Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-07

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman P G McCann SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Stage Door DoorValordor Stage Dopr Stage Door Stage Door Stage Door Stage Door Stage Door 30 245 PM Valordor Mr Infinity Valordor Mr Infinity Valordor Crystal Torch Valordor 6 jCrystal Torch TorchElcinap Crystal Torch Crystal Torch Crystal Torch Old Union Mr Infinity Crystal Torch 6 Elcinap Elcinap Elcinap Elcinap Dabiton Elcinap Elcinap 27 I 315 PM Air ElcinapAir Raider ElcinapCharnock Charnock CharnockDabiton ElcinapCharnock Charnock CharnockDabiton Charnock Elcinap ElcinapCharnock Charnock CharnockDabiton Charnpek 10 jCharnpck Dabiton Dabiton Dabiton Charnock Dabiton Dabiton 9 NaniLeonai Yankee Notions Cone jo Conejo NaniLeonai NaniLeonai NaniLeonai 19 345 PM NaniLeonaiYankee Yankee Notions Camp Liberty NaniLeonai Camp Liberty Cone Jo Conejo Conejo 12 Camp Liberty NaniLeonai Camp Liberty NaniLeonai Madly Camp Liberty Yankee Notions 7 NaniLeonaiMr MR SMITH SMITHTartarus Mr Smith MR SMITH Mr Smith Mr Smith MR SMITH MR SMITH 38 I 415PM Tartarus Free Miss Free Miss Free Miss Free Miss Free Miss Free Miss 10 Sylvan TartarusSylvan Dell Sylvan Dell Mistletoe Tartarus Mistletoe Sylvan Dell Sylvian Dell 4 Liberty Bon SWEEPNG AHEADLiberty Bon SWEEPNG AHEAD SWEEPNG AHEADLiberty Bon Sweeping Ahead 26 445 PM Sweeping Ahead Liberty Bon Sweeping Ahead Dog Daze Dog Daze Sweeping Ahead Liberty Bon 18 Nancy Lee Captain Eddie SjrDate Liberty Bon Sir Date Dog Daze Dog Daze 4 Brine Me Home Bring Me Home Bring Me Home HomeValdina Bring Me Home Bring Me Home Bring Me Home Bring Me Home 30 515PM Santa Elisa Santa Elisa Valdina Rex RexUnknown Santa Elisa ElisaCWpamink King Epithet Chipamink Santa Elisa 7 Chipamink Chipamink Unknown Reward RewardDiscussion CWpamink Chipamink Santa Elisa Chipamink 6 Southern Jane Paul Lee Discussion DiscussionPaul Paul Lee Southern Jane Southern Jane Southern Jane 17 545 PM Spanish Belle Discussion Paul Lee Discussion Discussion Discussion DiscussionSpanish Paul Lee 13 Paul Lee Southern Jane Spanish Belle Southern Jane Spanish Belle Spanish Belle Discussion 8 Illinois Star Blossom Queen Gay Hour HourFight Gay Hour Very True Gay Hour Gay Hour 19 615 PM Eleventh Hour Gav Hour Fight On OnVery Ten Blow Gay Hour Very True Blossom Queen 9 Blossom Queen Holly Very True Blossom Queen Blossom Queen Blossom Queen Very True 8 Trackman D S Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST JTRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST CONSENSUS Pimlico Polly HyCop HyCop HYCOP HyCop HyCop HyCop 27 200 PM Mad Bunny Bit o Brown BrownPimlico Pimlico Polly Bit o Brown Markquen Bit o Brown Pimlico Polly 11 Bit o Brown BrownDarby Pimlico Polly Bit ofBrqwn JPimlico Polly Pimlico Polly JPimlico Pplly Darby Dop DopUnhampered Nostradamus Nostradamus Cabin Creek Nostradamus Cabin