Yearling Sales of 1924: Six Hundred Head Bring a Total of ,338,235 at Public Auction, Daily Racing Form, 1924-12-19

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YEARLING SALES OF 1924 I Six Hundred Head Bring a Total of ,338,235 at Public Auction W. Zeigler, Jr., Pays Top Price of 6,000 for a Son of EternalAquamarine Three Go for 5,500 Each Eighteen Bring 0,000 or More Each The yearling sales of 1924 in the United States show that a total of COO head was disposed of at public auction, for a total of ,3;!S,2o5, the largest on record in the country. The average per head was ,230, just a trifle less than the record average figures of 1921, when only 395 head were sold. Though the 1924 market failed to produce any sensational individual prices, it was a strong and healthy one, in keeping with the general prosperity of the American turf. W. Zeigler, Jr., paid the top price of the year, when he gavo 6,000 for a- son of Eternal Aquamarine. The next highest prices realized were for a trio of promising youngsters each of which brought 5,500, they being a bay colt by Lemberg Peep, a bay or brown colt by Negofol Adana and a bay or brown colt by The Finn Hurakan. The Parkview Stable purchased a bay or brown colt by Negofol Colonial Dame for 4,000, while W. 11. Cos gave 3,500 for a chestnut filly by Galloper Light Georgia and a similar sum for a chestnut colt by The Finn Perplexing. Altogether, there were eighteen yearlings sold at public auction for 0,000 or more each. There were undoubtedly quite a number of yearlings Sold privately that brought larger sums, but these figures relate only to, public auction and, as such, are encouraging to our breeders who rely on the open market to dispose of their stock. The following is a list of the yearlings sold at public auction during the year, that brought ,000 or more each : Color and sex. Pedigree. Buyer. Amount. Brown colt, by Eternal Aquamarine : .-. W. Zeigler, .Tr 0,000. Bay or brown colt, by Xegofol Adana ......... . . . . Bancocas Stable . ir,"i00 Bay colt, by Lemberg Peep ...K. .T. Tranter, a gt. 33,500 1 I!ay or brown colt, by The Finn Hurakan. . . . .Greentree Stable ...... I 3.",it0l Bay or browji colt, by Negofol Colonial Daine -...Parkview Stable : 34,000, Chestnut filly, by Friar Bock riume .v.WVJt foe ......... ..V ............. . 3:5,500 Chestnut colt, by The Finn Perplexing. ............. .W.. It,-Coe -. ; . . .-. i. ......... i:!,r00! Brown colt, by Galloper Light Georgia -...I. K. I.., Boss i:i,000 Ilrown colt, by Negofol Base Leaves II. Oliver 32.0C0 ; Bay colt, by Negofol Deuise Field............ ...II. Oliver J!,000j Brown colt, by Prince 1 al Crystal Maid. ... . W. Zeigler. Jr. 31,00J Chestnut colt, by Friar Marcus Latest Fashion. .. . .. .".Dr. MeCully ........ ; 31,500 Bav colt, by Wrack Fairy Kay II. Oos Il,5!0 Chestnut filly, by III- AVelsh Queen II . ..Airs. F. A. Clark . : 31.00J Chestnut colt, by High Time Tuscan Bed ...W. It. Coe 30,300 Chestnut filly, by Negofol Polly Pennant... C. Clay 30,000 Chestnut colt, by Prince Pal Phantom Maid W. Zeigler. Jr. -. 30,000 Chestnut filly, by Prince Palatine Quixota C. B. Sliafer ...... 