Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1948-05-15

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SELECTIONSFigures DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS1 SELECTIONS Figures In Consensus Show Comparative Eatings Allowing 5 Points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points 2 for 2d 1 for 3d Todays Best In Black Type Trackman W C Phillips Sportsmans Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Whyso Skywav Vinita Major Whyso Skywave WhysoVinita Whyso Whyso MajorWhyso Vinita Major Vinita Major Vinita Major WhysoSkywave Skywave Skywave Ben Gray Salomea Salomea Salomea Valdina Kovia Ben Gray Ben Gray Ben Gray Sonny Haynes Valdina Kovia Carreau Valdina Kovia Cherry Boy Sax Bee Peg Peg Wilt Thou El Cabrillo PegCherry Cherry Boy PegCherry Cherry Boy Little Hare Cherry Boy El Cabrillo Wilt Thou DAYBlack DAY Flying Doug Flying Doug Flying Doug Black Cat Bessie Vance Day Day Captain Ruth Black Cat JJessie Vance Black Cat Technicolor Lightf oot Lad Some Bid Some Bid Sandstorm Some Bid Technicolor Technicolor Some Bid Technicolor Midnight Oil Midnight Oil x Little Bits Letter V Letter V Alan F Alan F Alan F Casa Libre Letter V Letter V Little Bits Alan F Little Bits May Fly LATE THREAD THREADSir POMPS GAL GALLate LATE THREAD THREADPomps Pomps Gal Sir White Late Thread Pomps Gal Late Thread Gams May Fly May Fly Sugar Lump Sir Date Frankish King Frankish King Frankish King Frankish King Sir Date Sir Date Bank Balance Sugar Lump Sugar Lump Sugar Lump Air Power Olidor Air Power Air Power Olidor Oswego Dr Olidor Olfdor Powdered Milk Dry Belt Swift Reward Oswego Dr Trackman D S Fair Churchill Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Pouting Mac POUTING MAC MACYoung Pouting Mac DUSTY Pouting Mac Pouting Mac MacDusty Young Buddy Young Buddy Doctor L M Pouting DUSTYPouting Mac Young Buddy Dusty Putitthere Dusty Dusty Young Buddy Dusty DustyYoung Young Buddy 7 MONTES PRIDE PRIDEFaras Montes Pride Macks First Montes Pride Montes Pride Monte Pride Faras Silver Reward Faras Macks First Faras Macks First o oFaras Pulitzer Too Sunny Montes Pride Too Sunny Macks First Faras Bay Acre Bay Acre BAY ACRE ACREReason Reason Bay Acre Bay Acre Patricia B Reason Reason Bay Acre Reason Reason Reason War Edict War Edict Patricia B Patricia B Patricia B Try Ike Workans Brownstown Brownstown Brownstpwn Brownstown Browns town Try Ike Try Ike Try Ike Try Ike Try Ike Murray Maid Murray Maid Chall Reward Chall Reward Murray faid Workans Wise Paisano PaisanoRoytig Wise Paisano Wise Paisano PaisanoRoytig Wise Paisano Wise Paisano PaisanoOnecbill WISE PAISANO 25 25Roytig Roytig RoytigOnecbill Gold Fire Roytig RoytigOnecbill Roytig Onecbill Roytig 7 7Onecbill Onecbill Cadet Dick Onecbill Gold Fire Roytig OnecbillRoytig Onecbill 4 Tidy Sum Master Bid Easy Trade Speedy Lee TIDY SUM SUMGay Tidy Sum SumSpeedy Easy Trade Speedy Lee Tidy Sum Tidy Sum Gay Secret Speedy Lee LeeEasy Sistayr Sistayr Speedy Lee Dicks Gal Sistayr Easy Trade 7 Marvins Tip Best Prospect Steel Bull Marvins Tip Lotoftown Marvins Tip Best Prospect Lotoftown Best Prospect Queen Hair an Marvins Tip Best Prospect Steel Bull Marvins Tip Marvins Tip Lotoftown Best Prospect Lotoftown Galaprox Catnip Hill Altuce Galaprox Mr Mel Galaprox Altuce Altuce Galaprox Catnip Hill Catnip Hill Catnip Hill Catnip Hill Crack Time Mr Mel Crack Time Galaprox Altuce Trackman C J Connors Jamaica Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Mel Indian Copacabana Copacabana Dialtone Copacabana Copacabana Farfalina Farfalina Farfalina FarfalinaDialtone CopacabanaFarfalina DialtoneKazbek Kazbek Farfalina CopacabanaFarfalina Farfalina CopacabanaFarfalina Boston Babette Mel Indian Dialtone KazbekFarfalina Farfalina Dialtone FarfalinaDialtone Dialtone FarfalinaDialtone Landlprd Landlord Landlord LANDLORD Landlord Landlord LandlordShockoe Croupier Croupier ShockoeBomb Shockoe LANDLORDShockoe Shockoe Bomb Command LandlordShockoe Shockoe Shockoe Still Life Bomb Command Bomb ShockoeBomb Command Shockoe ShockoeCroupier Croupier PropBlue Prop Option Deep Fen Prop Option Option Blue Hills Deep Fen Option Option Deep Fen Prop Option Mop Up Roman Bout