Famous Futurity next Saturday: Prospects Are for Largest Field in Its History with Morvich and Miss Joy Ineligible Score, Daily Racing Form, 1921-09-07

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FAMOUS FUTURITY NEXT SA TURD A Y PROSPECTS ARE FOR LARGEST FIELD IN ITS HISTORY WITH MORVICH AND MISS JOY INELIGIBLE SCORE OR MORE CANDIDATES HAVE CHANCE TO WIN MUCH - COVETED RACE NEW YORK, X. Y., September ti. The best racing of the entire, year will be seen by patrons of the sport during the autumn period, which is now under way at Belmont Park, and will continue without cessation until tin? close of October. The vicissitudes of training have eliminated the weaklings and only rhe stoutest and soundest will contest for the substantial awards offered by the organizations racing under the jurisdiction of the Jockey Club. It is fortunate for the sport-loving people of the United States that the Metropolis? has such an attraction to offer during the waning days of summer and the early autumn. Tens of thousands of transients in New York for bnsiness or pleasure, or a combination of both, will welcome the opportunity to sec the best of the thoroughbreds in action. The residents of every town and hamlet in the United States are familiar with the doings of Man o War, the sensational horse of 1920, and most of them are well posted ns to the record of the newest turf meteor, the two-year-old Morvich, which won his ninth straight race when he annexed the 5,000 Hopeful Stnkes at Saratoga last Wednesday. The glorious days of September, with a haze tempering the sun, were made for racing, and those within the gates of Gotham during this month are to be congratulated. It is in this period that many of the greatest of the big prizes of the turf are decided. Tlie Lawrence Realization Stakes, which iiais just been run at Belmont Park, Americas most magnificent race course, is one of the best awards for three-year-olds, and the Futurity Stakes and Jockey Club Gold Cup, the latter a test at two miles, which will be run on Saturday next, are other events which will engage the attention of turf enthusiasts throughout the land. The former is tin? most talked -of event in American racing. It is the oldest of the turf features carrying breeders premiums. Every community in the horse-breeding regions of the United States awaits the news of the running of this race with feverish interest. Two-year-olds born in home pastures are showing their quality on Belmont Parks course, measuring speed and gauicness with the products of other sections of the country. Something more than local pride is jndicated in tlie hope that one of their own will 1m! victorious, there being premiums of ,000 to the breeder of the winner, to the breeder of the second and "0 to the breeder of the third. It is interesting to note that Tennessee was the birthplace of Proctor Knott, the first winner of the prize. Chaos, the next winner, was foaled iu Pennsylvania, Potomac and Xlis Highness in Kentucky, Morello in Virginia, Domino and The Butterflies in Kentucky, Requital in Xew Jersey, Ogden in Montana, LAlouette in New Jersey, Martimas in Kentucky; Clineornnc in California; Ballyhoo Bey and Yankee in Kentucky. Savable in