30,00. Chestnut filly, by Prince Palatine Mille Flours Parkview Stable :. ft.OOO Bay colt, by Negofol Forever W. F. Hitt ;. .: 8.700 Bay or brown colt, by Kwang-Su La Marsellaiss T. K. Davis S.5CO Chestnut colt, by Negofol Mixed Color ...I. 1.. Gibson . ;. 8,500 Chestnut colt, by Trap lloek Federal Girl J. II. Widener 8.100 Brown colt, by Ballot Postpone C. J. Fitz Gerald 8.000 j Bay colt, by Lemberg Silver Hour K. B. McLean ; 8,0001 Brown fillv, by Man o War Star Puss ....Mrs. F. A. Clark 8.C00 Bay colt, by Negofol Mileage II. Oliver 8.000 Bay colt, by Omar Khayyam Bobolink II M. Field 8,003 Chestnut filly,- by Omar Khayyam Discretion II Parkview Stable 8,000 j Continued on. thirteenth page. i YEARLING SALES OF 1924 Continued from first page. The following is a complete list of all tlie yearlings sold at auction in the United States during, the year 1924, grouped under their sires: Av. Trice At. Trice Tear. No. Ilead. Total Salca. Ter Head. Year. No. Head. Total Sales. Ter ITenrt. 100S 745 $ 250.S20 $ 344.00 1917 043 5 GG2.2S9 ,030.00 1009 CO I 284,845 412.00 1918 509 421.215 827.33 1910 550 179.033 325.00 1919 335 710.825 2.139.7K 1911 390 87.957 230.00 1920 400 C90.890 1.727.22 1912 243 125.702 517.29 1921 393 898,120 2,273.72 .1913 310 149.045 471.C6 1922 534 1.174.785 2.199.91 1914 398 200.281 053.97 1923 040 1.290,120 2.015.8s 1915 375 200.775 095.10 19:U COO 1,338,233 2,230.39 1910 420 390,973 931.87 AMADIS, b. h, 1906, by Love Wisely Galeta, by Ladas. Seller. Buyer. Color and Rex. Dnm. Trim. Laurel Tark Stud Co J. K. L. Koss Chestnut colt Black and Blue $ 4,100 AMBASSADOR IV., br. h. 1911, by Dark Ronald Excellenza, by Haut Brion. C Clay S. Harris Bay or brown filly Far Beyond COO APOTHECARY, ch. h, 1912, by Radium Sandpath, by Right-aay. Laurel Tark Stud Co Mrs. It. T. Baker Chestnut colt Herophila 7,000 ASSAGAI, b. h. 1909, by Spearmint Charm, by St. Simon. El E. Powell A. .7. "Wells hay colt Irish l.ady II 000 E. E. Towcll J. 0. Keene bay filly . Magician .. . . .. 300 ATWELL, cli. h, 1914, by St. Amant Doro, by Cyllene. Crunden and Frost J. X. Camden Chestnut colt Marsand 1,100 Oots II. Herdel Mercedes, ch. f ltoyal Blood 300 BALLOT, ch. h. 1804, by Voter Cento, by Lowland Chief. nimyar Stud C. J. Fitz Gerald Brown colt Tostponc 8,000 U. H. Berrymau M. Field HI Chestnut filly La Rcligiensc 0,200 A. B. Hancock Goodstone Stable Brown colt Yprcs II 5,503 C. II. Berryman D. Breckinridge Chestnut colt Mary Carer 5.203 J. XT. White AV. R. Coe Chestnut colt.. Water Maple 2.000 C. H. Berryman W. T. Anderson Chestnut filly Wallflower II 2.000 0. II Berryman D. Breckinridge Chestnut colt Leisure 2.00J C. II. Berryman R. L. Jerry Chcstiint filly Spindrift 1,000 II. II. and J. II. Gaines... AV. Garth Chestnut filly Tiffany Blend S00 BARD OF HOPE, b. h. 1909, by Armeath II. Bloomer, by Sensation. Crunden and Frost E. Jacobs Chestnut colt Camba 1.00 BATTLE-AXE, b. h, 19C6, by William the Third Brittania, by. Melton. Laurel Tark Stud Co J. W. Bell Bay colt Golden Heart 3,000 BERRILLDON, ch. h, 1909, by Berrill Contribution, by