Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1935-06-21

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Best of the Day DayWASHINGTON WASHINGTON Cth GIBBYS CHOICE DETROIT 6tn V STATIC GAf LATONIA 1st ROBERTA ROBERTANARRAGANSETT NARRAGANSETT 1st ARMFOL AQUEDUCT 1st VFREE AGAIN Trackman L G PLAUT Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather cloudy track slow TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Ralph C Ralph C CMasked Bonnie Dream Ralph C Ralph C CRalph Crinoline Ralph C 42 Masked Belle Crinoline Ralph C j Bonnie Dream Crinoline CrinolineBlind Ralph C Crinoline 16 Blind River Bonnie Dream Blind River Masked Belle Jerry H Jerry H Bonnie Dream 14 Ridge Wise Good Folitian Ridge Wise Naval Cadet Ridge Wise Ridge Wise Ridge Wise 38 Kissie Kissie Proposing Ridge Wise Naval Cadet Naval Cadet Naval Cadet 18 Steppin High Ridge Wise Naval Cadet Kissie Kissie Kissie Kissie 14 Love Sick Kapena Lotta Airs Love Sick Lotta Airs Lotta Airs Lotta Airs 34 X Jolyon Lotta Airs Love Sick Lotta Airs Love Sick Kapena Love Sick 28 T Lotta ffo Airs AS Love Sick Kapena Kapena Kapena Love Sick Kapena 18 One Knot Our Patty Our Patty Our Patty One Knot Our Patty Our Patty 42 Our Patty Cinar One Knot One Knot Our Patty One Knot One Knot 30 Trumps One Knot Moll Trumps Cinar Trumps Cinar 6 SynodAnn Synod AnnORuley Ann ORuley Ann ORuley AnnORuley Ann ORuJey Ann ORuley 46 Ann ORuley ORuleyCalumet Synod Calumet Dick Synod Calumet Dick Synod Synod 22 Calumet Dick Calumet Dick Marv Calumet Dick Synod Calumet Dick Calumet Dick 16 Silent Shot Evergold EvergoldSilent Gusto TEvergold Evergold Evergold Evergold 42 Evergold Silent Shot Evergold TEvergoldSileritShot SileritShot Silent Shot Silent Shot SiientShot26 Mad Frump Spicson Silent Shot Spicson SileritShotSpicson Spicson Mad Frump Gusto 8 Gibbys Choice Gibbys Choice Gibbys Choice Gibbys Choice ChoiceFritter Gibbys Choice ChoiceUncle Gibbys Choice Gibbys Choice 52 Fritter Circle Claremont Claremont Fritter Circle Uncle Less Uncle Eess Fritter Circle 12 Dundreary Sock Dologer Fritter Circle Claremont Sock Dologer Fritter Circle Claremont 10 Kwamudi Kawmudi Calome Calome Kwamudi Calome Kwamudi 36 Caiorne Calome Kwamudi Kwamudi Calome CalomeKwamudi Kwamudi Calome 36 Fair Prospect Diane S High Pockets High Pockets High Pockets KwamudiHighPockets HighPockets High Pockets 8 DETROIT Trackman P G McCANN Outstanding selections appearin bold type Weather cloudy track slow TRACKMAN DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Billy I Sun Asia Sun Asia AsiaSakuntala Sun Asia Sun Asia AsiaSakuntala SimAsia Sun Asia 44 Sun Asia Sakuntala SakuntalaPeloria Sakuntala Billy I Sakuntala Billy I Billy 1 18 Time to Go Billy I Peloria Sakuntala Peloria SakuntalaPeloria Peloria Sakuntala 14 Torch Maiden Torch Maiden MaidenHilltown Hilltown Torch Maiden Hilltown Hilltown Hilltown 38 HilltownTorch Hilltown Hilltown Torch Maiden Hilltown Torch Maiden Torch Maiden Torch Maiden 36 HilltownPhalarope Red Garter Phalarope Fingai Red Garter Phalarope Phalarope Phalarope 6 Oderic NellKuhlman NellKuhlman NellKuhlman Nell Kuhlman NellKuhlman NellKuhlman46 OdericNellKuhlman NellKuhlmanOderic NellKuhlmanSeymour NellKuhlmanOderic NellKuhlmanOderic NellKuhlman Oderic Seymour Oderic Oderic Oderic Oderic 26 NellKuhlmanEmery OdericSeymour SeymourOderic OdericRacketeer OdericRacketeer Emery Seymour Oderic Racketeer Little Turtle Racketeer Seymour 6 Uptodate Play Book Uptodate Play Book Uptodate Uptodate Uptodate 42 Rare Ben Uptodate Play Book Uptodate Rare Ben Burning Billows Play Book 26 