Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-06-16

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 245 PM Casemer BethB Beth B BJust Kings Glory GloryBeth Just for Fun FunBethB Just for Fun BethB 16 Just f CK Fun Kings Glory Just for Fun Beth B BethB Beth B BKings Just for Fun 15 15Kings Crystal Torch Stage Door Kings Glory Just f or Fun Kings BethBKings Glory Kings Glory Kings Glory 10 315 PM Huri Horn Hari HariSharoshell Reztips Sharpshell SharpshellHuri Sharpshell Huri Horn Hari HariSharpshell Huri Horn Hari Huri Horn Hari 20 Sharoshell SharoshellTetranal Sharpshell Huri Horn Hari Huri Horn Hari Sharpshell Sharpshell Sharpshell 18 18Reztips Tetranal Huri Horn Hari JStarKan South Border JReztips SharpshellReztips Reztips Reztips 7 345 PM Heel Call BROWN MATE Flo Bratten BrattenBrown Brown Mate MateBrown Timocracy Brown Mate Brown Mate 23 23Heel Brown Mate Mateynliampered Heel Call Brown Mate Brown Mask Brown TimocracyBrown Mate MateFlo Heel Call Heel Call 14 14Flo ynliampered Flo Bratten HeelCall Heel Call Flo Bratten BrownMask Flo Bratten 7 415 PM JEAN LABELLE Tawny Lady LadyCompatriot Compatriot CompatriotRockwood Jean LaBelle LaBelleCompatriot JEAN LABELLE LABELLECompatriot Jean LaBelle LaBelleRockwood JEAN LABELLE 24 24Compatriot Tawny Lady LadyGay Compatriot Rockwood Boy Compatriot Compatriot Rockwood Boy Compatriot 12 Gay Orphan Gay Orphan Gay Orphan Tawny Lady jGay Orphan Compatriot Tawny Lady 8 445 P M Starweista Crimson Tide TideCloudy TetragalCloud Tetragal Ticky Otis OtisAnnie StarweistaCrimson Starweista Crimson Tide TideStarweista r rCrimson Crimson Tide 13 13Starweista Annie Alone Cloudy Weather Cloud Weather Annie Alone Crimson Tide TideGrand Starweista Starweista 12 12Tetragal Limitation Coupon Crimson Tide jCoupon Grand News StarweistaAnnie Annie Alone Tetragal 5 515 PM The Finest FinestChoDoy The Finest FinestGenl Genl Manager ManagerThe The Finest FinestUbiquitous The Finest FinestGenl Genl Manager ManagerThe The Finest 24 24Genl ChoDoy Sea Genl Manager The Finest Ubiquitous Genl Manager The Finest FinestRemote Genl Manager 16 16Remote Jjenl Manager ManagerCamps Remote Control ControlHigh Remote Contrpl ContrplLUCKY Genl Manager ManagerCAMPS JCJbiquitous Remote Control ControlCAMPS Remote Control 3 545 PM Camps First FirstLucky High Hat HatCamps LUCKY B BRight CAMPS FIRST Lucky B BCamps CAMPS FIRST FIRSTRight Camps First 24 24Lucky Lucky B Camps First Right Carla CarlaCamps High Hat Camps First Right Carla Lucky B 14 HlKhHat Right Carla Camps First FirstCourtil Right Carla Rieht Carla JHighHat JHigh Hat 8 j 615 PM Dancing Courtil Light LightCourtil CourtilRed Courtil CourtilDancing Courtil Dancing Light Dancing Light LightCourtil JHighHatDancing Dancing Light LightCourtil Dancin Light 22 22Courtil CourtilRed Red Tet TetYank Dancing Light Courtil Courtil Courtil Courtil 18 18Red Red Tet Yank Bomber Red Tet Heno Lion Red CourtilRed Tet Red CourtilRed Tet Red Tet 6 Trackman D S Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 330 PM Ovala Muskrat Muskrat Muskrat LAZY TONGS Lazy Tongs Lazy Tongs TongsMuskrat Muskrat 18 18Lazy OvalaPomkee Magnetism Ovala Magnetism Magnetism Muskrat Lazy Tongs 18 18Magnetism Pomkee Lazy Tongs To Boot Muskrat Ovala MuskratOvala Ovala Magnetism 6 400 PM Piplad Piplad StellPiplad Stell Stell Bert W Piplad Piplad 17 17Stell Bert W