Winkficld. Estate of Lewis Garth... .T. E. Davis Chestnut filly Chrybdis 1,100 Estate of Lewis Garth... S. M. Henderson Chestnut gelding. Starry Belle 700 Estate of Lewis Garth... A. S. tVoodliffe Chestnut filly Stalwart Helen 000 Estate of Lewis Garth... J. E. Davis Bay gelding The Busybody COO BEZANT, b. h. 1907, by Ormo Jennifer, by St. Serf. R. Meacham S. Pettit Brown or black colt Slipper Day 1.503 J. II. White M. Xichol Bay filly Louisannc 200 BLACK JESTER, br. h. 1911, by Polymelus Absurdity, by Melton. Lanrel Tark Stud Co Greentreo Stable Bay colt Ninette 4,100 Uimyar Stud G. C. Winfrey Bay or brown colt Madamoisellc 1,000 BLACK TONEY. br. h. 1911, by Peter Pan Belgravia, by Ben Brush. Himyar Stud W. R. Cce Black filly Bird Loose 0,200 Idle Hour Stock Farm and J. T. Ireland Oak Ridge Stable Bay colt Wayward Lass 5,700 BLIND BAGGAGE, b. h, 1913, by Sain Lovc-not, by Voter. Audley Farm and T. A. Moscly W. AV. Darden Chestnut colt Busy Alice 1,500 BLINK, br. h, 1915, by Sunstar Winkipop, by William the Third. nimyar Stud W. Daniel Bay colt Magheen . 5.100 Laurel Park Stud Co W. Daniel Brown colt , Bookmuslin 4,500 BOOTS AND SADDLE, ch. h. 1911, by Voter Cap aad Bells, by Domino. T. M. Murphy J. .T. Flannigan Chestnut filly Tearl G 1,000 T. M. Murphy C. II. Knebclkamp Chestnut colt Mac C 400 BOOTS AND SADDLE, ch. h. 1911, by Voter Cap and Bells, by Domino; or, GOLDEN MAXIM, b. h. 1900, by Golden Garter Miss Maxim, by Maxim. T. M. Murphy Cincinnati Stable Chestnut colt Refugee II 400 BRAMBLE TWIG, b. h. 1913, by Chaucer Bramble Jelly, by Isinglass. Uimyar Stud C. Weidemann Gray or roan colt Coronelle 4,500 BRAXTED, b. h. 1908, by Forfarshire Sillabub, by St. Serf. Carr and Piatt Harned Bros Chestnut filly Frummenty 1,000 Laurel Park Stud Co L. Blume Bay colt Auctioneering 250 BTJCHAN, b. h. 1916, by Sunstar Hamoaze, by Torpoint. Laurel Park Stud Co. . . .Greentree Stable Bay or brown colt Xejima 3,900 CAMPFIRE, ch. h. 1914, by Olambala Nightfall, by Voter. Glen Helen Stud E. F. Whitney... Chestnut filly Yyvettc 2,200 CANTILEVER, ch. h. 1916, by Hanbridge Ma Salaams, by Hastings. Laurel Park Stud Co C. E. Micklewait Bay colt Luseiuia 3,000 CHINA COCK, ch. h. 1910, by Santoi High Feather, by Hsnry of Navarre. Uimyar Stud J. Livingstcn Chestnut filly Xuit Blanche II 4.C00 Xalapa Farm ...J. C. Milam Chestnut eolt Chrysalis ". 2,700 Xalapa Farm II. Oliver Chestnut colt Chrysalis II 1,000 COCK O THE WALK, ch. h, 1910, by Peep oDay Ellangowan, by Do Beauvoir. Crnndcn and Frost J. 1C. Maddux Chestnut colt Lady Edwina... 800 COLONEL VENNIE, b. h, 1913, by Picton Shy Missic, by Ayrshire. Crunden and Frost J. Livingston Chestnut colt Nancy Hogan 1,000 1. Weil I. Weil Margaret Carr, b. or br. f.Europa 373 CUDGEL, fc. h. 1914, by Broomstick Eugenia. Burch, by Ben Strome. Xalapa Farm n. C. Fisher Bay colt Little Rock 4,300 A. B. Hancock and AV. S. Threlkeld Log Cabin Stable Chestnut filly Blaze o Gold 4,000 Himyar Stud Audley Farm Stable ....Brown or black filly . . . .Featherwit 2,000 W. AV. Darden B. Combs Chestnut filly .