Preakness Stakes History From Survivor to Faultless, Daily Racing Form, 1948-05-15

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Preakness Stakes History From Survivor to Faultless FaultlessCompiled Compiled by DAILY RACING FORM Reproduction of Tabulation is Prohibited Without Permission of DAILY RACING FORM first edition of this threeyearold classic was run in 1873 two years prior to Aristides triumph in the initial Kentucky Derby This fixture has steadily grown in monetary value and popularity until now it is included with the Derby and Belniont as Americas Triple Crown The Preakness has been run over various distances it being run at one and onehalf miles prior to 1889 one and onequarter miles in 1889 and one and onesixteenth miles from 1894 to 1900 and in 1908 one mile and seventy yards from 1901 to 1907 one mile in 1909 and 1910 one and oneeighthmiles from 1911 to 1924 inclusive and one and threesixteenths miles since It was run in two divisions in 1918 with War Cloud and Jack Hare Jr being returned the winners The Preakness was not run between 1889 and 1894 From 1894 to 1908 the Preak ¬ ness was run at the Gravesend track in New York These renewals were only recently discovered Sir Barton Gallant Fox Burgoo King Omaha Bold Venture War Admiral Whirlaway Count Fleet and Pensive annexed the Preakness as well as the cqyeted Blue Grass fixture 7 Dnly seven went on later to score in the Belmont Stakes as well to complete the American Triple Crown these being Sir Barton in 1919 Gallant Fox king of the threeyearolds in 1930 Omaha also owned by William Wood ¬ ward who performed the feat in 1935 War Admiral outstanding member of the threeyearold division in 1937 Whirlaway who swept all before him during the 1941 season to earn the Horse of the Year title for that year Count Fleet who performed the feat in 1943 and Assault who joined the list in 1946 The following tabulation shows the winner of each running male line color sex and weight of the winner second and thirdhorses together with the weight carried by them odds of the winner time and track condition net value to the winner number of starters sire jockey owner and trainer Net Start Year Winner ColorSexWU Second WL WLJohn Third Wt Odds TimeTr Value ers ersArtist Sire SireVandal Jockey Owner Trainer TrainerA 1873 Survivor H b c 110 John Boulger 110 Artist 110 111 243 si 1800 7 7Scratch Vandal G Barbee 1st 1stM J F Chamberlin 1st A D Pryor 1st 1874 Culpepper E b c 110 King Adadens 110 110Viator Scratch 110 81 256y5m 1900 6 6Bay Revolver M Donohue H Gaffney H Gaffney 1875 Tern Ochitree H b c 110 Viator 110 110Rappahannock Bay Final 110 2436sl 1900 9 9Algerine Lexington 1st L Hughes J F Chamberlin 2d 2dP A D Pryor 2d 1876 Shirley H b g 110 Rappahannock 110 110Bombast Algerine 110 21 244gd 1950 8 8Lucifer Lexington 2d G Barbee 2dv 2dvC P Lorillard W Brown 1877 Cloverbrook H ch c 110 Bombast 110 110Bayard Lucifer 110 45Vfcl 1600 4 