Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1948-05-01

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SELECTIONSFigures DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures In Consensus Show Comparative Ratings Allowing 5 Points for 1st Todays Best Points 2 tor 2d i for 3d Todays Best in Black Type Trackman D S Fair Churchill Downs Selections Made for Fast Tract RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR UP CONSENSUS Alaflag AlaflagOzzie Alaflag Gypsy Lea Gypsy Lea Gypsy Lea Gyosy Lea OzzieHummer Ozzie Gyosy Lea Jackie B BSkip Alaflag Alaflae Alaflae Hummer Hummer Skip Level Skip Level Jackie B Jackie B Jacks Town Jacks Town Jacks Town Jacks Town Jacks Town Jacks Town Grand Barter Grand Barter Ever Lucky Faras Faras Faras Faras Faras Faras Grand Barter Grand Barter Grand Barter Shaws Pride Shaws Pride Shaws Pride Tre Vit Shaws Pride Shaws Pride Roi Rouse TreVit Tre Vit Shaws Pride TreVit Tre Vit Tre Vit Roi Rouge Ekard Tennessee Kid Roi Rouee Roi Rouee Tidy Sum Tidy Sum Tidy Sum TIDY SUM SUMMiss Tidy Sum Tidy Sum Miss Tartan Miss Tartan Miss Tartan Miss Tartan Miss Tartan Miss Tartan Duquesne Suzerain Sandslinger Suzerain Duauesne Duauesne IRISH SUN SUNOlympia IRISH SUN SUNOlympia Irish Sun Irish Sun Irish Sun IRISH SUN SUNKy Olympia Olympia Ky Colonel Ky Colonel Ky Colonel Ky Colonel Brownstown Summond Olympia Summond OlymDia OlymDia Phar Mon Phar Mon Phar Mon George Gains PHAR MON MONGedree Phar Mon George Gains George Gains George Gains Phar Mon Gedree Gains Georee Gains Noble One Burning Dream Bullish Bullish Bullish Bullish Citation CitationCoaltown Coaltown CITATION Coaltown Citation Citation CITATIONCoaltown CoaltownCitation CoaltownEscadru Coaltown Citation Coaltown Citation Coaltown Coaltown CitationMy Escadru My Request My Request My Request My Reauest My Reauest First Deeree Red Pomoon Bellbrook Red Pompon Red Pompon Red Pompon Great Plains First Dewee First Degree Bellbrook First Deeree First Deeree Puddle Jumper Bellbrook Red Pompon First Degree Bellbrook Bellbrook Snow Kiss Crack Time Snow Kiss Obelisk Snow Kiss Snow Kiss Quilt Snow Kiss Oriskany Drum Fire Crack Time Crack Time Crack Time Quilt Drum Fire Oriskany Potomac Obelisk Trackman W C Phillips Sportsmans Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN TRACKMANWINNEBAGO HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS WINNEBAGO WINNEBAGOn Miss Yam Bessie Vanes Gold Call Bessie Vance VanceDelorah Bessie Vance H n Alan F Bessie Vance Winnebaeo Bessie Vance Delorah Winnebaeo 1 Border Man Winnebago Alan F Delorah DelorahLeapolino Leapolino Delorah Susie C Susie C Peer Susie C Susie C Susie C Tiger Boots Valdina Kovia PeerSusie Susie C Sun Tannery TOD Book Pee Valdina Kovia TOP Book TOP Book TOD Book Tieer Boots PeeTOD TOD Book Little Milly Royal Red Day DayLittle Little Milly MillyDay Little Milly Little Milly 1 1Day Grand Love Grand Love Little Mills Day Royal Red Day DayBold Day K El Banco Yale Bold Dandy Grand Love DayRoyal Royal Red Glaemel RATION BOOK BOOKRockwood Stella Snyder GLAEMEL Rockwood Areo Glaemel GLAEMELStar Lucky Colonel Rockwood Areo Glaemel Star Call Stella Snyder GlaemelStella Stella Snvder i iRockwood Grand Destiny Lucky Colonel Rockwood Areo Stella Snyder Lucky Colonel Rockwood Areo B I Ouizzle QuizzleBull