Color in Racing History: Mr. Vosburghs Relation of Thoroughbred Facts for Accuracy, Daily Racing Form, 1922-02-13


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COLOR IN RACING HISTORY * Mr. Vosburghs Relation of Thoroughbred Facts for Accuracy. ♦ 1 Race Horses Have Never Been Bred for Color — Chestnut Color Usually Breeds True. ■mm iinc ape Walter B. Veefcarpfc, th - taleated ami alnraja acrerate baadieapper ead ateward af tlio fat key Club. i;id occasion la puncture this stfi liiiiiiit by oae of the «lap dash commentators who ui»oii aceaaaMM muss up r.icini; facts. The com incut w.-is: "I have not had I single authenticated • ;h where taeataat sire and lam have, produced anything bal • heetaat. In eaaJIeagieg tbc stataaaeal Mr. Veakatph wrote snme turf history of interest acaMaa question ing th - eater theory. Here is hi- statement: •Tlie blown .olt Dick WiKon. foaled in 1S93, by ■aartfeata fraaa Grace Edtrarde, was a son of par eata both f aralea afere eaeetaata. Hawthorn. ■ efceataal , n. foalrd i*9o. was by Major Ktekaraa from Lady Unapfellew, ■ daughter of LaapfcBaar, oajaed bj Baaford I .vim of latxlagtea, Ky. irace Bdeaida, eaeataal autre, foaled is »i. i,v Harry Ed eritrea from Grace Tower, aj lack Oaaiaal Tins eoit Dirk Wilson raced far upward of fi,- aeaaaaa, and lie hail a renager fall atnter, like himself, a arm a. "The famoii- race ImiM- Che,, • i~ another example. He was ;i bii.uu. foaled 1*71. uad all parents, filen At hoi and Full try. were both chest nuts. i h;ive ■ sirong personal recollection of tlieckmale. baeiag seen him run most of his racea. lb- w;is artal I would call a mouse brewn. His sire. Glen Atiioi. was a light eaeataal faea of Blair Atholl. which came lore as i lwojearohl arltk Ituckden in I8T1, and the late K. V. "anurou sold liim to Wo.xlhimi in the autumn of that year. He was |iigeontoed and aeeleea is a race horse, but he sired Checkmate and Clenmoro. two of the lust pel funnels nf tlnir era. "Checkmate «.ls i itst in the Stud I.ook to Planet, Lucas BroJaead. auiaaper nf the Wondbiirn Stud had it corrected, and he now :ip pHtii-s .is :i s f 1. 1, n Athni. i recall Itariag stated in the S|.irit of tin- Time, in 1882 that Cliei -kina t. looked moie like si, I,,. ,,f tin- Planets netaMj Whisper ihaa be did Itie Glea Athois. and Mr Bradhcad wrote m, ;, hang Utter bringing erideace thai checkmate was really hj Glea Atimi. NONSENSE IN COLOR THEORY. "Itut cm i if CI,,-, kmali aras In Phinet it .Mm].! lint alter the matter, for Planet, too, ras a chest nut. tie- son ,.f l,.n parcats. Bcvcaae ami Nina. The tw.i eaaea I rite, those of tii.-k WiN. n and Cli.-ckmate. are the onh oaes of arkU-ii I have aaj knowledge There may be iv it aayeai will search tie stud Beak for them, .is i :..i- been up epct ieme that the Stud Rook «i!l i.iiiisn :i man anything be deaires. arhelher to prove a theorj ■:■ disproM- it. of coarse, rbeataal is i color hat iisuilly lueeds true, but the race borae i- ■ breed that lias i,,,-i- heea bred for ralar. a- have saaie otaVr i no, is ,,f harms, aad is ware .:k ■-. than are other breeds !•• perforai queer freaks In ,-,,i.,i .-ri n. "And that is the point aralch aoaae receal «rrl era on the coal color of race aaraea seem t. overlook The raee horse, the lighting eoek and lh« P iimii; greyaeaad have all heea bred for fenerations .vi.i, out regard t,« color, bal for speed. ,.iuage ami aerreaa force e.iiistit m loaal qaalirie* na oppnaed to fain -j uualities Their trial i~ oa the race Poarae, Mi. •■■ ek pit or the roanitag ground: the other be-leaaja in the show room. Merit breeding without re-card t" color arodaces sunn- ttraage reoalts, oftea • isi s of reversion to a remote aaceator, "It is aside from the present question, but per Msaattrj I regn i thai DO BMKB has been written le reatly oa the question nf color, for we have -eon what breeding for color baa done for poultry and dogs Exhibitions are useful in that they stimulate the interest in stock, but they demand a I, reeding for points often at rariaaee with utility. Some of tiie • log- exhibited at iboarii in the sporting classics show by their feet :ind to, nails they are seldom if eer ii-e.l in the field and. a fin the shoe gi ,-y bounds, it is likely that Winning Nuinlei. winner of the Waterloo Cap, • mild give one ,.f them a fur long atari and beat Man in a qaarter of ., mile. And so it is will, g;iine fouls Tin- slmu room with its breeding to feather color has produced a Bvaaatroeitj wit,, lega like stilt, and acrka like craaea. SOME COLOR NOTIONS IN GOSSIP. ",.w sue!, fowls are us.-ie-- except fur show. Ilie late Mr Hunter", filch tins fowl- wen ■ i bred to color, neither were the Heath woods, not Mi North Brituoa of Kyracase S. V.. brea frooa •he Gillirer birds brought lioin i umbel hi ml in land Neither were tin- Peatherstonehangha, foi three mil.- caaae over the oceaa ia is?l with Back d n and Glea A In., and one are* I browa red one .i Mack red aad uae • oil,-, ami Mr raaieroa and Mr. Iliintei. who hail them foiiml their progeny in ilnilde and breeding nil colors. If we breed with regard to color we often bavr to diaregard const! tutional qualities, which lor [riiyaical coal en t ion are the most m- « — .i i "I can remember wnen ■ boy hearing lurlmeii ehiini the eliestniit -ins of l.-inglo|i arere inferior. True, dining the first ten .wars in the stud l.e lagtoas beal were hays, but in iscs Gea. Fluke. a ||,.. iimt v,,u lie Kelmont Stakes :ind was ,iIm iii Hi beat roll of Ho- year In lsTo raate the cheal nut foster, a grand race In. i.e. aad in 171 Wan rierer, another eaeataal and another grand race horse I board the same ..f Lmaiiagtoa which in bis tir.i . i.oii. produced his Beal la brootaa and haya; bal then mate Ariatides, Otltina, Harold. Spinaway and tnondaira. all eln—tiiut. and race haraea of the first water. Leaathagoaa was hiataelf a blown, like liis sire, l-augh-.-i -ISallagh. but the hatter was full brother to the chestnut IJiid, ai ,h i . and moreover. I-ainington. maternal gramlsjri . Pantaloon, was ■ eliestniit: heme there was a .trong leaven ,.f rhevtaat in Leamlagtoa despite hi. own color and the fact that his progeay were niostlv brown "All these eontioveisies ,i . to color and pedigree afford siibjeets for interesting conv-rsa t ion and open a field of batereal ing ~ t inly to the novice. But in those of long experience, who have BOOO face to face with the practical side o.r raciag, i! is difri euii to understand how aajraac ,an be hajpreaaed with their utility." « «

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