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HONEST INFORMATION That Is what you want and that is what you get If you are among my clients. I do no guessing. I do not rely upon liandicappers and dockers. I am in constant communication with several reliable owners and trainers at each of the winter tracks. From one or more of these I get letters and wires every day containing information and advice ABOUT HORSES THAT WILL BE BACKED. I do not send out a dozen horses a day. Sometimes one, sometimes two, once in a while three: seldom more than that. I give them to you as they come up. My charge for this winning information Is ONE DAY, ONE DOLLAR. SIX DAYS, FIVE DOLLARS. Enter your Subscription Today and get tlie new Cotle which will he rendy Monday. r A "T" f rj It J Mk iyi ROOM m B0YLST0N BUILDING, PA I VJI VJ I IYI M IN 263 DEARBORN ST. - - CHICAGO. ILL Established 1890. HEST BET WAS UKLY " " f I O VWOtl Before the public ... . , ... Wednesday It was ORLY I-A Won every day. Monday It was GUS HEIOOUN J-5 Won 10-1 CINCH TODAY This one worked fast enough to beat stake horses. Ills opponents are an ordinary lot and he will simply breeze in front all the way. Recent form does not give him a look in, hence a big price. t REYNOLDS and CO. Horse Owners and Expert Handlcapuers, Sixth Floor, 119 DEARBORN STREET, CHICAGO We Never Mis- Phone 2877 Central. repre,ent. J qq DAILY. .00 WEEKLY. oXXj XHE ILLINOIS : Room 623, 225 Dearborn St., Tel. Har. 1876. 16-1 A POSITIVE CINCH 15-1. .Tan. .?6 Hii?h Chance... 2nd Helen Lucas 3rd Jan. 25 Edwaid Wilaer..6-5 Won Nine. 5-1 Lost Jan. 21 Ouldin? Star 5-2 Won Joe Lessor. 5-2 vvon Jan. 23 Llebe-, Plunge Won Paul Clifford 5-1 2nd Jan. 22 DeReszke Won Roldic Scratched Jan- 20 Lleber. nuBjre-.i.l-S won Ilttnnlbal Bey,. 5-1 2nd Jan. 19 Sincerity Belle. ...fi-1 2nd Helen Lucas Lost Jan. 18 De Kefzke 910 Won Columbia Ulrl Third Jan. 17 Sincerity Belle... 16-1 2nd Guiding Star ....1-1 Won Jan. 16 De Oro 2nd AlmaDufour 3rd Jan. 15 TJeber 5-2 Won Brush Up Scratched Jan. IS Lieber. 5-1 Won Collector Jessup 2d Jan. 12 Van Ness ..Won Guiding Star... Scratched Jan. 11 raid Clifford .....2d St, Joseph...- 2d Jan. 10 J. Weinberg... Scratched Florizel Lost Jan. 9 AlmaDufour. .Scratched Sincerity Belle . Lost Jan. 8 Phil Finch 9 5 Won Adare Left at post Jan. 6 The Kegent 8-1 Won Sincer. Belle . Withdrawn Jan. 5 Alma Dufour....8-5 Won StonerHlU 3rd Jan. 4 Paul Clifford 8-1 Won Keynote. 3-1 Won Jan. 3 Sincerity Belle... 8-1 Won Lleber.... 13-20 AVon Jan. 2 Listless 9-5 Won Bad News... 6-5 Won Jan. 1 Phil Finch S-5Won Hannibal Bey 7-1 2nd Doc. 89 Formaster. IS Won Marvel P 2cd Dec 28 King Cole 4-5 Won Jack Lory 2nd Dec. 27 Columbia Girl.. ..2-1 Won Calabash 4-6 Won Dec 6 Bryan Scratched Echo Dale Lost Dec 23 Simplicity, L. 8. Sp1..3rd Paul Clifford 2nd Dec. 23 Calabash 2-1 Won James Keddick ..3-5 Won Dec 22 Azetina 3rd Hadar .Scratched Dec 21 Chief Hayes 5-1 Won Echo Dale.. ..Withdrawn Dec. 20 Collector Jessup. 7-5 Won Hallowmas Lost Dec 19 Marvel I 8-5 Won Gamara 2nd Dec 18 Mayor Johnson.. 2-1 Won Calabash 7-5 Won Dec 16 Lady Ellison 3-1 Won Athena 3rd Dec 15 Macbeth 6-1 Won Augur 8-5 Won Dec 14 Mayor Johnson. .7-1 Won Lady Ellison 9-5 Won 2 Specified Specials Gunrantectl, . We Show Dally "IlECORD," Win or Lotc PLAY TODAY The Old Judges selection on the Hums Handicap and his two best bets at Oakland. Irlce ?1.K. Olllee will be open from D:0 a. m. until J5:!!0 p. m. Two best bets yesterday: GOSSIPER II S-5 WON NEW MOWN HAY 3-1 2nd. JUDGE TOM COLLINS, Room 65 - - 119 LA SALLE ST. Phone Main 4392. Holloway, 15-1, Won This is the eihhI ihtnc wired Thursday night by s to over 200subscribersof The Mullonat Ituelng Review in CMcag and other cltlep. This is tlie third and last of the series of three winners wlilcli e promised subscribers