California, Hamburg Belle in Kentucky, Artful, in Xew Jersey, Onnondale in, California: Electioneer, Colin, Masketty, Sweep and Novelty in Kentucky, Pennant in New .Tersy, Trojan in Virginia. Thunderer in New -Torsey, Camptlre and Papp in Kentucky Diuilwyucin-Virginiit and Man o War and Step Lightly in Kentucky. . Every -man. womiitl linflehild that hail anything to do with the feed and care of these Winners arc proud of the "fact that they had an intimate relationship with such celebrities. It is this spirit which lias elevated blood stock breeding above every kindred occupation and clothed it with a romantic quality. In no previous year has the Futurity presented a more open aspect. With Morvich and Miss Joy ineligible, there arc a score or more of candidates with a clianee of carrying off the splendid prize. The Whitney and Rancocas stables have the greatest strength numerically and in results accomplished to date. The former with Kjti-Sang, Little Chief and Budana has a powerful trio, which is matched by Whisk away. Bimting ami P.roomster from the string of II. P. Whitney. Morton L. Schwartz has a fleet and i citable candidate in Column, while. Glen Riddle Farms have in Oceanic a colt of great promise. Senator Camdens Sir Hugh may come from Kentucky for the event. Commander Ross Mercutio is a dark one. and Montfort Jones has another of the same type in Roekmlnister. Long Island will carry the colors of Max Hirsch. while Chesterbrook will represent Col. E. B. Cassatt, who named the colt in honor, of the stud from which so many line horses have been sent. The Lexington Stable has two beautifully-bred ones engaged iu My Play and Missionary, the former a brother to Man o War. E. B. McLean is "represented by Dream of Allah, a daughter of Colin, a former winner of tlie race, and John E. Madden will probably start Surf Rider, Deadlock and Santa Clara. Xedna, a lovely filly by Whiskbrooni II.. will le Cue candidate of L. S. Thompson. Pillory will carry the colors of R. T. Wilson. Jr. This colts form in his last race was good and he might duplicate the performance of his relative Camplire, which won in 1910. Sunreigh will be the hope of W. S. Kilmer and Sweep Ry will represent Mrs. A. R. Lawson. Other probable starters include Lawrence Watcrburys Lctterman and the Quincy Stables Ray Jay. Here is the complete list of the 178 two-year-olds still eligible to start iu the Futurity: Allies Stable Twenty Seventh Division, ch. g, by Trojan Robinetta. Alvarez, E. Califa, ch. c, by The Finn Margaret O. Arthur. .1. Linn, br. f. by Frizzlu Alix. Belair Stud Royal Primrose, b. f, by Celt Primula 11. Belair Stud Cliewink, blk. f, by Celt Bobolink II. Blackford. G. L. Radical, b. c, by Wrack Russian Sable. P.lukely. A. G. Dr. T. S. Dabuey, ch. c. by His Majesty Marie Odile. Bradley, K. R. Bred at Home, ch. f, by North Star 111. Benanet. Bradley, 13. R. North. Tower, b. c, by North Star III. Tower of Candles. Bradley, E. R. Bemorecarcful, b. or br. c, by North Star III. Stumpy. Brown, F. E. Trajanus, br. c, by Rock View Belgravia. Rrown, R. J. My Reverie, b. f, by Ultimus Reflex. Buckley, T. F. Last Effort, b. f, by Ultimus Dorval. Camden, .1. N. Bay filly, by Light Brigade