Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-06-02

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures In Consensus Show Comparative Ratines, Allowing 5 Points for 1st Days Best 7 Points, 2 for 2d, 1 for 3d. Days Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. S. Grant LINCOLN FIELDS at Washington Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS - Liability Boss Jack Boss Jack Boss Jack Juliana Boss Jack 15 I Juliana Kathleen R. Virginia Duke Liability Liability Liability 10 Raider LaRue Liability Raider LaRue Kathleen R. Raider LaRue Juliana 7 Good Hostess Infinity K. Good Hostess Dasha Good Hostess Good Hostess 17 2 Dasha Lass Quest Dasha Good Hostess Infinity K. Dasha 9 Lass Quest Delhannah Hasty Blen Lass Quest Lass Quest Infinity K. 7 Raffle House Emory A. Grand Isle Brolite Lands End Raffle House 8 3 Hush Money Raffle House Lands End Junior Wolf Grand Isle Lands End 7 Leavenworth Brolite Brolite Emory A Raffle House Grand Isle 7 Miss Break SWELL DISH Miss Break WhirlaLea Miss Break Miss Break 18 4 Swell Dish Miss Break Swell Dish Swell Dish Swell Dish Swell Dish 15 Whirla Lea WhirlaLea Flying Delia Miss Break Whirla Lea Whirla Lea 8 Brown Smoke Inky Racer Brown Smoke Inky Racer Brown Smoke Brown Smoke 17 5 Inky Racer Good Cry Inky Racer Brown Smoke Inky Racer Inky Racer 16 Heavenly Hash Well Worth It Open Way Heavenly Hash Good Cry Good Cry 3 Hasty Request Graham Mass OGold ANDY B. W. Mass OGold Mass OGold 14 6 Mass OGold Hasty Request AndyB.W. Graham Hasty Request Graham 10 Graham Mass OGold Graham Mass OGold Graham Andy B. W. 9 Roman Bath Roman Bath ROMAN BATH Roman Bath ROMAN BATH ROMAN BATH 29 7 Johns Joy Provocative Johns Joy Johns Joy Circus Clown Johns Joy 7 Circus Clown Circus Clown Sabaean Provocative Johns Joy Circus Clown 4 S. McLaughlin S. McLaughlin Trixie Trixie Trixie 16 8LutzGirl Trixie Trixie Trixie Whirl By High Carrier S. McLaughlin 11 High Carrier High Carrier High Carrier S. McLaughlin Whirl By Lutz Girl 5 Chippewa Chief Show Place Chippewa Chief Bonrilla Bonrilla 14 9BONRILLA Show Place Show Place Chippewa Chief Helia Show Place Chippewa Chief 14 k Chippewa Chief Bonrilla Bonrilla Show Place Chippewa Chief Show Place 12 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections-Made for Fast Track Crack Reward Crack Reward Creek Reward Crack Reward Crack Reward CRACK REWTBD 25 1 Meyersdale Cock Crow Cock Crow Rebate Meyersdale Cock Crow 6 Rebate Meyersdale Rebate Cock Crow Cock Crow Meyersdale 5 ! Sweep Tiger Minnesinger Sweep Tiger Copperstone Sweep Tiger Sweep Tiger 18 2 Imbible Nicotine Gal Copperstone Sweep Tiger Minnesinger Minnesinger 8 j Nicotine Gal Sweep Tiger Minnesinger Nicotine Gal Nicotine Gal Copperstone 7 Pigeon RED ROMEO Red Romeo Red Romeo Red Romeo Red Romeo 22 3Xippi Bold Sab Man Bar Bold Sab Xippi Pigeon Our Challenge Xippi Pigeon 7 Ever Bright Ever Bright Our Challenge . Ever Bright Ever Bright Bold Sab _ 4. Wild Heiress August Catnip Hill ALBULDL Wild Heiress 11 4Brownanne Sweet Reward Catnip Hill Wild Heiress Wild Heiress Catnip Hill CatninHill 9 Wild Heiress August Araby Queen Araby Queen Wild Heiress Albulil 7 Alphas Choice Alphas Choice