Where Old Racers Abide: American Army Remount Service Sires and Their Stations, Daily Racing Form, 1922-03-29


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WHERE OLD RACERS ABIDE E American Army Remount Service e Sires and Their Stations. ■ ♦ 1 One Hundred and Sixty-One Thoroughbreds, , Many of Racing Fame, Are Being Used. » i — ■ The work .r tii it- uiii :- -i Mead traaaaaraaloa la American horses by the ImmhI Service i.f the " l"iiitcl Stales Ann.v has not boon fully appreciated. J- , It is bionil. intelligent ;in«l effect ivo in every wiiy. J* The Remount Sen ice i |Kirts that for the ?R2I - kreediag wot it aecarcd freea Ceagreaa aa nppra- ° ■rtathw of .".tl.MM — Ki.".«KK of which was ex- x penile,! fur stallions and tSl.SM for forage, maintenance, " shipping of stallions, pay of agents, ete. .n unexpended balance at saving of .574.000 was as turned into the traaaarg of the Caited States ka-aaaaa e- of the fait that it could not be expended advantageously ■ and because of the fact that indications 1 from Congress shewed that a curtailment of of breeding activities was demanded in the interest Sf of economy. For the SBandRSS expended 120 stallions were scoured "- at an average teat of 91.75 each. Eighty-five .v- stallions were donated by generous persons interested a- in the improvement of horses. During the brooding aeaaaa of nrji there were re on band for use and service of mares Kit stallions. is. which Here bred to 4.2C 2 mares: £12.000 has lieen en collected in stud fees and about SIS. 000 additional al is due at foaling time. In 1921 and 1921 the service lost ten stallions by liv death and today has 300 elect mares for its use. e. Of these Kit are thoroughbreds nini in station. In the he list, which should greatly interest all lovers of the ;:■• racing heroes of the past, are such animals as Yankee, n- winner of the Futurity or tgM : Mohawk II.. I.. which won the Hopeful Stakes of 1905: Beach Comber, b- which cost F. It. Bradley 1,000: Hessian, sire re of the Cuban Hernials and Hoots: Cock o the Walk. k. Charles Edward and Trial by .Tury. stake and haudi-eap !i- winners-. Kin:; ilaudit. Meteorite. Double Eagle :le mid Holy, all naturally fine horses whose legs got ot in the way of racing success. Many of the Remount Service sires were fine in- racers in their day and Utelr w -hereabouts not ot known to lovers of the thoroughbred. Daily R.-o bag i.g Form lias therefore compiled and herewith prints a a list of the 101 thoroiiKhb-ed sires bought by the he Demount Service, with their pedigrees and present locations: loiich. b. e, 4. by King James — Delle of Oakley. y. by Himyar. Geaport, Alabama. Fpipbanes. br. b. 5. by Honey wood — Iurse Dose, by by Orsini. Ireseott. Arizona. Cha|ipa |iia Jr.. eh. h. s,. by Chappaipia — Yi-stila, by by An liorite or Salvator. Olendalo. Arizona. Yalais. b. h. !t. by Fthelbert— I-ady of the Yalley. •y. by St. Saviour. laibodea, Arkansas. Defense, eh. h. s. by Star Shoot — Dike, by Sir ;ir Dixon. Fort Harland. Cdorado. Sands of Time. eh. h. ti. kg Deach Sand — Alma K.. C. by Conrad. Kiowa. Colorado. Doctor Doots. eh. h. lti, by The Commoner — Touch Ch Not, by Tremont. Plum Yalley. Colorado. King Ilaudit. br. h. «. by Ilaudit— Wild Thistle. le. by Knight of the Thistle. Denver, Colorado. Jack Stuart, b. h, 7. by Yalens — Sweet