Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1948-06-12

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFigures Figures In Consensus Show Comparative Ratings Allowing 5 Points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points 2 for 2d 1 for 3d Todays Best In Black Type Trackman D S Fair Lincoln Fields at Washington Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Thankful Trademark Hand Torch Thankful Trademark Trademark Paprika Hand Torch Ghost Bound Trademark Hand Torch Thankful Trademark Thankful Toy Bomb Hand Torch Thankful Hand Torch Steel Cham Fort Schuyler Cerberus Pilateer Steel Chain Steel Chain Fort Schuyler Pilateer Bonnie Charlie Cerberus Pilateer Pilateer Pilateer Steel Chain Star Graduate Fort Schuvler Fort Schuyler Fort Schuyler Tee Boy VINITA SICKLF SICKLFFaithful Vinita Sickle VINITA SICKLE SICKLEPollyW Vinita Sickle Vinita Sickle Delightful Faithful Polly W PollyW Delightful Tee Boy Dan Chan Delightful Dan Chan Tee Boy Dan Chan Delightful Miss Mommy Miss Mommy MissMommy Miss Mommy Miss Mommy Miss Mommy Loujac Loujac Loujac Hash Night Loujac Loujac Hash Night Hash NiEht Hash Night Little Xs Hash Night Hash Night Hypostyle Hypostyle HYPOSTYLE Hypostyle HYPOSTYLE HYPOSTYLE Woodford Sir Blue Helen HYPOSTYLEWoodford Woodford Sir Woodford Sir HYPOSTYLEWoodford Woodford Sir HYPOSTYLEWoodford Woodford Sir Blue Helen Woodford Sir Speedy Lee Papa Redbird Blue Helen Blue Helen ALSABS DAY DAYBlue Alsabs Day DaySeely Jetrose Jetrose Alsabs Day DaySeely Alsabs Day DayJetrose Blue Note SeelyJetrose Seely Alsabs Day Alsabs Day Seely Jetrose Seely Jetrose Seely Seely SeelyJetrose Jetrose Seely JetroseSeely Shaws Pride Trixie TrixieShaws Sandslinger Trixie Trixie Trixie 1 i Trixie Shaws Pride Shaws Pride TrixieShaws Shaws Pride TrixieShaws Shaws Pride TrixieShaws Shaws Pride Hard Held Yesnow Trixie Yesnow Sandslinger Sandslinger Bolo Pat Topnotch Some Bid BidLikeable Day Topnotch Topnotch I Idle Prattle Idle Prattle LikeableDay Likeable DayTopnbtch Topnbtch Idle Prattle Day Topnotch Day Day Idle Prattle Sunnip Idle Prattle Trackman H J McGuire Detroit Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN TRACKMANI HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS I Full Treatment Miss Tigress Miss Tigress TigressSay Miss Tigress Miss Tigress Miss Tigress i Cecelia Wood Say Goodbye Easter Laddie LaddieWe We Hope Say Goodbye Say Goodbye Say Goodbye We Hope We Hope Say Goodbye We Hope Full Treatment Broad Margin Pouting Mac Broad Margin MarginRoytig Broad Margin BROAD MARGIN MARGINPotsey Broad Margin Monfalon Roytig Pouting Mac MacMonfalon High Air Potsey Pouting Mac Pouting Mac Monfalon Remembering RememberingRembird Monfalon Roytig Monfalon Rembird Rembird Airpan AirpanKnights Airpan Rembird Rembird AirpanRembird RembirdAirpan Chicadu Knights Gift Optionor OptionorMarltown Rembird RembirdChicadu AirpanMarltown Airpan Airpan Rose Bed Marltown Rembird Chicadu Marltown Chicadu LEES SUMMIT Wow Risky Betty EvaT Eva T Lees Summit She Didnt DidntGrandciad Quizzle Lees Summit Lees Summit Lees Summit EvaT Grandciad Lees Summitt Grandciad Dusty Roads Risky Betty Risky Betty Federal Agent APPLEJACK JAKE Federal Agent My Margie Applejack Jake JakeGold Applejack Jake I LostanoTFound Gold Call Applejack Jake Gold Call Gold Call CallMy