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JOHN J. WARD, Trainer and Expert Clocker. Terms .00 6 - - - any days SUITE 412 GODCHAUX BLDG., Canal and Chartres Sts., New Orleans, La. t JUDGE Yesterday Special Best Bet Prince Magnet won, 7-5 1 1 T Lucian won, - - 5-1 II Blumenthal won, - 3-2 U WHY DELAY? String along with I A MAN knows I H ANY DAY I If you buy my one horse wire special you will get one at a good iH price. Best information from ez-, jH pert handicapper and clocker. You are always playing the best horae. I I Terms, .00 for six wires. I I JUDGE TOM COLLINS, II Suite A, 65, 119 La Salle Street, MM Chicago, 111. ; , : i ! , ? : , j sjLLiiTHE ILLINOIS! Room 623, 225 Dearborn St., Tel. Har. 1876. PLUNGE ON B01H SPECIALS TODAY! Theyre on: sure money, good odds. COUSIN KATE and ROUE, Specials, Ran Third. Mondays Two Specified Specials as follows: LAST CHERRY 4-1 WON NINE 8-5 WON Saturdays Specified Specials as follows: JOE LESSER, WON; PHIL FINCH. WON. THEREFOR HOW CAN YOU LOSE! One must win at 0-3 or better, or free sheet. Specified 0 Specials .00 L .00 We lead "all competitors." Our clients cash. "Do you?" Quit hot air flowery morning glories." You want winners. "BUY ILLINOIS AND CASH." 5 5 i J j 5 it DEARBORN PARK FXCHANGE Commencing Thursday, March 8, three regular trains on the Wabash Kailroad will leave Dearborn Station Polk Street daily Sunday excepted for Dearborn Park. Trains will leave at 1:30, 13:58 and 1:35 p.m., stopping: only at Archer Avenue, 47th Street, Kiiglewootl and 95th Street. Returning at 4:45, 5 :30 and 6:50, making- above stops. Calumet Yellow Line Electric cars make connection at Voth Street from South Chicago, Pullman, Kensington and near-by points. RoundTripTickets iSATtcl Twenty -five Cents. ;J i! JJ -; .-, o o TURF REPORTERS SPECIAL. S1.00 Per Month. R. 312, 59 Dearborn St., Chicago. . Phone Central 5825. Wednesdays Special: 52-48-46-44-59-57-58-31-54-53 Baltimore. Yesterdays Special was Verandah, 18-5, third. Entry List 9-10-11-603-610-613-G35-642-644-G50-624. If you have never subscribed for The Reporter, bend for Free Booklet. ARTHUR PEABODY 6 SONS draw attention to the fact that tills is the first time they announce the starting of a particular horse in over four months. This was due to the fact that the angle which the speculative field offered at both New Orleans and California during the past winter was such that, guided by our well-known conservatism, we awaited the time until we were able to speak with confidence and knew the controlling powers and sources through which the information arrived was absolutely authentic and reliable. We herewith advise our friends that either Friday, March 9th, or Saturday, March 10th, a horse starts whose performance will be stamped as a wonderful Improvement over previous starts. Same workeu scxen furlongs in 1:L"0 and is especially pointed for this one race. lie will be dropped into a spot either Friday or Saturday where loss is Impossible except through accident or bil racing luck, and will positively not start unless victory is assured. In case the horse is withdrawn it will be .done in the interest of all concerned, as the controlling parties expect the price to be 8 or 10 to 1, and in case of a scratch the subscription is continued t the first time this particular horse starts, which will be two or three days later. We know the connections and know their methods. We attacli the following GUARANTEE. Unless the horse in question strictly one horse advised finishes first or second, a copy of THE BALLANTINE METHOD will be forwarded to each subscrllter absolutely free, without one cent additional charge, the dav following the race. This offer Is absolutely without parallel, especially when It is understood that the Ballanline Method has not been sold for less than Ten Dollars, Is a complete system in itself, requiring no ones selections. We feel sure of success and know that to be successful in this venture, which costs a small fortune, is worth many thousands in advertising to us and that defeat means a large financial loss to us. Subscriptions should Le in our hands no later than Thursday night and should leave Chicago no later than Wednesday afternoon, to avoid oversight in the rush of affairs the day of the race. IIATinr I Arrangements should be perfected to obtain opening prices so as to benefit Nil I II I" 1 before the flashes of the betting make themselves felt throughout the pool-II U I IbL l rooms of the United States. The charts will show the following morning the BBHBHI-opening and closing prices differ most materially. For that reason we advise opening or average prices. TERMS: FIVE DOLLARS with the above guarantee attached. Remit by money order, certified check, telegraph or registered letter. Positively No Commissions Handled. Watch the result of this race and thus allow us to convince you of the value of inside information. Arthur Peabody and Sons, 22 West 33d St., directly opposite the Waldorf-Astoria, New York City. LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE 3625 MADISON. STAKES FOR SPRING MEETING, 1906. TENNESSEE BREEDERS ASSOCIATION CUMBERLAND PARK TO CLOSE THURSDAY, MARCH 8th, 1906. J. W. RUSSWURM, Secretary, NASHVILLE, TENN. CUMBERLAND DERBY, 52,000 Added. A sweepstake for threc-ycar-olds foals of 1003. 