Macombers French Horses: Great Array of Mares at Du Quesnay and Cheffreville Studs, Daily Racing Form, 1921-02-23


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MACOMBERS FRENCH HORSES 1 — +_ Great Array of Mares at Du Ques- nay and Cheffreville Studs. « Horses at Training Quarters at Saint-Louis de Poissy and La Morlaye. The -ope of the A. K. Macomber thoroughbred holdings in France gives some idea, not only of the Tast amount of capital involved, bat also of tin immense benefit conferred on French thoroughbred breeding by tin upkeep of such great establish -meats. At Mr. Maeombers Da Qaesaay stud. DeaaviUe, there are at araaaat five stallions, thirty five brood mares and twenty - five foals; at his ie Cheffreville Stud. Lbdenx, two stallions; twenty-nine brood mires .mil t,n funis, and at his training Quarters I at l.a Morlaye ami saint Louis de Poissy there are eighty -seven animals uadergoiag preparation under trainer Thomas Murphy to enable them to fill their many stake engagements during the season of It*— 1 . At present Mnrphy is in full charge of all the Macomber thoroughbred establishments and horses and Frank ONeill, when his suspension is lifted, is the first rider of i he stable The reason for lrank ONeills suspension in France, was that he was left at the post on the favorite in a race which was won by an outsider on which an American visitor at the course, friendly | With ONeill, had bet |30O, The same American a! an American race meeting thinks nothing of betting So. Kill or more on hi- fancy. The lull list ,,f horses in the breedteg establishment- ami at the training grounds of La Morlaye and Saint-Louis de Poissy owned by Mr. Macomber. are given below: AT DU QUESNAY STUD. Tie- stallions of the Dn Qaesaay stud are as follows: Maim. tion. eh. IMS, bv I.e San it ta ire Marcia. by I Maid, a. I Star Hawk. h. ill], by Sun-tar Swce! finch, by Goldfinch. Ilolist.r. or. 1814, by Sun-tar Our Lassie,* by i I Ayrshire. Oversight, b. ltd*, by Halma First Bight, by Isinglass. Mackinley. br. 1818, by Maodollald II. Mr-. Despard. by Isinglass. The Im Qaesnay brood mares arc: Mariska, br. 1881, by Saint Damiea Maskery, by Mask. Perpetna, i . 1888, by st. Bisson— Splendid, by Sheen. Court Dress, eh. 1884, by Dlsgnlse— Hampton I.ellc. by Hampton. Pope Joan. ch. MM, by Dtegaise — Editha, by ; Master Kildare. Mrs. Despard, b. 1805, by Isinglass— Crl de Guerre, by MacMaboa. Queen of Fortune, b. 1903, by Fortaaio— Qnees i Elisabeth, by Ladas. Maskcite. br. MOB, by DIsgaise— Bitarica, by Hamburg. Bats Delight, eh. 1007, by Bat Delighted, bv S.llioM . La Mousse, b. I00T, by Ladas Moasmt, by St. Simon. Brume, eh. 1908, bj Prestige Baete, by Bramble. PresthJe. i IPiis. by Prestige -Dido, by Stuart. Gloria II.. ch. 1909, by Adam Gloriosa, by Hast iii_- Petalance, b. 1991 by Maiatcnoa Perpetna, by-St. Simon. Francises, b. 1911, by Prestige Franchise, by Co- : d iman. Otossop, i". 