-.Miss Mooney COO DANGER ROCK. ch. h, 1912, by Rock Sand Delusion, by Meddler. Himyar Stud A. Belmont Chestnut colt Cattish 3,100 Himyar Stud D. D. Peed Chestnut filly Oseetah 900 Crunden and Frost D. Breckinridge Chestnut filly Cynthiana 500 DELHI, br. h. 1901, by Ben Brush Veva, by Mortemer. Carr and Piatt II. P. Gardner Bay colt Lady McGoe 3,400 Himyar Stud L. Waterbury Brown colt Florence Webber.... 3,000 O. I. Randolph W. Hyms .Bay colt Grace Cunard 1,450 R. II. Anderson International Stable Brown or black celt Temps 3,330 Carr and Piatt..... T. P. Hayes Chestnut colt Prism 3.301 R. II. Anderson O. W. Kendall Bay colt Carrie Hogan 3,200 Carr and Piatt Lilane Stable . Chestnut filly Graeonote 3,300 Carr and Piatt T. Mueller Chestnut colt Mineral 825 Carr and Piatt T. Mueller Brown filly Xada Mas 800 Carr and Piatt L. Tiple Bay filly Sainville 000 Balgowan Stud ..C. Micklewait Chestnut colt Attentive 500 DICK FINNELL, dead, blk. h, 1904, by King: Eric Teas Over, by Hanover. Carr and Piatt T. Coyne Black filly Gold Mine 1,100 Carr and Piatt C. Micklewait Bay filly Gold Mine 700 Carr and Piatt E. M. McGuan Black filly Genevieve Sweep ... 530 DONNACONA, b. h. 1917, by Princs Palatine Kildonan, by Ladas. T. W. Garnctt W. Daniel Chestnut roan colt Prances 4,700 J. II. White L. Waterbury Bay colt Ryola 3,000 J. II. White T. J. Carroll Bay colt Highland Lassie .... 2,200 J. II. White II. Kites Bay or black colt Dorothy Gray 1,000 T. W. Garnctt W. Daniel Bay colt Miss Oeitol 3,500 J. II. White A. L. Aste Chestnut roan filly Mae Taft 3,300 J. II. White A. L. Aste Bay colt Tag 000 J. II. White A. L. Aste Chestnut colt. Hough Weather 800 T. W. Garnctt E. H. Von Rooii Chestnut filly Itavenroost 750 T. W. Garnclt S. A. Cowan Chestnut celt Lady Bonero 050 J. L. Reeves V. L. Aste Chestnut filly Ovioilo 550 Bransford Bros G. Collins Chestnut filly .....Lucky Liz 450 T W. Garnctt... J. K. Maddux Chestnut filly.. ....Sarah Puryear 400 T. W. Garnctt T. Moloney and Son Bay filly Lady Fesca 400 T. A. Moscly I. Murphy ; Chestnut filly Honey Mad 400 DR. LEGGO, b. h, 1902, by Puryear D. Sevens, by Watercress. Napa Stock Farm A. B. Sprockets T. Willow Runshadc blk. c Georgia Girl 500 F.SC0BA, b. h. 1915, by Broomstick Christmas Star, by Star Shoot. Himyar Stud .AV. P. Anderson Chestnut colt ...i Lady Winsome 3,700 Himyar Stud C. P. Winfrey Dark brown colt Harvest Moon 2,000 Himyar, Stud W. Garth Black Colt Ella II 2,000 Himyar Stud W. T. Anderson Bay colt lovotina 1,000 Glen Helen Stud W. Midgely Bay colt Daisy Louise 330 ETERNAL, br. k. 1917, by Sweep Hazel Burke, by Sempronius. Xalapa Farm W. Zeiglcr, Jr. Brown colt Aquamarine 10,000 Xalapa Farm.... J. B. Respess .....Brown filly v.