More Perplexities of Breeding: Further Instances of Great Race Mares Which Were Failures as Brood Mares and Of, Daily Racing Form, 1919-12-28


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MORE PERPLEXITIES OF BREEDING FURTHER INSTANCES OF GREAT RACE MARES WHICH WERE FAILURES AS BROOD MARES AND OF MARES WHICH RAN POORLY, BUT WERE FAMOUS AS STUD MATRONS By EXILE The deeper I go into the brood mare subject the more convinced do I become that race course performance is but little, if any, guide to a mares winner producing qualities. The truth of the matter is if you breed to a horse you breed to the individual; if to a mare, to the blood. Lisma, dam of the Kentucky Derby winner Omar Khayyam, though she made a number of attempts, could not win. Hour Glass, so far as my research goes, did not face the starter. Gay Laura, dam of one of the best of the Englishmen, Gay Crusader, was a moderate success Ha a race filly. Jersey Lightning, which gained much notoriety as the dam of the Derby winner Regret and the Futurity winner Thunderer, did manage one little race as a threc-year-cld. All of the offspring of that indifferent race course performer Star Cat run well. Gemma, dam of the Grand Prix winner Sardanapale, scored a couple of two-year-old successes. Tradi-tion, as a brood mare, is a failure. The Oaks filly Audience has a good one in Whisk Broom II. Beldames offspring are-of but little account on the turf. That extraordinarily good brood mare Galicia only won one race as a two-year-old. A good winner, Morningside, and all of her colts run. St. Priscilla, dam of Priscillian and Stromboli, a non-starter. Admiration was a good racer and Rhoda B. was winner of one small race. Hour Glass, 1909, by Rock Sand Hautesse, by Archiduc, did not win, but is dam of tlourlsss, winner of the American three-year-old Championship, Belmont Stakes, etc. Gay Laura, 1909, by Beppo Galeottia One Thousand Guineas, by Galopin, won when two years old the Wiston Hall, Breeders Foal Plate, and at three did not win, but is dam of Gay Crusader, winner of seven out of eight starts as a three-year-old, including the Triple Crown, Newmarket Gold Cup, Champion Stakes, etc. Rosedrop, 1907, by St. Frusquin Rosaline, by Trenton, won the Oaks, and is dam of Gainsborough, winner of the Two Thousand Guineas, Derby, St. Leger and Newmarket Gold Cup. Lisma, 1907, by Persimmon Luscious, by Harpenden or Royal Hampton, at two ran nine times without success, at three ran once, did not win, and is dam of Omar Khayyam, winner of the Kentucky Derby, Lawrence Realization, etc. Maskette, 1906, by Disguise Biturica, by Hamburg, won the Futurity and other good races ; no winning produce in this country. Stamina, 1905, by Nasturtium Endurance, by Right, by Inspector B., at two won the Brighton Produce Stakes, filly half of Matron Stakes, and at three the Gazelle, Ladies and Mermaid Stakes, is dam of Querca. Jersey Lightning, 1905, by Hamburg Daisy F., by Riley, at three won one race at seven-eighths, but is dam of Regret, Kentucky Derby, Alabama Stakes, etc. ; Thunderer, the Futurity, Barnegat and Vivid. Star Cat, 1904, by Star Shoot Catalina II., by Hindoo, at two did not win, at three took a maiden race and one other, ridden by a maiden jockey, but is dam of Star Jasmine Latonia Cup, etc., Puss in Boots, Progressive, American Eagle and Grimalkin. Perverse, 1903, by Meddler Melba, by Mortemer, at two won the filly half of the Matron Stakes Nursery Handicap, Champagne Stakes, and at three Ladies and Mermaid Stakes, dam of Pesky, Stubborn and Contrary, dam of Vexatious. Gemma, 1905, by Florizel II. Agnostic, by Rosicrucian, sister to Vedas, winner of the Two Thousand, at two won two races, Sandown Park Stud Produce Stakes, 1,757; Levant Stakes, Goodwood, ran in four other races at three, ran nine times without success, dam of Sardanapale, winner of the Grand Prix and over 1,000,000 francs. Artful, 1902, by Hamburg Martha II., by Dandie Dinmont, at two won the Futurity, White Plains Handicap, Great Filly Stakes, at three two purse races and the Brighton Handicap, beating Ort Wells and Beldame, is dam of Sam Slick, Paint Brush and Adroit. Tradition, 1902, by Goldfinch Reclare, by Reform, at two won eight races, including the Vernal, Distaff, Winged Foot Handicap, Neptune and Flatbush Stakes and Great Eastern Handicap, at three the Gazelle and Mermaid Stakes, Brighton Oaks, Alabama Stakes, at four ran without success, is dam of Traditioner. Tanya, 1902, by Meddler Handspun, by Hanover, at