5 to accompany the nomination and 00 additional to start. The Club to add ,000, of which 00 to second and 00 to third, fourth to save stake. Colts to carry 122 lbs, fillies and geldings 117. Winners of a race at any time of ,000 value when carrying weight for age, 5 lbs. extra. Allowances: Those not having won a race at any time of the value of ,500, 5 lbs.; of ,000, 7 lbs.; of three races of any value selling purses excepted, 10 lbs.; maidens, 18 lbs. One and One-Eighth Miles. CITIZENS HANDICAP, ,000 Added. A handicap sweepstake for three-year-olds and upward. 0 to accompany the nomination and 0 additional to start, with ,000 added, of which 00 to second and 00 to third. Weights to apiear three days before the race. The winner of a race of the value of ,000 after publication of weights are announced to carry 5 lbs. penalty. Such penalty not to exceed scale of weight if handicapped at less. Those weighted at scale or more than scale weight by the handicapper will not be subject to a penalty. One Mile and a Sixteenth. GERST BREWING CO. SELLING STAKE, ,000 Added. A selling sweepstake for three-year-olds and upward. 0 to accompany the nomination and 0 additional to stait. The Club to add ,000, of which 00 to second and 00 to third. Those entered not to be sold to carry 5 lbs. extra. If entered to be sold for ,500 to carry weight for age; if for less. 2 lbs. allowed for each 00 to ,000, then 1 lb. for each 00 to ,400, then 1 lb. for each 00 to 00. Starters and selling price to lie named through the entry liox the day preceding the race and those so named are liable for the starting fee. One Mile. AVONDALE STAKE, ,000 Added. A sweepstake for two-year-olds. 0 to accompany the nomination and 0 additional to start. The Club to add ,000. of which 00 to second and 00 to third. Winners of a sweepstake to carry T! lbs. extra selling stake excepted. Allowances: Non-winners of a sweepstake, 0 lbs.; non-winners of two races, other than selling races, S lbs. Maidens, 12 lbs. Four and One-Half Furlongs. BELLE MEADE STAKE, ,000 Added. For two-year-old frllies. 0 to accompany the nomination. 0 additional to start. The Club to add ,000, of which 00 to second and 00 to third. Winners of a sweepstake, 3 lbs. extra; of two, 5 lbs. Maidens allowed 5 lbs. Four Furlongs. Address all Communications to J. W. RUSSWURM, Secretary, Tennessee Breeders Association, Nashville, Tenn. " v TURF REPORTERS DAILY FORM LETTER. Aafejipand FIGURES COMBINED WITH INFORMATION .00 DAILY. .00 WEEKLY. 37 Room 3I2 59 Dcarborn s,rec CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. StyT Phone Central 5835. USl"1 1UKSDAY OUR LETTER GAVE: SISS LEE 7-1 WON HILDRETH ENTRY 3-5 WON TARP 18-5 Second LENA J. X Special 6-5 Third PRINCE BRUTUS 4-1 WON LIBERTO 6-1 WON WOGGLE BUG Special .. 8-5 Second PRINCE MAGNET 7-5 WON BON MOT 2-1 WON TOCOLAW 11-5 Second MEADOWBREEZE 3-1 WON JERRY HUNT 40-1 Lost TOM MANKINS 10-1 WON ALICE CARY Special ...5-2 Lost Dont fait to get todays Letter, as its another sure winner! 1 YESTERDAY OUR ONE BEST BET WAS x v, J ,n Established 1890. PRlNCE BRUTUS, - - 4-1, WON gS 10 to 1 Special Today. Thi.oK St. Yjmk SATURDAY, 20 to 1 SPECIAL SF REYNOLDS and CO. IffjiW Horae Owners anil Expert Handicapper, S Sixth Floor, 119 DEARBORN STREET, CHICAGO Wo Never Mis- Phone 2877 Central. I present. .00 DAILY. .00 WEEKLY. One Horse-One Race IS WHAT OUR SPECIALS CONSIST OF. LIBERTO, 6-1. WON ADVERTISED SPECIAL. As wired us a good thing:. Bet your limit. Mondays Special was Dargin, 5-2, second. TODAY AT OAKLAND 4 to 12 to 1 Extra Special I Attention This horse wired us with Liherto, is ia a soft spot. Fit and ready to run the raco of his lifo. It is a real good thing. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY theso will provo the hest of the meeting. Rememhor, you are protected in this as we sell you hut ONE horse. In event of a loss, wc give you ONE FREE exchange. Terms, for One Day, 0 for Six Days. MAIN OFFICE, 315, 167 DEARBORN ST. Phona Central 5138 Q n lurn pf Col. J. C. WOOTERS AutoMSl. P.O. mrUuU. Manager. INFORMATION. A New York lawyer has excellent racing: connections at New Orleans. Keeeives occasional "good things." Chicago clients wantol. Good bettors eud address. -Lawyer, Boom Si World Building. ARTHUR and CO. l55Sst .00 per day. .00 per week. Publishers of a three-horse message which comes direct from the grounds and is not guesswork or handicap figures. Yesterday our best bet DOROTHY M, 30 to 1, 2nd. TODAY, 30-1 PLUNGE SPECIAL. This horse has been trained privately and 13 ripe and ready. His trainer is so positive that he has drawn every cent from the bunk to bet on this sure thing and phoned his ugeuts to Plunge tho Limit. IF IT LOSES, YOUK MONEY BACK! On next Saturday. Mar 10, we will have an Extra Occasional which will win from start to finish at a liberal price. Our fee for this trick will be S3 00 in advance, and If it fails to win, will 1 efund you your S5.00 A KTII C K fc CO. NATIONAL RACING REVIEW. Room 37, 71 Dearborn St., Chicago. Wednesdays Special: Texas, jlognet, Major, Canary. ,00 per month. 26o. per copy,

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