Hermosa. Camden. J. N. Sir Hugh, b. c, by Light Brigade Enigma. Canterbury Farm Sea Master, b. c, by Seahorse II. Teacher. Carpenter, G. N. Confusion, br. f, by Friar Rock Melee. Cassatt, E. B. Chesterbrook, br. c, by Cavalca-dour Flying Fairy. Christian, E. C. Moon Winks, br. f, by Sweep Experience. Christian, E. C. Doughnut, br. c, by Sweep Fascination. Clay, C. Restless, b. f, by Wrack Lady Elite. Clav, C. Truro, ch. c, by Jim Gaffney Alice Dudley. Clopton, S. A. Cloy, ch. c, by Celt Gelee. Clopton, S. A. So It Goes, ch. c, by Ormondale Futurist. Clopton. S. A. Max Gold, b. c, by Ormondale Sweet Mario. Clopton, S. A. Extend, b. c, by Hessian Expressing. Cochran. G. A. Orro, eJi. f, by His Majesty Golden Drop. Cochran, G. A. Polyantha, b. f, by Broomstick Early Rose. Coe. W. R. Many Smiles, ch. f, by Harmouicon Laughaway. Coe, W. R. Master Hand, b. c, by Ballot-Shuck. Cosden, J. S. Roulette, br. f, by Celt Toots. Fisher, H. C. Bud Fisher, b. c, by Uncle-Miss Granville. Fitzgerald, T. F. Adelia S., b. f, by Hesperus Initintec. Foreign Stable Nightboat, b. c, by W rack Star Gift. Gath. Joseph Anna M., br. f, by Light Brigade Rugosa. Gerry, R. L. Bees Wax, b. f, by Celt Honey Be-. Glen Riddle Farm Brocklcsby. b. c, by Wrack Desiroua. Gleu Riddle Farm Oceanic, br. or blk. c, by The Finn Veuve Clicquot. Glen Riddle Farm Green Fruit, b. f, by The Finn Watermelon. Greentree Stable Sedge, ch. c, by Celt Sand Puue, Grcfer. F. .1. Vnlcain Park, ch. c, bv Vulcain Floral, Park. Hewitt. 11. II. Startle, ch. f, by Star Hawk-Inspiration. Hewitt, H. II. Washington, ch. c, by Ballot Hazzara. Hirsch. Max Sidereal, ch. c, by Star Shoot Old Squaw. Hirsch. Max -Volcanic, ch. c, by Friar ICock Lou Blue. Hirsch, Max Chestnut colt, by Friar Rock Smoothbore. Johnson, F. Excclsis, ch. c, by Ultimus Melissa. . , Jones, Montfort Lieut. Colonel, b. g, by Light Brigade Yolanda. Jones, Montfort Widgeon, ch. c, by Star Shoot Wide Eyes. Jones. Slontfort Rockminister, ch. c, by Friar Rock Mallard. Kilkrane Stable Irish Brigadier, br. c, by Light Brigade Magic Lantern. Lawson, Mrs. A. R. Castleton, b. c, by Sweep Belle of Arcadia. Iichan, Dan Margaret Winsor, br. f, by Huon Bronzewing. Mackenzie, R. H. M. Diana Waters, br. f, by Play Square Jiljola. Mackenzie, 11. II. M. Water Estclle, br. or blk. c, by Watcrcolor Ks telle Carson. Mackenzie, 11. 11. M. On the Level, br. or blk. c, by Play Square Le Grcequc. MacManus, Jas. Fitzgibbon, br. c, by Huon Rosslarc. Macomber, A. K. The Dictator, b. c, by Dodge Lip Stick. Macomber, A. K. The Araucanian, br. c, by Dodge Hoop Skirt. Macomber, A. K. The Falconer, br. c, bv Star nawk Myrtlegale. Madden. J. 13. Collinga, ch. f, by Light Brigade Hindoo Rose. Madden, J. E. Sword, b. c. by Light Brigade Sard. Madden. J. E. Heavy Artillery, b. g, by Light Brigade neliosis. Madden, J-33..