1911, by Prestige Gleriosm by Hast-1 in--. H rigen. rh. 1912, bj Matateaoa Dorothy Snhr, I bj Right Away. Rainier, rh. 1912, b] Sea Sick Reinette, bj Saint Damiea. Sandhla-t. b. PI2. by Maintenon Sand flake, by Trenl n. Sureslght, l». 1812, bj Maintenon -First Si-lit. by Isinglass. Adcliza. ,li. 101] by Maintenon- Ada Nay bj Maxim. Flat !.ir. b. 1913, bj Aja Hermoiithi-. by WinkfieMs Pride Fribble, b. 1919, by Snndrldge Frederica, by Fripi ii. Gibberisli. b. 1018. by Prestige Glbeltee, by C nrli-. Lkinrtte. l, 1013, by Saint I.ri-— La Mone, by Border Minstrel Maskelyne, br. 1919, by sweep Maskette, by Disguise. Popinjay, eh. I91S, by Delhi— Pope Joan, by Dis-gnlse. Brnmelli, eh. Pill, by Maintenon Brume, by Prestige. Masquerade b. 1914, by Maintenon — Masket te. by Disguise. Perpctnana, l». 191 1, by .Maintenon Perpetna, by St. Simon. Steppes, b. 1914, by Matateaoa Stepping stone. by I.en Brush. Aftersight. eh. 1915, by Sea sick -First Si-hl. by Isinglass. Gibha, b. 1915, by Sea sill: — Glbeltee, by Courtis. Mineola. b. 1915, by Maintenon Mariska. by j Saint Damiea. oneonta. ch. 1913 by Matateaoa — Conrt Dress, by j Disguise. Sea Shore, eh. 1915, bj Maintenon Btepplag Stone, by Ben Brash. Of the above, five are bred t-. Oversight, tea to MacKiuley, eight to Malatei tea to Sea sick. add one each to Tagliameato and Irince Palatine, j AT DE CHEFFREVILLE STUD. The -tallion- at the De CbeffreviUe Btnd are: Sea Sick. b. 1905, by KM Saf Saf, by Le Baney. ! War load, b. 1015, by Iolymelas Dreamy, by I Persimmon. The br I mares at the De Cheffreville stud are: Isadora II., br. 1012, bj Flying Fox or Imprenablel Pre. bj Le far. Kick In. b. l.dl. bj Bnckwheat Mone Down, by Le-icrliii. Kittenish, b. 1014, by Roqaelaure Sweet Maiden, I by Siindi id-c. Love Story, ch. 1914, by flmmtar Sweet story, j i Peppermint. Oilcan- IIP. b. 1914, bj Prestige oliv Craig, bj j Wolf- Crag. Pleiad, s. br. 1014, by Snnstnr st. olive, by St. Simon Posy, b. 1014 b] Sunflower II. Bright Cherry. by Ayrxli re Ready, ch 1014, by Clcen Prepare, by Pioneer, j Kisaga. ch. PiH b Kua flower II. Fair Lassie.! bj Ora Sunbounet, b. 1014. by Snnsta* Martea Hood, h. Maria- i Verdant, b. 1014 bj Sunflower II.— All Green, by tileelllaw n. Flinch Heel-, b. 1015, bj Sunflower II. Onr Girl, bj Won..:., Up stak. ch 1015, by Bnnftower II. School Book, by Wisdom. Powder Puff, eh. 1015, by Snnstar — Sweet Lassie, I by Onnc. Hltas Shot h 1015. by Snnstar— St. Olive, by St. I Simon. Mingarce, b. 1915. bj Sunstar -Eugenia, by Royal Hampton. war Ci, s. ■ ii 1916. bj Sunstar— Imperative, by Your Ma estj . War Lore, br. 1916, by Prime Palatine Sun Glass, by I dngiai War Miiuoiic-. b. 1919, bj Snnstar — Sweet Lassie, by onnc War News. b. 1916. by Spani-h Prim e -Verity, by Your MajestJ . War Stories, eh. 1916, by Bpaniab Prino — Baa-glon . h Snndridge War b 1916, by Spanish Prteee— Sanwtat bj Kiiudrtdge. War Win i . h 1016 b] Bp mi-. Prince Dolly Warden, lg Suadride. " _ " I War Ki-s. h. 1919, by Star Shoot-Sweet M.