-.Juno Dug 0,803 Xalapa Farm J. B. Respeas Bay colt 7. ..Helen Marie 0,001 Xalapa Farm Parkview Stable Brown filly ..Venice 0,100 Xalapa Farm J. C. Milam Brown filly.. Xysiade 4,400 Xalapa Farm AV. M. Jeffords Brown or black filly. .. .June Bug 3,500 Xalapa Farm AV. F. Hltt Black filly Belle Jardiniere 3.200 Xalapa Farm C. Micklewait Brown filly Nyslada 3,800 Xalapa Farm Parkview Stable Brown colt Almandine II 3,000 Xalapa Farm .........AV. F. Hitt .......Bay filly Golden List 000 EVEREST, b. li. 1915, by Ben Brush Aggie Marden, by Marden. Seller. Buver. Color and Sex. Dam. Price. Monietta Stud .W. Daniel ..Bay or brown colt ....Bctti Tortcr COO Monietta Stud ..P. Ungar. . Chestnut colt Dancing AVave C00 Monietta Stud J. E. Davis Brown filly Molly Reach 5oO Monietta Stud C. B. Reagan Bay colt Rusty Coat 500 Monietta Stud Lilane Stable Bay colt Dnlcinca II -130 Monietta Stud Lilane Stable Brown colt Effie Paton 450 Monietta Stud J. K. Maddux Brown filly Pandora Girl 400 Monietta Stud C. B. Reagan Bay colt Little Peep 400 Monietta Stud E. Sietns Chestnut filly Top All 400 Monietta Stud .7. K. Maddux Chestnut colt Lily Traync ....... 350 Monietta Stud . . E. Sietns Bay colt Beauty Bright ..... " 300 FAIR PLAY, b. h. 1905, by Hastings Fairy Gold, by Bend Or. Himyar Stud AV. Dupont Light bay filly Keen Jane 2,100 FAYETTE, dead, ch. h, 1906, by Ogden Saratoga Belle, by Henry of Navarre. K. X. Gilpin AA T. Anderson Chestnut colt ..nimation 2.500 II. Xcsbltt C. T. AVorthington Chestnut filly Ponte Rosa 1,500 Crunden and. Frost J. K. Maddux Chestnut filly Queen Menilek .... 700 P. M. AValkcr X. K. Deal Chestnut colt ..i.Supcrlight GOO FLITTERGOLD, ch. h. 1911, by Hastings Fairy Gold, by Bend Or. nimyar Stud A Perkins Chestnut colt Sweet Day 3,200 Himyar Stud AV. T. Anderson Chestnut filly ..Ruth Carter 2.10O nimyar Stud AA Perkins Chestnut Colt Couronnc do Lnuricr. 2,100 Himyar Stud J. Lowe Chestnut Colt ...Freckles II 3,700 Himyar Stud F. Stager Chestnut Colt Mint Drop 1,200 Himyar Stud T. T. Ireland Chestnut Colt Clearing Up 3,100 nimyar Stud R. C. .AVinmill Chestnut filly Skittles SCO FLITTERGOLD, ch. h, 1911, by Hastings Fairy Gold, byEend Or; or, TROTJTBECK, b. h, 1903, by Ladas Rydal Mount, by St. Serf. Glen Helen Stud A. Mertz Bay or brown filly Tlullgult COO FLYING ORB, ch. h, 1911, by Orby Stella, by Necromancer. A. B. nancock Log Cabin Stable Black or brown colt ....Bonnie Hanks 4.0C0 FRIAR MARCUS, b. h. 1912, by Cicero Prim Nun, by His Majesty. A. B. nancock Dr. McCully Chestnut colt... Latest Fashion .... 11,500 Laurel Park Stud Co.... J. K. L. Ross Chestnut colt Yvcune B 7,100 FRIAR ROCK. ch. h. 1913, by Rock Sand Fairy Gold, by Bend Or. nimyar Stud W. R. Coc Chestnjit filly Plume 33,500 nimyar Srud Audley Farm Stable Brown colt Dreaming 3.000 Estill and Madden Oak Ridge Stable Bay or brown colt. ......La Patrie 3,500 GALLOPER LIGHT, br. h. 1916, by Sunstar Santa Fina, by St. Frusquin. Laurel Park Stud Co .T. K. L. Ross Brown colt Georgia 13,000 A. K. Macoraber Mira Monte Stock Farm. .Chestnut colt Queen Carbine 2,000 GNOME, ch. h, 1916. by Whisk Broom II. Fairy Sprite, by Voter. Crnndcn and Frost Audley Farm Stable Chestnut filly Pancake 3,200 S. Ross AV. Daniel Brown colt Lady Grey 3,000 K. N. Gilpin AV. T. Anderson Chestnut colt Bassinet 2,500 P. M. Walker I. O. Keene Chestnut colt Marsh Light 1,000 C. T. Grayson S. Harlan Chestnut filly Daytoria 1,500 C. T. Grayson II. Oots Chestnut colt Mag Lovine 1,500 Crunden and Frost I. Breckinridge Brown filly Elasthiuc II 900 Crunden and Frost J. K. Maddux Brown colt Miss