National Hunt Rule Racing: English Winter Turf Sport, Its Patrons and Peculiarities, Daily Racing Form, 1922-01-08


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NATIONAL HUNT RULE RACING t » ... English Winter Turf Sport, Its Patrons and Peculiarities. ■■ a u Different in Most Ways From Summer Action on the Larger and More Famous Courses. ■ ■ ■ ♦ ■ ■ - BONBON. Baghuad, December IS. -Baetauj wtm National Hunt Rule-. unauthorized liy tin- high powers of ratine. bat intensely popular, baa beta going on since the first of the month, as it annually . • loo*. The two sorts of raiinff arc different in almost oveiy respect. In place of short --prints of flat elgbtha mile wo have races over hurdles or femes aver distances ranging from one and a half miles to fotir anil a half miles. The scene of action shifts from aaseh famous mm as Bpsom, Good-wood and A-cot to Wye. Plumptoii. Hawthorn Hill and othT ieaeer-kaawa taealitteV Rut the iiango don not end her*. Different folks patronize tlio whiter sport, in which few of tlip mm of tboroaaghbreda take muidi interest. Their exaeaarve animal- ire reserved for the glory ad a innin? toaaaata flat races. .t the ead of November they aro retired to tiirir stable to be teaded carefully until tli" sprint: Thi* makos way for the small ewaei, anl in pbn » f raeea far thoasaadj af dollar* we aee Btreaaaaaa stragglea for aaere haadreda. Bwnera, iraaaeta aad Jockeya arc throughout aa aaaaoal entirely dlffereat Rpt. ; I haaaaads of regular racegoers area out of the sport arhea the las; iaiportaat flat rare of the sea- • v n — tlio Maachcatci Noveoabei flaadlrap baa beea run. Moat of tiuin argue that ateeplechasiag i* not : iiiucli of a pane. They da not like to aee their aaaae? "up ia the air," as tin-, teraa it. On the other hand there ari- tboae who rontPiid that tlio wiaiter *|iort aurgassea flat raeiag in point • •f interest. i . in a apeetacalar pabat of rfaw thpre is certainly no eaaaparlaaa. " t " i * » - thrilla of an exeit- J ing finish on the flat aro a* but milk and water • ompaiid to the tteaaeadoaa rxeiteaaeuta of a three-aalle Btecglei haoe. DIFFERENT PATRONS FOR STEETLECHASING. It is reeagsdaed thai rariag attraeta two seta of peaaate— thane who race for alcaaaic and those who patraabae tin- si»ort fm- profit. Unfortunately, Hip perreatace is all la Cavoa of the meaty maker*. . i reqsaeatly their actual knowledge of the make i Hinl aaaae af haraea is almost nil. bat a* *noi;in- i tors thpy oft"ii rale tin- market. Wheaerer the know that an animal is fancied to win. liny "pat tho money down" with a vengeance Tlie small meetings of the abater are not own to the same opportunities for moaa j making a- I • big aaaaaaer affair*. At Epsaau. for laataare, . a owner might, wituotit any diiiciilty. pat 5. WO on an animal in Tatteraall*a ting and stin !»• able to got 10 to 1 ;.,r any farther sum be eared to fa-vost. But in ti. - whiter many of the aaeol mm Bead baakaaakera are in the South of France and tbe aaarket in the loading ling .* weak an. I pom. Thus the outlay of ,366 on a certaia animal i by any owner or anil laaaa professional backer insures its favoritism and tin- general publir have to lie satisfied with even money aboal arhal is really a 2 to 1 rhaucr This sort of Brithaaetlc daea not appeal t. tie-regular rulers of the tit; f- for their aa e aim if to "beat tli- aaarket*1 h getting over, ami ii"t , under the odds A remarkable featare of tbe ateapleehaataaj ia i:i apite of it- great ri-ks and mcertaiatiea ■ace fa»arltea win than in the raae of flat raelaaj . •loekeys ridi:ig aader Naioual Hunt rales accd • not be Ibjhtwclgbta. far the h»we*l areight carried in nnv race is aaaatly 135 |«onnu a intra t to the M paaad aatobauaa weigh! ta raeea aader .U» key Club rule--. The ?raad National Steeplechase at Mreriwal ia tlio iiioet keenly raateated evint ..r tbe kuapiag ■aaaaa. From Nevimber until March to" i.-g::ai patrons of the sport talk nbeal Ba-aad eu i - ■•■:r-a pro;peetivo winner u f the KaUaoaL Uiiui. - of r.o • s i, mt ci-y coaraea sack as i...-.- .it Horal 1* ni. and SaatHwa are iisa.di.i n "••• tjrp lo perform aacccsafallji ia the tlraad Nati«i»itl, nlieti; th« f in ea are aated for their foraaidal le iku i •!■:. Maaur wiamera af the National hai ■- idoat I a Ii i.ind. whic-,1 is the recognised haoj af steeple-rhaaaag — __«. ■■ .

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