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LENS, won My Extra Special I wired all over the United States. PHALANX Scratched My Winners the Past 2 Weeks: Monday. Feb. 19. .Mrs. Matthews 8-5 won Monday, Feb. 19 Watchful 3-2 won Monday, Feb. 19 Charlatan 1-1 won Tuesday, Feb. 20 Matt Hogan 5-2 won Tuesday, Feb. 20 St. Francis 9-5 won Tuesday, Feb. 20 Tocolaw 1-1 won Wednesday, Feb. 21. .Jake Sanders 2-1 won Thursday, Feb. 22....Tichenor Entry 7-10won Thursday, Feb. 22.. ..Matt Hosan 0-5 won Thursday, Feb. 22.... Dusty Miller 3-1 won Friday, Feb. 23 Woolma 7-10 won Friday, Feb. 23 Lily Goldinir 7-5 won Friday, Feb. 23 St. George. .Tr 2-1 won Saturday, Feb. 21. ...Shady Lad 2-1 won Saturday. Feb. 21 Nealon 5-1 won Monday, Feb. 20 Cock Sure 5-2 won Monday, Feb. 20 Bantam 9-5 won Monday, Feb 20 Soufricre 7-10 won Tuesday, Feb. 27 Bucolic 5-2 won Wednesday, Feb. 28. .Alice Cary 8-5 won Wednesday. Feb. 28.. Dusty Miller 5-2 won Thursday, Mar. 1 Supreme Court 9-5 won Friday, Mar. 2 Iras 3-5 won Friday, Mar. 2 Forerunner 2-1 won Dont Miss This Week a Hat bet on my special bet dont win I m A TIf will give .you the week I of March 12th I R E E v HF" On account of bad track I conditions last week at I Oakland I was glad to I j keep all subscribers mm For next week for regular information beginning tomorrow I Eeven. send I I .00 for Six Wires. 1 JUDGE TOM COLLINS Room 65, 119 La Salle Street, TELEPHONE MAIN 4392. .00 day. .00 week. ADVERTISED SPECIAL LOST. TUESDAY! TUESDAY! 1 have word on one that is as good as in now. Turfites, this will he a pippin; dont miss it. This horse is lit and ready and uiy man informs me cant lose unless he falls down. I will advise a plunge let to wlii. Turfites, here is your chance to get in on one that will be a good price. NOTICE! NOTICE! The past three weeks at Oakland I have had only three of my Specials finish outside the money, the rest have finished first, second or third and at good prices, which shows I do not guess them; anyone can pick favorites. I do not wire two or three each day and if one wins claim it as a special. I stand or fall by one only eacli day which I guarantee genuine inside information from my man at the track. wh6 is one of the best dockers in the business and has worked for me the past five years. Every horse I wire away is fit and ready and trying and with an even break will get the money. Oakland Races Only. Special One Horse Wire each day from my man at the track. Wired in Code. Upon receipt of your order for wires, I will send Code by return of mail. Phone Main 1293. Terms for the balance of the Oakland Races .00forSix Racing Days No Single Wires Sent. One Horse Only Wired Each Day EX-JOCKEY MARSHALL Room 609. 56 Fifth Avenue, Chicago Initials E. J, LLiiTHE ILLINOIS! Boom 623, 225 Dearborn St., Tel. Har. 1876. JOE LESSER WON PHIL FINCH WON Specified 0 Specials S1.00 L .00 One must win at C to 5 or better or no sheet. i5-i Mondays Cinch is-i Come on boys, here is the goods; a stake horse unbeknown, with hounds. We are particularly assured there is no possible chance to lose; owner goes the limit. Take a chance if you are a loser, for here is a sure winner. Youll cash sure. Two Corking Specias for Monday. They are in wired direct; good odds, get on. BUY ILLINOIS AND WIN. PAT GORMAN, 406 Boylston Building 263 Dearborn Street Telephone Harrison 5582 I have Information on one that Is carded for Monday that will get the MONEY SURE and the odds-will be as good as C to 1, If not better. Dont fail to get this good thing. per day. If I dont give you a winner you get next days card free. 6 to 1 for .Monday-. KILLING!! Extract from Chicago Daily News of Yesterday: Killing Is Made on Shenandoah, Winner of First Race at Crescent City, Bulk of the Money Being Placed Here at 5 to I. KILLING MADE ON SHENANDOAH. One of the , largest of the local big winter , . killings was put through on Shenandoah, whicji won the first race at the Crescent City track today. One big local bookmaker, it is said, lost 5,000 to the race on one bet. In all ,000 was bet In Chicago by the stable connections. The stable sent up ,000j from New Orleans to Chicago, where the money was distributed over the country. One Chicago man alone bet ,000, getting 5 to 1 for his money, the morning betting. The money was placed on the morning price and it was figured those In on the deal would clear up at least half that price in the final settling. The horse is a Longstreet colt, owned by K. A. t Chinn, and jockey Jack Martin rode