Creek Nostradamus 16 230 P M Unhampered UnhamperedAlanF Cabin Creek Darby Doc Morning Lark Lazy Tongs Darby Doc Cabin Creek 13 AlanF Unhampered Lazy Tongs Nostradamus Cabin Creekr CreekrLast Bescar Darby Doc 9 UnhamperedJoan JoanT Joan T TECHNICIAN Technician Last Gold Technician Technician 20 20Joan 300 P M Last G9ld Last Gold Joan T Last Gold Technician Joan T TLast Joan T 13 Questvive G9ldQuestvive Technician Last Gold Joan T Questvive Last Gold JLast Gold 13 Lunch Date Red Wonder Lunch Date Whirlabout RED WONDER WONDERWhirlabout Red Wonder Red Wonder 20 20Lunch 330 P M Jo Agnes Whirlabout Jo Agnes Red Wonder WonderJoARnes Whirlabout Whirlabout Lunch Date 13 Red Wonder Lunch Date Gold State JoARnes Lunch Date JLunch WhirlaboutJLunch Date JVhirlaboutJ 11J TRADE LAST LASTFlying TRADE LAST Trade Last Trade Last Ubiquitous Trade Last Trade Last 29 29Flying 400 PM Flying Easy Flying Easy Flying Easy Flying Easy Flying Easy Flying Easy EasyJQbiquitous Flying Easy 12 12Ubiquitous JQbiquitous Ubiquitous Sis Baker Ubiquitous Sis Baker JQbiquitous Ubiquitous 8 Isaroma Isaroma Isaroma Isaroma Aldndge ISAROMA Isaroma 129 430 PM IsaromaBurning Burning Stick Burning Stick Gambit Burning Stick Isaroma Burning Stick Burning Stick 10 Aldridge Aldridge Burning Stick Gambit Burning Stick StickShuckins Gambit Aldridge 7 Akrontown Shuckms Sonny O B Akrontown Shuckins Shuckins Shuckins 18 500 PM Alagnes AkrontownAlagnes Akrontown Shuckins Alagnes Alagnes ShuckinsAkrontown Akrontown Akrontown 14 AkrontownAlagnes JWinnpearl Greenock Image Greenock Image Shuckins Sonny O B Alagnes Alagnes 7 Onemore Onemore Onemore Onemore Onemore Onemore ONEMORE 30 530 PM Call OnemoreCall to Colors ColorsHard HardLu Hard Lu Hard Lu Hard Lu Nancys Baby HardLu 10 Hard Lu Bob Hi Hadaboy Honey Chile Honey Chile Hard Lu Honey Chile 3 Trackman M W Casale JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Docdonough All Talk S SDocdonough Magic Heels Sirlette Magic Heels Magic Heels 16 All Talk TalkRenraw Docdonough All Talk Renraw 16Renraw Sirlette All Talk 11 Renraw Sirlette Docdonough MagicJHeels 11MagicJHeels All Talk Docdonough 9 Early Delivery Early Delivery DeliverySingle Early Delivery EARLY DELIVER YEARLY DELIVERY Early Delivery 327 Hard Blast SingleHard Single Ben Gray Ladies First Single Single 7 7Ladies Ben Gray Hard Blast Ladies First Single Ladies First Ladies First 4 Big Raid RaidAbashed Bull Dandy DandySpook Spook Ship Big Raid Big Raid Big Raid 2i AbashedMetropolitan Abashed Spook Ship Bull Dandy Abashed Bull Dandy DandyJTest Bull Dandy 9 9J3pqok MetropolitanTricks Metropolitan JBigRaid Test Flight Test Flight JTest Flight J3pqok Ship 9 Tricks TricksCamptown Tricks TricksCamptown Tricks Thin Air AirCamptown Tricks Tricks 22 CamptownThin Camptown CamptownThinAir Camptown Camptown Camptown CamptownTricks Camptown Camptown 15 Thin Air ThinAir Thin Air Tricks Thin Air Thin Air 12 VAGRANCY