Hurstland Lazieven Hurstland Hurstland 12 5 Hurstland Lazieven Lazieven Grand Evening Happy Lee Alphas Choice 11 Green Thumb Parkview Alphas Choice Parkview Green Thumb Lazieven 9 -CREEP MOUSIE Grey Arrow Creep Mousie GREY ARROW Creep Mousie Creep Mousie 21 6 " Our Sister Creep Mousie Grey Arrow Creep Mousie Sonny M. Grey Arrow 16 Grey Arrow Sonny M. Sonny M. Jofield Grey Arrow Sonny M. 4 Fancy Flyer Bee Lee Tee FANCY FLYER Bully Boy Bee Lee Tee Bee Lee Tee 14 7 Ky. Colonel - Bully Boy Ky. Colonel Bee Lee Tee Bully Boy Fancy Flyer 12 Bee Lee Tee Ky. Colonel Bee Lee Tee Ky. Colonel Ky. Colonel Bully Boy * 9 Onward March Country Editor Country Editor Just-Made-It Country Editor 16 8EasyQuero Country Editor Country Editor Just-Made-It Just-Made-It Country Editor Just-Made-It 10 VinitaWar Just-Made-It Onward March Onward March Onward March Onward March 8 Resort Polar Battle Copper Pot Polar Battle Copper Pot Copper Pot 15 9 My Jam Copper Pot Polar Battle Cooper Pot My Jam Polar Battle 12 Copper Pot Another Enora Resort Mel Indian Another Enora Resort 6 Trackman, J. R. Batty BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track Navy Flash Teddies Imp Teddies Imp TEDDIES IMP TEDDIES IMP Teddies Imp 25 First Whirl Navy Flash Idle Memory Warmonger Maijo Navy Flash 9 . Teddies Imp Warmonger Navy Flash Armelle Navy Flash Warmonger 3 Milton Berle Gloryo - Yutu Gloryo Yutu * Gloryo 13 2 Rub-Adub-Dub Yutu Sinn Fein Milton Berle Gloryo Yutu 13 Yutu Rub-Adub-Dub Gloryo Bub-Adub-Dub Rub-Adub-Dub MiltonBerle 7 Poppaea Poppaea Poppaea Poppaea Poppaea 25 3Poppaea Ramnallion Boot All ShyBim Hay Mom Fleecy Cloud ShyBim 4 . Spanish Cream ShyBim Boot All Mobile Belle Shy Bim Boot All 3 Rachel G. Rachel G. Lady in Blue Lady in Blue Rachel G. 16 4Sirtema Rachel G. Sirtema Hushaby Baby Rachel G. Rachel G. Lady in Blue 10 Lively Gal Hushaby Baby Lively Gal Lively Gal Sirtema Sirtema 8 Big Story Big Story Miche Mighty Quest Mighty Quest Mightv Quest 12 5 Royal Blood Mighty Quest Bryan G. Sagittarius Sagittarius Big Story 10 Sagittarius - Big If Sagittarius Miche First Glance Miche 6 Kiss Me Kate Sweet Talk Sweet Talk How Kiss Me Kate Sweet Talk 13 6 Valadium How How Sweet Talk How How 12 How Kiss Me Kate Discreet Nothirdchance Sweet Talk Kiss Me Kate 11 ALPHABETICAL DUE EAST ALPHABETICAL Alphabetical Alphabetical ALPHABETICAL 26 7 Father Tiber Alphabetical Father Tiber Father Tiber Out Point Due East 7 Nosun Promptness Out Point Out Point Father Tiber Father Tiber 7 Burts Reward Approval Roaming Feet Burts Reward Flying Mane Burts Reward 12 8 BoldByrd Burts Reward • Ventolino Approval Roaming Feet Approval 10 Approval Billy Bart Approval Flying Mane Approval Roaming Feet 7 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track Gallant Jake Gallant Jake Gallant Jake Gallant Jake GALLANT JAKE Gallant Jake 27 Epic Chance Hadhamaut Epic Chance Hadhamaut Epic Chance Epic Chance 7 Dixie Yank Epic Chance Hadhamaut See-O-Dee Late Ship Hadhamaut 5 RDED GTtGEOTJS RDED Gorgeous Reded Gorgeous Reded Gorgeous Reded GORGS REDED 29 2GRGEOUS Ginger Boots LuckeyPete Ginger Boots LuckeyPete Ginger Boots Ginger Boots 7 Luckey Pete King Okapi King Okapi Ginger