Sauce, by-Sir kg Ceoffrey. Itn-blo. Colorado. Ashton. eh. li. IS, by Klectioneer — Fraiicolin. by by lliverness. Meeker. Colorado. Dark Friar, b. e. 4. by Sweei — Minnie Adams, by by Cesarion. Colorado Spring-. Colorado. Crackenthorpe. eh. h. IS. by Wools: Barge — Louise ise T.. by Kayon dOr. Fagleville. California. Fashion Plate, eh. h. Hi. by Woolstlmrpe — Fashionable, n- by Richmond. Alturas. California. Gunroek. eh. h. 8. by Rack Sand — Hunfire, by Hastings. it- Davis. California. J. J. Murdock. b. h. 9, by Coutestor — Grotesque, by by Freak. McArthur. California. Mars Mouse, eh. h. 7. by Mataa Abe— Miss White ite Mouse, by Bright Ihocbus. Schellville, California. li- Iizarro. b. li. 5. by Boiiaros.i — P.ecky, by John o* Haunt. Fort Bidwoll. California. Manilla, eh. li. 7. by Calloping Simon--Frusquin lin Delle, by St. Frusipiiu. Atlanta. Georgia. Ed Stone, b. h. fi. by Assagai— Bettie Sue, by The lie Cominouer. Stan wood. Iowa. Home Sweet Home. eh. h. 8. by Ballot — Homespun. in. by Hanover. West Liberty. Iowa. Delman. b. li. 7. by Fugleman — Delieia, by Kni- in- peror. Ixmiox. Id.iho. Duke Dillon, ch. h. 5, by Duke McDuke Frances •es Dillon, by The Commoner. Mackay. Idaho. Norlioiiic. br. li. is. bv Hastings — Flavia. by St. St. DIaise. Eairylawn. Idaho. Roullncv. br. hi I- kg l-i.vn Mawr— C.algris. by St. St. Oris. Hooding. Idaho Riinionto. br. li. .", by Sweep— Lenuo. by Ducat. :it. Boise, Idaho. Carlton ;.. ch. h. IS, by Carlton Grange — Designation, g- by Ben Strome. Carthage. Illinois. Uomeerost. br. li. It:, by Watercress — Sister Jeanie. ie. by Midlothian. New Albany. Indiana. Swing l iose. eh. li, » , by Broomstick — Courage, by by Hamburg. Ottawa. Kansas. Duke of Ormonde, b. h. 15. by Orsiui — Santa Bella. la. by Self. Yalley Falls. Kansas. Duval, br. li. 13. by Liaaak- Mary Greenwood, by Falsetto. Blandville. Kentucky. Gordon Russell, b. h. 12. by Marchmont II. — Toka- lon. by Tammany. r.ilmouth. Kentucky. Sand Bed." ch. h. 5. kg Ogdeu— Sand Pocket, kg by Itock Sand. Bowling Jreen. Kentucky. Greek legend, br. h. 8. by Polymeliis — Evadne. by Previous. Best on. Massachusetts. Da Grey. b. h, 17. by Troiithcok— Crey Lady, kg by ;rey Leg. Ciermaiitown. Maryland. Nylon, gr. h, it. by Oroy Plumt — I ady Marie, by by Petrarch. Meaktea, Maryland. Sanaa, h h, 7. by Rhpahraew Boyal Anne, kg Boyal Hampton Ccnti.v. Missouri. Hoiizaln. br. h. 5. by Bard of Hope— Fancuette. by Alvescot. Tipton. Mi-souri. lharaoh. br. h. 14. by .Meddler— Hatasoo, by Albert. VI- Neosho. Missouri. Simon Oalop. b. b. 7. by Hallopiug Simon — Uravosa. sa. by Ornie. Butler. Missouri. Rococo, b. h. 4. by Marathon — Miss Lida. by Ogden. em. t. cut i.v. Missoini. Argonne. b. h. 7. by Sunflower II. — Sun Glass, by kg I-inglass. Moorliead. Montana. Heal her Moon. ch. li. 11. by White Eagle -Virginia :iia Carle, by st. laeaarile Sahlaad, Montana. Doly. b. h. Hi. by Coldcn Maxim — Lotawanna. !