Necrology List of 1921: Names of Men Prominent in Turf Affairs Who Died Last Year, Daily Racing Form, 1922-01-08


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l j i , J , ] I | 8. a .1. T. • x 1 , . V I . , i , i : i , . j 1 | , 1 1 1 1 ■ i I i j . ._ j | I J J 1 1 | ! 1 " 4 " , ., .7 5 . 10 » «* ?• !- JJ 1? .• 830 j* 528 • -" — — n. 070 21 K| 40 21 00 037 3.i — 77 NECROLOGY LIST OF 1921 Names of Men Prominent in Turf Affairs Who Died Last Year. The fiiim Reaper claimed a of men prominent in the affair- of the turf here and abroad during 1921. Among the eminent American own er- and breeder* who departed on the lust great journey Were II. P. Headley of Lesington. Ky.. ieoige C. Bennett of Tenne— •■, Prank .1. Nolan of Saratoga Spring. N. Y.. S. A. Cloptoa and others more or less favorably known. Matthew Corbet t, president of the Metropolitan Jockey Club; William IL Lowe, registrar of the Jockey Club; Harry White, veteran race track official and transportation expert, and C.iarle- I.. Appleton. prominent in hunt circles and a crack amateur rider, were other- in high standing in turf affairs who joined the great majority. Many notable Isaacs were reported from la-t year. Known int-rnat ionally were Sir Irnest Caaeet, the great BagUsh Breeder and owner: Sum Dariiag, the famous Baglish trainer, and Charles Lienart. Preach oaraei Bad areedef in the steepie-rhase field. The death li-t of pjjl. |„,th here ami abroad, eashraced the foUoorhag: Owner? and Breeders. GEORGB C. owner and bre°iler. Ridge way, Tesn., September 20; paralv-is. L. A. I.ROADDPS -Owner, Jaly 9. TLI.IAM H. CHLPPI ■— 1 ormer owner. New York. N. Y.. letob.r 4. A. CLtlPTON — Owner and trainer. Albany. N. Y.. AagOSl 21; lheumaM-in ot the heart. B. DAHL4SREN Owner, Washiagtoa, D. C., !to- ven.lier LLV A. DAVIKS — Owner. I.i. k-ouville. Kla.. February 18. ANDRKW P. OINTEK— Porases owner. Chi. ago. 111., Jaaoary 3; eaocer. II. P. HliMH.KV -Owner and breeder. I *xiugton, Ky.. September o. lAMis r.. HP WITT— Owner and trainer. New York. N. Y.. October 2-".; spinal meningitis. IHWAKI Ii. KAI LIMAN PorBser owner and traiaer. Ban Prancisco, Cal.; OVtoTSet 31. V. A. KIP.WIN — Poiiner owner. L.misville. Ky . .lanua: y 10. THOMAS .1. LOVE -Owner Msatreal, Que.. August I*. OR ion X R. McKKB -Pormer owner and breeder, Versailles. Ky.. Pebrot rj I*. PRANK I. NOLAN -Owner. Saratoga Springs. . Y.. NoTcmbei 1 1. ORORGB R. PARKBB -Owner, Tijaaa, Mex . April 23: heart faiiire. RARNRRT I TTBRBACK Owner and trainer. Un rel, Md., •• loher 1«. CAP! JAMKB I WILLIAMS Poimer owner. Bpi sg Btatioa, Kj . Xoremher 24. Trainers, w .1 p.lkki: Saratoga, v Y . Aagaot *S; acute IK :■■• on. VVMKs ii;s New York. . Y.. November 21. LAV ROGERB Chicago, 111 logos! B; lakOrtala- r. ;i. ii ROWS lijnana. Mei . March 12, Alioi.Pll WHKKl.Kl; Poraser traiaer, Pramiaghaax, Mass . !