General News Notes Of The Day., Daily Racing Form, 1917-04-14


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GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY. The French made an attack Friday morning on the front nertli of St. Qatatla. Todays official Statement says the Germans resisted desperately, but the French captured several lines of trenches, taking prisoners and a eonsi.lerab.e number of ma chine guns. The French also made further gains cast of Conchy la VUle, taking prisoners ami booty. A battalion of the Uaaofhlc Artillery Company d Loadoa made a demonstration Friday morning before the American embassy. The soldiers, accompanied by a band, circled Grosvenor Gardens, where the embassy is situated, cheering for the Halted States and Ambassador Page. They then halted before the embassy, while the baad played American tunes. A firm in Petrograd, ltiis.ii. has announced its intent ion of importing American goads, including automobiles and accessories, electrical appliances, wood and iron working machinery, railway applies, gas and water tabes, motors, steamboats, beltiag, reefing and building supplies. Catalogues are requested. The Taeglisehe ISundseliau of Amsterdam prints a Leipzig dispatch saying that Sergt. Dr. Caspar Bene Gregory, ;| native of Philadelphia and professor of theology iii the Fuiversity of Leipzig, who volunteered for service in the German army, has been kUJed. He was 71 years aid. Prizes have been offered to farmers in several sections of Italy to encourage the enltivalion of cereals on lands which have urn been tiUed in a hug petted. Farmer, who manure siieli lands will also be reimbursed for one fifth of the cost el chemical ni.-.iuu s used. President Gompers of the American Federation of Labor cabled the British and French premiers asking thai labor leaders iu the two countries be -hen place- en the commission headed by Foreign Minister Balfour, which is to come to Washington for a war conference. A dispatch from London ■liuoaiii l ■ thai the Brit -ish hospital ship Salta was sank by a mine in the English channel oa April 10. Fifty -two persons were drowned. The admiralty also aanouaees the British hospital ship Gloucester Castle was torpedoed with out warning and sunk in mid -channel the night of March 80-81. The Finnish landtag opened today fat the first time since the war started, amid manifestatioau of Russo-Piaaish fraternity. Gov. Gen. Btakovieh declared thai Ln -■■. new democratic government i-I guarantee against future violations of Finlands liberties. A Copenhagen dispatch says Swedish papers till of an epidemic of smaUpoz ravaging Berlin and claim over 30.000 cases are proved. The infection as brought to Sweden bj Russian aar isvalkts seal borne v a Bwedea. T lectvase in Hollands oatpal of dairy prodaets i~ due to difficulty experienced in getting proper fodder. Mighty five per ceal of the butler produced is being reserved by the government far domestic consumption. A dispatch from Cordoba reports ■ great demon-1 Rtratiou there in favor of Argentinas joining Brazil in action against Germany. President Irigoyeu has postponed the coafereace requested by the German minister. A Copenhagen dispatch says thai the Baateh newspapers report thai Americans are buying a majority of the Norwegian ships under construction in American shipyards, ftmrrirnaa have parchased 1100,000 ton-. The Catted States government will try out same twenty inch guas for coast defense on the Atlantic. Railroad facilities for moving the guns will be em ployed on tracks especially constructed for the purpose. London reports the capture of two more village, a el adjoining positions by British in France. Berlin reports repulse of British attacks on Vino ridge and Pampoax, bat admits loss of SfoBChy. The Womens Night Court in New York City, which for nearly tea years has been a resort for hunters of literary material, actresses studying types and curiosity seekers, is to be abolished. Ilia- to tl.e ,1. iisiv.. construction work now going oa in Bogota, t olombia. there is an opportunity for the successful tetredaetJoa of American bath tubs and plumbing supplies in that city. Mobilization of German reservists in Chile for "service in Mexico was reported in Santiago. Chili. Allied ministers pal enough credence in the report to apprise their respective governments. The Brazilian government has seized all German steamers interne I in porta f the country. This followed the course pursued by tin- Catted States in her action against Germany. London reports continued British successes in Palestine. The have occupied further Turkish ter ritory to a depth of fifteen mite*. Turkish losses around Gaza put at 8,888. The transfer of the PeUsh volunteer corps to the Polish army occurred Wednesday at Warsaw. An army order issued by Empiror Charles to She volunteers was read. According to the nowsp ipers the Brazilian government is preparing to equip a strong contingent, which will be concentrated in the states on the Atlantic ocean. The army chiefs will test the volunteer system as congress discusses loan llpliou lSecruits are being assured enlistment will be only for "duration of war." Br. Leo Knopf. Villas private physician up until a lew months ago. has been arrested by the United States government and held in El Iaso. Texas. All citizens in the Lnited States enlisting now are practically assured of becoming officers, when the conscription measures are undertaken. Britisii naval men meet in first allied war council with Lnited States officials at Washington; America is to patrol the Atlantic ocean. Washington reports say both Austrian and Bulgaria have l een sounding chances to enter into peace negotiations with entente powers. American hardware is coming into general use :it Hongkong. China. Before the war European dealers were in control of this market. American capital is weiconied in the Butch East Indies. Birect shipping facilities to the United States would improve trade conditions. General Wood, commanding the eastern division of the Lnited States army, declares that the volunteer system has proven a complete failure. Martini law in the Lnited States to check nap activities and war plots is being considered by the government. "Lloyds." Londons agency of underwriters, are claiming peace will l e declared iA sixty days. Bteme admits loss of trenches east of Vertoiha, hut says later attacks drove out the Austrians. French infantry has penetrated the much dis- cussed "Hiiidenluirg line" in France. A submarine, believed to be German, is said to be operating off the coast of Cuba. j , I I I i | t I , i I I I

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