Stell StellQuarto Piplad PipladQuarto Bert W Quarto Bert W Stell 12 Stell Quarto Quarto JLady Romerv RomervLady Stell Quarto BertW 11 430 PM Hugabit Hugabit Hugabit Lady Stardust Lady Stardust Hugabit Hugabit 22 22Lady Lady Stardust Lady Stardust Florizan Sam CowlanFlorizan Cowlan Hugabit Lady Stardust Lady Stardust 16 16Florizan Flqrizan Sam Cowlan Bip Florizan Sam Queen Justice Cowlan Florizan Sam 4 500 PM FAIRLY FLY Fairly Fly Rodia Button Hole Fairly Flv Button Hole FairlyTPlv 21 21Button Button Hole Button IJole Chief Bud Fairly Fly Button Hole Fairly Flv Button Hole 17 Double Back Wise Paisano Button Hole St Dismas Wise Paisano Double Back Rodia 5 530 PM Bright Arc ArcGrasshopper MARKSMAN Samborombon Samborombon Florizan Beau Marksman Marksman 15 15Samborombon Grasshopper U Patriot Marksman Florizan Beau Grasshopper n Bright Arc Samborombon 10 Marksman Bright Arc Patriot Grasshopper II Bright Arc Patriot JBrightArc 9 600 PM Valdina Dispose Paul PaulDispose DisP9se VALDINA PAUL PAULDispose Valdina Paul PaulDispose VALDINA PAUL PAULDispose VALDINA PAUL VALDINA PAUL 33 33Dispose Valdina Paul DisposeJug Dispose DisposeCerberus Dispose Dispose Dispose Dispose 15 15Jug Jug Cerberus Jug Cerberus Jug DisposeJug DisposeJug Jug Jug 5 630 P M Time SaboteurTime Saboteur Was Time Was Iron Barge Iron Barge Time Was Saboteur Time Was 16 16Saboteur Darby Donna Time Was WasJPiddlers Saboteur i iJPiddlers Darby Donna Time Was Saboteur 12 12Iron JPiddlers Bit BitPete Fiddlers Bit JPiddlers Bit JPiddlers Bit Iron Barge Iron Barge Iron Barge 12 700 P M Bosky Pete Jr JrBosky Bosky Dell Bosky Dell Pittistraw Pete Jr Pete Jr Pete Jr 16 Dell DellThalel Pittistraw Thalel Bosky Dell Pittistraw Thalel Ava Delight Bosky Dell 15 Pete Jr Ava Delight Ava Delight Bosky Dell Pittistraw Pittistraw 10 Trackman C J Connors AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES PHAR LAP CONSENSUS At Play PlayDr Jacomina Powerhouse At Play Jacomina 1230 PM Liste At Play 16 8 Dr Whinny WhinnyIsle At Play At Play Straight Lead County Cork At Play Jacomina 10 Isle De Pine Powerhouse JDr Whinny Dr Whinny WhinnyGrant JDr Whinny Dr Whinny Dr Whinny 6 Who Goes There ThereFlary Stymie GRANT RICE Grant Rice Grant Rice 100 PM GRANT RICE Grant Rice 26 26Who Flary Grant Rice Who Goes There Who Goes There Red Blossoms Red Blossoms Who Goes There 10 Stymie Who Goes There Flary Red Blossoms Bounding Home Flary JStymie 6 130 PM Top Milk MilkGuinea Galley Boy Guinea Lad Guinea Club Guinea Club Guinea Club Guinea Club 24 24Top Guinea Club Guinea Club ClubTopMilk Top Milk Top Milk MilkGalley Free State n Free State n njGalleyBoy Top Milk 10 10Galley Winged Hoofs HoofsDini TopMilk Free State n Galley Boy Galley Boy jGalleyBoy Galley Boy 8 200 PM Dini DiniKy Dawn Attack Dim Dini Dim Dini DimKy Dini 25 DiniKy Ky Flash FlashDawn Sicyon DiniDawn Ky Flash Ky Flash Sicyon Dawn Attack AttackKy Ky Flash 9 Dawn Attack Ky Flash Dawn Attack Sicyon Ky Flash Ky Flash Dawn Attack 9 230 PM Roxspur RoxspurSpirit Spirit Miracle Km KmGothic Bright Green Bright Green Harford Miracle Km Miracle Kin 12 12Bright Gothic Gothic GothicSpirit Miracle Kiri Legend Bearer Gothic x Legend Bearer BearerGothic Bright Green 10 Spirit Gothic Gothic High xHigh Bit Gothic jGothic 8 300 PM Mrs COCOPETMrs COCOPET Ames MRS AMES AMESCocqpet CocopetMrs Cocopet Cocopet Cocopet Cocopet COCOPET 