-ir-j .f: in. by Ilinna FOfgl I •Jane Fyre. b. 1917. by Pra atlgr Off p. and. by star Shoot. *ItlinU Fate. eh. PUT. by Kcouen— Mnvtha GOT-man. by Sir Dixon. ♦Little Comrade, br. PUT. bv Rabelais- Oftenaa, by Dark Ranald. •Margaret Ogilry, br. PtIV. by atehctate- love Blink, by Velocity. •Primes- of Tlinle. br. PUT. by KM Wallflower ; II.. by Meddler. Of the above, twelve have been bred t,, War Cloud, nine to Star Hawk and one each to Mala-I tenon. War Star and Friant. Those marked *| entered the stud in 1999 and lave not yet been bred. LA MORLAYE HORSES IN TRAINING. The horses In training at l-i Morlaye are: War Star. br. h. 7. by Snnstar— Verne, by Pill Of Portland. Po-cobol. br. c, I, by U ibelais— Fioward. by Sir Dixon. High spirit-, b. c. t. by Rabelais— LAdwrabte, bj Le Samaiitain. KenUwortb, b. e, 4. by Rabelais— Light o* Love. by Radiam. Meddlesome Maid. b. f. 4. bv Irish Lad— Colonial Cirl. by Meddler. Pcndeniiis. b. e, 4. by Rabelais -Confection, by Isinglass. Black Larry, ilk. e, :!. by Nimbus The Fylde, I ] Chaucer. Cybar, b. e. :t. by Dnrbar— Cyprtee, by Veronese. Inssy, ch. e. :s. by Rabelais — Imprndente II., by Maximum. Kassii,. ch. e, :!. by Fanchenr— Safety Pin by Sellselc-s. Ma Fancy, b. e. :.. bv Prestige Ma Lady Ln by The P.ard. .Miss Glatlgne, b. f. S, by Rabelais Miss Qeaaca, by Putin. Mprfrmer, br. c, .:. by Gorgaa- Maddahtaa, bv Bona Vista. Mos.opoie. b. or eh. ,-. ::. by Maedonald II. Marie Louise III., by Masque. Net. ch :t. by Kabeiais Nolle, by GotgOS. Peiniani-m. br. e. :i. by Fanchenr — Couscous, by Saint -Bris. Pigmm Pie, ch. 1". 3, by Sweeper Colonial Girl, by Meddler. ; Ph--ier de II. jc 1 . c. :,. by Iv-oueu — Principality. by Prince Hamilton. Pommeret, r. c, :. by Is.ud II -Noval by LAiglou. sleepy Hollow, b. f. :i. by Itoic anx Larmea Froward, by Sir Dixon. Algxrien, b. e, * by Rabelais Afrleatae, by Corisande, br. f. 2, by Rabelais— Affiche, bj Sana Sonci II. Rl Kantara. eh. c. i. bj Vote* Oppression by St. Serf. Endora. eh. f. 2, by Maintenon — Isadora II. by Flying Fox. Fanatique, b. f. l. by Alcantara II.— Fata Mor-gana. by sir Archibald. Hellebore, gr. f. l by teard II.— Habaaa, by Uabelais. Hantagoe, br. f. J. by Rabelais -Hois Coneonri, by A.jax. Inca. b. c. o by Phoenix — Cncommon, by Rabelais. Kilt. b. c. 2, bj Rabelais- Kawa, by Lady Killer. 1-JI Ligae, Ch. f. -. by Voter Light Opera, by Zinfandel. Mali, pa, l c. J. by Uabelai-— Ficlii. by Vlgi lam. Mis-, br. f, 2, by Rabelais Mitzi. by Perth. Moonbeam, eh. f, 2, by Sweeper — Mon Etoile II. by Flying Fox. Xegoeiatcnr, br. e, -. by Rabelais — Nette, by Gorgos. Pale-Ira. eh. f. L. by Prince Palatine — Adana. by Adam. Pantagreul, b. .-. 