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ALL MISSOURIANS DOUBTERS SKEPTICS LOSERS ! ! ! "TmTJ! "Ifi. 1 Write Today for Complete Prospectui of ITTETT- WONDERFULLY NOT A SS THE MIRACLE SYSTEM ?!r 1 11 " VH-L WONDERFUL INVESTMENT mhmmhmhm FULLY COPYRIGHTED AND PROTECTED hmmmhmmh OUR. CRYSTALLIZED RACING MANUAL, containing 28 pages of valuable turf data, vitally lm-portant racing pointers, testimonials, sworn results and statistics, the 21 FAMOUS "WALTER." SUCCESS MAXIMS, and a review of the best known "systems" published, will be sent you absolutely without charge or obligation. Postals are ignored. YOU CAN MAKE EVERT DAY A WINNING DAY with the same assurance as you would negotiate a certified check! The System is not a list of horsea to follow, no "double up." or first, second or third choice BUBBLE. Hundreds of prosperous, satisfied clients, leceted from coast to coast, have testified to the unvarying consistency of this Percentage Winner Supremo. We ever stand prepared to submit a collection of these flattering endorsements in original form, with the envelope attached showing pest-mark and canceled stamp. This indisputable evidence la a hundred fold more convincing than our full-page ad. We are waiting for you to check us up. If you appreciate tho true meaning of the word N-O-W, you will soon spell it the other way around, W-O-N! Liberal terms, contingent upon resultant earnings. If the System does not win consistently and fulfill every claim, you owe us nothing. 2?A M. P. WALTER and CO., gSS5 CANADA THE TIFFANY OK SYSTEM CONCERNS AUSTRALIA. S. K. ARTHUR, Pnbllu Relations Mgr. , PRIVATE LOCK llOX 40P - TOWSON, MD. CHIEF OBSERVER 35 Cents Per Copy. For Sale at All Newsstands Everywhere. Mailed Ten Weeks, .00. NEW ISSUE OUT SOME OF LAST WEEKS WINNERS: DR. CLARK 1.8Q- Won TIPPO SAHIB ..1.20- Won WESTWOOD .....10- Won FIREBRAND ...0.10- Won GREEN GOLD ....3Q- Won ROCK SILK 1.45- Won Sweet Bouquet.. 0.45- Won BASTILLE .40-32 Won GINGER .30- Won A. N. AK!N....4.80- 2nd FIRM FRIEND 4-1 Won The Chief advised these strongly in last weeks issue. Tin; chief again calls your strong attention to this weeks loklet. Indcr no consideration miss it. TODAY BIG LATONIA 0 FREE SPECIAL Under no consideration miss this one. One of the most promising at the track ami one that The Chief says will win in a walk. Here is your chance for a HEAL LIVE ONE. For this special just ask your newsdealer for The CHIEF OBSERVERS DAILY TRACK LETTER Only 50 Cents, or Mailed 2 Weeks .00. Address CHIEF OBSERVER PUB. CO. 25 W. FORTY-SECOND ST., NEW YORK CITY FOR SALE AT: COVINGTON, Ky. Rob. Gordon, 4th and Scott Sts. LOUISVILLE, Ky. Eiler and Goodman, 227 4th Ave. LEXINGTON, Ky. Jos. Bishow, Main and Lime. CINCINNATI. O. All Newsstands. ST. LOUIS. Mo. Wm. Laser, Lobby, 705 Market St. HAMILTON. O. Halperin. 338V2 High St. AND ALL OTHER INTERMEDIATE CITIES. THE WINNING POST AMERICAS LEADING SPORTING WEEKLY THIS WEEKS CODE: Kent u cky-Faith - Be - 0 ut-O ur All Newsstands, 15 Cents Per Copy. By Mail, .00 Per Year. 101 WEST FORTY-FIRST ST., NEW YORK CITY TIPPO SAHIB .?11.20- WON and a Loser Were Last Saturdays XX Specials. Dont Miss Next Saturdays Two Live Ones at Latonia. All they cost is , and if one of the two does not win yon get the following Saturdays free. If you want winners get the old reliable Blue Book 35c at all newsstands. Gives the best line on all the horses ready at Kentucky, New York and Can. Todays Form Special: October-Peach-42-12-16-46 STANDARD TURF GUIDE Room 403, 22 W. Quincy St. Chicago, 111. WHERE CAN YOU BEAT THIS SERVICE 1 Mailed over night, plain envelope. One Best, Long Shot. One Best past 6 days 3 winners. 