29 29Mrs Cocqpet Mrs Ames Mrs Ames Mrs Ames Mrs Ames Mrs Ames 15 SeaJleigh Dpnitas First Sea Reigh DonitasFirst Chic Shirley Sea Reigh Sea Reigh 3 330 PM Tragic Sweepstaker Ending EndingSweepstaker Tragic Ending EndingSweepstaker Don Juan TJ TJTragic Tragic Ending TRAGIC ENDING Don Juan II Tragic Ending 26 26Don Don SweepstakerDon Juan n Sweepstaker Tragic Ending Don Juan n Don Juan U Tragic Ending Don Juan n 20 JTenebrose Sweepstaker Grey Wing Sweepstaker JSweepstaker 6 400 PM Jlantagenet ur Boots Caduceus Our Boots BootsCaduceus OUR BOOTS Our Boots BootsPlantagenet Our Boots BootsPlantangenet Our Boots 29 29Caduceus Our Boots CaduceusSinging Caduceus Plantagenet Plantagenet Plantangenet Caduceus 11 11Plantagenet Caduceus PlantagenetCaduceus PlantangenetCaduceus Plantagenet Singing Torch Caduceus Caduceus Caduceus Plantagenet 9 Trackman R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST CONSENSUS 130 PM BayingReigh Baying MISS GOSLING Bass Fiddle Baying Miss Gosling Miss Gosling Miss CONSENSUSMiss Gosling 20 20Baying Reigh Star StarLittle Little Bud Miss Gosling Bass Fiddle Cherry Crush Bass Fiddle FiddleJJaying Baying 12 12Bass Little Bud Cherry Crush Reigh Star Miss Gosling Baying JJaying Bass Fiddle 9 200 PM Get Off OffEasy Get Off Light Landing Easy Blend Easy Blend Get Off Get Of 19 19Easy Easy Blend Easy Blend Easy Blend Get Off Get Off Easy Blend Easy Blend 18 Pagen Page TJ BrightQuest Page n PageJCE Page n JLight Landing 5 230 PM Most Alert AlertClamor Clamor Girl GirlGun Clamor Girl Most Alert AlertFort Rough Time Most Alert AlertGun MostAlert 18 18Clamor Clamor Girl Gun Site GUn Site Fort Vancouver Balmy Spring Gun Site SiteFort Clamor Girl 13 Rojigh Time Most Alert AlertStar Most Alert Clamor Girl Most Alert Fort Vancouver RoughTime 6 300 PM Ho Star Hung HungStar Chance Ho Star Chance ChanceHo Ho Hung Star Chance ChanceHalcyon Halcyon Boy Star Chance ChanceHalcyon Star Chance 20 20Ho Hung Triplane Halcyon Boy Star Chance TriplaneStarChance Halcyon Boy Ho Hung 12 Halcyon Boy BoyQUAKERTOWN RedWar StarChance JTriplane WhiteHot JTriplane HalcyonBoy 10 10Quakertown 330 QUAKERTOWNBattle QUAKERTOWN Battle Jack JackQuakertown Selmalad Quakertown WhiteHotQUAKERTOWN QUAKERTOWN Battle Jack JackQuakertown PM Battle Jack Quakertown Quakertown QuakertownBattle QUAKERTOWNSelmalad Quakertown 25 25Battle Battle Jack JackSelmalad Selmalad QuakertownSelmalad SelmaladBattle Selmalad Quakertown Battle Jack 16 16Selmalad JSelmalad Battle Jack Selmalad Battle Jack Selmalad Selmalad 11 400 PM Bell Tower TowerCount Bell Tower Count dOr Bell Tower TowerCount Count dOr Count dOr dOrBell Count dOr 21 Count dOr dOrBelmike Count dOr Flange Count dOr dOrFlange Flange Bell Tower TowerAsk Bell Tower 17 Belmike Bonheur Ask Me Flange Valdina Pledge Ask Me Flange 1 430 PM Russia Molasses Bill Richestan Molasses Bill Richestan Richestan Richestan 20 20Molasses Molasses Bill BillRichestan Richestan Molasses Bill Richestan Russia Molasses Bill RichestanNopdles Molasses Bill 17 Richestan Nopdles One o One Russia Molasses Bill Russia Russia 9 Siganar Siganar HADA STAR SIGANAR Siganar SIGANAR 500 PM SIGANAR 30 30Hada Hada Star Radio Wave Petes Bet Petes Bet Petes Be fc Hada Star Hada Star 11 11Petes In Dutch Mightily Siganar Radio Wave Mightily Petes Bet Petes Bet 7

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