4Albert Vauxhall C Holloway 1st 1stC E A Clabaugh J Walden 1878 Duke of Hagenla Hch c 110 Bayard 110 110Jericho Albert 110 25 241gd 2100 3 3Rochester Lexington 3d C Holloway 2d G L Lorillard 1st R W Walden 1st 1879 Harold E ch c 110 Jericho 110 110Oden Rochester 110 16 2402ft 2550 6 6Emily Imp Leamipgton 1st W Hughes 1st G L Lorillard 2d jR W Walden 2d 1880 Grenada E b c 110 Oden 110 110Compensation Emily F 110 14 240gd 2000 5 5Baltic King Alfonso W Hughes 2d G L Lorillard 3d R W Walden 3d 1881 Saunterer E ch c 110 Compensation 107 107Heck Baltic 110 32 240Wgd 1950 6 6Col Imp Leamington 2d 2dVirgil W Costello 1st G L Lorillard 4th R W Walden 4th 1882 Vanguard H b c 110 Heck 110 110Parneli Col Watson 107 17 244Vzgd 1250 3 Virgil W Costello 2d 2dG G L Lorillard 5th 5thJ R W Walden 5th 1883 Macobur E b c 110 Parneli 110 110Welcher 15 242Vgd 1635 2 Imp The IllUsed G Barbee 3d J E Kelley A Taylor 1884 Knight of Ellerslie E ch c 110 Welcher 110 110Wickham 35 239ttft 1905 2 2John Eolus S H Fisher 1st T W Doswell Walker 1885 Tecumseh M b c 118 Wickham 118 John C 118 25 249 hy 2160 4 4Elkwood Attila J Mclaughlin W Donohue Snedeker 1886 The Bard E b c 118 Eurus 118 118Mahoney Elkwood 118 135 245 gd 2050 5 5Raymond Longfellow S H Fisher 2d 2dW A J Cassatt J Huggtns 1887 Dunbine H b c 118 Mahoney 115 115Judge Raymond 118 41 239Vft 1675 4 4Glendale Uncas W Donoghue W Jennings W Jennings 1888 Refund E ch c 118 Judge Murray 118 Glendale 118 41 249 hy 1185 4 Sensation F Littlefield R W Walden R W Walden 6th 1889 Buddhist H b c 118 Japhet 115 115Potentate 130 2172ft 1130 2 2Ed Hindoo I ISpendthrift 7 H Anderson S5 Brown R Tucker 1894 Assignee M ch c 122 Potentate 117 117April Ed Kearney 117 41 1494ft 1830 14 14Sue Spendthrift F Taral 1st J R F P Keene T Lakeland 1895 Belmar E gr c 115 April Fool 10 Sue Kiltie 110 31 150Vift 1350 7 7Intermission Belvidere F Taral 2d Preakness Stable E Feakes 1896 Margrave E ch c 115 Hamilton II 110 110Elkin Intermission 110 45 151 ft 1350 4 4On vSt Blaise H Griffin Blemton Stable B McClelland 1897 Paul Kauvar E b c 108 Elkin 103 103The On Deck 108 61 151 ttsy 1420 8 Pirate of Penzance PenzanceSilver Thorpe T P Hayes T P Hayes 1st 1698 Sly Fox E ch c 120 The Huguenot 120 120Filigrane Nuto 120 85 149gd 149gdLackland Silver Fox W Simms C F Dwyer H Campbell 1899 Half Time H ch c 102 Filigrane 120 120Sarmatian Lackland 105 11 147 ft ftTen Hanover R Clawson P J Dwyer F McCabe 1900 Hindus M b c 110 Sarmatian 106 106Sadie Ten Candles 106 151 148ft 148ftDr 1900 10 Volante H Spencer G J Long J H Morris 1901 The Parader E b c 113 Sadie S 103 Dr Barlow 118 920 1475hy 1475hyNamtor 1605 5 Longstreet Landry R T Wilson Jr 1st T J Healey 1st 1902 Old England E b g 118 Major Daingerfield 108 108Mackey Namtor 118 95 14544sy 14544syRightful 2240 7 Goldfinch L Jackson G B Morris G B Morris 1903 Flocarline E ch f 113 1131904Bryn Mackey Dwyer 108 108Wotan Rightful 118 81 1444sft 1444sftDolly 1875 