Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-13

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS7 SELECTIONS Trackman, W A. Willig Lincoln Fields at Hawthorne Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST" PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Warrior Lad Florizan Ace Little Mix Florizan Ace Chance Taker Florizan Ace 13 1 Chance Taker Fergies Maid Florizan Ace Mordecai Warrior Lad Chance Taker 10 Florizan Ace Chance Taker Chance Taker Chance Taker Little Minx Warrior Lad 7 Victory Feet Lady Juliet Dads Praetorian Dads Dads 12 2 Brown Mask Praetorian Praetorian Victory Feet Vero Lumen Pretorian 10 Dads Victory Feet Lady Juliet Dads Praetorian Victory Feet I Port Wine Woodfin Isaiah Girl Isaiah Girl Woodfin Isaiah Girl 16 3 Isaiah Girl Isaiah Girl Woodfin Woodfin Isaiah Girl Woodfin 14 Miss Stage Noisly Miss Stage Noisily Noisily Port Wine 5 Short Life HOG AN Stars at Night Stars at Night HOGAN Hogan 14 4 Monks Memo Short Life Broadhead Hogan Broadhead Stars at Night 11 Stars at Night Monks Memo Monks Memo Broadhead Monks Memo Short Life 7 Clown Float Away Bagnell FLOAT AWAY Silver Toy Silver Tov 13 5Valdina Silver Toy Silver Toy Silver Toy Silver Toy Bagnell Float Away 12 • Stell Bagnell Stell Relantago Valdina Clown Bagnell 8 FIRE DUST Fire Dust Cooling Spring Fire Dust Fire Dust FIRE DUST 22 6 Observer After Lunch Observer After Lunch Observer Cooling Spring 7 Fiery Justice Cooling Spring Roman Red Observer Cooling Spring Observer I Guide Guide Major Bull Dauntless Bo Dauntless Bo Guide 13 7 JoeSpagat Vegas Jim Alvan Joe Spagat Vegas Jim Dauntless Bo 12 Dauntless Bo Dauntless Bo Guide Guide Guide Major Bull 5 Glennport GLENNPORT Glennport Passan Glennport 18 8Tensleep Xam Sweet Helen Passan Pasan Sweet Helen Passan 10 Passan Valdina Fop Valdina Fop Xam Glennport Tensleep 5 Trackman, G. Peterson Churchill Downs Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Bingo Bango Just Flip Just Flip Gael Vixen Bingo Bango Just Flip 14 1 Gael Vixen Bingo Bango Matts Girl Just Flip Just Flip Bingo Bango 12 Jeanree Matts Girl Twirl Girl Matts Girl In the Dark Gael Vixen 7 Money Troubles Swift Flight Money Troubles Swift Flight Swift Flight Swift Flight 17 2 Session Session Session Money Troubles Session Money Troubles 1 4 Swift Flight Money Troubles Swift Flight Session Money Troubles Session 9 Contentment Tav Tiger Tilly Pretty Mary Contentment Contentment 10 3 Larksnest Larksnest Hasty Parley Larksnest Tav Tav 8 Pretty Mary Miss Golightly Pretty Mary Tav Pretty Mary Larksnest 6 ArtRoi ART RO* Art Roi ART ROI ART ROI ?9 4ArtRoi K. Durable Skv Wolf . Tony Leo Blue Pal K. Durable K. Durable Sky Wolf Blue Pal K. Durable Tony Leo Tony Leo Tony Leo 4 SONNY Rockwood Sonnv Miss Tartan Rockwood Sonny Rockwood Sonny Rockwood Sonnv 26 5ROCKWD Faverbanke Miss Tartan Rockwood Sonny Miss Tartan Miss Tartan Miss Tartan 12 Miss Tartan Nostalgia Nostalgia Gomel Faverbanke Faverbanke 3 Occupy OCCUPY Sirius OCCUPY Occupy Occupy 26 6 Sirius Sirius Occupy Sirius • Sirius Sirius 13 Sigma Kappa Wallflower Sigma Kappa Wallflower Wallflower Wallflower 3 Sweepnack Devilsand Mistucky Sweepnack Sweepnack 13 7Winnnearl Sweepnack Mistucky Mistucky Devilsand Mistucky Mistucky 11 Devilsand Winnpearl Winnpearl Sweepnack Winnpearl Winnpearl 8 Teddys Tea TeddvsTea Success Story Success Story Ho-Ho Teddys Tea 15 8 Ringie Success Story Teddys Tea Teddys Tea Success Story Success Story 15 Success Story Ho-Ho Gay and Light Gay and Light Teddys Tea Ho-Ho ■ Trackman, C. J. Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS - Minee-Mo Reformatory Minee-Mo MINEE-MO MINEE-MO MINEE-MO 26 [ Wise Bob Minee-Mo Puffed Up Wise Bob Reformatory Reformatory 10 Reformatory Puffed Up Reformatory Reformatory Puffed Up Wise Bob 4 Georgie V. Schoolman GeorgieV. Georgie V. Georgie V. 16 2Galamilk Congo Song King Kip King Kip Galamilk Schoolman Galamilk Jousting Match Jousting Match Georgie V. King Kip Jousting Match Schoolman 7 Sir Bluesteel Rollo Rollo Rollo Rollo Rollo 22 Rollo Atom Smasher Similar Similar Atom Smasher Atom Smasher 6 Atom Smasher Similar Atom Smasher Atom Smasher Similar Similar 6 Mahmoudess Mahmoudess Stage Queen Mahmoudess Mahmoudess 17 4Turnplate Blenrose Stage Queen Turnplate Mahmoudess Stage Queen Stage Queen , 10 Stage Queen Turnplate Hurry Miss Blenrose Turnplate