire all communications to FRANK BAKER ST. DENNIS BLDG., 799 BROADWAY, SUITE Gii NEW YORK CITY JAMES J. HARVEY 1416 Broadway New York City TERMS: 0 DAILY TWO HORSES DAILY g" Exclusive Winter Connections THAT WILL STARTLE THE RACING WORLD WITH tWINNING RESULTS. Owing to numerous requests we will accept a limited amount of new subscriptions. This is your chance to reap your holiday expenses. YESTERDAYS RELEASE: Slanderer, 12-1, Won Clinging Vine, 3-1, Won WEDNESDAYS RELEASE: UST ELOWEJt 9-2, Won WOlDMAltK 5-2, Won TUESDAYS RELEASE: OJiEAIl VIEW C-l, Won AL LEVY 7-2, Won MONDAYS RELEASE: THEO S-l, Won LONG POINT 15-1, Won It pays to get the best. Beware of imitators. Make sure you subscribe to James J. Harveys. No weekly subscriptions accepted. Wire 0 at onco for one days information. When wiring include your correct address to insure prompt service. JAMES J. HARVEY 1416 Broadway New York City Advertise in Daily Racing Form CHIEF OBSERVER TODAYS FREE CODE: New Orleans Florida-9-23-4 NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY Gars Free Code Jefferson: Michigan-Boy-Brick-Box. MASTER CLOCKERFKEECODE Jefferson: Memphis-Level-Honor-Joil-Human. AGAIN WE WON Yesterdays Big Special: MARGARET WARE 10-1, Won Monthly Form Book Is On Sale containing charts of all races run on recognized tracks in North America during: the month of November. Single copies by mail will POSITIVELY only be sent as registered mail, with an extra charge of. ten cents for registration. Not responsible for books sent as regular mail. price si.oo DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO. ILL. 157-150 EAST 32ND STREET. NEW YORK, N. Y. 320 EAST 3RD STREET. CINCINNATI. OHIO 50 RICHMOND STREET. EAST. TORONTO. ONT. 305-307 DECATUR STREET, NEW ORLEANS, LA. " TERMS 0.00 DAILY ONE HORSE A DAY WELL, I DID IT AGAIN! YESTERDAYS "ONE HORSE" SPECIAL: Slanderer, 12-1, Won And this is what I said to EVERYBODY "UNLOAD" STRONG WIN ONLY. Then just REST! EASY, AS I HAVE THE O. K. THIS IS A "CINCH" TODAY NUFF BED. AND THIS MAKES IT TEN "STRAIGHT" WINNERS Thursday SLANDERER 12-1, Won Wednesday HUEY 4-1, Won Tuesday SEQUEL 5-1, Won Monday LONG POINT 15-1, Won Saturday ST. QUENTIN 8-1, Won Friday FRIGHTFUL 8-1, Won Thursday RICHELIEU 4-1, Won Wednesday RUBIEN : 6-1, Won Tuesday ST. NICHOLAS , 6-1, Won Monday TOD RENES0R 30-1, Won AND EVERY ONE OF THESE WINNERS WERE "FILED" THREE HOURS BEFORE POST TIME. "Last Week" a 0 Bet WON ,350 I I am going to break my own record as I gave at the "Louisville" meeting fourteen "straight" winners. "FREE" "FREE" Six days service to "you," if I dont make you a winner on a 0 play on my "specials" for six days. And it sure looks like I AM GOING TO "SMASH" THIS RECORD NOW because the kind of "INFO" L am now getting- makes it snre look like I AM GOING TO BEAT MY FORMER RECORD OF FOURTE5W "STRAIGHT" WINNERS, that I gavo at the last LOUISVILLE meeting, and FfllSlFSfn MADE EVERYBODY $ RICH $ BTnaano S HAVE. TO BET TWO BAYi ffFX , , . , Joq-VWtUUIAlW If BMDYS iPCtlAiSj I had over 3,000 followers at LOUISVILLE and M to make, up the 4 SOOO.oo- those fourteen STRAIGHT WINNERS made those A " ..