6 St Florian W Gannon MH Tichenor H C Riddle 1904Bryn Mawr E b c 108 Wotan 108 108Kiamesha Dolly Spanker 115 32 144Vft 144VftCoy 2355 10 Atheling E Hildebrand Goughachres Stable StableS W F Presgrave 1905 Cairngorm E b c 114 Kiamesha 104 104Content Coy Maid 105 95 1454sft 1454sftLarabie 2200 10 Star Ruby W Davis S Paget A J Joyner 1st 1906 Whimsical E ch f 108 Content 103 103Ethon Larabie 103 95 145 ft ftZambesi 2355 JO Orlando W Miller T J Gaynor T J Gaynor 1907 Den Enrique M b c 107 Ethon 115 115Live Zambesi 110 151 145sl 145slRobert 2260 7 Hastings G Mountain A Belmont 1st A J Joyner fed 1908 Royal Tourist E b c 112 Live Wire 108 108Fashion Robert Cooper 101 12 146ft 146ftHill 2455 4 Sandringham E Dugan 1st 1stW H P Whitney 1st 1stW A J Joyner 3rd 1909 Effendi E br c 116 Fashion Plate 111 111Dalhousie Hill Top 111 201 139ft 139ftSager 3225 10 Previous W Doyle W TRyan F C Frisbee 1910 Layminsler E ch g 84 Dalhousie 110 110Zeus Sager 116 81 140ft 140ftThe 3300 12 Matchless R Estep E B Cassatt J S Healy 1st 1911 Watervale E b c 112 Zeus 118 118Bwana The Nigger 107 1310 151 ft ftTipsand 2700 7 Imp Watercress 1sU 1sUEthelbert E Dugan 2d A Belmont 2d J Whalen 1st 1912 Colonel Halloway Ebr c 107 Bwana Tumbo 120 120Kelburne Tipsand 107 2310 156yssl 156ysslBarnegat 1450 7 Ethelbert C Turner Beverwyck Stable D Woodford 1913 Buskin H b g 117 Kelburne 111 111Brave Barnegat 104 75 153ft 1670 8 Hamburg J Butwell J Whalen J Whalen 2d 1914 Holiday E b g 108 Brave Cunarder 112 112Half Defendum 106 215 1534sft 1534sftRunes 1355 6 Broomstick 1st A SchUttinger Mrs A Barklie J S Healy 2d 1915 Rhine Maiden E b f 104 Half Rock 100 100Greenwood Runes 116 61 158 m mAchievement 1275 6 Imp Watercress 2d 2dImp D Hoffman E F Whitney F Devers 1916 Damrcsch E br c 115 Greenwood 107 107Al Achievement 126 132 154ft 154ftKentucky 1380 9 Imp Rock Sand L McAtee J K L Ross 1st 1stE A G Weston 1917 Kalitan E b c 116 Al M Dick 116 116Sunny Kentucky Boy 116 101 154ft 154ftLanius 4800 14 Rey Hindoo E Haynes E R Bradley 1st W Hurley 1st 1918 iWar Cloud E b c 117 Sunny Slope 107 107The Lanius 110 1710 153sl 153slKate 12250 10 Polymelus J Loftus 1st 1stCPeak A K Macomber W B Jennings 1918 Jack Hare Jr Eb c 115 The Porter 107 107Eternal Kate Bright 105 910 153gd 153gdSweep 11250 6 Marathon CPeak W E Applegate ApplegateJ F D Weir 1919 Sir Barton E ch c 126 1261920tMan Eternal 126 126Upset Sweep On 126 75 153 ft ftWildair 24500 12 Imp Star Shoot J Loftus 2d J K L Ross 2d H G Bedwell 1920tMan o War M ch c 126 Upset 122 122Polly Wildair 114 45 151ft 151ftJeg 23000 9 Fair Play 1st C Kummer 1st 1stF S D Riddle 1st L Feustel 1921 Broomspun E b c 114 Polly Ann 110J 110JHea Jeg 114 11 1545sl 1545slJune 43000 14 Broomstick 2d F Coltiletti H P Whitney 2d J Rowe Sr 1922 Pillory E ch c 114 Hea 114 114General June Grass 114 111 151ft 151ftRialto 51000 12 Olambala L Morris R T Wilson Jr 2d 2dWJSalmon T J Healey 2d 1923 Vigil E ch c 114 