••■. ember Jockeys. EDWARD AMK* Komi,, lackey, Spain. April. I. BCCKLE8 Msatreal, Qae., Jaly 7: re-nit of a fill. .IOIIN CINNI.NOHAM Pormer iockey, Tijunnn. Mex., Jaaoary 4: lohercalosis. PRANK dawson —Baglish Jockey, Latonia. Ky.. May 81; re-uit ..f a fill while exerehriag a horse. GEORGE PltAscn- Former Jockey, Jaatalea, L. L, N. v.. August 31: appeodicltia. LEO GADGEL -Reno, N._.. lime 1.7. EUGENE I1II.DKBBAND-Former jockey. Oaklnnd, Cal.. NO. ; I , i EDWARD L KL1.LV - Former Jockey, Toronto, Ont., April 1.7. HARRY LEWIB -Poraser Jockey, Port Arthur. Ont., November 2. SAINDKY MITCHELL- New Orleans. Ia.. January Is: re-ult of a fall. JOE NICHOLS— Former Jockey, San Diego. Cal.. Marca 20. P. PKBRIN Former Jockey, Cleveland. 0 . August 10. FLANK POBRETTO- Louisville, Kv.. October 12: le-nlt of I fall. EDWARD SMI Ill— Jockey, larksbury, W. Va., September 13: reaalt of h fall. Others Connected with the Turf. ilALLLs 1.. APPLETON— Official of Pnited Hunt Club i nd Miiateur rider. New Vork. N . V . De- eessber 7: plearo-paeaaaoada. CIS BUTHM — Formei bookmaker, Chicago, 111., June 25, I.ALUV LOdENSCHPTZ-Stable -upei intendent Latoada track, Latoaia, Ky., Jaaoary 33; heart failure. MATTHEW CfiP.P.EI"; —President of the Metropoli-lan Jockey Cloh, New York. N. v., KoTeoaber :;: asthma. FONT CREAMER— Forxner secretary of the Kentucky State Fair, Havana. Cuba. January 10; hemorrhage. JAMES I. IMiLAN : -Former starter. Philadelphia, Pa.; Aogosl v FLANK BA8T0N— Valet. New York, N. Y., July 20; -.lieide API. FOB8KE — Piokertoa race track officer, San Fran, i-.-o. Cal . May 7. PLANK E. GRIS WOLD— Chart writer, San Fran i ia o, ai. : December. HARRY. C. HAHBECK — Former bookmaker. Philadelphia. In.. Febraary 10, .• I.YIN T. HERT -Formerly vlce-piesident of Kentucky Jockey Chili. Washington. D. C.. June Bj J. J. MACK ESS V— Former timer. Philadelphia. Pa.. January If. W. B. ILAT" MASTERSON— Turf writer and former bookiciak-r. New York. N. Y.. October 23; heart disease. WILLIAM HENRY ROWE— Registrar of the jockey dob, o— ining. N. Y.. June 24: he:rt failure. LARRY C. TAINT P.ookmakers clerk. Lvnbrook, N. Y.. Deceasher 24. STEPHEN YACCAUO— Director New Orleans Business Men- Racing Association. New Orleans, La.; August 10. JOHN T. WALSH Former paddock judge, Lexington. Kv.. Ma r.Ti 3. HARRY WHITE -Race track official. Norfolk, Ya.; November 2-"i. W. F. WII.BFR -Ma-ter of foxhounds Hunt Club, Warreatoa, Fa., October lo. Foreign-O.vners. Breeders, Trainers. Jockeys and 0thers P. W. P.ALL fTTOTSIPR" i — English turf writer. London, England: February. AI.PHONSE P.ARESSE— FrciK h trainer. France. Sep- temher. WALTER ROTTEN -French trainer. Maissons-Laf - fitte. France, March 19: uraemia. FERNAND CAPELLE French amateur rider, Caen. France: November. SIR ERNEST CASSE1. English Owner and breeder. London. England. September 21: suddenly. ROBERT CAPLTHORN— French trainer. France; November. SAM DARLING— English trainer, London. England, April l"-: eaocer. WILLIAM DOLLERY -Former Kmjlish steeplechase