Mop Up Prop Deep Fen Skylighter Master Mind Halsgal Master Mind MindSkylighter Master Mind Master Mind MindSkylighter Master Mind Halcyon Air Master Mind Skylighter Halcyon Air Skylighter SkylighterMother Halsgal Skylighter Halcyon Air Mother Halsgal Halsgal SkylighterHalsgal FERVENT FERVENTBut Stymie Fervent Fervent Fervent Fervent But Why Not StymieFervent Fervent FerventPhalanx But Why Not FerventStymie Stymie FerventStymie Stymie FerventStymie Stymie StymiePhalanx StymieFaultless StymieBut Stymie Phalanx Stymie Phalanx Faultless But Why Not TrilbyLegendra Trilby Dangerous Age AgeCompliance Dangerous Age AgeChalloa Legendra Compliance Dangerous Age AgeCompliance Legendra LegendraCompliance ComplianceLegendra Compliance Challoa ChalloaCompliance Compliance Dangerous Age Compliance Compliance Legendra Compliance Dangerous Age Challoa Legendra ComplianceLegendra SpatsDry Spats SPATS SPATS Jacopet SPATS SPATS Dry DrySeguin SPATSJacopet Jacopet SPATSJacopet Jacopet SpatsDry JacopetSpats Spats Dry SPATSDry SPATSJacopet Jacopet Seguin Dry Dry Dry Flitabout Dry Trackman A E Brown Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Castle Over CASTLE OVER OVERDespite Castle Over CASTLE OVER OVERThe CASTLE OVER OVERCarolina CASTLE OVER OVERDespite Despite Despite Quatrefoil The Drone Carolina Star Despite Farm Maid Quatrefoil Farm Maid Quasi Farm Maid Quatrefoil You and Me You and Me Muzzle Abra AbraYou You and Me MeAbra You and Me MeAbra Fuzzy Muzzle Fighting Louie Abra You and Me MePyramid Abra Abra Muzzle Iroh Way Fighting Louie Pyramid AbraFuzzy Fuzzy Muzzle AbraMuzzle Muzzle GnuEngel Gnu GnuEngel Gnu Engel Man Engel Man Gnu Gnu Engel Man Engel Man Spinning Heels Streak of Dawn GnuStreak Streak of Dawn DawnEngel GnuEngel Engel Man Egretta Streak of Dawn Gnu Gnu Engel Man Streak of Dawn SHAKOOidenasai SHAKO Shako Mullingar Oidenasai Shako Shako Oidenasai Naval Base Shako Naval Base Naval Base Oidenasai Mullingar Oidenasai Naval Base Salerno Salerno Naval Base Land Cruiser CruiserBarnacle Kurkland Kurkland Kurkland Kurkland Kurkland Barnacle BarnacleJeems Russian Valor Russian Valor War Delegate Russian Valor Land Cruiser Jeems Land Cruiser Land Cruiser DoReighMi Jeems Russian Valor Trackman E P Heagerty Pimlico Selections Made for Heavy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Sunlette TwigEire Burning Twig Trout Lake Sunlette Sunlette Sunlette Eire EireBurning Eire EireSunlette Burning Twig Eire Burning Twig Burning Twig Burning Twiff Sunlette Gino Gold Burning Twig Eire Eire Good Hunting Captain Dave Captain Dave DaveLoutey Captain Dave DaveLoutey Captain Dave Captain Dave Captain Dave Woofie Loutey LouteyWoofie Loutey LouteyKeeHo Good Hunting Good Hunting Bo Way Good Hunting Woofie KeeHo Bo Way Loutey Happy Victor Victori Happy Victor King Chatter Happy Victor King Chatter Happy Victor i DayKing MDerby Day Discovert Discovert Discovert Happy Victor King Chatter King Chatter King Chatter Happy Victor King Chatter M Derby Day Discovert ProjoeL Projoe Projoe Projoe Projoe Projoe Projoe L Image of Love linage Projoelinage of Love Timoti ProjoeImage Image of Love Sir Bogie Image ProjoeImage of Love Relious Sir Bogie Image of Love Some Where Image of Love Sir Bogie Pilaster Pilaster Pilaster PILASTER Pilaster Pilaster PilasterBahrameter PilasterButler PILASTERButler I Glen Heather Bahrameter BahrameterButler Butler Butler Bahrameter Butler ButlerBahrameter ButlerGlen Butler Butler Bahrameter Glen Heather Glen Heather Bahrameter CITATION CITATIONI CITATION CITATION Citation CITATION CITATION CITATIONBetter I Bovard Better Self Better CITATIONBetter Self Bovard Better CITATIONBetter Self Better CITATIONBetter Self Better Self Bovard Bovard Better Self Bovard Bovard Wee Nip King Midas King Midas Equibit King Midas King Midas r Equibit Brandy Punch Brandy Punch King Midas Brandy Punch Equibit Brandy Punch Eauibit Equibit Brandy Punch Equibit Brandy Punch OurMerrick Impenetrable Impenetrable attler Impenetrable Impenetrable Omaha Mike Omaha Mike Sightseer attlermahaMike mahaMike Omaha Mike Omjiha Mike Tattler Alworth Johnnie C r Birthday OurMerrick OurMerrick

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