VAGRANCY Vagrancy Vagrancy Vagrancy VAGRANCY 36 VAGRANCYPomayya VagrancyPomayya Pomayya Pomayya PomayyaLoveday Pomayya Pomayya PomayyaLoveday Pomayya Pomayya 12 Loveday Loveday Loveday Loveday Dark Discovery Love Day 4 LovedayAriel Hianne Blue Whistler Hianne Ariel Play PlayRewarded Ariel Play Hianne 17 HianneSuntegra HianneHeadoverheels Suntegra Headoverheels Headoverheels Rewarded Rewarded ArielPlay 13 SuntegraArielPlay HeadoverheelsRewarded RewardedCowlan ArielPlay Hianne Rewarded Cowlan Hianne Rewarded 5 Free Speech Free Speech FREE SPEECH Free Speech Cherry T Free Speech 26 Cherry T Cherry T Cherry T My Mallie Free Speech Cherry T 13 Radio Morale South Drive South Drive Cherry T South Drive Radio Morale 6 Trackman C J Connors PIMLICO Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Persepolis Triple Scotch Plane Shadow ShadowCee Triple Scotch Chuck Plane Shadow Plane Shadow 14 1100 AM PersepolisChuck Chuck Plane Shadow Cee Raf RafTrue Cee Raf Plane ChuckPlane Shadow Cee Raf Triple Scotch 12 12Cee Triple Scotch ScotchSobriquet Gee Raf True American Fred Havecker Persepolis Triple Scotch Cee Raf 7 Sobriquet SobriquetVoucher Overhn Stolen Tryst TrystVoucher Stolen Tryst TrystOverlin Sobriquet Pompa Negri Stolen Tryst 13 2 U30 A M VoucherLord Voucher Stolen Tryst Voucher VoucherOverlin Overlin Overlin OverlinVoucher SobriquetOverlin Lord Vatout Sobriquet 11 OverlinSobriquet Lord Vatout VatoutNayr Lord Vatout Overlin Sobriquet Voucher Stolen Tryst Pompa Negri 5 Nayr NayrBank Nayr NayrOld J9lly Tar Nayr Nayr Nayr Nayr 25 O 1200 M Bank Note Old Doctor DoctorBank Fieldfare Jolly Tar Jolly Tar Jolly Tar Jolly Tar 11 Fieldfare Bank Note Bank Note Fieldfare Old Doctor Fieldfare Fieldfare 4 Partido Wine Punch Ariel Patrol PARTIDO Camille Camille Partido 15 A 1230 PM PartidoWine Wine Punch Partido Camille Brass King Ariel Patrol Ariel Patrol Camille 12 Oriole Pennant PennantSiaDRAKE Nell Mowlee Wine Punch Wine Punch Partido Wine Punch Wine Punch 10 SiaDRAKE SiaDRAKETinchel Sir Drake Elray Sir Drake DrakeGalactic SIR DRAKE Sir Drake DrakeTinchel SIR DRAKE 29 100 PM Tinchel TinchelGalactic Galactic Tinchel TinchelBow Galactic Tinchel Tinchel Tinchel 10 1 Galactic Tinchel Bow Wave JTinchel Bow Wave Elray TinchelElray Elray 6 Tamil Gondahna Tamil Gondalina Tamil Barbara Childs ChildsGondalina Tamil 19 i 130 PM TamilWishing WishingBarbara Wishing Tamil Gondalina Barbara GondalinaBarbara Childs TamilBarbara Barbara Childs Gondalina Gondalina 14 Barbara Childs ChildsGolden One Only pne Only JTamil Wishing Tamil GondalinaTamil Barbara Childs 10 Golden Mowlee MowleeBaby JOHNS STAR Golden Mowlee Johns Star Golden Mowlee JOHNS STAR Golden Mowlee 24 200 PM Baby Boy Baby Boy Broiler Golden Mowlee Broiler Golden Mowlee Johns Star 20 1 BroilerBaby JHelen Mowlee MowleeGood Tar Miss Baby Boy Brpiler Johns Star Baby Boy Baby Boy 6 Good Neighbor NeighborKnitetta Detroit Bull