Springfield SDO A. C. Randolph J. K. Maddux Chestnut filly Golden Fleece 700 F. Macklin II Rites Che3tnut filly Cross Dales 000 U. Nesbitt S. L. Burch Chestnut colt Fauquier 500 GOLDEN BROOM, ch. h. 1917, by Sweeper Zuna, by Hamburg. Estill and. Madden AV. Daniel Chestnut colt Pasadena Queen 3,100 E. Daingcrfield Seagram Stable Chestnut colt Sunshade 2,000 Miss D. Dainscrficld II. Kavanaugh Chestnut filly ..Ringlets 1.000 AV. AA. Darden J. E. Schardt Bay filly ..Aiola Guild 1,450 GOLDEN MAXIM, b. h. 1900, by Golden Garter Miss Maxim, by Maxim. T. jr. Murphy Cincinnati Stable Bay filly Lady Lexington .... 2,700 T. M. Murphy E. L. Fitzgerald Bay colt Kharemanch 2,200 1. M. Murphy AV. Perkins Chestnut colt Billows 1.S0O T. M. Murphy Kendle and Anderson Bay filly Mary Bodine 3,500 T. M. Murphy J. Thcmas Bay colt Gnion 3,200 T. M. Murphy International Stable Bay colt Lily Mac 1,050 T. M. Murphy Cincinnati Stable Bay filly Arrowwood 3,000 T. M. Murphy Cincinnati Stnblc ... Brown colt Hasty Chick 000 T. M. Murphy J. Thomas Bay filly Little Xell 530 GOLDEN SUN, br. h. 1910, by Sundridge Golden Lassie, by Pioneer. Himyar Stud AA. T. Anderson Bay colt .Glonbloom 4,100 Himyar Stud M. Field III Bay colt Lady Bountiful 4,000 GRANITE, b. h. 1908, by Rockton Adriutha, by Clifford. Carr and Tiatt D. Oppenhcim Brown filly Mary Hunter 750 II. Black G. Read Brown colt Mary Holton 500 GREENBACK, b. h, 1907, by St. Frusquin Evergreen, by Bend Or. Lanrel Tark Stud Co n. McDaniel Chestnut colt Ma Mic 2,000 GREY FOX EC., gr. h, 1915, by Le Samaritain Dancing Fox, by Flying Fox. Himyar Stud H. Oots Grey colt Teppcrmint 5,900 GROSVENOR, b. h, 1913, by Cicero Sceptro, by Persimmsn. Himyar Stud F. Mcllroy Chestnut colt Fausta 1,100 HAMBURG LAD, b. h, 1919, by Broomstick Miss Hamburg, by Hamburg. G. Crommelin A. Barrett Bay filly Humored 550 G. Crommelin T. it. Doyle Bay filly The Gleauier 523 HAND GRENADE, br. h. 1915, by Sunstar All Green, by Greenlawn. Xapa Stock Farm A. B. Sprockets S. B. Onagan Cutic Mc, br. f Embla 550 Xapa Stock Farm A. B. Spreckels E. S. Riddle Bombshell, b. or br. c... Ventura 500 Xapa Stock Farm A. B. Spreckels L. T. AVhitehill Rockbomb, br. c Erminia 200 HAPSBURG, br. h. 1911, by Desmond Altesse, by Amphion. llimyar Stud AV. T. Anderson Bay colt Gone l.ndor 1,000 HARMONICON, ch. h, 1910, by Disguise Harpsichord, by Amphion. AV. B. Watkins B. AAarren I.ay colt Carishrooke Castle.. 430 HE. b. h, 1915, by Santoi She, by Cyllene. A. B. nancock Mrs. F. A. Clark Chestnut filly ...AAelsh Queen II 11,000 HELMET, br. h, 1906, by Disguise St. Mildred, by St. Simon. Carr and. Piatt C. A. Stoneham ....B.iy or brown colt Trcs Joli 3,100 Carr and Piatt 1. Oppenheim Bay colt Lucky AVave 1,000 HERODOTE, gr. h, 1918, by Roi Herode Simonetto II., by Scotland. Laurel Park Stud Co..,.. J. K. L. Ross Grt-y filly Leap On 4,000 Laurel Park Stud Co W. Daniel Bay colt Barina 3,500 Laurel Park Stud Co AV. Daniel .....Grey colt Bongo 1,500 Laurel Park Stud Co AV. Daniel Bay colt Claudettc 1,300 HESSIAN dead, b. h, 1905, by Watercress Colonial, by Trenton; or, SPANISH PRINCE II., b. h, 