Latest Work-Outs At Latonia Track, Daily Racing Form, 1919-06-15

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LATEST WORKOUTS AT LATONIA TRACK LATONIA Ky June 14 The following were the best workouts at Latonia this morning as reported by the official timers Weather cloudy track fast Adelia AV Mile in 142 142Allah Allah Threequarters in 115 115Amstello Amstello Threequarters in 110 110Alev Alev Jr Half mile in 50 50Act Act of Trumps Half mile In 51 51Bert Bert Williams Thrce ighths in 30 30Bob Bob llensley Threeeighths in 39 39Barney Barney Shannon Half mile in 47J 47JBlack Black Watch Half mile in SO Bubbles Half mile in 49 49Brother Brother Maclean Fiveeighths in 102 102Bulse Bulse Fiveeighths in 105 Betsy Fiveeighths in 101 101Blue Blue Jeans Threequarters in 115 115Baignenr Baignenr Threequarters in 115 115Busy Busy Jot Threequarters In 11716 11716Brig Brig of War Threequarters in 113 113Bribed Bribed Voter Threequarters in 118 Brown BCL Threequarters in 115 115Brisk Brisk Threequarters in 110 110Batchler Batchler Mile in 142 142Bogart Bogart Mile in 150 150Caraway Caraway Mile in 140 140Chesterfield Chesterfield Mile in 144 144Carrie Carrie Moore Seveneighths in 128 128Clarice Clarice Ruth Threequarters in 119 119Cane Cane Run Threequarters in 115 115Clandestine Clandestine Fiveeighths in 105 105Clear Clear the Way Half mile in 51 51Clintonville Clintonville Threeeighths in 3S 3SDr Dr Carmen Mile in 141 Daymon Mile in 143 143Dairyman Dairyman Seveneighths in 131 131Dimitri Dimitri Threequarters iu 123 123Dragoon Dragoon Fiveeighths in 102 102Distinction Distinction Fiveeighths in 104 104Emanate Emanate Mile in 141 Ettahe Threequarters in 117 117Ernest Ernest B Fiveeighths in 103 103Escovar Escovar Fiveeighths in 100 Friz Threeeighths in 38 38Forbid Forbid Half mile in 51 51First First Pullet Half mile in 48 48Fifi Fifi II Threequarters in 113 113Foster Foster Embry Mile in 144 144Hadrian Hadrian Mile in 141 Huffaker Mile in 143 Ilolma Threequarters in 115 115High High Cost Threequarters in 115 Herald Threequarters in 122 122Hopeful Hopeful Threequarters in 115 Hidden Talent Half mile in 48 48Horace Horace Lerch Threeeighths in 37 37Inspector Inspector Hughes Fiveeighths iu 101 101Jap Jap Fiveeighths in 107 107Jane Jane Pennybakcr Fiveeighths in 107 107Jiffy Jiffy Fiveeighths in 102 102James James Foster Threequarters in 125 125Jay Jay Bird Threequarters ill 115 115J J P House1 Threequarters in 115 115John John O Threequarters in 114 114Kiku Kiku Threequarters in 114 114Kenwanl Kenwanl Threequarters in 117 117King King Worth Half mile in 53 53Kharcmaneli Kharcmaneli Half mile in 48 48Linden Linden Mile in 149 149Lady Lady Fair Play Threequarters in 114 114I I idy Swee Fiveeighths in 102 102Leicester Leicester Half mile in 52 52Louise Louise A Threeeighths ill 38 38Moscowa Moscowa Mile in 143 Money Maker Mile in 144 Magikon Milo in 139 139Mustard Mustard Seveneighths in 129 129Madrid Madrid Seveneighths in 131 131Mallowmot Mallowmot Threequarters in 117 117Major Major Bradley Fiveeighths in 103 103Make Make Up Fiveeighths in 100 100Mabel Mabel Trask Fiveeighths in 102 102Manganese Manganese Fiveeighths in 104 104Miss Miss Patty Fiveeighths in 102 102Mandalay Mandalay Half mile in 48 48Nope Nope Fiveeighths in 103 103Nominee Nominee Threequarters in 117 Narosla Threequarters in 117 117Pif Pif Jr Mile in 152 Paris Maid Mile in 142 142Pleasurevillc Pleasurevillc Mile in 140 Pastime Threeqnartcrs in 115 115Poppy Poppy Red Half mile in 50 50Prosit Prosit Half mile in 48 48Prince Prince Igor Half mile in 48 48Parol Parol Threeeighths in 37 37Raider Raider Mile iii 140 140Rameali Rameali Mile in 142 RancIiertMile in 142 Regalo Threequarters in 117 Rifle Threeeighths in 108 J JRuth Ruth Strickland Threemiarters in 114 Rainbow Girl Fiveeighths in 101 Ray Atkins Half mile in 48 48Rmuiyven Rmuiyven Half mile in 49 49Sherry Sherry Half mile in 49 49Scepter Scepter and Staff Fiveeighths in 103 103Sweep Sweep Jr Half mile in 49 49Sway Sway Fiveeighths iu 101 101Sosiiis Sosiiis Fiveeighths in 107 107Sirocco Sirocco Fiveeighths in 102 Say When Fiveeighths in 104 104Silk Silk Lady Threequarters in 110 110Snngold Snngold Threequarters in 110 110Snbahdar Snbahdar Thrcciiuarters in 115 115Sands Sands of Pleasure Threequarters in 119 Sansyming Mile in 144 Scourgcmaii Mile in 152 152Starry Starry Banner Mile in 142 142Tokay Tokay Mile in 141 141The The Colleen Bawn Mile in 149 149Third Third Watch Threequarters in 110 110Thistle Thistle Green Threequarters in 118 118Tim Tim MeGee Throequarters iu 115 115Travesty Travesty Fiveeighths iu 102 102Trobeu Trobeu Fiveeighths in 109 109Troach Troach Slan Half mile in 51 51View View Threequarters iu 110 110Viola Viola Park Fiveeighths iii 103 103Verde Verde Fiveeighths in 102 102War War God Mile in 141 141Waterford Waterford Threeeighths in 37 37Zim Zim Mile in 144

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