-" - 3.000 players $ RICH?. Ask any William Brady lTOtfw?WPft follower how much WINNER they are. mmw Wmm 1T 1 Win Give a ;00 Gif to - AiPifcill Mk Anv "Charity" mz ll!ffik t;t f vh-.Th JrM!mmk if i cannot prove that i gave all the MitlHmmfiMSi ABOVE WINNERS. You cannot advertise in any WSRKJi W"M!MMW newspaper, UNLESS YOU "FILE" the horses three r WW mMnlMm hours before post tims. If you dont think I gave WVi rmHiltlAWFtfk aU iil6se ""dinners, just write me and I will send you lllllllll II InTl flrwIII-rM EOm if clients letters so you can read em aTOi -jLf 3CLET ME BE YOUR r SANTA CLAUS"- SZ--T Sfclffilltt 1 assuro yu about one week with WILLIAM Wm!lMZ-r-1i WandMilM BRADY wUl get you all the "Xmas gifts" you need PjajJKe: MAKERS "WiI1 them Witl1 th "B00K" SfSUB- 1 Stake My "Reputation" On SvSS Todays Horse WmfiB and 1 expect this one TODAY to pay 10-1 "OR mttHmmmT BETTER." Dont hesitate hut rush your sub- NOTICE Remember, I was forced to leave New Orleans because my clients couldnt get their money down, as I was putting em over day after day thats why I was forced to come here to Buffalo, where I can operate without fear of my clients not getting their money down. Address WILLIAM BRADY CARE MAIN OFFICE, WESTERN UNION OR POSTAL TELEGRAPH BUFFALO, N. Y. EARL CLARKE "SOUTHERN WIZARD" 219 7TK AVE. NEW YORK CITY Terms Daily One Certified Special a Day 14939 DoYouWanttoWin? 14939 This service has been kept under cover for years, for reasons I cannot make public. Wire .00 at once for "One Days Service" and receive my Certified One Horse Special, I that brings winning results at good odds. Yesterdays Certified Special: Korbly, 12-1, Won WINNERS WINNERS WINNERS"! Todays Certified Special comes from the same connections that produced yesterdays results. I am advising you under NO consideration miss my special today. I EXPECT AT LEAST 10-1. Wednesdays Certified Special: DUST FLOWER 9-2, Won Tuesdays Certified Special: LOVELINESS 4-1, Won Mondays Certified Special: LONG POINT 15-1. Won $ 0 PLAY OX EACH CERTIFIED S $ SPECIAL JiAST WEEK AYOS $ 1,050 $ Last weeks results as follows: Saturday: ST. QUENTIN 8-1, Won Friday: CAMOUFLAGE 11-5, Wen Thursday: SPUGS 9-5, Won Wednesday: VAN PATRICK 6-1, Won Tuesday: JOHNNY JEWELL 7-2, Won Monday: ANTONIA 5-1, Won If you paid 00 a day, you would not secure more reliable informaticn than I have been releasing. I have been around all race tracks for the past 20 years and keeping in daily contact with the best and shrewdest turfmen in the country. He who hesitates is lost. Wire . CO at once, giving your correct address and I will accomplish results that will put you in my confidence for the rest of your life. V JJ Subscribe for Daily Racing Form ?1 AT ALL NEWSSTANDS Today I Know A Tremendous Fast Filly will bo sent for the "works" at Jefferson; is the .00 Special, free with todays sheet and should he a. 15-1 Shot I TELL YOU THE SMARTEST TEXANS are going to this one hook, line and sinker, and surely are out for a grand clean-up. Dont miss this chance. This is an exceptional opportunity. This horse is given as the .00 Spscial given FREE with the THE DAILY MASTER CL0CKER AT ALL NEWSSTANDS EVERYWHERE Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing the races will be mailed ycu for one weeks I trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS Fort Lauderdale, Fla. ILL TRUST YOU This is not a fake. You pet it free to check up for six days or play if you choose. After you aro thoroughly convinced that you can pick your own winners by the best method ever devised, then pay mo from your profits. Save the money you throw away each. day. Enclose only-.00 to cover cost of mailing, etc. Youll not rejret it. DO IT NOW. . L. A. JARVIS, 42 Rutgers Ave, Jersey City, N. I.

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