him. With Chinn in on the killing were George Otis and Fred Chinn. During; the week I will have one at Oaklawn and one at Oakland that you can go to for a plunge bet and have no fear of results "A word to the wise is sufficient." Rush your subscriptions today 3-1 Monday 10-i Tuesday Daily Specials: .00 a Day, .00 a Week. Dally special filed with this publication at 10:00 A. Of. ANTIC Suite 84, 119 U SALLE STREET III I CHICAGO BRANCH. Phone Main 3645. I I Send Communications to GEO. OTIS ARTHUR PEABODY and SONS draw attention to the fact that this is the first time they announce the startins of a particular horse in over four months. This was due to the fact that the angle which the speculative field offered v.t both New Orleans and California during the past winter was such that, guided by our well-known conservatism, we awaited the time until we were able to seak with confidence and knew the controlling iiowers and sources through which the information arrived was absolutely authentic and reliable. We herewith advise our friends that either Friday, March 9th, or Saturday, March 10th, a horse starts whose performance will be stnmped as a wonderful improvement over previous starts. Same worked seven furlongs in 1:20 and is especially pointed for this one race. He will be dropped into a spot either Friday or Saturday where loss Is Impossible, except through accident or bad racing luck, and will positively not start unless victory is assured. In case the horse is withdrawn it will be done in the interest of all concerned, as the controlling parties expect the price to be S or 10 to 1, and In case of a scratch the subscription is continued to the first time this particular horse starts, which will be two or three weeks later. We know the connections and know their methods. We attach the following GUARANTEE. Unless the horse in question strictly one horse advised finishes first or second, n copy of THE BALLANTINE METHOD will be forwarded to each subscriber absolutely free, without one cent additional charge, the lav following the race. This offer is absolutely without parallel, especially when it is understood that the Balhiutine .Method lias not been sold for less than Ten Dollars!, is a complete system In Itself, requiring no ones selections. We feel sure of success and know Hint to be successful In this venture, which costs a small fortune, is worth many thousands in advertising to us and that defeat means a large financial loss to us. Subscriptions should le in our hands no later than Thursday night and should leave Chicago no later than Wednesday afternoon, to avoid oversight in the rush of affairs the day of the race. IIOTIPr I fl-rranrements should he perfected to obtain opening prices -so as to benefit before the ilU I III t S?s?es ofmuhe Jettinand make themselves felt throughout the poolrooms of the United T 7, The charts will show the following mornine the opening and closing prices differ most materially. For that reason we adviso opening or average prices. TERMS: FIVE DOLLARS with the above guarantee attached. Remit by money order, certified check, telegraph or registered letter. Positively No Commissions Handled. alch the result of this race and thus allow us to convince you of the value or Inside information. Arthur Peabody and Sons 22 Westt33d St., directly opposite the Waldorf-Astoria, New York City LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE 3625 MADISON SATURDAY OUR CLIENTS 11ECKIVED EE G RAVIN A, 5 to 2, WON ssrrsa 1 10-1 special for Tuesday JT" 20 -1 SPECIAL for SATURDAY jfejPBpjj If you want something absolutely safe that brings large returns subscribe to our jyk one best bet a day series. Hundreds of clients all over the cduntry are making a J steady income and taking life easy. K Wf REYNOLDS and CO. lwilM Horse Owners and Expert Handicappers, ffllSf Sixth Floor, 119 DEARBORN STREET, CHICAGO ElEf Phon 2877 Central. We Never Mia. Si. 00 DAILY. S5. 