Quizzle Willis E Bull Waeon Willis E Willis E Willis E Bull Waeon Bull Wagon Willis E Thunder Hoof Quizzle Bull Waeon Willis E Thunder Hoof Ouizzle Brown Dame Bull QuizzleBull Waeon Richavpo Richavoo Richavoo Baciaealooo Dad Richavoo 1 1Baciaealooo Mary Like Washburn Baciaealooo Richavoo DadBaciaealoon Baciaealoon Baciaealooo 1 1Dad Dad Baciagalooo Johns Date Johns Date Mary Like Dad i Fertile Lands Fertile Lands BODENS PAL PALFertile Late Thread Late Thread Fertile Lands 1 Sublime Take Wine Fertile Lands Fertile Lands Fertile Lands Late Thread 1 Late Thread Sublime Late Thread Bodens Pal Bodens Pal Bodens Pal Vista Aleere AleereVanflae Pilateer Vista Aleere Vista Aleere VISTA ALEGRE ALEGRECasa VISTA ALEGRE 22 22Casa VanflaeGarbure Vanflae Casa Libre Pilateer Casa Libre Casa Libre Casa Libre 7 7Pilateer Garbure Garbure Casa Libre Vanflae Favorite Trao Pilateer 7 Trackman C J Connors Jamaica Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Marled MarledHeads Landlord LandlordPharanella Landlord LandlordPharanella Pharanella PharanellaMarled Pharanella Pharanella Heads or Tails Pharanella Pharanella Marled PharanellaLandlord Landlord PharanellaLandlord Landlord PharanellaMarled PharanellaMarled MarledLandlord Darby Darion Marled Marled Landlord Marled LandlordMarled Marled LandlordMarled Soheric Merry Kine Merry King Merry Kine Merry King Merry Kine Merry Kins Spheric Spheric Spheric Spheric Spheric Still Life Darby Devon Darby Devon Darby Devon Still Life Darby Devon Greek Hero HeroTrilby Ellis EllisGreek Greek Hero Leeendra Ellis Greek Hero HeroEllis Trilby TrilbyLeeendra Greek Hero Ellis Greek Hero EllisGreek Greek Hero Ellis Leeendra Pomoeian Dariada Red Danada Red Trilby EllisLeeendra Leeendra Mr Jay Ennobled Mr Jay JayArise Arise Blue Peter Mr Jay Arise Mr Jay Arise AriseEnnobled AriseEternal Eternal World Mr Jay Arise Model Cadet Blue Peter Ennobled Mr Jay Eternal World Blue Peter Beaueay Buzfuz BEAUGAY Beaueay Miss Kimo KimoBeaueay Beaueay BEAUGAYAerarianTJ Miss Kimo Beaueay AerarianTJ Kitchen Police Beaueay Miss Kimo KimoBuzfuz AerarianTJ Miss Kimo Kitchen Police AerarianU Buzfuz BeaueayBuzfuz Buzfuz 01 MOUNT MARCY MARCYBill MOUNT MARCY MARCYMyrmidon Mount Marcy MOUNT MARCY MARCYJacopet MOUNT MARCY MARCYMyrmidon MOUNT MARCY 33 33Myrmidon Bill Hpwk Myrmidon Roman Road Jacopet Myrmidon Myrmidon 5 5Jacooet Myrmidon Roman Road Jacopet Roman Road Jacopet Jacooet 4 Rinethebell Shinine Deed Ringthebeu Shinine Deed Rinethebell Rinethebell Lucky Hit Rinethebell Shining Deed Lucky Hit Lucky Hit Shinine Deed Shinine Deed Lucky Hit JarvisBay Army March Shinine Deed Lucky Hit i Trackman A E Brown Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Hyflare Staters Staters Staters Staters Staters Pooka Tillerette Tillerette War Delegate StatersTillerette Tillerette Hyflare Hy Rickey Hyflare Lord Caprice Calydon Hyflare TilleretteHyflare Tillerette DOLOMITE DOLOMITEClyde Clyde T Dolomite Dolomite Stork of Peace Dolomite Clyde T Count Lovely Clyde T Stork of Peace Dolomite Clyde T i CountLovely Dolomite Castleman Doit Easy Clyde T Stork of Peace i Schoharie Captain Boudour Captain Boudour Scotch Bim Captain Boudour Captain Boudour 16 Buster Hope Buster Hope Schoharie Buster Hope Buster Hope Schoharie 1 Captain Boudour Schoharie Green Haven Schoharie