- Mercutio, ch. c, by Friar Rock Mercadel. Madden, J. 13. Oecidenta, b. c, by Tlie Finn Star of tlie West. Madden, J. E. Broomflax, ch. c, by Uncle Broom leaf. Madden. J. E. Nantucket, ch. c, by Friar Rock . Sea Shell. Madden. J. H. Harridan, eh. f, by Friar Rock Tory Maid. Milam, J. C Santa Clara, b. f, by Ormondale , Western Lady. Mueller, T. E. Prologue, ch. c, by The Finn Little Buttercup. Mullins, J. S. Kitty Maude, ch. f, by Hessian i or Tbe Finn Collinc. McLean. Edw. B. Dream of Allah, ch. f, by Colin Garden of Allah. McLean. Edw. B. Friar Dixon, b. c, by Friar : Rock Queen Dixon. McLean, Edw. B. The Post, b. c, by Hcseiau i Passau. McLean. Edw. B. Miss Coliu, blk. f. by Coliu i Miss Kingstou. Oak Ridge Stable Black Fox, b. c, by Sea King : Alecn B. Oak Ridge Stable Dan Boiling, b. c. by Sea i King Coat. - Continued on tenth pajje. FAMOUS FUTURITY SATURDAY Continued from tint page. O.Henrn, Thos. Joe C,, b. c, by Plaudit -Queen Land. rattcrson. I. Ef. Brother John, b. c by Peter Quince or Light Brhradc Bunchy. Pelican Stable St. Maurice, ch. c, by Zeus Even Break. Pierce, T. L. Bujas Ward, ch. f, by The Finn Lizzie Dixon. Qulncy Stable Yankee Star, b. c, by Star Shoot Yankee Lady. Quincy Stable Minima, ch. f, by Friar Hock Sliss Minnie. Qulncy Stable ltockwood, b. c, by Friar Kock Aunt Mamie. Rancocas Stable Littlo" Chief, b. c, by "Wrack Medora II. Rancocas Stable Kai-Sang, br. c, by The Finn Kiluna. Rancocas Stable San Stcfano, br. c, by Delhi High Degree. Rancocas Stable Restraint, b. f, by Jack Atkin Lottie Darr. Rancocas Stable The Almoner, b. c, by Sweep andue Smith. Rancocas Stable Fanfare, b. or br. t, by Zeus Frances. Rnneocas Stable Budana, b. or br. f, by Zens Buda. Raiian, H. C. Onna Dale, b. f. by Ormondulc Manna Stella. ltost, J. K. L. Spanish Maize, ch. c, by Spanish Prince II. AVheat-car. Itosseter, J. II. Underwriter, b. c, by Disguise AKnca Velasquez. RoWiter, J. II. Mission Bells, b. f, by Friar Bock Sanctuary. Itosseter, J. II. Firm Friend, ch. c, by Friar Kock Bold Girl. Bossetcr, .1. II. Aspinwnll, ch. c,- by Friar Bock Rose of Gold. Salmon. Walter J. Impetuous, ch. f, by Peter ..Quincivr-Wilful Maid II. Salmon, Walter J. Jocose, ch. c, by Celt Merriment IF. Sanford, John Valontla, b. f, by Spanish Prince 1L Mabirl Strauss. Sanford, John Olynthus, b. c, by Nassoviau Kildouan. . Sanford, John Barriskane, b. c, by The Curragh Winning AYMtch. Sanford, John Athclstaii, b. c, by Uncle Con-sudo II. I Schwartz, Morton L. Toil, ch. c, by Celt Work-ranid. Schwartz, Morton L. Column, ch. c, by Celt-Pyramid. Sherman, George P. Charlotta Smitb, . b. f, by Thco. Cook Lady London. .. Shreve, John II. -Twdles ch. f, by Celt Puritan Girl. Shropshire. W. G. Krskiue Dale, b. c, by Sweep Frances Gaines. Smith, R. A. Tom Cassidy, b. c, by Wrack-Sobriquet. Lexington Stable Bellevue, ch. f, by Fair Play Beldame. Lexington Stable Draft, b. or br. c, by Fair Play Dragnet. Lexington Stabk Finery, b. f, by Fair Play 1 cl icily. Lexington Stable Lucky llotir, l. e, by Ferolo or. Hourless Lucky Catch. Lexington Stable My Play, b. c, by Fair Flay Mabubah. Lexington Stable Missionary, ch. c, by Hourless Mission. Lexington Stable Prelude, ch. f, by Fair Play Priscilla. Lexington Stable Horologe, br. or blk. c. by St. Aznnnt Hour Hand. IiWwington Stable Royal Tracings, ch. f. by Tracery Royal Coinage. Thompson, L. S. Nedna, br. f. by Whisk Broom II.rr-Lcayouara. Tblmie. Mrs. W. It. Mack Track, br. f. by Ogden Shallow Waiter. Weld, F.dward M. Ultimata, ch. f. by Fltiuius Hurakan. Whitney, K. F. Clansman, b, c, by Uncle -Katrine. Whitney, II. P. Yashmak, ch. r, by