3 losers. Dr. Clark, 490-100 won; Jones entry, 185-100 won; Herd Girl, 265-100 won. Clients that started with us Jan. 22, playing One llest according to system we send you. gratis, are big winners. Send .00 for Week Thats All. THE CLOCKER Suite 510-511 Baltimore. Bldg., 22 W. Quincy St. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORM DAILY RACING FORK PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT t CHICAGO. ILL. 157-159 East 32nd STREET, NEW YORK. N. Y-74 EXCHANGE STREET :: BUFFALO, N. 1. THE CHIEF CLOCKERS A "GOOD THING" IN EACH RACE SOLD ON ALL NEWSSTANDS -:- 50c DAILY WE WON-AGAIN YESTERDAYS GUARANTEED 2 OCCASIONAL WON WON WON And my followers WON ACAIN, and on Wednesday MADE GOOD.?. Look what we gave to WIN ONLY: PARLAY WON 20-1; BEST BET and SPECIAL VON; JOHN S. REARDON. .00-2 WON; HERD GIRL, .20- WON: MARVIN MAY, 2.10- WON: BLACKIE DAW, .50- WON; ALLIVAN, ?5.70- WON. How can you lose following such information? If you paid 00 a day you couldnt get any better. If you only knew from where we get this information you would be willing to pay 00 a day, and this costs only 50 cents a day. TODAY ANOTHER BIG DAY If you miss todays Best I.et and Special at. Latonia you will surely be sorry, as we have a few live ones that we stronglv advise vou to have a good play on. ANOTHER GUARANTEED OCCASIONAL TODAY. This horse MlST WIN today or you get next one FREE. Dont miss this one today. Comes from same source that sent yesterdays Occasional to us. Get me? Sold on All Stands in Every City 50c Daily and for Occasional, or Mailed to You ?3 Week. CHIEF CLOCKER 15th Floor, Groat Northern Bldg., Chicago, 111. National 0. K. Racing Letter JUDGE PRYOR ...10- Won Was Yesterdays "Long Shot Special." YESTERDAYS "BEST BET" WAS SCRATCHED. John S. Reardon..00- Won Was Tuesdays "Long Shot Special." TUESDAYS "BEST BET" RAN SECOND. RANGOON .20- Won Was Mondays "Best Bet." HOW CAN YOU AFFORD TO BE WITHOUT THE 0. K. WHEN YOU CAN GET IT FOR THE RIDICULOUSLY SMALL SUM OF 50c DAILY AT ALL NEWSSTANDS 50c Mailed Direct, 1 Week, .00: 2 Weeks, .00. REMEMBER, WE ABSOLUTELY ONLY GIVE TWO HORSES EACH DAY National 0. K. Publishing Co. Room 411, BALTIMORE BLDG., CHICAGO, ILL. D0BBIE-G00DS0LE ESTATE of Calumet, Michigan, wishes the address of heirs. F. J. G00DS0LE Administrator 225 Hecla St. Laurium, Mich. STABLE INFORMATION Would like to get in touch with a few reliable business men who will place 9 for me in return for real information not tips from two stables only. About six horses each month. References required and exchanged. Write and I will identify myself fully and satisfactorily. Address W. D. L. BOX 143 .... LEXINGTON. KY. TURF TOPICS For Sale at All Leading Newsstands 5.00 Publication for 35 Cents. NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY TODAYS FREE CODES: Latonia: Sound-16-32 Belmont: Sea-26-17 TURF TOPICS PUBLISHING CO. BOOH 54, 111 NASSAU ST. NEW YORK CITY

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