General Thatcher 114 114Transmute Rialto 114 92 153ft 153ftMad 52000 13 Jim Gaffney B Marinelli WJSalmon 1st T J Healey 3d 1924 Nellie Morse E b f 121 Transmute 126 126Backbone Mad Play 126 12 157 157sny sny snyAlmadel 54000 15 Luke McLuke J Merimee Bud Fisher A B Gordon 1925 Coventry E blk c 126 Backbone 126 126Blondin Almadel 126 22 159 ft ftMars 52700 12 Imp Negofol C Kummer 2d 2dJ G A Cochran W Duke 1926 Display M b c 126 Blondin 126 126Sir Mars 126 19 1594sft 1594sftWhiskery 53625 13 Fair Play 2d J Maiben W J Salmon 2d T J Healey 4th 1927 Bcstonian E blk c 126 Sir Harry 126 126Toro Whiskery 126 3 201 gd gdSolace 53100 12 Broomstick 3d A Abel H P Whitney 3d F Hopkins 1928 Victorian E b c 126 Toro 126 126Minotaur Solace 126 9 2001sft 2001sftAfrican 60000 18 Whisk Broom II R Workman H P Whitney 4th 4thWJSalmon J Rowe Jr 1929 Dr Freeland E ch c 126 1261930tGallant Minotaur 126 126Crack African 126 195 201ft 201ftSnowflake 52325 11 Imp Light Brigade L Schaefer WJSalmon 3d T J Healey 5th 1930tGallant Fox E b c 126 Crack Brigade 126 126Twenty Snowflake 121 11 200ft 200ftLadder 51925 11 Imp Sir Gallahad III 1st E Sande Belair Stud 1st J Fitzsimmons 1st 1931 Mate E ch c 126 Twenty Grand 126 126Tick Ladder 126 4110 159 ft ftBoatswain 48225 7 Prince Pal G Ellis A C Bostwick J W Healy 1932 Burgoo King E ch c 126 Tick On 126 126Xadysman Boatswain 126 165 159ft 159ftUtopian 50375 9 Bubbling Over E James E R Bradley 2d H J Thompson 1933 Head Play M ch c 126 Xadysman 126 126Cavalcade Utopian 126 95 202 si siDiscovery 26850 10 My Play C Kurtsinger 1st 1stImp Mrs S B Mason T P Hayes 2d 1934 High Quest E b c 126 12619350maha Cavalcade 126 126Firethorn Discovery 126 920 158Kft 158KftPsychic 25175 7 Imp Sir Gallahad III 2d R Jones Brookmeade Stable R A Smith 19350maha E ch c 126 Firethorn 126 126Granville Psychic Bid 126 910 158ft 158ftJean 25325 8 Gallant Fox W Saunders Belair Stud 2d J Fitzsimmons 2d 1936 Bold Venture E ch c 126 1261937War Granville 126 126Pompoon Jean Bart 126 95 159 ft ftFlying 27325 11 Imp SL Germans G Woolf ML L Schwartz M Hirsch 1st 1937War Admiral M br c 126 Pompoon 126 126Cravat Flying Scot 126 720 158gd 158gdMenow 45600 8 Man o War C Kurtsinger 2d 2dM Glen Riddle Farms 2d 2dFoxcatcher G Conway 1938 Dauber E ch c 126 Cravat 126 126Gilded Menow 126 32 159sy 159syVolitant 51875 9 Pennant M Peters Foxcatcher Farms R E Handlen 1939 Challedon E b c 126 Gilded Knight 126 126Mioland Volitant 126 61 159m 159mGallahadion 53710 6 Imp Challenger II IIBlack G Seabo W L Brann L J Schaefer 1940 Bimelech E b c 126 Mioland 126 126King Gallahadion 126 910 158ft 158ftOur 53230 9 Black Toney F A Smith E R Bradley 3d W Hurley 2d 1941 Whirlaway E ch c 126 King Cole J26 J26RequstdSun Our Boots 126 1110 158ft 158ftDeadheat 49365 8 Imp Blenheim II IIGood E Arcaro Calumet Farm 1st 1stMrs B A Jorfes 1st 1942 Alsab E b c 126 RequstdSun Again126 Again126Blue Deadheat for second 12 157 ft ftVincentive 58175 