BullBelay BLOCKADER Blockader Red Chip Knitetta Blockader 15 230 PM KnitettaThespian Knitetta BelayBlockader Belay Thespian BlockaderGinoca Ginoca Blockader Thespian Knitetta 7 Thespian Blockader Good Neighbor Detroit GinocaDetroit Bull Good Neighbor Silver Rocket Thespian 5 Trackman R N Charlton NARRAGANSETT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS RED MEADOW Jelwell Jelwell Red Meadow Red Meadow Jelwell Jelwell 21 130 PM Jelwell Chance Run Flying Bonny Jelwell Jelwell Chance Run Red Meadow 18 Flving Bonny Red Meadow Chance Run Chance Run Flying Bonny Red Meadow Chance Run 6 GuileMaupeace Guile GuileBulwark Guile GuileBoredom Guile Boredom BoredomGuile Boredom BoredomGuile GuileBoredom Guile GUILE 24 200 PM Maupeace MaupeaceBulwark BulwarkBoredom Bulwark BoredomBulwark Boredom GuileBulwark Guile GuileHardship Guile Boredom BoredomMaupeace Boredom 15 Bulwark Boredom Bulwark Bulwark Hardship Maupeace Bulwark 5 Tommy Whelan WhelanCanterup Maeline OffShore Catcall Rissa Rissa Rissa 9 9Maeline MaelineRissa OffShoreMaeline CatcallRissa RissaMaeline 230 PM CanterupRissa Canterup Rissa Maeline Rissa Canterup Maeline Maeline 9 9Catcall RissaQuintilian Rissa Ga tcall JWannaJEIygro Quintilian TommyWhelan Catcall Catcall 7 Demolition Roseate Dreams DreamsBig Chance Cross CrossBig Demolition Big Ripple Roseate Dreams DreamsBig Big Ripple 13 13Roseate DemolitionBig DemolitionChance 300 PM Big Ripple RippleMiss Big Ripple Big Ripple Chance Cross Miss Vogue Big Ripple RippleChance Roseate Dreams 11 Miss Vogue VogueMidluck Miss Vogue MissVpgue Roseate Dreams DreamsBalmy No Keys Chance Cross JDemplition 10 Midluck MidluckBalmy MIDLUCK MIDLUCKBalmy Balmy Spring Balmy Springs SpringsMidluck BALMY SPRING SPRINGMidluck MidluckBalmy Midluck Balmy Spring 21 21Midluck 330 PM Balmy Spring Balmy Spring Dense Path PathMidluck Midluck Midluck Balmy Spring SpringDense Midluck 20 Dense Path JBelmike Midluck JWar Melody MelodyMedid Dense Path Dense Path JDenseJathj3 WoodfordLad Medid WOODFORD LAD LADMedid Medid Samhar Medid Medid 19 19Woodford WoodfordLadMedid MedidSamhar MedidWoodfordLad MedidWoodford 400 PM Medid WoodfordLad WoodfordLadSamhar Medid MedidPat Woodford Lad LadSamhar Woodford Lad Samhar Woodford Lad 17 17Samhar JSamhar Samhar Pat OSee Samhar Medid Wpqdf ord Lad Samhar 8 Allergic AllergicRanchos Allergic Ranchos Boy Allergic Allergic RANCHOS BOY BOYAllergic Allergic 22 430 PM Ranchos Boy BoyViscouhty Ranchos Boy Viscounty Ranchos Boy Ranchos Boy Allergic Ranchos Boy 20 Viscouhty Colesboy Cross Country Viscounty Cross Country AllergicColesboy Colesboy Viscounty 4 Recoatna Old River RiverCatomar Gadabout SPEEDY JOSIE Old River Old River Old River 19 500 PM Old River Catomar CatomarGadabout Old River Old River Speedy Josie Gadabout Speedy Josie 9 Apropos Gadabout Speedy Josie Pari Call Pari Call Pari Call Gadabout 8

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