Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-06-16

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures In Consensus Show Comparative Ratings. Allowing 5 Points forlst [Days -Best 7 Points, 2 for 2d, 1 for 3d. Days Best In Black Type. Trackman, J. S. Grant LINCOLN FIELDS at Washington Park , Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS El Pair Me El Pair Me Joggins El Pair Me El Pair Me El Pair Me . 22 1 Victorian Dog Grace Mae El Pair Me That Aint Hay That Aint Hay That Aint Hay 6 That Aint Hay That Aint Hay Grace Mae Grace Mae Grace Mae Joggins 5 Compare Compare Phantom Heels Phantom Heels Phantom Heels Phantom Heels 18 2 Phantom Heels Delhannah Compare Genies Mate Compare Compare 15 Delhannah Phantom Heels Merriest Compare Delhannah Delhannah 4 Challeport Five A.M. Challeport Challeport Challeport 21 3Challeport Stone Hill Hadamar ** * Leapolino Hadamar Leapolino *" Leapolino * 7 Leapolino Leapolino Challeport Leapolino Hadamar Five A. M. 5 Open Way Like You Open Way Sliparound Open Way Open Way 18 4 Like You Withdrawn Minorome Open Way Norcal Like You . 8 Withdrawn Open Way See Top Minorome Like You Sliparound 5 Her Gift Archibaldo Sugar Pete Mae Agnes Frisk Frisk 8 5 Frisk Her Gift Thunderjet First Tenet Best Judgment Her Gift 7 Best Judgment" Frisk Mae Agnes Sugar Pete Mae Agnes Mae Agnes 7 Rose Bed Hose Bed Rose Bed Brilliance Rose Bed Rose Bed 21 6 Brilliance S. McLaughlin Brilliance S. McLaughlin Brilliance Brilliance 11 Roman Road Banovina S. McLaughlin Rose Bed Banovina S. McLaughlin 5 INSEPARABLE Inseparable SEAWARD INSEPARABLE INSEPARABLE INSEPARABLE 28 7 Seaward Seaward Inseparable Seaward s Seaward Seaward 15 Dr. Ole Nelson Dr. Ole Nelson Dr. Ole Nelson Dr. Ole Nelson . Dr. Ole Nelson Dr. Ole Nelson 5 Rawlins Mescara Silver Plate Swirling Swirling Swirling ,10 8 Trumpeter Trumpeter Emory A. Mescara Emory A. Mescara 7 Beths Bomb Smart Eddie Trumpeter Rawlins Rawlins Rawlins 7 British Isles BRITISH ISLES British Isles Futuresaue British Isles British Isles 24 9 KayDoody Yardtown Yardtown British Isles Futuresaue Futuresaue 8. Jetsam Brezno Futuresaue Brezno Jetsam Yardtown 4 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN. HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Bowled Over MissMicarida Bowled Over Bowled Over Bowled Over Bowled Over 22" 1 Blabber Mouth Bowled Over Lt. Bill Blabber Mouth Mel Indian - MissMicarida 8 Miss Micarida Lt. Bill Halcyon Cross • Miss Micarida Miss Micarida Blabber Mouth 4 Pip Pip Henny Penny Pip Pip Bubble Gum Bubble Gum Bubble Gum 13 2 Mon Speed Fighting John Bubble Gum . Fighting John . Fighting John Pip Pip. .10 -v - Fighting John Bubble Gum Henny Penny Crack Reward Henny Penny Fighting John* 7 Strolling Moon SLAMARANTH SLAMARANTH Slamaranth SLAMAR ANTH SLAMARANTH 29 3 Late Breeze Pussywillow Strolling Moon Late Breeze Pussywillow Strolling Moon. 8 Slamaranth Robin Red Double Gift Pussy. Willow Strolling Moon Pussywillow « 5 Dixville Southern Cookn Southern Cookn Southern Cookn Southern Cookn 17 4Edgey Dixville Southern Cookn Edgey Edgey Edgey * Edgey 11 „ Tis Joe Tis Joe Dixville- Divxille Dixville - Dixville 10 OBriens Pat Robins Blue Robins Blue Copperstone Copperstone Robins Blue 12 5 Psychic Lad Psychic Lad Psychic Lad Psychic Lad Psychic Lad Copperstone 11 Robins Blue Copperstone Amitaf OBriens Pat , Robins Blue Psychic Lad - 10 Alphara Bolaris YOICKS Bolaris Bolaris 17 6Bolaris Alphara FertileLands Yoicks Bolaris Alphara Yoicks 9 United Nation Slipper Satin United Nation United Nation Dogs Up Alphara 9 FANCY FLYER Fancy Flyer — Kings Hope Fancy Flyer Kings Hope Fancy Flyer 21 7 Ouf Request Kings Hope Fancy Flyer Bee Lee Tee Fancy Flyer Kings Hope 13 Kings Hope Bee Lee Tee Our Request Our Request Bee Lee Tee Bee Lee Tee 4 v 0 Bull Man Copito Copito Copito Donnadoon Copito 17 X Santa Claus Bull Man Donnadoon My Jam Copito Bull Man 9 . Technical " Donnadoon Bull Man Technical Bull Man Donnadoon 8 Frere Jacques Urgent Excel Lad Excel Lad Acme Excel Lad - 11 9 Limerick Boy Bubbins Frere Jacques Urgent Frere Jacques Frere Jacques 10 Acme Frere Jacques Urgent Mr. Tuck . « Excel Lad Urgent - 8 Trackman. J. R. Batty ■ BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Signal Busy Signal Quiet"Step Busy Signal BUSY SIGNAL Busy Signal 24 IBusy Our World Passing Hour Busy Signal Maraud Passing Hour Passing Hour 6 Passing Hour , G.I. Mail -■ -. Passing Hour G. I. Mail Maraud Quiet Step 5 Easy Whirl Mangohick * Easy Whirl Mangohick Mangohick Mangohick 19 2 Mangohick Easy Whirl Mangohick - Recline Recline Easy Whirl 13 Recline Recline Ode Ode Easy Whirl Recline _6 Tripoli Addax Careless Jones Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli 19 3 Careless Jones Tripoli Tripoli Careless Jones Careless Jones Careless Jones 11 Jay W. Ess Keep Busy Keep Busy Hypalong Hypalong Addax . 5- " Recess Recess Recess Recess Recess Recess 25 4 LooknowJet Safari Sodale Miss Pensive Miss Pensive Miss Pensive 6 Miss Pensive Miss Pensive Look Now Jet Looknow Jet Looknow Jet Looknow Jet _5 MICHE • MICHE- Miche Bryan G. MICHE 28 5MICHE Bryan G. Hyphasis Bryan G. Vigorous Miche Bryan G. 11 Vigorous Bryan G. Hyphasis Bryan G. Hyphasis Hyphasis 4 Count Turf Battlefield Count Turf Count Turf . Battlefield Count Turf 19 6 Battlefield Count Turf Battlefield Battlefield Count Turf - Battlefield 16 How . Battle Morn Counterpoint , Counterpoint Battle Morn Counterpoint 2 Colony Date Colony Date Colony Date COLONY JDATE — Aegina Colony Date 24 7 Mandingo _ Mandingo Father Tiber Father Tiber ColoneyDate Aegina 6 Father Tiber Aegina ShyBim Mandingo • Mandingo Mandingo 6 Keep Watch The Dervish The Dervish The Dervish Flying Mane TheDervish * 16 8 Approval Cat Bridge Keep Watch • Cat Bridge Keep Watch Keep Watch 9 Sticker Flying Mane Cat Bridge Rinaldo The Dervish Flying Mane- 6 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN . HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Cecil M. • CecilM. Cecil M. . Cecil M. Cecil M. Cecil M. 25 1 Flood Town Gnu Gnu Snowflares Gnu Gnu 7 Snowflares Snowflares Flood- Town Gnu Snowflares Snowflares 5 Moms Choice Good Valley Good Valley Good Valley Broad Cro§s Good Valley 18 2 