Schoharie Buster Hope i Veiled Son Boeeine Bob Boeeine Bob Super Foot Dodos Girl Boeeine Bob 1 Super Foot Veiled Son Dodos Girl Free Transit Bee W Bee SuperFopt Boeeine Bob Dodos Girl Super Foot Bee W Bee Super Foot Dodos Girl TimB TimB Andys Glory GloryTimB Tim B TimB TimB Andys Glory Tolson TimB TimBBie Bie and Better BetterMr Staeine Andys Glory KeweyDee Andys Glory Bie and Better Mr Tolson Andys Glory Bie and Better Flae Drill Flae Drill FLAG DRILL DRILLWide Flae Drill FLAG DRILL DRILLDockstader FLAG DRILL DRILLWide Wide Winer Yankee Hill Wide Wing Yankee Hill Dockstader Wide Wine Naval Base Wide Wine Docks tader Wide Wine Black Knave Yankee Hill OxfordBlue OXFORD BLUE BLUESunspark Oxford Blue Chance Morn OxfprdBlue Oxford Blue Solid Sender Sunspark Solid Sender Solid Sender Crisis OxfprdBlueCrisis Solid Sender Sunspark Trance Sleeper Chance Morn Trance Sleener Solid CrisisSolid Sender Chance Morn Silver Plate PlateJoshua Silver Plate Fearless JOSHUA Glider Pilot Silver Plate Joshua Pilates Own Silver Plate Fearless JOSHUAFearless Silver Plate Joshua JoshuaSaneone Saneone Joshua Glider Pilot Saneone Pilates Own Fearless Trackman E P Heagerty Havre de Grace Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Fluster Saxon Paul PaulBeauzar Sightseer Saxon Paul PaulSightseer Saxon Paul PaulBeauzar Saxon Paul PaulSiehtseer Saxon Paul Beauzar Beauzar Sightseer Beauzar Siehtseer BeauzarFirebroom SightseerFirebroom BeauzarSightseer SiehtseerBeauzar Jubilee Gem Firebroom Saxon Paul Firebroom Sightseer Beauzar Sir Jinx JinxChuck Sir Jinx Souadron Girl Draw One Draw One Sir Jinx Chuck Mac Fetchit Draw One Sir Jinx Sir Jinx Draw One ChuckLeventia Leventia Chuck Chuck Mac Fetchit Mac Fetchit Sauadron Girl Sultana Sultana SKILL Skill Sultana Sultana i SultanaSkill SKILLSultana SkillSultana Skill Skill Sultana Sultana Skill Skill 1 1Iron SkillBimelotta SkillKine SultanaConewaeo Bimelotta Kine Chatter Iron Pieeon Conewaeo Iron SkillIron Pigeon Iron Pigeon Green Baize BaizeImacomin Green Baize BaizeTiffin Green Baize BaizeIndus Green Baize BaizeIndus GREEN BAIZE BAIZEIndus GREEN BAIZE 27 27Indus Imacomin Tiffin Indus Indus Indus Indus 6 6Imacomin ImacominUnaided TiffinImacomin IndusTiffin IndusImacomin Unaided Imacomin Tiffin Imacomin Tiffin Imacomin 4 Alison Peters Radio Gunner High Boss High Boss Radio Gunner Radio Gunner GunnerHieh Radio Gunner Park Flame Alison Peters Alison Peters Rough Cloud Hieh Boss BossAlison Freelands Lad Alison Peters Rough Cloud Rough Cloud Freelands Lad Alison Peters LOYALTEGION LOYALTEGIONi LOYAL LEGION LEGIONFaultless Loyal Legion LegionFaultless Faultless Loyal Legion LegionFaultless Loyal Legion i Contest Faultless Faultless Loyal Legion Faultless Faultless FaultlessPilaster FaultlessContest Faultless Contest Pilaster March Chick Contest Contest Free Soeech War Scholar Bellclaoper FREE SPEECH SPEECHPegasus Free Speech Free Speech Pegasus Pegasus Free Speech Pegasus Pegasus PeeasusBellclapper Peeasus BellclatiDer Free Speech Pegasus War Scholar Ice Dancer Bellclapper FjreshBreea Fresh Breeze Sugar Pete Princess Gala Fresh Breeze Fresh Breeze SugarPete Sugar Pete Fresh Breeze Little Bobby Sugar Pete Sugar Pete Mary Ann Mary Ann Mary Ann JResoJet UttleBobby Princess Gala

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