Marion C. and Her Famous Victory over Kingston, Daily Racing Form, 1914-04-22


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] I 4" I v I j , , . j , , . , . , j . j . , I i — -» ami ■ i ; MARION C. AND HER FAMOUS VICTORY OVER KINGSTON + Quite a while ago now there was a Mg, hlaze faced chestnut marc racing over the various Chicago tracks which, hy reason of her superior feats iu competition with her kind, was greatly admired and beloved by local patrons of the spoil. Her name was Maiion . and she was a daughter of that successful sire of the time. Harry OT-allou. which, on his dams side, was a sou of the only Irish Rirdcatcher mare ever iaaaarted to this country. One of his s,,ns was Terra otta. which was one of the lust race horses ever produced in the west and was twice second in the Suburban Handicap at Sheepshead Bay, losing to l.lkwood in 1888 hy a neck through a hit of hard luck, with such mighty racers as Firenze, Eurus. Hidalgo. Onnboyne. Joe Cotton and Linden among the fifteen that finished hehiud him. Marion C. was entirely worthy of her kinship to such a hero of the race track and like him could carry high weights while running lir and fast. • Marion C. was not raced when a two-year-old, going to the post for the first time when a three-year-old in a purse race at Churchill Downs. Louisville. Septemher 24, 1SV . It was a -print of three-quarters of a mile, in which she ran unplaced to Swamp l-ox. Rettina and May O. Truth to tell, Marion C. was not much of a racer when a three year-old and only took one race out of eight at that age. Rut she was one of the slowly maturing sort and in the course of the next two yi ars made ample amends for the deliiniueucies f her first year in racing. Her second race was for the Tohacco Stakes, at Latonia. October ■,. This race wa- at a mile in heavy going and sin- liui-hed third to Ireland and Outbound in a neck and neck finish. having eight others hehiud her and showing material improvement. The race was run in 1:44"j. Next, on October 7. she was beaten a head hy Rettina in a purse race at seven and a half furlongs, in which the favorite, Famine, finished third. This was followed hy a victory in a purse, October 14. in which, at three-quarters in deep mud. she defeated Warpeake. Bentacy and six more inferior racers in 1:19%. Then, at Hie Nashville fall meeting, she ran four times without success. When a four -year-old Marion C. was beaten in her first five races, hut generally was found fighting out the finishes in her characteristic resolute fashion. Her Brat start was in the Delbeck Handicap of a unhand a sixteenth, at Louisville, May lt . in which she ran unplaced to S|« rtsinan. Blarney stone Jr. and Iolemiis. She did better in her next race by miming second to the great mare. Huntress, at a mile in 1 :4." . hut Huntress, i Inn owned by George V. llankins of this city, carried 122 iKiunds to her 1H». Castaway was third and four ran unplaced. May 2." she again ran second, this time to Blarneystone Jr.. a high class three year-old owned by Ceaar Weatherford of Memphis. Tin- race was at a niile and a sixteenth in beavj ung and she was bialeu a length iu 1:42%. Her next start was iu a mile anl a quarter race at Wash lugton Iark. in which she was third to Robespierre and Spokane in 1 : I.t :i-, . Two days afterwards she ran second to Racine in that famous nii.e dash, in which Ten BroeckS long-standing record of 1 ::U:14 was surpassed and replaced by Racines 1 ::!» ,•_:. Racine carried W7 pounds to her 102 and won by a length. Oyin nasi was third ami the other starters in that notable race were Almoin, Churchill Clark. X, Cecil B. and Jed. So glial has been the advance ill the art of making tracks fast since then that nowadays the covering oi a mile in much faster lime is of frequent occurrence, but at that time Racine was held to have done a Wonderful thing and hi- faun- waxed greatly. Marion C. had also ran a great race and was now ripe. Her next start was in the Boulevard Stakea, at a mile, on July K, This race was for -ill ages and, carrying 117 pounds. Marion C. won by a length in 1:41 j. with Almont. 