Federal Agent Miss Fluff Federal Agent My Margie Applejack Jake My Margie My Margie Blue Badge Blue Badge Sammies Image Blue Badge BadgeMoldy Regal Maid MaidMoldy Blue Badge I Sammies Image Regal Maid Blue Badge MoldyMcCosh Moldy MoldyMcCosh Moldy Regal Maid Moldy Walters Boy McCosh McCosh McCosh Sammies ImaKe ImaKeCotton Cotton Joe Hilda COTTON JOE JOEFertile Cotton Joe Montayr Cotton Joe MontayrHilda 7 Hilda Cotton Joe Fertile Lands Hilda Hilda Hilda HildaEternal HildaCotton Eternal Bomb BombSun Eternal Bomb Eternal Bomb Fertile Lands Cotton Joe Montayr Sun Herod Sun Herod Porters Broom SUN HEROD HERODPorters Sun Herod SUN HEROD i KingarviePorters Kingarvie Porters Broom Sun Herod Porters Broom Porters Broom Porters Broom Porters Broom Red Pompon Red Pompon Mayram First Degree Kingarvie Trackman C J Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Sky Miracle Stone Age Stone Age Marine Compo Stone Age Stone Age Stone Age Sky Miracle Sky Miracle Stone Age Mafia Sky Miracle Draftsman Mafia Mafia Suffazon Sky Miracle Marine Compo GALEDO Pinebloom Singhig Step StepIrrawaddy Pinebloom Vaudeville Singing Step StepPinebloom Singing GALEDOSinging Step Singing Step Irrawaddy IrrawaddyGaledo Big If Singing Step PinebloomGaledo Pinebloom BlackMajesty Vaudeville Galedo Galedo Black Majesty Galedo Little Sammie American Way Little Sammie Little Sammie Little Sammie Little Sammie Fred Havecker Sun Bath Sun Bath Sun Bath American Way American Way Cash Little Sammie American Way American Way Sun Bath Sun Bath Warmonger Mr Busher Warmonger MB BUSHER BUSHEREternal Mr Busher BusherWarmonger Mr Busher BusherWarmonger Repentance War Monger Mr Busher Eternal World Warmonger WarmongerEmulate Warmonger Mr Busher Repentance Eternal World Warmonger Emulate WarmongerRepentance Repentance Mahmoudess Mahmoudess MAHMOUDESS Mother Mahmoudess Mahmoudess MAHMOUDESSHalsgal MotherMahmoudess MahmoudessHalsgal MahmoudessHalsgal MahmoudessHalsgal Halsgal HalsgalMother Halsgal Halsgal Mahmoudess MahmoudessHalsgal HalsgalMother Halsgal HalsgalMother Halsgal Mother Mother Mother Halsgal Mother Mother Citation CITATION Citation Citation CITATION CITATION CitationGasparilla CITATIONCoaltown CITATIONEscadru CITATIONCoaltown Gasparilla Coaltown Coaltown Better Self Escadru Coaltown GasparillaFaraway Faraway Escadru Better Self Escadru Better Self Escadru East Light Concordian Concordian Concordian Prefect Concordian Bright Sword Skylighter Greek Hero ConcordianSkylighter Skylighter SkylighterStation Halcyon Air Prefect Halcyon Air Bright Sword Halcyon Air Station Greek Hero East Light Bam BamCalvados Bam BamCable CableCalvados Cable BamCable Bam Bam BamCable Bam Calvados Cable Calvados Cable Cable BamCable Cable Cable CalvadosCable CableCalvados Calvados Bam CalvadosBam CableCalvados Calvados CableCalvados Calvados CableCalvados Calvados Trackman E P Heagerty Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Simla Simla Terrific Simla Simla Simla SimlaBo TerrificSignpost SimlaTerrific Bp Mowlee Bo Mowlee MowleeTerrific SignpostBattlezone Signpost Terrific TerrificSignpost Signpost SimlaTerrific Terrific Signpost Terrific Battlezone Signpost Terrific TerrificSignpost Signpost Grand Entry Grand Entry Smajor Eauisun Eternal Shore Grand Entry Equisun Eternal Shore Eauisun Grand Entry TOP Score