two won five races, National Stallion Race, Spinaway, Hopeful Stakes, at three won the Belmont Stakes, dam of Tan II., Tankard and Atta Boy II., stakes winner at two years old. Audience, 1901, by Sir Dixon Sallie McClelland, by Hindoo, at three won five races, including the Tennessee and Kentucky Oaks, dam of Whisk Broom II., good winner in England, winner of three big eastern handicaps in the United States, and of Matinse, dam of Matinee Idol and Afternoon. Hamburg Belle, 1901, by Hamburg Isiac, by Rosebery, at two won five races, Criterion Stakes, Rosebuds, Futurity, at three won the Brighton Oaks, Flight Stakes, Hunter Handicap, and is dam of Bellefontaine, winner in England, and dam of Vindex, Alster Cross, King Hamburg, Waterbelle, Meteorite, none of them of much account. Beldame, 1901, by Octagon Bella Donna, by Hermit, won at two the Vernal and Great Filly Stakes from Ocean Tide, Mineola and Audience, at three won eleven races, Ladies Stakes, Gazelle, Mermaid, Alabama Stakes, Saratoga Cup, Dolphin; The September, First Special, Second Special, at four won Standard Stakes, Suburban Handicap, is dam of Belvale, Belamour, Bel-ray, all of them platers. Blue Girl, 1899, by Sir Dixon Bonnie Blue II., by Hindoo, at two won five races, the Juvenile, Eclipse, Great American, Great Trial, Great Filly Stakes, at three the Ladies, Gazelle Stakes, dam of Cobalt, Blume, Delft, none of them good racers. Colonial Girl, 1899, by Meddler Springtide, by Galliard, good as a race mare, beat Hermis at St. Louis, no winners here. Olefiant, 1900, by Ornus Alveria M., by Top Gallant, at two won eight races, including ihe Avondale, Belle Meade, Debutante and Junior Championship St. Louis Stakes, at three the Tennessee Oaks, and is the dam of Countless. Endurance by Right, 1899, by Inspector B. Early Morn, by Silvester, at two won sixteen races, the Clipsetta, Lassie, Petite, Lakeside, Great Eastern, 126 pounds; Willow Stakes, Holly Handicap, 130 pounds; Third Special, Thirty-fifth Champagne Stakes, beating Yankee, 119 to 122 pounds; last seven races consecutively, dam of Stamina. Galicia, 1898, by Galopin Isoletta, by Isonomy, at two won one out of three starts, the Forty-third Ascot Biennial, at three four starts no win, dam of Bayardo St. Leger, Ascot Gold Cup, etc., Lemberg Derby, Kwang Su, Silesia, the latter dam of My Dear, winner of the Oaks. Morningside, 1898, by Meddler Sunnyside, by Mortemer, at two did not win, at three won four races, Alabama Stakes, Hunter Handicap, at four Brookdale Handicap, is dam of Port Light, Parkview, Top o th Morning, Cirrus and Cobwebs, two this year. Trigger, 1898, by Meddler Ro3ral Gun, by Royal Hampton, at two won one race, at three three races, Gazelle Stakes, dam of Pierre a Feu winner in France, High Gun, Hammerless, Rock Flint July Stakes and Molecomb Stakes in England. Maid of the Mint, 1897, by Minting Warble, by Skylark, did not win, dam of Spearmint, winner of Epsom Derby and Grand Prix. St. Priscilla, 1896, by Rayon dOr St. Pauline, by St. Blaise, did not win, dam of Priscillian and Stromboli. Fairy Gold, 1896, by Bend Or Dame Masham, by Galliard, at two won two races the Woodcote Stakes, beating Desmond, at three one race, a welter handicap, dam of Golden Measure, winner of the Sandringham Stakes at Sandown Park, Great Ebor Handicap and Gold Vase at Ascot, and n6w a sire of winners ; Fair Play, good winner and sire of Man o War, Mad Hatter, Stromboli, Hanovia, Lillian Shaw, etc.; Friar Rock, more than a good winner- Flit-tergbld, twenty-nine wins; Fair Gain, Golden View, dam of Rock View, one of the best mares ever imported: Ravello, 1896, by Sir Hugo Unco Guid, by Uncas, did not win, dam of Frank Gill Sweeper II. Two Thousand Guineas, etc:, and sire of Golden Broom, Sam Jackson, etc Admiration, 1896, by Kingston Hypocrite, by Longfellow, at three won six out of nine starts, Spring Special, and beat May Hempstead, dam of Detective, poor class. May Hempstead, 1S96, by Patron Lillie Hempstead, by Longfellow, at two won four races at three won seven races, Tennessee Oaks and Derby, Latonia Oaks, dam of Perpetual Rhoda B., 1895, by Hanover Margerine, by Algerine, at two won her first start the Exning Plate at Newmarket, dam of Orby, Epsom and Irish Derbys; Rho3ora, One Thousand Guineas; Rhododendron, Jennico, Clonbern, etc. Vahren, 1897, by Bona Vista Castania, by Hagioscope, at two won Apprentices Plate 103; Nostell Plate, 100, dam of The Tetrarch.

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