11. second, and Rival, 117. third. Daisy I.. Ill pound-; l.elh- Sanger. 62; Flyaway. 1 I!»: Clio, 104. and Kaloolah. lilt, were the unplaced ones. Clio was tlie favorite at 2 to 1 and it was 4 to 1 against Marion C. She was not started again until the Louis vile fall meeting came on. There, September ML -he ih-feated Rlarneystone Jr.. Business and six others, at a mile and a sixteenth in 1 :50o. having up 11.1 pounds to 101 on Rlarneysione Jr. and K on Business. September 24 she was given 120 pounds in the Cash Handicap, at a mile and a quarter, and. winning easily in 2:14. defeated Kd Hopper, Mo pounds, and Catalan, 120. At the Latonia fail meeting she was a 7 to ." favorite for the Cincinnati Hotel Handicap, at a mile and an eighth, but ran third to Prince Fortuuatus and Milldab- in 1:86%. Prince Iorluiialus was a capital race horse and had up 12:. pounds to 110 on Mil: dale and 1 1ll on Marion C. Then BBC was taken to Nashville and won three raei s out of four starts. In tier iral race there -lie was beaten at a mile in 1:41% by J. M. Browns fast co!t. liobby Beach, then won at a mile and seventy yards in 1 :4s. with lis ponids up, defeating Blarney tone Jr.. 1!" : Payette-, 11."«, and three more fast horses. Following this she carried 121 pounds and won at a mile and a sixteenth in i :4.t. layette. 11.; pound-, was second, with Fred Fink. BS, third, and four more unplaced. Her lasi race of the year was a so at a mile and a Sixteenth and this -lie won in 1:42%, with 120 ihhuiiIs in the saddle, r.larneystone Jr.. ll!l pounds, was second and J. T.. 111. was third, while seven more ran unplaced. Good a- she had been as a four year-old. she was even better in 1.S01. It vva-- a year of grand horses, indeed, and some of her races were veritable bailies of equine giants, in which ate played her part Worthily. Her first two starts were at the Louisville spring meeting .nil in neither was she placed, not being quite tit. The fir-t wa- a mile dash, wan by Mill Young on a slow Hack in 1:14. and the second the Delbeck Handicap, at the same distance, which tin- famous Proctor Knott won in 1:42:,. with ProteetJoa second and Princess LlntO third. This race was run May 1.". and her next start was al I alonia. May 2-" . in a mile dash lor a purse. Only having Dr. Nave and Long Shot as opponents, she was i 1 to 1! favorite and won in a canter in 1:45. She had sterner Opposition May .lb in the Decoration Handicap at a mile and a quarter, fir which the starters ami weights were Marion C. 110 pounds: Michael. 108; Proctor Knott. 12s; Semper iiileh 104; Glockner, 112. and Hiien.-me. loo. hut in a tine contest she won by a half length from Michael in 2:0*. with 1roctor Knott a goad third. Michael was a good colt, liolongiug to R. A. Swigert. which afterwards won the St. Louis Derby of that year. June 0 she was given 121 pounds iu the Cincinnati Hotel Handicap, at a mile and three sixteenths, to 1 Sag on Olockner. and the latter, a superior mud runner, beat her by a length in extremely heavy going in 2:11. Roseniont. 104. running third, with W. O. Morris. Yale hi and Allan Bane unplaced. Then she came on to Washington lark and, on June 27. was unplaced in the Oakwood Handicap, al a mile and an iurli li. It wa- a gnat field, the starters, ages and weights lie mg Racine. 4. 124: Verge dOr. 4. H»: Whitney. ::. !I7: Business, 6, !i7: Marion C. ." . 121: Onuie. ;,, 110: Santiago, 4. 112; Gold Dollar. ::. .Hi: Fayette, o. KM; Ran Chief. 4. 112: Prince, 4. H7. and Holer, ::. 101. Superbly ridden by ■•Daredevil" Iitzpatrick, Racine won by a length in 1:53, with Verge dOr second and Whitney third. Marion C. amlshed fifth. On July 2 she had her revenge when for the second time she won the Boulevard Stakes al a mile. She rallied 124 pounds, the other starters being Santiago, 122 pounds: Ran Chief, 122: Racine. 