Eauisun TOP Score Eauisun Sir GorhUl Top Score Smajor Eternal Shore ElasticLotoftown Elastic Elastic Second Son Second Son SonLotoftown Elastic Elastic Lotoftown LotoftownTeauilla Second Son Elastic Lotoftown LotoftownTeauilla Second Son Second Son Teauilla Lotoftown Tiger Fore Teauilla Lotoftown Lotoftown Tonys Find FindNext TonysFmd Lanlast LANLAST Lanlast Lanlast NextFlood Next Lanlast Eddieow Tonys LANLASTTonys Find Flood Town TonysFind Flood Town TownDinner Flood Town Flood Town Flood Town Tonys Find Flood Town Dinner Gong Bovard Bovard Bovard Dinner Gong GongBovard Bovard Page Boots Dinner Gong Dinner Gong Noble Hero Bovard Dinner Gong Alphara Splash Splash Page Boots BovardPennon Pennon Page Boots Laran INCLINE INCLINE Pilaster INCLINE INCLINE LaranIncline INCLINEPilaster INCLINEPilaster InclinePilaster Incline Pilaster Pilaster Incline INCLINELaran Laran INCLINEPilaster Pilaster Pilaster Laran March Chick Laran Pilaster Laran SEVEN LEAGUE LEAGUEFree Sis Lea Free Press Catsmeow Free Press Free Press Free Press Free Press Iron Pigeon Sis Lea Seven League Seven League Brown Fox Iron Pigeon King Chatter Free Press Betty OHerron Sis Lea Trout Lake Turnstile TurnstileBlenel Turnstile Rose of Dawn Turnstile Turnstile Bellclapper Trout Lake Blenel BlenelRose Turnstile Blenel Trout Lake Turnstile Bellclapper Rose of Dawn Trout Lake Trout Lake Rose of Dawn Trackman A E Brown Narragansett Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Fire Warden Fire Warden J J Lynch Merry Dick Silver Kite Fire Warden 1 1Silver Silver Kite Silver Kite Fire Warden Fire Warden Fire Warden Silver Kite 1 1Merry J J Lynch Merry Dick Pilgrim Maid Silver Kite Merry Dick Merry Dick 7 1 American Glory American Glory Cotton Bud My Myrna Bolo Mack American Glory 12 My Myrna Fighting Louie Bolo Mack Bolo Mack My Myrna Bolo Mack 10 10My Four Hundred Bolo Mack American Glory American Glory Cotton Bud My Myrna Respire LtBill Lt Bill Lt BUI Good Son LtBill Veiled Son Respire Veiled Son Gunnison Lt Bill LtBillRespire Respire v Lt Bill Veiled Son Gunnison Elbow Room Elbow Room Good Son Castle Over CASTLE OVER OVERCresson CASTLE OVER OVERSignal Castle Over CASTLE OVER OVERCresson CASTLE OVER 31 31Dobodura Dobodura Cresson Miss Signal Point Dobodura Cresson Miss Dobodura Cresson Miss Dobodura Dobodura Signal Point Signal Point Cresson Miss Mr Buster Octorora Octorora OCTORORA Mr Buster Octorora Still Champ Mr Buster Mr Buster OCTORORAMr Mr Buster Still Chamo Mr Buster Octorora Still Champ Dust Screen Brassy Lie Octorora Still Champ George Gains George Gams GamsLittleHarp George Gams Little Harp HarpTurbine George Gains George Gains Little Harp LittleHarp LittleHarpAgrarianU Little Harp Turbine Little Harp Little Harp TurbineAgrarianU Tarpan AgrarianU Erigeron AgrarianU Erigeron Turbine Unknown Reward Unknown Reward Tick Tack OceanusUnknown Oceanus Unknown Reward RewardKhaygram Known Reward 18 Khaygram Khaygram Chance Morn Unknown Reward Khaygram Tick Tack Chance Morn Chance Morn Unknown Reward Tick Tack KhaygramOceanus Oceanus Oceanus GOLDEN THORN THORNPort St Jock St Jock St Jock St Jock St Jock Port Chester Gallant G I Golden Thorn Pilates Miss Golden Thorn Golden Thorn St Jock Golden Thorn Gallant G I Mr Dumjohn Gallant GI Gallant G I

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