Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1932-10-10

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MBSMMSBMMM Best of the Day . j- 1 t Tfggjf- U35 SPORTSMANS PARK 6th CUDDLE . Tf1TATn P" 1 FAIRMOUNT 2nd JANE PACKARD jLEl y i jLCJJNS iCIPaS LAUREL PARK 5th HYGRO JAMAICA 3rd MORFAIR SPORTSMANS PARK Trackman: J. J. HAHN Outstanding selections appear In bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Cicero Monks Bela Raffles Chance Raffles Chance Monks Bela Hugue Raff les Chance 24 1 Pent House Mojie North Shadow North Shadow Raffles Chance Monks Bela, Monks Bela 22 Raffles Chance Avail Monks Bela Hugue Hugue Cicero Hugue 12 Pollys Folly JimOrmont Pollys Folly Pollys Folly Big Trail Pollys Folly Pollys Folly 36 2 Outcry Outcry Northern Sir Northern Sir Outcry Northern Sir JimOrmont 14 Northern Sir Pollys Folly Jim Ormont The Spaniard Jim Ormont Jim Ormont Northern Sir 14 : Wild Child King Cherokee Blighter Wild Child Wild Child Caius Wild Child 24 3 Blighter Blighter Caius Scandal Sheet Chattahoochee King Cherokee Blighter 22 King Cherokee Caius King Cherokee Blighter Blighter Blighter King Cherokee 16 Aquaplane FloM. Blue John Andromeda Andromeda Old Bill Andromeda 18 A. Sudden Lazy Mary Lazy Mary Flo M. Blue John Blue John Blue John 18 - FloM. Old Bill Old Bill Blue John FloM. FloM. FloM. 18 Dollar Princess Hot Shot Dollar Princess Nusakan Martha D. JeanLafitte Dollar Princess 18 5 Out Bound MartieFlynn Hot Shot MartieFlynn JeanLafitte MartieFlynn Hot Shot 18 Martie Flynn Nusakan Nusakan Hot Shot Nusakan Hot Shot Nusakan 14 Cuddle Cuddle Cuddle Amsterdam Drury Cuddle - Cuddle 38 Q Garrick Drury Santerno Cuddle Amsterdam . Amsterdam Drury 16 Jack Alexander Santerno Garrick Drury Santerno Druiy Amsterdam 16 John Mill Riff Raff John Mill John Mill John Mill Starch John Mill 34 7 Piecemeal Haramzada Riff Raff Riff Raff Big Bo Haramzada Riff Raff 18 Lawful Gamble Starch Starch Starch Starch Riff Raff Starch 16 FAIRMOUNT PARK Trackman: W. G. RODERICK. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Coots Coots TheFrenchRose Tarpon Beige The French Rose Coots 22 1 Beige Sawdust Oleman Sshine Coots Oleman Sshine Solus The Frh Rose 22 TheFrenchRose My Companion Berge Oleman Sunshine TheFrenchRose Sawdust Olemn Ssliine 10 Jane Packard More Space Jane Packard Red Vest Jane Packard Dawn Patrol Jane Packard 36 2 Absurdity Jane Packard Budget Jane Packard Dawn Patrol Jane Packard " Dawn Patrol 14 Dawn Patrol Budget Gloria Diane Garden Seat More Space More Space More Space 12 Loradale Shadowdawn - Shadow Dawn Cloisters Dream Shadow Dawn Shadow Dawn Shadowdawn32 3 Mokan Sol Hawk Cloisters Drm Mokan Cloisters Drm. Mad Flight Cloisters Drm 16 Emmaline Hi My Hero Emmaline H. Emmaline H. Winged Wind Mokan Loradale 8 Shasta Charm AnneteB. Stella F. DisDame Shasta Charm Shasta Charm Shasta Charm 34 4 Stella F. Cupidity Shasta Charm Shasta Charm Stella F. AnneteB. AnneteB. 18 AnneteB. Little Toots AnneteB. Terror Annette B. Stella F. Stella F. 18 f Kelso Tantalizing Pan Rain or Shine Satin Princess . Graphite Graphite 20 5 Porternesia Sweep Past Graphite Tantalizing Graphite Irish Spree Tantalizing 14 Graphite Pan Pangloss Coin Collector Pangloss Pan Pan 12 Copper Alamae Copper Principio Copper Copper Copper 34 Q Ad Remmcon Monnie Principio Jack Murphy Judge Dixon Ad Remmcon Principio 12 Albazano Copper Ad Remmcon Albazano Alamae Pridie Alamae 10 Dr. Billy Pacheco Prince Reno Senator Seth Pacheco Mekachee Dr. Billy 20 7 Pacheco Dr. Billy Dr. Billy Dick Porter Dr. Billy Earl of Warwick Pacheco 20 Ed Reese Portmess Portmess Ed Reese Senator Seth Drastic Celt Senator Seth 10 Northern Water Louisville Northern Water Si Relief Northern Water Northern Water Northn Water 36 Louisville Distress Signal AchtoiLass Distress Signal Louisville. Louisville Louisville 22 Visionary Northern Water Louisville Golden Play The Orleanian. AchtoiLass , Si Relief 8 LAUREL PARK Trackman: T. K. LYNCH. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for slow track. ; RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO . -" DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST : CONSENSUS Parlance Luna Mica Moppet Gala Time Luna Mica Moppet Luna Mica 26 . , ., Gala Time Parlance 7 Gala Time Luna Mica Gala Time Luna Mica "Gala Time 22 BannachLath Fair Crest Luna Mica Fair Crest parlance Galatime Moppet 16 . . Escapade Rideaway Escapade Shylock Escapade " Escapade? Escapade 40 2 Rideaway Escapade Rideaway Escapade Rideaway Rideaway Rideaway 26 Louis dOr Shylock Louis DOr Rideaway Louis dOr . Shylbck . Shylock 12 Crazy Jane Gloritone Snaplock Illusive Crazy Jane Crazy "Jane Crazy Jane 32 ; 3 Illusive Snaplock Crazy Jane Crazy Jane Illusive Bold Lover Illusive 22 Bold Lover Crazy Jane Illusive Snaplock Gloritone Illusive Snaplock 14 General Lejeune Grand Acre Prince Fox Gay Party KneeHigh Kneehigh General Lejne 28 KneeHigh Kneehigh KneeHigh General Lejeune General Lejeune General Lejeune Kneehigh 26 Gay Party General Lejeune General Jejeune Kneehigh . Prince Fox Prince Fox Prince Fox 12 Hygro Hygro Hygro Hygro Hygro Hygro Hygro58 5 Jack High Pairbypair . Jack High Pairbypair Jack High Jack High Jack High 20 Pairbypair Supreme Sweet Curacao Jack High Pairbypair Curacao Pairbypair 10 Dea Coady Tarnish Tarnish Little Stokes Tarnish Tarnish 28 g Coady Dea Little Stokes DonTasker TuffyG. LittleStokes Little Stokes 18 Little Stokes DonTasker TuffyG. TuffyG. Tarnish Coady Coady 14 Merry Fox Night Patrol Merry Fox Merry Fox Merry Fox Prince Tokalon Merry Fox 34 Night Patrol Prince Tokalon Prince Tokalon Night Patrol Night Patrol Night Patrol Night Patrol 26 Sunvir Sunvir Night Patrol Sunvir Sunvir : Merry Fox Prince Tokalon 16; JAMAICA Trackman: C. J. CONNORS. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for slow track. " RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP , h , ANALYST CONSENSUS Carlaro West Main Carlaro Carlaro Carlaro Carlaro, Carlaro 40 . West Main Sand Runner West Main Sand Runner West Main Rock Coventry West Main 22 Truett Junior Sir Gareth SandRunner West Main Truitt Junior Sir Gareth Sand Runner 8 AINeiman General A. General A. General A. Glidelia General A. General A. 38 2 Glidelia Tetrarchal Glidelia AINeiman AINeiman AINeiman AINeiman 22 War Plane Al Neiman Tetrarchal Glidelia General A. Glidelia Glidelia 20 Halcyon TheBeasel Morfair Morfair Morfair Morfair Morfair42 3 Morfair VanderPool TheBeasel VanderPool TheBeasel TheBeasel TheBeasel 22 VanderPool Morfair VanderPool TheBeasel VanderPool VanderPool VanderPool 16 Alcman Alcman Cock Robin Surtees Alcman Okaybee Alcman32 A. Cock Robin CockRobin Alcman Cock Robin CockRObin Cock Robin Cock Robin 28 Okaybee Whisking Okaybee Alcman Okaybee Alcman ,. Okaybee 14 Ukraine Ukraine Notebook Merry Caroline Note Book, f V Note Book Note Book 30 Note Book Merry Caroline Maradadi Maradadi Merry Chatter, Merry Caroline Ukraine 20 , Jean Brown Jean Brown Merry Caroline Grannys Trade Ukraine . Ukraine., My Caroline 18 " Robrack Cloudy Day Cloudy Day Robrack Robrack Veriturosp Robrack 34 , 6 Venturoso Whisking Robrack Whisking Cloudy Day Robrack w. Cloudy Day 22 Whisking -Robrack Venturoso Surtees Venturoso Cloudy D"ay Venturoso 16

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