10 Good Goods B James Mrs A Sabath A Swenke 1943 Count Fleet E br c 126 Blue Swords 126 126Platter Vincentive 126 17 157gd 157gdStir 43190 4 Reigh Count J Longden Mrs J Hertz G D Cameron 1944 Pensive E ch c 126 Platter 126 126Hoop Stir Up 126 3320 159ft 159ftDarby 60075 7 Hyperion C McCreary Calumet Farm 2d B A Jones 2d 1945 Polynesian E br c 126 Hoop Jr 126 126Lord Darby Dieppe 126 121 15845ft 15845ftHampden 66170 9 Unbreakable W D Wright Mrs P A B Widener M H Dixon DixonM 1946 Assault E ch c 126 Lord Boswell 126 126On Hampden 126 75 201ft 201ftPhalanx 96620 10 Bold Venture W Mehrtens King Ranch M Hirsch 2d 1947 Faultless E br c 126 On Trust 126 Phalanx 126 215 159 ft 98005 11 Bull Lea D Dodson Calumet Farm 3d H A Jones BREEDERS Survivor J M Clay Culpepper D J douse Tom Ochiltree A J Alexander 1st Shirley A J Alexander 2d Cloverbrook E A Clabaugh Duke of Magenta A J Alexander 3d Harold A Welch 1st Grenada A J Alexander 4th Saunlerer A Welch 2d Vanguard IM H Sanford Jacobus A Eelmont 1st Knight of Ellerslie R J Hancock Tecumseh Mrs H Brown The Bard C Reed Dunbine W Jennings Refund R W Walden Buddhist S Bryant Assignee R T Holloway Belmar Preakness Stud Margrave A Belmont 2d Paul Kauvar Me Grathiana Stud Sly Fox Bowling Brook Stud Half Time W Showalter Hindus Bashford Manor Stud The Parader Belle Meade Stud Old England J B Haggin 1st Flocarline C F McMeekin Bryn Mawr Goughacres Stud Cairngorm J B Haggin 2di Whimsical Raceland Stud Don Enrique A Belmont 3d Royal Tourist H P Whitney 1st Effendi C H Mackay Layminster E B Cassatt Water vale A Belmont 4th Colonel Holloway J N Cam den Buskin H P Whitney 2d Holiday H P Whitney 3d Rhine Maiden J B Haggin 3d Damrosch A Belmont 5th Kalitan E Cebrian War Cloud J B Joel England Jack Hare Jr W E Walsh Sir Barton J E Madden Man o War A Belmont 6th Broomspun H P Whitney 4th Pillory R T Wilson Jr Vigil A B Hancock Nellie Morse J 0 and G H Keene Coventry E F Simms Display W J Salmon 1st Bostonian H P Whitney 5th Victorian H P Whitney 6th Dr Breeland W J Salmon 2d Gallant Fox W Woodward Belair Stud 1st Mate A C Bostwick Burgoo King H N Davs and Idle Hour Stock Farm Head Play R L Baker High Quest Marshall Field Omaha W Woodward Belair Stud 2nd Bold Venture M L Schwartz War Admiral S D Riddle Dauber C V Whitney Challedon Branncastle Farm Bimelech Idle Hour Stock Farm Whirlaway Calumet Farm Alsab Thomas Piatt Count Fleet Mrs John Hertz Pensive Calumet Farm 2d Polynesian Elmendorf Farm Assault King Ranch Faultless Calumet Farm 3d Favorite tSire of Preakness winner Son of Preakness winner In 1888 Judge Murray ran as Ten Broeck colt Al M Dick second in 1917 was later named Liberty Loan E M H appearing after horses names signifies Eclipse Matchem or Herod tail male lines from which horse descended 1st 2d 3d 4th 5th after jockey owner and trainer means that individuals first second third fourth or fifth winner

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