Play Book Burning Billows Burning Billows Rare Ben Play Book Play Book Rare Ben 10 Prince Heather Prince Heather Xandra High Torque Prince Heather HeatherDrombo Prince Heather Prine Heather 38 High Torque High Torque Burning Up Prince Heather Drombo Renaissance High Torque 18 Knights Hope Knights Hope Prince Heather Knights Hope Xandra DromboXandra High Torque Xandra 10 Starogan Starogan Starogan Starogan StaroganAnaX Starogan StaroganAnaX Starogan Starogan 48 48AnaX AnaX Traggat Steponit AnaX AnaX AnaX AnaX 18 Dancing Boy Ana X Dancing Boy Dancing Boy AnaXTraggat Traggat AnaXTraggat Traggat Traggat 8 Pan Toy ToyMorris Pan Toy ToyMorris Crowned Head HeadPan Crowned Head CrownedHead Crowned Head Crowned Head 36 Morris R Morris R Pan Toy Pan Toy Pan Toy Morris R Pan Toy 34 Crowned Head Idle Flirt Idle Flirt Idle Flirt Idle Flirt Pan Toy Morris R 12 Tremolo Tremolo Tremolo Blighted Hopes Tremolo Tremolo Tremolo 44 Blighted Hopes Royal Durbar Bengal Tiger Tremolo Blighted Hopes Scimitar Blighted Hopes 20 Nice Habits Blighted Hopes Nice Habits Royal Durbar Nice Habits Blighted Hopes Royal Durbar 6 LATONIA Trackman W G RODERICK Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track good TRACKMAN DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Roberta Roberta RobertaPotterton Roberta Jaz Age Roberta Jar Age h Roberta 40 40Sunshine Jaz Age Potterton Jaz Age Roberta Jaz Age Sunshine Boy Jaz Age 32 Ben Bernie Jaz Age Hildrum Sunshine Boy Potterton Roberta Potterton 6 Binocular Binocular Binocular Emmie R Mary Seibert Binocular Binocular 38 Emmie R Golden Pigeon Golden Pigeon Golden Pigeon Binocular Mary Seibert Mary Seibert 16 Mary Seibert Mary Seibert Mary Seibert Idle Dream Golden Pigeon Emmie R Emmie R 14 Beginners Bait Hidden Dust Beginners Bait Chatuga Chatuga Chatuga Chatuga 32 Chatuga Julia Grant Chatuga Sweet Memories Julia Grant Beginners Bait Beginners Bait 24 Ellen Fisher Polly Rita Ellen Fisher Beginners Bait Beginners Bait Sweet Memories Hidden Dust 8 Gooseneck Grand Finale Gooseneck Sweet Guinea Green and Red Green and Red RedGooseneck Green and Red 26 Almarine Cohort Miss Green and Red Grand Finale Grand Finale Gooseneck Gooseneck 22 Green and Red Green and Red Grand Finale Green and Red Gooseneck Almarine GooseneckAlmarine Grand Finale 18 Bright Rose Parade Step Bright Rose RoseBillies Billies Orphan OrphanParade Billies Orphan OrphanBright Billies Orphan Billies Orphan 38 Billies Orphan Jake Blieden Billies Orphan Parade Step Bright Rose Bright Rose Bright Rose 26 Jake Blieden Billies Orphan Jake Blieden Jake Blieden Jake Blieden Jake Blieden Jake Blieden 14 Crestonian Patsyette Through Omond OmondPatsyette DelmaDunn Grestonian Crestonian Crestonian 28 Patsyette Crestonian PatsyetteCrestaRun Patsyette Through Omond Through Omond Nasslyn Throh Omond 22 Through Omond Through Omond CrestaRun Nasslyn Patsyette Through Omond Patsyette 18 Honor Her Double R Barvita Honor Her Honor Her Honor Her Honor Her 36 Barvita Prince Fluz Honor Her Double R Barvita Barvita Barvita 20 Double R Buddie Treacy Buddie Treacy Buddie Treacy Buddie Treacy Buddie Treacy Double R 14 Angon Bridge Our Sammy Angon Bridge Princess A O Princess A O OSquall Squall Angon Bridge 22 Squall Dr Potter Princess A O Squall Squall SquallFair SquallAngon Angon Bridge Princess A 0 20 Our Sammy Fair Cynthia Fair Cynthia Angon Bridge Fair Cynthia Oswego Princss Squall 20 NARRAGANSETT PARK PARKOutstanding Trackman R N CHARLTON Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather cloudy track heavy RACE j TRACKMAN DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Festoon Armful Armful Armful Festoon Armful Armful 44 44Festoon Armful ArmfulFestoon Festoon Festoon Festoon Armful ArmfulFestoon Festoon Festoon 32 Royal Ballad Peace Move Peace Move Royal Ballad Royal Ballad Royal Ballad Royal Ballad 8 Glitter Glow Glitter Glow High Treason Wise Will Skotchy Skotchy Glitter Glow 26 Masked Gal Skotchy Masked Gal High Treason Glitter Glow Glitter Glow Skotchy 22 Skotchy Wise Will Wise Will Glitter Glow Wise Will Wise Will Wise Will 16 Wee Tune Teeter Totter Jessie D M Jessie D M Wee Tune Jessie D M Jessie D M 26 Queen Vic Wee Tune Gifted Lady Gay Crest Alwintour Wee Tune Wee Tune 24 Pekiri Dove of Peace Cynwyd Cynwyd Jessie D M Alwintour Teeter Totter 8 Golden Vein VeinChain Golden Vein Don Manuel DoiiManuel Golden Vein Don Manuel Golden Vein 36 Chain ChainChatterfol Sky Haven Golden Vein Golden Vein Chatterfol Golden Vein Don Manuel 24 Chatterfol Chatterfol Adamite Believer Chain ChatterfolChain Sky Haven Chatterfol 8 Candy Maid Cloud Sweeper Cutie Face Cloud Sweeper SweeperCutie Cutie Face Johns Birthday Cutie Face 34 Cxitie Face Cutie Face Johns Birthday Cutie Face Candy Maid Cutie Face Cloud Sweeper 24 Cloud Sweeper Golden Quest Cloud Sweeper Candy Maid Cloud Sweeper Candy Maid Candy Maid 16 Our Rose Olamay Olamay Olamay Catino Catino Olamay 28 Retribution Friend Whitey Our Rose FriendWhitey OurRoseRetribution CatinoOurRose OurRose Olamay Catino 18 Friend Whitey Our Rose Catino Our Pal Retribution iTMend Whitey Our Rose 18 Mountain Elk Old Judge Mountain Elk ElkCarsono Carsono Mountain Elk Boocap Mountain Elk 36 Carsono Mountain Elk Carsono Old Judge Boocap Mountain Elk Carsono 18 1 General Lejeune General Lejeune Boocap General Lejeune General Lejeune Carsono Boocap 14 OVAR KNIGHTS SELECTIONS ARE LISTED ON THE LAST PAGE AQUEDUCT AQUEDUCTOutstanding Trackman C J CONNORS Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track slow TRACKMAN DICK WELLES ANALYST CONSENSUS Free Again Free Again AgainUlalume Free Again Free Again Small Devil Free Again 44 Small Devil Ulalume UlalumeLollies Nalita J Small Devil Small Devil Free Again Small Devil 22 Lady Sage Lollies Small Devil Nalita J NalitaJ EveningHour Nalita J 8 Nesconset Nesconset Silverskin Nesconset Nesconset Nesconset Nesconset 44 Silverskin Silverskin Nesconset Silverskin Silverskin Silverskin Silverskin 28 The Graf Rocktor The Graf The Graf TheGraf The Graf The Graf 10 Ilbyal Vixen Patsey Begone BegoneSpeech Patsey Begone Royal Vixen Night Out Royal Vixen Royal Vixen 32 Patsey Begone SpeechExaltation Speech Royal Vixen Patsey Begone Royal Vixen Patsey Begone Patsey Begone 30 Exaltation Exaltation Exaltation Night Out Patsey Begone Night Out Night Out 12 iady Higloss HiglossKungsholm Thruster Thruster War Stripes Kungsholm Lady Higloss Lady Higloss 26 Kungsholm Kungsholm Old Story Lady Higloss Lady Higloss Thruster Thruster 22 War Stripes Exaltation Abner Kungsholm Thruster Old Story Kungsholm 18 Tintagel Gleemau GleemauTintagel Tintagel Gleeman GleemanTintagel Tintasel TintaselGleeman Tintagel TintagelGleeman Tintagel 44 Aroused Tintagel Gleeman Tintagel Gleeman Gleeman Gleeman 34 Gleeman Redley Aroused Aroused Aroused Aroused Aroused 12 Hermie Roy Major General Ma qr General GeneralStone Astra AstraMajor Major General Major General Major General 42 Major General GeneralAstra Astra Stone Martin Major General GeneralStone Stone Mar tin Hermie Roy Astra 16 Astra Stone Martin Flaming Mamie Stone Martin Astra Stone Martin Hermie Roy 12

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