2, bj Rabelais-Cagnotte, by Champignol. Vestmlnster Pells, eh. f. 2, by Fanchenr— Wed-ding Bells II., by Ben Brash. SAINT-LOUIS DE POISSY RACE HORSES. s The horses in training at Saint-Loui- da Poissj are: Setauket. b. h. !. by Ttiuliamento -Sightly, by Ma internal. Brnmadv, ch. h. 5 by Maintenon— liruinc. bv Prestige. Ma-kara. b. m. 5, by Dorrit— Maskette. by Dlsgnlse. Battersea, b. c, I, by Sea Sick— Pats Delight, by Bat. Courtall. ch. c. i. by Oversight— Court Dress, by Voter. Haifa, b. c. 1. by Maintenon— Halloween, bv Ayrshire. Maskin. b. f. :.. by Oversight— Ma-kette. by Disguise. Sihrercreek, ch. e, :i. by Matetenoa — Silver Streak by Halma. Terminal, b. ■. 4. by Dorrit — Gam dn Nerd, by Gardefeu. Cortland, ch. c, ::. by Matetenoa— Coari Dress, bj Voter. Doreid, b. f. S, by Galloping Simon -Fine Feathers, by Galltenle. Dorkteg, b. e, :;. by Sea Sick— Dorigen, bv Mate-tenon. Kartea. eh. f. :i. by Sea Sick— Karlv and Often. by Voter. Fornia. ch. e. :i. by Prestige Foresight, bv Halma. FreeweU, b. f. :i. by Maintenon— Frederica. by Fripon. Halpine, ch. f. :t. ,y Maintenon — Halloween, by Ayrshire. t Hnrry l*p II., eh. f. 8, by Phoenix — Ip Klstag, by I.aunay. Le PlemOBt. b. e. 3. by Kcouen —Pasiphae. by Kosrocs. Marcotis. eh. f. 8. by Maintenon — Marcolina. bv Marco. Marinosaa. blk. ■. 9, by Maintenon— Mariska. by St. Damiea. Patissiere. b. f. :?. by Brnleur— Pastrycook, by Masque. Pergola, b. e, :;. by Maintenon — Perpetna. by St. Simon. Petsik. b. e. o. by Sea Sick Petulance, |,v Ma inlenon Phtisia. ch. ,. :;. by Maintenon Pope Joan bv Disguise. Protey, in. c. :;. by As dAtoat— Perm, bv War Dame. Raindrop, eh. f. ;;. by Matetenoa- Rainier bv Sea Sick. Stepm b. e, :!. by Royal Ragle- Steppes, bj Stepping Stone. Surbitoi;. br. e, 9, by Sea Sick Baresight, by Mn i nt i uou. T.ilou. b. •. :J . by Friant II. Triuuette, by Foil Ire. Addie. br. I. L*. by Sea Sick- Adcliza. bj Main tenon. P.inmaldi. eh. c. i. hy Maintenon Brume, by Prestige. Chaco. b. c. 2. by Bconen Fiat Lux. by Ajax. Despard. b. •■. 2, by Maintenon Mi- Deopard by Uteglass. Dorchester, ch. e, 2, by Sea Sick — Dcrothy Suiir. by Right Away. Fortaaa, ch. f. _. by Negofol— Foresight by Halma Frankly, b. f. L. bv Maintenon Francises, by ii. ti-. . Glovetta. ch. f, 2, by Matetenoa— Gloria IP. bv Adam. Gnerbigny, b. e, J. by Predicatear— La Jardteiere, by st. Just. Marjorle. b. f. _. by Sea Sick— Mariska, by s;. Damien. Maskoki, br. f J. by Maintenon— Maskette, bj Disguise. Masqnerado, br c, -. by Bea Sick— Masquerade, by Ben Brash. Peqnot, h. C, 2, by Mnintenon — Perpetna. by St. Simcn. Peterhead, h e, 2, bj Oversight — Petulance, by Maintenon. • mui. i. oh i. 2 by Sea Blck— Qaeea of Fortnuc, by Fori un io. Quibble, b. f -. by Matateaoa— Fribble, b] Sundridge. Royal pet. i,. i. _•. by Royal Ragle— Perpetaaaa, by Maintenon. Sauhallut. b. e. l. by Oversight— Sandfly, by Maintenon. San P.las. b. ,-. 2, by Royal Facie — Sandblasi . by Matetenoa. Silver ciay. .ii e 2, by Mateteaoa Bllver streak, by Halma. r.ihaa. cii. .-. j. b] Tagliameata— Baresight, by Matatuoun. -

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