Broad Cross Broad Cross Moms Choice Broad-Cross Good Valley Broad Cross 12 Good Valley Moms Choice Broad Cross Moms Choice Surpass Moms Choice 9 Shine On " Shine On v Busy Pat Shine On Shine On Shine On 21 3 Ten Forty Cock Feather Cock Feather Ten Forty Ten Forty Busy Pat 8 Busy Pat Ten Forty Shine On Busy Pat . Busy Pat Ten Forty 7 King Bud Ala Mowlee Adelantado ALA MOWLEE Tempting Ala Mowlee 15 4 Tempting King Bud King Bud Tempting King Bud . King Bud 12 Ala Mowlee Tempting Ala Mowlee King Bud Ala Mowlee Tempting 10 ME KATE Kiss Me Kate KISS ME KATE Kiss Me Kate KISS ME KATE KISS ME KATE 31 5KISS Sweet Talk Sweet Talk v Sweet Talk Astro Sweet Talk Sweet Talk 9 Jacodema Astro Jacodema Sweet Talk Jacodema Astro 3 Honey-Kist Honey-Kist Honey-Kist Honey-Kist Hummy Honey-Kist 22 6 Big Mo • Hummy Hummy Hummy Honey-Kist Hummy 11 Valleys Luck Rocking Chair Neros Mermaid Big Mo Rocking Chair Big Mo 3 Even Later GALLANT JAKE Gallant Jake Gallant Jake Gallant Jake Gallant Jake .23 7 Black Pepper Black Pepper Battle Cry Black Pepper Black Pepper Black Pepper 9 Gallant Jake Battle Cry Black Pepper Miss Dow Miss Dow Even Later 5 Bases Loaded Spring Scout Teddy Tarn Teddy Tarn Teddy Tarn 11 8Hyopolis Spring Scout Hyopolis Bases Loaded Spring Scout Bases Loaded Bases Loaded 9 Busy Dream Busy Dream Teddy Tarn Late Ship Busy Dream - Spring Scout 9 Trackman, W. C. Phillips MONMOUTH PARK - Selections Made for Muddy Track Little Colleen BigKeis JoannysJill BigKeis Up High BigKeis 12 1 Buss Up Little Colleen Sanataga UpHigh BigKeis Little Colleen 7 Sir Lionel Joannys JiU~ Four Jacks Buss Up Joannys Jill Up High 7 Singing Sword Sabot Santas Vixen Monmouth Monmouth Monmouth 14 2 Monmouth Monmouth Sabot Blue Holly . Country Boy H. Sabot 7 Country Boy II. Haj Saqqara Singing Sword Singing Sword Singing Sword 7 Saturday SATURDAY Gambler Saturday Cherry Path Saturday 21 3 Wide Margin Wide Margin Saturday Chilcat Saturday Cherry Path 9 Cherry Path Oozo Cherry Path Cherry Path Gambler Gambler 6 GROVER B. Rail Creek Grover B. 3" Old Ironsides Old Ironsides GroverB. 14 Rail Creek Old Ironsides RozsStar Rail Creek GroverB. Old Ironsides 13 Old Ironsides Razzoo Roman Secret Roman Secret Rail Creek . Rail Creek . 10 Flying Weather Top Admiral Crew-Cut Pollys Delay Top Admiral Top Admiral 13 5 Top Admiral Teddies Imp Mystagogue Teddies Imp Teddies Imp Flying Weather 6 Music Music Music Top Admiral Flying Weather Teddies Imp 6 Ferd Pensava FERD Ferd FERD 23 6Ferd Call Over- Call Over Deluge Pensava Wiffenpoof Pensava 8 Risk A Whirl Pensava Jerd Kinsman Risk A Whirl Call Over 4 Tea-Maker SHEILAS REWRD Tea-Maker Tea-Maker Tea-Maker 20 7TearMaker Sheilas Reward Sheilas Reward* Bold Jo Sheilas Reward Sheilas Reward Sheilas Reward 15 Starecase Jess Linthicum Admiral Drake Starecase Admiral Drake Bold Jo 2 Idle Platter Dependable Idle Platter Idle Platter DEPENDABLE Idle Platter 19 8 Flushing Sam Idle Platter Burning Ray Dependable Idle Platter Dependable 14 Blue Jack Last Brigade Last Brigade Last Brigade Burning Ray Burning Ray 3

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