1907, by Ugly Galazora, by Galeazzo. Mosuly and Madden AV. R. Coe Chestnut colt Dispute 1,500 HESSIAN dead, b. h, 1905, by Watercress Colonial, by Trenton; or, ST. ROCK, ch. h, 1913, by Rock Sand St. Priscilla, by Rayon dOr. Moscly and Madden J. T.. Kermath Chestnut colt Ricochet 200 HIGH TIME. ch. h, 1916, by Ultimus Noonday, by Domino. C. T. Grayson W. R. Coe Chestnut colt Tuscan Red 10,300 E. Daingcrfield and Dr. M. E. Johnston AA". F. ffitt Bay colt Dingle 4,100 Himyar Stud H. Oots Brown colt Onora 2,500 HOLLISTER, b. or br. h, 1914, by Sunstar Our Lassie, by Ayrshire. E. Cebrian F. A. AAehle Brown colt Sekina 1.S30 HORRON, b. h. 1910, by McGee Josie L., by Top Gallant. G. Crommelin AA". Tracy Bay colt Carreno .. 1,350 G. Crommelin C. T. AAorthington Bay colt Aa A"a 1,050 G. Crommelin M. C. Moore Bay colt Herkyte 050 G. Crommelin C. T. AAorthington Bay colt . . . . .Ethelbnrg II 450 J. B. Gorham P. Bush Bay colt Carreno 375 G. Crommelin D. E. Hamon Bay filly Tangle II 250 HOURLESS, br. h. 1S14, by Negofol Hour Glass TI., by Rock Sand. E. Daingcrfield Oak Ridge Stable Brown colt Tripping 0,000 Himyar Stud Triple Springs Farm Sta.Bay colt Clef de Fcr 5,C.OO Himyar Stud AV. T. Anderson Bay colt Yellow Sally 4,700 Himyar Stud ; C. J. Fitzgerald Chestnut filly La Belle Helcne 4,000 HUON, b. h, 1905, by Ard Patrick Hyeres, by Isonomy. C. B. and J. C. Rcid J. O. Keene Brown colt Loch Linnhc .1.300 Balgowan Stud F. Burlew Brown Colt Metzic 2,000 Himyar Stud C. AAeidcmann Bay colt Loyal Lady 1,700 Himyar Stud AA. Daniel . Bay colt Aalley of the Moon. 1,000 JACK HARE, JR., br. h, 1915, by MaTathon Moonct, by Donald A. A. B. nancock f A S. Threlkeld J. E. Madden Black or brown colt Lady Manager 2,000 JIM GAFFNEY, b .h. 1905, by Gclden Garter Miss Maxim, by Maxim. A. B. nancock It. Clark Bay ,lt Star Spangle ...... O.COO Belair Stud AV. L. Goodwin Chestnut filly Medora II 5,000 A. 15. Hancock P. Laffoon Brown volt Lady Hauipstcad. . . . 3,100 A. B. Hancock A. Zeigler, Jr Chestnut filly Teacher 3,100 Belair Stud C. A. Stoneham Brown cult Battle 3,000 A. B. Hancock ..... It. A. Fairbairn Bay or brown colt Rod and Gun 2,300 Belair Stud Seagram Stable Brown colt Filante 2,200 A. B. Hancock E. F. AAhitney Brown colt Trojan Belle 1,700 A. B. Hancock E. F. AVh;tn, y Brown filly Single Shot l.COO Mrs. L. Aiau C. E. Hamilton Bay or brown colt Golding 1,500 A. B. Hancock Seagram Stable Bay colt Clara Atkin 1,200 A. B. Hancock E. F. AVhitney Brown filly Kesponseful 3,000 C. Clay G. C. AVinfrcy Chestnut tills Dolly Higgins 3,000 A. B. Hancock AA. T. Anderson Brown filly Darling 750 A. B. Hancock C. Clay Dark bay filly Dark AVater 050 A. B. Hancock H. AV. Frost Brown cult Harbour Light 000 F. A. Clark J. F. Flannigan Brovn filly Blue Pigeon 500 A. B. Hancock E. F. AVhitney Brown Tilly Fair Louise 500 A. B. Hancock A. B, Hancock Brown coit Harbour Light .... 450 A. B. Hancock II. AA. Frost Chestnut filly Iji Gloconda 400 A. B. Hancock A. Carajac Chestnut filly Sumptnous 300 Mrs. L. Aiau G. Hughes Bay colt Golding 275 To be continued.

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