1S». and Donalelo, 100. all rac- borate of high class. RacbM wa- a .! to B favorite, but Marion C. passed him in the homestretch with one of her famous rushes and won by a length and a half in 1:41%, with Santiago second and Ran Chief third. July 0 she won a parse at a mile and an eighth in 1 :." ." . in which she beat Santiago. Whinny. Louise If., Allan Bane. Rudolph and Dickup. Ne! -he ran second to ltan Chief iu the second reaming of tin- Wheeler Handicap and carried 121 pounds to his 1!." . Santiago, 12.". pound-, was third and the unplaced ones were Kingman. Racine. Ilnglish Lady. Ormonde. Louis, |.. Verge d Or and Take Notice, a remarkable aggregation of high-class horses. The race was run in 2:1m!1, From Washington Park she was taken to St. Raul, where she won two purses, but in bitterly con ested finishes wa- barely beaten iu two slake races. Then she was brought back to Chicago to gain the crowning triumph of her career. At that time opposition racing was carried on at both Carlield Iark and Hawthorne, rivalry between the governing forces of the two tracks being of the most Intensely hostile char acter. The GarOeld lark people had opened a special sweepstakes of 00 each. 00 forfeit, and 0,000 added, called the darficld Slakes, and had net only induced M. I". Dwyer to enter the celebrated aane, Kingston, but also to bring him out here to rac- for the event. Kingston was Indisputably one of the great esi race horses of American turf history, his record of having been unplaced but foi.r times iu the 132 races in which he started being without a paralel. His advent here create, 1 unbounded excitement and on the da] of the race. August 22. 1201, GarOeld lark was crowded to its capacity, while Hawthorne was practically deserted. Only three other horses contested the event with Kingston. It was at weight for age. at a mile and an eighth, and under -iich conditions Kingston and Aloha each carried 121 pi •.mils. Verge dOr 122 and Marion C. 112. Iitznatrick was on the latter, while Hamilton r,«le Kingston. C. Sloan Aoha and Overton Verge dOr. In the betting it was 2 to , against Kingston. 2i-_. to 1 Verge dOr. 7 to 1 Marion C. and .Ml to 1 Aloha, the presumption being that Kingston could hardly lose. Hut lose he did and when Marion C. at the end of a grandly contested race, swept past the judges a length in front of the eastern crack the vast assemblage of spectators practically went crazy. That Kingston wa- not at his iies! that day he afterwards proved eanelnalvely when on September 2 1 asily defeated Marion C. and Verge dOr at the same distance All the same the mare raced grandly on Itolh occasions. Her victory was achieved in 1 :.".."■ and she made Kingston run in 1 :."4 when he defeated her. The big race was her last winning one and 1221 wa- her last year iu racing. Her record and pedigree were as follows: tear. Age. Sts. 1st. 2nd. Srd. I up. Won. 1222 s I 1 1 4 .$ 42.". 18M * ■• 7 r 2 2 4,:t:jo is:»i :• 20 7 7 :; ;: 18.536 Totals .11 44 IT. |3 7 r» 3,290 ... Mellioitrne J Humphrey Clinker , ., _ ,. West I Australian... j » Dler of Cervantes . .,„,; _ Mowerina J Touchstone I -Mistialian -j j ,.;„„„., I Fniilia [*«"« I»»ius.... jgjOJk J ,Vlsi:,n j r £ f Harry 0Fallon JJgg | t Irish Hi„b,,.cl,er..SirHr"11- j PV,-, """"" Lsunny South.. J vOuiccioli J JJjBoo.y ° K - I I, . The Cure J Physician | iKqlial I Morsel fc I / I qua i ion i Kinilius O S ■ K Maria fi 3 ~ I [ ,i l.oii.l.llow f,.n,,n- Leamington -j J Faugh a Rallagh 9 a Dlerof Ia.ilaloon I anghow J f IT— I an i Brawner*a mtllpae • i Quia 1 ISallv Morgan I Revenue j Trustee / i Rosalie Soaarra j I Ziima J Lizzy Morgan j QlaaCM I riatl Trustee Cation , itevenue l ,unu | Liiiiua v- Minnie 1 , wi- f Rosalie Soniers I Sir Charles "1 I Mischief ,, Glances j Sultan „ r 3 L Sally Lewis j Trampoline Motto Rati fuel , Lady Thompkius

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