00 WEEKLY, represent. Back sheetg on fi,e for inspection G-U A R-A-N T-E-E D S-P-E-C-I-A-L ! Will start this week. Your mom y back if it dees not win. It will be a Cracker-Jack. Price, 00. Do not miss it. Send tor mr tjri vate code and try my one-borso Daily Wire. IT 16 A YVINJJRR Six wires 0 00. D. A. THUKSTON, Dept. C, 7-8 Benn6tt BldK-. Detroit. Mich. Reference, any HercftUtlle Agency. TURF REPORTERS SPECIAL .00 Per Month. R. 312, 59 Dearborn St., Chicago, Phone Central 5825. Mondays Special No. 64G. Baltimore Atlanta. Saturdays Special was Double, 4-1, second. Entry Li3t 742-13-633.635-616.G17-650-625-627. LENS, WON 8-5 Was my one best bet Saturday. The way the John J. Ward clients have been throwing it into those poor bookmakers Is something awful. Never in the history of racing has such Information been placed before the general public. Day after day my one best liet romps home at a juicy price. The brand of information I, hand out can only be obtained from a practical horseman and clocker, a man up to all the tricks of his craft and personally at the track each day. such as I am. Below is my one best bet record since February 17: Feb. 17 PARNASSUS 20-1 WON Feb. 19 ATJROCEIVER 4-1 WON Feb. 20 BON MOT 8-5 WON Feb. 21 DAZZLE Second Feb. 22 TARP 2-1 WON Feb. 23 TOM MORGAN 8-1 Second Feb. 24 ROBIN HOOD .....7-1 WON Feb. 26 LA THORPE 18-5 WON Feb.. 27 KING LEOPOLD 3-1 WON Feb. 28 ORLY 6-5 WON Mar. 1 ANNA DAY 6-1 WON Mar. 2 TAMBEAU 3-1 WON Tills weeks information will be worth a fortune, as I have on tap three long priced good things that are practically certainties; one in particular that starts Wednesday will forever make the name of John J. Ward famous in the minds of his clients. It will be the best thing ever pulled off at City Park. I want all my clients to bet 50 per cent, or more of their previous winnings on this one for two reasons. One is I want them to win a swell bet and the other because I want them to parlay It on a horse that starts the following day and clean up enough to live on easy street for the rest of the year. If you want to partake in the most sensational killing of the winter meetings, rush in your orders at once and when you receive my wire on Wednesday and Thursday, bet the bankroll without hesitating, for I have an ace in the hole. JOHN J. WARD, Trainer and Expert Clocker. Terms, .00 any 6 days. Suite 412 Godchaux Bldg., Canal and Chartres Sts., NEW ORLEANS, LA. GUARANTEED WINNERS from an OWNER and TRAINER, who is closely connected with several stables now racing at NEW ORLEANS. My information comprises ONE or TWO HORSES a day only. In horse racing, as in other business pursuits, merit Is bound to tell in the end. , SOME NOTABLE "KILLINGS." Dont You Dare, 40-1 Won Wired to my clients January lllh. Phoebus, - - - 20-1 Won Wired to my clients January 25th. Los Angeleno -15-1 Won Wired to my clients January -lith. NT CLIENTS ARB WINNING. I can truthfully state that I have given more winners than any two concerns combined. Clients who are following my information tell me that It Is the best they have ever had. 5 WINNERS FOR ONE or TWO HORSES a day no more. I send MANY WINNERS and. while they are not all at the above price, they are seldom favorites. You do not renew your subscription until I have sent you FIVE STRAIGHT WINNERS. Remit by Money Order or Registered Letter only to insure safe delivery. On receipt of same I will mail you cipher code. Wires will follow. DAN ONEIL TRAINER GRAVESEND, N. Y. One Horse-One Race IS "WHAT QUE SPECIALS CONSIST OF. WIRE IN, 5-2, Our Advertised Special. Wire In won, Corrlgan wag added starter. Monday at Oakland AS PREVIOUSLY ADVERTISED. Attention This .horse has Worked two Full seconds faster than any horse in this race can run it in. And confident lie will win in a common , gallop as our Fridays Special Iras did. As this comes from the same source, this good thing will be as good as 10 to 1 or better. , "Confidentially," DONT MISS IT. . In fact any of our daily Oakland wires from now on. As the balance of this meeting will prove a 1 most profitable investment. Remember, you are protected In this as we sell you but ONE horse. Iu event of a loss, we give you ONE FREE exchange. Terms, for One Day, 0 for Six Days. MAIN OFFICE, 315, 167 DEARBORN ST. Phone Central S13S D D lUCH PP Col. J.C.WOOTERS AutoSSSl. D. D.inrlluU. Manager. ARTHUR and CO. 155E??S?st- .00 per day. .00 per week. We publish a three-horse daily message. Information direct from Crescent City. On our card yester- day we gave to win SEA VOYAGE. 9 to 2, won MONDAY 40 to 1 XX SPECIAL. This trick has been kept under cover for quite a while and is lit and ready. The track condition . just suits. On form he has no chance, so we will get big, juicy odds. Out-of-town clients wired early. Subscribe for our OCCASION ALS. They get the money. No guessing. Dont have them every day. Give us a trial aid be convinced. California and Hot Springs Beces only 910 per month. Wired anywhere. Addiess, MANAGER, P. O. Box 919, St. Louie, Mo.

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