Broomstick Bal:she.csh. Whitney. II. P. Cherry Tree. b. e, by Broom-Htiek-terise. ..Whitney. II. P. Rocket, b. c, by Broomstick Firt Flight. Whitney, II. P. Bunting, b. c, by Pennant Fril-ler.v. Whitney, H. P. Whiskaway, ch. c, by Whisk Broom II. Inaugunil. Whitney, H. 1. Olympus, br. e, by Royal Eagle Paradise II. Whitney, H. P. Meadow Mist, b. I", by Whisk Broom II. Rainy Daisy. Whitney, II. P. Penitent, cli. f. by lYnuant Regret. Whitney, H. P. Bromstcr, b. c. by Broomstick Spuu Glass. Widcner, George D. Galcta, ch. f, by Garry Herrmann Iady Galctte. Widcner, J. K. Bay colt, by Broomstick Zoola. Wilson, R. T. Pillory, ch. c, by Olambala Hester Prynne.. Wrispen, F. J. Knima W b. f, by Hesperus Athenia. Xalapa Farm Southern Cross, br. c. by Luke MeLuke Pamphyle. Alexander. K. D. Mollie King. ch. f, by Trc-visco Christmas Star. . Arthur, James- Peggy D., biv f. ly Flotsam III. Lady. Rosiilii-. Arthur, .Tames Alva, b. c, by Peter Quince Result. Arthur, James Wessie 15., b. f. by King James Australina. Braunon, B. J. Colonel Winn, b. e, by Sweep Droll. Bryson, G. K. Grace Foster, br. f, by Superman Cadcan. Burlew, F. Mawrcoron, ch. c, . by lryn JIawr Coronls. Carmnn. 1J. F. Fit ten, br. c, by Meridian Da-rirma. Clark, C. W. Tom Hare Jr., br. c, by Virteain Mooaet. Clopton, S. A. Loveliest, b. f, by Allumeur Lovelight II. Cosden, J. S. Lord Baltimore, b. or br. c, by Celt .Moisant. Cosden, J. S. Ronalds Run, ch. f, by Dick Fin-nell Federal Girl. Estill, W. R. Ooloug, b. f, by Friar Rock Tea Enough. Glen Riddle Farm Wye, b. c, by Assagai Con-Uwlna. Jeffords. Walter M. Bravo, ch. c, by Ballot-Tardy. Johnston, James Misdeal, b. f, by Sir Wilfred Colorvioto. Jones, Montfort Uncle Sonny, ch. c, by Uncle BatlyTiiena. Kilmer. Willis Sharpe Sunreigh, ch. c, by Sun-dridgo Sweet Briar II. LLaw.son, Mrs. A. R. Sweep -By, br. c, by Sweep Iridescence. Madden, J. K. Deadlock, b. e, by Sir Wilfred Hortense II. Madden, J. K. Siirf Rider, b. g, by Superman Sta Spray. Marrone Stable Glenbells, ch. f, by Glericairn Ringling. .McLean, Kdward B. I.eochares II., b. e, by Ben Brush Rhodas Pride. McLean, Edward B. Black Flag, br. or blk. f, by Light Brigade Misplay. Powell, E. E. Dinahnieur, b. f, by Allumeur White -Dinah. - Quincy Stable Ray .lay, b. c, by Assagai Ro-magne. Quincy Stable Relay, b. c, by. Assagai War Doll. Rancocas Stuble Billy Watts, b. c, by Trap Roc!: La Keculte. Ross, J. K. L. Feylunee, b. e, by Assagai St. Frey. Salmon, Walter J. Trevelyau, ch. c, by Trevisco Starry Night. Salmon, Walter J. Superlatiw, b. c, by Super-njau Rupicola. Smith, B.. Jr. Three-Thirds, eh. f, by King James Proud Ducbcss. Smith, B. A. John Morrill, b. c, by Fayette Arcophanc. ityringcr, E. D. Elias 0., ch. e, by Short Grass Mary Powell. Short Grass Stable Rib GniKs. ch. r. by Short, firass .Marian Hood.. Short Grass Stable Knot Uiuss, h, c, by Short Gross Qenllewoman, Watorbury, L. Silent King. ch. c. by King James Auntie Mum. Watcrbury. L. Chestnut filly, by King Jamc Dolly Buitman. Waterbtiry, L. Lcttcrinan, ch. c, by Superman Arlotto. Watorbury. L. Galantman, b. o. by Superman Oaluiiln, Weld, Edward M. Tteviscoi, ch, c, br Trevlsco Miss Charcot,

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