Turnplate 9 Ladv Gay Garland Twenty Thirty Twenty Thirty Gay Garland Twenty Thirtv 15 5Run Twenty Thirty Rosy Morn Run Lady Little Lynn Twenty Thirty Gay Garland 13 Gay Garland Twenty Thirty Gay Garland Gay Garland Run Lady Run Lady 8 UNCHALLENGED Unchallenged Offenbach Unchallenged Unchallenged Unchallenged 22 6 Colchis Jean Miracle Fox Brownie Colchis Jean Miracle Jean Miracle 6 Jean Miracle Eternity Jean Miracle Fox Brownie Eternity Offenbach 5 MILLO MILLO Histrionic Millo Millo 26 7Millo TurfR. Histrionic Chance Grey Millo TurfR. Histrionic 10 Histrionic Chance Grey Histrionic Turf R. Histrionic Turf R. 5 Plantagenet Rath Ronan K. Dorko K. Dorko K. Dorko 12 8Sunstorm Plantagenet Rath Ronan Sunstorm Plantagenet Plantagenet Plantagenet 1 1 Rath Ronan K. Dorko K. Dorko Rath Ronan Rath Ronan Rath Ronan 10 Trackman: E. P. Heagerty. Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Highness Her Highness Poochanelli Her Highness Her Highness Her Highness 21 IHer MaryNovick Poochanelli Outlet Poochanelli Poochanelli Poochanelli 11 Magic Step Outlet Her Highness Mary Novick Outlet Outlet 4 1 Conquer Bob OSullivan Our Boss I Conquer Our Boss Our Boss 15 2 Our Boss Our Boss Gombeen Man Pinckney Bob OSullivan I Conauer 10 Pinckney Pinckney Pinckney Our Boss Pinckney Bob OSullivan 7 Fire Ladder Nora Belle Valdina Goblin Nora Belle Nora Belle Nora Belle 1 7 3 Builder Trace Me Builder Valdina Goblin Valdina Goblin Valdina Goblin 9 Nora Belle Builder Nora Belle Builder Builder Builder 7 Mightiest Tyrone Mightiest Saros Mightiest 15 4Saros Twink Shot Tyrone Mightiest Saros Mightiest Saros 12 Mightiest Twink Shot Paulas Star Twink Shot Tyrone Tyrone 8 High Sir SIR ECHO High Sir High Sir Sir Echo High Sir 17 5 Sir Echo Lord Vatout Lord Vatout Lord Vatout Lord Vatout Sir Echo 1 5 Tennessee Maid High Sir Tennessee Maid Sir Echo High Sir Lord Vatout 8 War Strategy Brides Biscuit Aethelred WAR STRATEGY War Strategy War Strategy 17 6 SirToro Aethelred Brides Biscuit Brides Biscuit SirToro Brides Biscuit 11 Brides Biscuit Milkstone Milkstone Aethelred Brides Biscuit Aethelred 8 CONNIES GIRL Connies Girl Connies Girl Connies Girl Connies Girl CONNIES GIRL 27 7 Big Three Billy F. Sea Bees Cherry Pop Sea Bees Sea Bees 4 East Cherry Pop Russardo Big Three Cherry Pop Cherry Pop 4 Court Blenheim Caesar B. CAESAR B. Court Blenheim CAESAR B. Caesar B. 19 8 Wickclif fe Gal Conrad Mann Conrad Mann Wickcliffe Gal Court Blenheim Court Blenheim 14 Conrad Mann Court Blenheim Court Blenheim Conrad Mann Conrad Mann Conrad Mann 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair Suf folk Downs Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS * Templet Super Foot Super Foot Sorgho Super Foot Super Foot 22 j Super Foot Sorgho Templet Super Foot Sorgho Sorgho 13 Sorgho First Family Sorgho Templet First Family Templet 8 Communicate Communicate Duchess Mvrna Communicate Communicate Communicate 22 2 Singular Red Figure Communicate Duchess Myrna Pilates Own Duchess Mvrna 8 Ever On Ever On Ever On Pilates Own Duchess Myrna Ever On 3 Pasapet Pasapet Pasapet Pasapet PASAPET 25 3Pasapet Second Hand Red and Black Sweet Fait With Wings Helen of Paris Red and Black 3 Red and Black With Wings Red and Black Flight Gal With Wings With Wings 3 Kates Silver Nats Reward Lady Mascara Kates Silver Ladv Mascara Kates Silver 13 4 Miss Identify Sting Lightly Kates Silver Ladv Mascara Nats Reward Ladv Mascara 12 Brocade Kates Silver Sting Lightly Nats Reward Miss Identify Nats Reward 8 Two Kick Diego Red Two Kick Two Kick Two Kick Two Kick 22 5 Phanatam Phanatam Credentials Diego Red Diego Red Diego Red 11 Diego Red Two Kick Diego Red Arbor Vita Speed Up Phanatam 4 HAMMER-LOCK Bull Play Bull Play Hammer-Lock Flying Bridge Hammer-Lock 15 6 Bull Play Evening Flight Our All Bull Plav Hammer-Lock Bull Plav 15 Flying Bridge Hammer-Lock Evening Flight Winsome Lad Bull Play Flying Bridge 6 YES OR NO F. B. EYE NAVY Yes or No Yes or No 17 7Navv Yes or No Doctor Jeep Yes or No F. B. Eve Navy Navy 14 Boot and Spur Boot and Spur Boot and Spur Yes or No Boot and Spur F. B. Eye 9 Pumpgun Queens Reward Pumpgun PUMPGUN Pumpgun 24 8Pumpgun Tiresome Strawberry Pumpgun Queens Reward Queens Reward Queens Reward 9 Strawberry Peggy Silver Missmenow Missmenow Tiresome Strawberry 3

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