Boots • LuckeyPete Luckey Pete 6 Kings Quest Kings Quest Kings Quest Kings Quest Kings Quest Kings Quest 25 3 Knights Reward Knights Reward Knights Reward Knights Reward Knights Reward Knights Reward ltf Warpath * Exchequer Warpath Dr. A. Warpath Warpath 3 Town Ghost RozsStar Censorship Town Ghost Town Ghost Town Ghost 18 4 Pacific Ocean Censorship Town Ghost Pacific Ocean Rozs Star Rozs Star 8 Censorship Town Ghost Pacific Ocean Rozs Star Pacific Ocean Consorship 8 Ferd Ferd Ferd Ferd Ferd 25 5Ferd Postcard Lotowhite Lotowhite Lotowhite Cochise Lotowhite 6 Cochise Cochise Post Card Cochise Post Card Cochise 5 Mr. Trouble Blue Hills MR. TROUBLE Mr.Trouble Blue Hills Mr. Trouble 21 6 Arcave Mr.Trouble Blue Hills Arcave Mr.Trouble Blue Hills 12 Endurable Endurable Arcave Endurable Arcave Arcave 6 CerVantes Vamanos VAMANOS CerVantes Vamanos 21 7Vamanos CerVantes Vamanos CerVantes CerVantes Vamanos CerVantes 16 Spider Rock Spider Rock Spider Rock Spider Rock Spider Rock Spider Rock 5 JoeMandell JoeMandell - JoeMandell Joe Mandell Joe Mandell ♦ 25 8JoeMandell Bases Loaded Black Pepper Bases Loaded ♦ Paddock Acres Black Pepper Bases Loaded 7 Black Pepper Bases Loaded Chagin . Bases Loaded Bases Loaded Black-Pepper 5 Trackman, W. C. Phillips SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track Fighter Jack Fighter Jack Fighter Jack Bold Star Fighter Jaok Fighter Jack 22 1 Instanter Bold Star Bold Star Fighter Jack Bold Star Bold Star 12 BjDldStar Lusmores Biltrite Instanter Ration Instanter 3 Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua 25 2 Sedulous Sedulous GallaBabe Sunshade Sedulous Sedulous 6 Silver Reward Sunshade Sunshade Lady Jacsun Sunshade Sunshade 5 Scholarship Brownskin Scholarship Gunning Island Scholarship Scholarship 19 3 Trans Egret Scholarship Gunning Island Scholarship Gunning Island Gunning Island 10 Brownskin Gunning Island Brownskin Brownskin Ringneck Brownskin 8 Princess Hope PRINCESS HOPE Long Hill Princess Hope Princess Hone Princess Hope 24 4 Mocha Final Drive • Princess Hope Long Hill Tease Me Not Long Hill 8 Free Lunch Larry Ellis Mocha Mocha Long Hill Mocha 4 Loridale LORIDALE LORIDALE LORIDALE LORIDALE 33 5LORIDALE In Taste In Taste Teaneck Flash Bulverde Teaneck Flash Teaneck Flash 6 Teaneck Flash Bulverde Bulverde Teaneck Flash Flic Flac In Taste 4 Dynastic Box Trade Box Trade Box Trade Box Trade . Box Trade 21 6 Miss Huett Dynastic Dynastic Miss Huett Dynastic Dynastic 12 Box Trade Im Sandy Im Sandy Dynastic Contrary Jean Miss Huett 4 Newsweekly Newsweekly Newsweekly Newsweekly Newsweekly 20 7Norwest Charing Rock Power Drunk Dauntedid Dauntedid Power Drunk Dauntedid 6 Equihaze Dauntedid Related Equihaze Dauntedid Norwest 5 Hot Time Eternal Brief Sir Stephen Sir Stephen Eternal Brief Eternal Brief 15 8 .Eternal Brief Hot Time Eternal Brief Hot Time Hot Time Sir Stephen 12 Sir Stephen Sir Stephen Hot Time Eternal Brief Belrate Hot Time 12 Ray OSullivan Ray OSullivan Ray O Sullivan Ray OSullivan Ray OSullivan 22 9IrmasJim Ray OSullivan Nassau Nassau IrmasJim Nassau IrmasJim 9 Nassau IrmasJim Pincers Pincers IrmasJim Nassau 7

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