who sent us 81.00 for one months subscription to Thr National lfu-!iiir Hevlew. Too serifs con Isted of Tyrolian, 3 1, won; Iole, 10-1. lost, and Holloway, 15-, won. Wire you In on them ard do you consider you got your monejs worth? We have a seiics of two more winners which will be cut loose some time within the next ten days They wil both win at good odds, and you can have them wired you by renewing your subscription for a month, or if you are not a subscriber already fend us S.OO for one moiiths subscription and J on will get them It Is tr e host information on sale in this or any other city and the price puts it within the reach of all. Pont delay, but fend your I inscription at once. a the first of thi new seiies may start at an earlier date than we now anticipate. Paturdaj SpecUl, Ji. 12. Fridays Hpeclul, GOLDNM1T1I, 8-1, fctcroml. NATIONAL RACING REVIEW. Room 37, 71 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. .00 l r Month. Get new bock, out today TURF REPORTERS SPECIAL .00 Per Month. R. 312, 59 Dearborn St., Chicago. Todays Special Is winner of The Rums Handicap at Oakland. Saturdays Special: No. 118. Use new ImioU out today. Entry List: 104-105-103-112.113-115-117-118-132-8.3-159-162-172. FREE! "MY SYSTEM" Fully Explained FREE! Without uii ciiuiil In the world! I have tlie greatest Wlnuliitr Kchtuiie ever discovered! If you have 24 to Iluy Willi, writo Today, it you want In"! 1.. !. WOODH, "Uustun," .M ciiu.hU, Tenn. TO-DAY 10ip1 You may take a Trial on this one for .00 atrd see if I do not deliver the goods .000 GUARANTEE. I will give to airy living person the sum of $.",000, who can show that I have used any methods to increase my patronage which border ou deception, trickery, double dealing, delusion, begullement, sham, duplicity or artifice. I will give ,000 to any person who can demonstrate that In any particular the record below has a line or fabrication. This offer Is not only made to the general public, but to any of my clients who are fully aware of what I have done. I will not only pay this sum with a certified check on the Federal National Rank of Chicago, but will allow in addition a single full column space in this publication which I will pay for, to the person to denounce ine as an Impostor. I make the above offers without reserva-. lion, not only to those who contemplare coming in and my clients, but to the fellow wlio has been "bunked" elsewhere and may be tempted to say: "Well, he gives three or four horses a day and then takes one that wins and advertises it." I give but one horse. 17 Out Of 24 Dccasionals Win Jan. 23 PEERLESS LASS. . 7-5 AVON Jan. IS ODD TRICK 6-5 AVON Jan. 15 JIM PENDERGAST 4-1 WON Jan. 10 DR. GARDNER ... C-5 WON Jan. 8 USURY 5-1 WON Jan. 3 ROUND DANCE .. 3-1 AVON Jan. 2 BIG BOW 7-2 AVON Jan. 1 ROYAL LEGEND. 8-1 AVON Dec. 29 MINT BOY 3-1 AVON Dec. 25 ATTILA C-5 AVON Dec. 23 ECKERSALL 4-1 AVON Dec. 21 WEDGWOOD 5-1 WON Dec. 19 YO SAN 7-2 AVON Dec. 15 BELDEN 4-1 WON Dec. 13 SHEEN 6-5 AVON Dec. 12 PANCREATIS 12-1 AVON Dec. 10 BELDEN 5-1 AVON- EXPLANATION. Chicago. Januarv 111, IDOd. To George Otis, 11! La Salle St., City. Dear Sir: I regret that we were unable to handle the telegrams you offered on January 2:i. The severe storms prostrated all wires out of Chicago. Tin? trouble was due to sleet storms. I trust you fully understand that the fault was beyond us. Hope you will continue your patronage with tlie "Postal. I am yours. V. W. Tatge. Manager, Postal Telegraph Co., lot! La Salle St. Monday 20-1 Relative to my letter of January .", the horse goes Monday, January IK. I will send full luioruia tion as before. One Weeks Trial - $ 5.00 One Month - - - 15.00 GEO. OTIS Suite 84, 119 La Salic Street CHICAGO BRANCH. TELEPHONE MAIN 3645.

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