Lower Bruce Lowe Groups: Herod the Famous Fountain Head of No. 26 Group, Daily Racing Form, 1921-02-21


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[ , ! I * y j ■ j ; . , I 1 : j I • I J : ■ I i 1 1 , j , ,, ■ ! a I I. • i •• [c i i l, le ■ ■ D., • LOWER BRUCE LOWE GROUPS | n -e _ | I, Herod the Famous Fountain Head of No. 26 Group. . ol — — » From It Came the Great Long-i . fellow — Family No. 27 and , i Its Productive Mares. - ♦ ! i BY EXILE. 1 lir Lowe tamiij So. - tor maaj years was 1 j kiewn ;.. lame onlj as the family of one of tin j three treat fountain heads, Herod. Im ■ long - , time subsequent to Ike reign of King Herod ne j icreat raet horse or influential sire for the No. 1 -i; family aiipeared. It is true Knight of Bt. -| George aon the st. Leger. Promised Land the Tare ] Thousand Guineas, ami Longfellow, in his time, ■ j reigned s ipreme i»tii as a race horse and as s sire : of race horses. Pllbert. too, in England vas asefnl 1 ; I j and Perplese attained to some diatinctioa in Prance, ; and th.n then- was the stoat hearted, steel framed 1 Gleaele in this coaatry. but the sire gaps from Herod i. Bill of Portlaad are hard ladesd to till. Moreover, no one of Ihc above No. an sire-, bar Hor»d. v,.i found capable »l w tttag np a I ous of his own. In America the St. Leger ivtnnei , Knight of St. George failed as s sire of -ires, as _ did Gleuclg. fxngfelkiw in the male line lias pra tlcalij ceased to ealet. Iln- Commoner, too, ans - , not Muite what he might iia-- been and thai first lis- race horse Kialey Mack failed al- « as a sir,. The No ad horse, iiowevir. Parpseaa in Prance, is the sire of Pachero and Palais Royal, lie - I which I believe are -tin in existence, and it «as not until Bill Of Portland made a ro of it in „ Australia that of recent yean any No. 211 horse . made it real success o# it aa a sire, whereas Ihejj , sire of MaMe, and r.ohadil. the BUI ■ f Portland I j is -1 ill ill evidi Bl B. . Pullowine Bill of Portland came the Derby win ■er of ltmT. Orby, nrhieh has attained lo mach , etuinen ,. as the sire oT Grand Parade. Diaduimao . Otplieits and Diadem, bat time alone .an tell it ,• j Dri.y in Hie male line is to carry on and Ibe , ,iue tien to what extend is the success of Orby . .irr iiae |e the Introduction of Oh Hanovei strain Ibrougk Ids daml Anothet No. horse which lias made no little reputa i hm tor himself f a„ :1 sire is sir Archibald, sire oi lhal majestic ,. M sprinter tii-!i Kb pano . A family of fair sine is No. 27. Bevi utj two m in t b ,,:,. returned for this family in Volume is of - iii. English Sin. I Book and from this family main , I i winners Iml no reallj inflaeatlal aire has I eouic. Pioi .ii.lv the l»-s! of them, Energy, Ea ■ thnsiast, the St. Leger aiaaer Pero Gomea and ,1 Arbitrator, and Arbitrator lives on Hireugh KU- , : warlia and his sons Krooasted and Ogdca. Ba-Umsiast i- ! slso Is the sire of Eager, but Eager, 1 fear, leaves an sea behiad to .any ferward his line. i I FOUNDATION MARES Or TAMILY NO. 27. • Tin- three best foundation mares of the No. -. - familj are Pine Devil, by Velocipede; Batafia. by I I Ha, Middleton, and Da noise, by Oscar. To Danoise I mce Bed Deer and Boyal Plash III.; to Batafia ., Kmistler and Arbitrator, but the best of the No. 27 . j i familj is brought forward by Blue Devil, daughtei of Velocipede. Baaaterers dam Ennui was tie i„.-t 0f Blue Devils three daughters and Knnni • dam of two. In Lady Boden. by West Australian.: and Bravery, by Gameboy, »-bich is the eratiddun i of the St. Leger ariaaer Pero Gomes Lad; Boden to which trace st of ta - 1 No. -7 horses als. bred two daughters in Mirelle. t y Gemma dl Veray, ami l.a. Ceventry, by Thormahby. To Mirelle tra.e Energy, Enthusiast and all the food racina V. urcmhers nf the Cherry Dachesa family, and to Lad ? i reveutry In Prance, those two winners of the Grand l r~i. Itogutsky and Bememlria, and here the mad remarkable instance of InteBigenl hloodatock breeding that has ever come to my notice. To begin with, member* of the Ennui branch ol r the No. l7 faml 1 j have never been noted for aaj . ,,„.,. ;. ,| abHirj a- race horses, even though this. ;|.. I.,-, branch »f the No. 27 family, yet here an two winners of the Grand Prii coming within Ike short space or seven year-. Talk of pyramidias ob ii;. stock market, reclamation of laud, aiakiag twi Ilad.-. »t ra-s icrvw where hut one grew before. il, . are as nothing compared to what raa and; j •has been don.- bj latelUgence, nerseveraace, tin | ; us.- of onlj the best and a commingliug of the strain- of Herod, Matchem and Ecttpae la hersi breeding. Banal, daaghter «.r the Derby winner and Herod horse Baj Middleton. bred to the Triple Crowi winner and Matchem sire West Australian, Ih mare Lady Boden, which l y the Herod her* and Derby and A-eot iol.l Cup winner Thormnnby. foaled I.tdv Coventry, dun of Lady Mercia, dau-.h , ter of P.lair Atbol. which «as of Ecliiise descent am! won both the Derby and Bt. Leger. To the Grand Pris and Derb.i winner st the Herod iwraaasion Kisber, l.ad Mercia hied Caardas, dam of the ,. Grand Prix winner Bagotsky and also of Ike Grand " Pris winner Beaaeadria, a daughter « f the great French exponent of the Herod line Le San.y. which 1 am Lieu to understand never aired a ksser and " j , whose ine i- carried ferciWj forward bj such as _| ; i in- Tetrarcfa, Boi Herode, Le Bamaritaia, Grej P« and Maiateaon.

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