rider, Plvmouth. Eagjaad; February 1. HON. C. E. ItAYIES "MM. S. M. WILSON"— Australian owner. Ta-inania ; April. II. DAVIS- Former Bagttsh steeplechase jo key, Wantage. England: December. COUNT HENRI COSTA DE LEALREGARD— French owner. Paris, Finnic: July. WARREN DE LA RLE -Former English owner, London. England: April 13. W. W. DE LA RUB— Welsh turfman. Trayles. Pernio broke-hire. England: July. POINT LE OAPI.DS DK MEZAlBRAN— French owner; January. COUNT MAUBICE DE SAPINAPD-French owner, Paris. France; July 23. MAROTTS DE V1LLAMEJOR— Spanish and Preach owner. Laaisaaae, France; October 17. HERB ANTON DRE.NER— Austrian owner aad breeder. Vienna. Austria; August. Continued on ninth page. ] , j , | ■ ! I I | | , I | j j ; I. I I I NECROLOGY LIST OF 1921 1 j Continued from second page. C. T. GARLAND— Owner. Moreton Morrell. Kng.. June s. A*. J. GILBERT— Former English trainer, England. SIR REGINALD GRAB is Rngliab owner. Norton onye:-. Kniland: Deceibet 27. U38. JOHN HARDING Knglisu owner. Fieuclviy. England: June.. PATRICK HA IITIGAN— Irish owner and trainer. Liverpool. Knglind. Mat h 18; rcsur of fall. j JOHN HILL— !•• ■rmer Ktiglish owner. Kingston-on- Thamea, Baglaad; June. AUGUST BOOKE- Australian trainer. Watcha, New j South Wales; October. WILLIAM aktiii it JARVI8— EagUah rrataor, Laa-I Boa Baglaad; Deceaaher 5. N. J. KELLY Lisa owner, Dahlia, Inland: No-j j veatbe ■ j COMTR RUDOLPHS KINSKT— Aaatra Hungarian | turfman. June. COMTB LE marois Preach owaer tad racing official. Fiance: Dec tuber. 1838. M. PETIT Li: ROT Preach owner. France. Pea- ] oat | . CHARLES LIENART rreach owner, Paris. Frame; November J7. CHAlM.Ls "BEN" I»ATE8 Potawi EagUahl jockey and trainer. Rottiagdeaa, Kngland: No-J Velllber. ! BARON LEOPOLD LUNDEN— Bolgiaa owner and 1 breeder, P.eigiuni: l reaiber. 1 W. H. MANSi u Fotaaer trainer, Newmarket, Bag-I i land: July Ll. J. MclNTYRR -English lireeder, Yorkshire. Baglaad, ; Septeaib r 2s: In art disease. J. S. MORRD30N- Eagliah owner. London. Eag- land: Augu-f 20. j | THOMAS OSBORNE Form er Eagliah Jockey, Lhrei | I pool. Kngland: December 21, 181 I I GEORGK PARPREMBNT French Trainer. Chan 1 till . : Jaaaary 1 1. i L. PHILIPPE- -Preach Jockey. . G. A. PRENTICE Kormrr English owner. Leadon. I j Bnglanrt : Febrn n j . I . PRANK RIGG8- Ucnibei of Preach Jockey Crab, Pa I -. Fi aa . Jarj . NAT KOBINSO Former EagUah Jockey, Loadoa, I j I oglaad : September 8. MR. SIBOURD Freach trainer, Baeaoa Air.s: April, i ? c. J. STEPHEN Iriah ..hum Ireland; March L i COMTR FELIX BCHEIBLER H eward of I m Itali-j : | an Jockey tab. It tlj ; I J. II. SMITH "VIGILANT* Tart writer of the Loadoa Sportsman. Loadoa, England, Mar a 17; i inieunion i.i. CHARLES JAMES SPENCER French tart wi lei f ance; r I rnarj . ■ LORD H. VANE IRMPESI Fo no Engl ah owaer. i England: K hrnarj railwaj accident. i WILLIAM WOODLAND Former EagUah ateepli ! rhaae |o k- I agiaad. ; L

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