• by Trenton. Ashland. Montana. Thistleiion. b. h. B, by Olambala — Madchen. by by Kinght of the Thistle. Ashland. Montana. Charles Edward, eh. h. is. by Holden Barter— — Flora Mac, by Falsetto. Birmingham, Mick Lh- igan. Don. b. h. d by Vestibule--Diamond Ranch Marc ire no: leg. SrtCala, New Mexico. Hancock, b. h. S. l.y Cameron — Tigress, by Rata- la- alaa. Gleaeae, New Mexico. Military System, li h. »i. by Poor Boy — Maude ide Annie, by 1" i- i - l. Hope. New Mexico. Glastoi. b. h. 7. by Santoi Heveille. by Son of a a Oiin. Albert. New Mexiea Robert Kay. b. h. 11. by lv. p oDay— Silk Maid. Id, by r*ak r. Srteaig, New Mexico. Ben R-yal. ch. h. 7. by 1 IHs -Boaebad HI., kg by Rosewater. Battle Moiiutain. Nevada. Damlv Bock. br. h. 1l. by Rock Sand Donna Mia. ia. by The 111 tsed. Limoille. Nevada Desnioinls Hay. b. k, l*. by Desmond- Palmy Days. ys. by Tientoii. Arthur. Nevada. Last Or, b. li. IS, If Oisini -Irish Marc by Bcnde- Sa- ineer. Alamo. Ravada. Examiner, b. h. !». by Cit: Bank — Miss Meti alf. kg by Ardin-rton. Death, Nevada. liginiiy. b. h. 11. by Di.-guisi — Homespun, by Hanover. "- Elko. Nevada. Greenways Best. br. b. My by Aloha — Virgie, kg by King Bolt. Halbck. Nevada. Multnomah, br. li. !l. by lb arcatcher — Marcie A A.. . by St. Carlo. .liggs. Nevada. Rev El Pleas.witon. ch. h. 7. by Rev Hindoo i Margie H. by Cohb-n Carter. Wells. Nevada. da. Rifle Shooter, b. h. g, bv Stir Shoot Babbie, by by Leonatus. Paradiae Valley. Nevadu. Adams Express. h li. 11. Kf Adam — Fredei ic;i. kg by Frederick he Uraat Avon. .t-iv yik. E e , la the " J- , J* - ° x " as e- ■ 1 of of Sf of "- .v- a- re is. en al by liv e. the he the ;:■• n- II.. I.. b- sire re k. !i- :le got ot fine in- not ot bag i.g a a the he y. by by by by •y. Sir ;ir K.. C. Ch le. kg by by by by ise n- it- by by ite li- o* lin The lie in. in- •es St. St. St. St. :it. g- ie. by by la. by kg by by kg by by by kg by VI- sa. em. by kg :iia !• by by by — Lh- Marc ire la- ide a a Id, kg by Mia. ia. ys. Sa- kg by "- kg by A A.. . i da. by by kg by Delaware, b. h. ti. by Ormoiidaie Luoiiia. ly Star Shoot. Cornwall. New Voik. War Call. ch. h. »!. by Cyigad — Helium, by Sun-, ill idee. Avon. New X* rk. Allumeur. b. h. 11. by Meddler- Slnke-a Light II., by Donovan. Bingham ton. Ne« York. Lynchburg, br. h. IS, by The Scribe— Rose Washington, 1 by Faustus. Carson. Nonh Dakota. Son a" Wind. ch. h. IS, by Sea Horse II. — Come M Along, by Top Oallaut. Medora. North Dakota. OSullivaii. ch. h. 12. by Oddfellow — Rosinante, by Chaiaxus. Harrison. Nebraska. Adair, h. li. 11. by Yankee — Ladv Anne, bv Kinlev cy Mack. Blacklick. Ohio. Hessian, br. h. 17, by Watercress — Colonial, by l,v Trenton. Cleveland. Ohio. Meteorite, ch. h. S. by Star Shoot— Hamburg Belle. c. by Hamburg. Inion. Oregon. Lucius, ch. h. S. by Isidor — Roxane, by lerblaze. ;e. Pendleton, Oregon. Doable Eagle, br. li. 10. by Watercress — Captivity. y. by Goldfinch. Enterprise, Oregon. Sam Tangle, br. li. : . by Flotsam III. — Tangle IL, by Merman. Jordan Yalley. Oregon. Beachcomber, blk. li. 11, by Rock Sand —Fairy ry Slipper, by St. Serf. Cleveland. Oklahoma. Man of Honor, b. h. is, by Deoring- Miss Cornet, ■ t, by Peter McCue. Calumet. Oklahoma. Westermau. br. c, 4. by lldrim — Supposition, by by Sir Dixon. Lawton. Oklahoma. Cock o the Walk. ch. li. U. by Peep o"Day— — Iillatigowan. by Da Deauvoir. Phoenixville. t,, Pennsylvania. Duke of I.aiica-tcr. ch. h. 7. by John oOaunt — — Tamunamass. by irey Leg. Meadvilie, Penn- n- sylvania. Invergarry. b. h. IS, by Juvenal — Duchess Lucia. a by Duke of Montrose. Derwyn, Pennsylvania, Mane Baghea, ch. h. ll. by Mane Abe— Miss ss White Mouse, by Bright Phoebus. Lxtou. Penn n. sylvania. By the Stars, b. h. fi. by Ccdin— Divination, by tV Horoscope. Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania. Magic Silence, eh. c. 4. by Magic IL— Mum, by T Freemason. Cnionville. Pennsylvania. Eight Anns, b. h. IS, by Labrador— Light Shot, by h Donovan, alter. South Dakota. Soothsayer, b. h. S, by Dark Ronald — Arietta IE. j " by Yolodyovski. Advance. South Dakota. Bon Tromp. br. h. 7. by Von Troinp — Bonsetta, by bT Masetlo. Colorado. Texas. Decamorone, br. li. 11. by Cameron — Vistula IL, by bv Rataplan. San Angelo.. Texas. Ed Luce. b. h. . by Cuiding Star — Belle Strome. by Ben Strome. Foard City, Texas. John R. Clay. br. li. IS, by Campus — Miss Trappean. ■ by Trappean. San Auselo. Texas, Kind Sir. b. h. IS, by Flambeau — Flora Dora, by Meddler. Paloduro. Texas. Kleburne. b. h. ll". by Orlando — Anna Bain, by bv Kingston. Seymour. Texas, Mac. b. li. 11. by Mctiee — Little Whit, by Mazagan. n. Paloduro. Texas. Mohawk IE. Ch. li. HI. by Rockton— La Tosca, by ;*V St. Blaise. Sn.vib r. Texas. Serf Saiu. br. h. In. by St. Savin — Sainvoke, by by Sain. Vega. Texas, Til Johnson, br. h. ." , by Orbicular — Rose of Jed-nt id- dah. by Cesarion. liblorado. Texas. Dade Jiinmv Brag, br. h. Hi. by Bonnie Joe — Mary rg Hill, by Bawling Greea. San Antonio. Texas. Runfloi. eh. h. B, by Ruunymede — Handsome Florry. ■v »• by Handsome. San Saba. Texas. Compadie, blk. h. 7. by Colin — Playmate, by Peter "r Pan. Blame. Texas. Doctor Howard, ch. h. . by Handsel — Grace Ni :i- rarre, by Henry of Navarre. Christoval. Texas. is. Elmcndorf. b. h. 7. by Ballot — Discipline, by by Greenan. Comfort. Texas. Bqaare Set. ch. k, v. by Duke of Ormonde — Dora 1:1 I., by Raglel Plume. San Angelo, Texas. Setback, b. h. IS, by Ogden— Set Fast, by Masctto. ,„ Novice. Texas. . . Shariibrook, b. h. S, by Firestone — Daisy C, by ■J Bines. DaUaa, Texas. an I mii. br. h. 1_. by C. W. Johnson — Costa a Rica, by Itataplan. Hale Center, Texas. Albeit IE. blk. h. !. by A. M. Ilolter— Sainodious. is- by Sain. Mountain Home. Etah. Marae Henry, br. li. !». by Ben Brush — Nuns Cloth, u, l.y Melton. Joseph. Utah. White Shields, ch. h. 10. by St. Maxim — Louise ise Wood, by King Eric. Etna. Etah. Lieu:. Hixon. ch. h, li. by Borghesi — Polandio, by by St. Symphorie:!. Randolph. I tail. Plodder, br. c, E by King James— Belle of Oakley. y- by Himyar. Huntington. Utah. Trophy, ch. k, 7. by Ballot — Miss Crittenden, by L Royal Flush III. Logan. Utah Utah Agricul ul- tural College. Hen Cow. b. h. 7. by Neil Gow — Fruition, by St. Gris. Mountville. Virginia. Bolter, h. h. 11. by Voter— Red Light, by Tam-o m many. Nokesrille, Virginia. Bulgaria IE. ch. h. HI. by Adam — Miss Hamburg, s by Hamburg. AaitaavDIe, Virginia. Cant Kost. b. h. li. by Can Mover— Koster Girl, by ™ GaaaalTO, Nokearille, Virginia. District Allorney. b. b. 10, by Meddler — last Love, e, by Rosiciiu-ian. Front Royal, Virginia. Hanadore. b. h. 1,i. by The Commoner— Mountain Mist. b-» Magnet izcr. Flint Hill. Virginia. Haldemaii. b. ii. 14, liy McGec — Ij ng tilenn, j„ by Longfellow. The Plains. Virginia. Barrel I" , eh. k, 13, by Moltonian— Tclioupetoulns. is. kg Ban Van Dayton. Virginia. Meddler Jr.. b. h, . by Meddler— Rose Standish. by Longfellow. Millwood, Virginia. Sebago. br. h. IE by Sempronius — Portia Sweet. et. by Sir Dixon. Aldie. Virginia. Textile, ch. h. IE by Inflexibh — Gold Laee, , by by Ormonde. Middleburg. Virginia. Mcllifont. b. h, 11. by St. Brendan— Meldhre, i,v by ■ Hathusia-t. Bciljlille, irgiiiia. Moharib. br. h SI, kg Eslnr— Reflection, by Zorilla. Wasiiington. irginia. Star Fineh. ch. h, s. by Star Shoot — Unterock, by by Hamburg. Areata, Virginia. Vaukce. b. k, -A. by Hanover — Correction, by Him-by in yar. Rectortown Virginia. Out of the Way. in. h. 7. by Peter Pan— Sweep-;a- "■ away, by Wild Mint. Epoerville, Virginia. Brookl.uid. ch. h. 7. by Star Shoot— Dike, by Sir Sir Dixon. Chugwater. Wyoming. Ceramic, ch. h. ti. by Ballot — Majolica, by Water-by -T cress. Ross. Wyoming. Hong Kong. b. h. 6, by Havoc — Royal China, by ■J Worcester. Lysite Wyoaiing. Mediator, b. h. 14. by Meddler-Martha Gorman, "• by Sir Dixon. Cheyenne. Wyoming. Menior. eh. h. 21, by Blackstock — Meta, by Onon-I.v »»- daga. Big Horn. Wyoming. Saratoga. ». h, IS, by Ogdea Uaafarhtly, by Purse-by **■ bearer Cody. Wyoming. Shanballymoie. ch. h. 7. by Charles OMalley— r Galatea, by BlairtlaSe. Diamond Ranch, Wy »g- oming, Tom Paadergaat, Ch. h, 5. by The Friar — La Reve. by Sain. Cho.entic. Wyoming. Troublesome, ch. h. 17. by Pla nudes — Soubrette IE. I.. by lar.indole. Sheridan. Wyoming. Desperate, b. h. 11. by St. Frnsip.in — Donnetta, by t,v Donovan. Big Pimy. Wyoming. Irish Dancer, ch. b. •".. by Celt -Ballet Girl, bv I.v St. Leonards Horse Creek. Wjom lag. Perkeo. ch. h. 17. by Previous— Reina, by Esher. ** Awaiting shipment to ageata, . Celtaey, b. e, S, by Jin Oaffaay — Irish Qaeaa, l,J kg I.e.. ri atelier. Awaiting .snipment to agents. Rodgers. b. h. ti. by Sweep — Lirdclla. by Lacklord nl Awaiting hipaient to agents. Magic IE. ch. h. 1". by Ma rtagon— Sesame, by ,St St. Simon. Awaiting shipment to agents. Mint Cat. b. h. 0, by Catmint — Arlette, by Sun u- flower. Awaiting shipment to agents. Hindoo Star, b. h. IS, bjr Star Shoot -Sister to Hin- "- dooirafl, b llimlo... Aw.uimg shipment U ageata. to| Daedalus, eh. h. 7. by Aeronaut -Piincess Chic, by by Potomac. Awaiting shipment to agents. Shilling. Ch. h. •". by Sell: Alice Commoner, by bv The Commoner 1 waiting shipment to agents ts. Daagfca* ■ , b, b, 8, by Sir Baoa — Victoria P... k kg Bob Miles. Awaiting shipment to agents, R,,-e,,mmon. b. e, I, by Relhtc Roasbtre, by Sem 1,1 pronias. Awaiting higareal to agents. EscoVar, br. b, 0, t» sweep gakeareaae kg Orsini. "• Awaiting siiipment to agaata. Slipalong. b. e, I, by Ballot— llazzaza, by Cunard. rd. Awaiting shipssent to agents. Trial by Jury. ch. h. 10. by Fair Play — Princes- Ss ciiie, by Patoaaae. Fort Reao, Oklaheeaa. Yuru-aii. b h. li. by Rockton Kennyetto, by Clif if foul. Eort Reno. Oklahoma. Captiiu Ray, b. b, s. by Sea King — Katriona. by by Woi,|sl!i.,ipe. Fort Reno. Oklahoma. Ed Roche, b. h. N. by The Commoner — Niaxus. bj I.v C ha rax us. Eort Reno, Oklahoma. James | sib., ch. i. 1. l.y Ratio* Ann i Patricia i. by uriiioii.l lie. lort lb no. Okiihoiiui. Holefnl. b. h, 0. by Vpsil.inli IE Dolores HE. bj by Barahaad. Fori Robinson, Nebraska K. of K.. .ii. b, ". by Rlaagarloa- Mis. k.. bj bv Auewci.s toji gabiasoa, Nekrckg, Ss if by by bj I.v i. bj by bj bv ~ Uacaa, b. k, ti. by Wgetk — Cadaz, by Wadsworih. Kort Robinson. Nebraska, Philli|iic. b. b, 7. by Cicero — Quair. by Orme. Front Royal, Virginia Jingo, eh, li ».. by Si RlaMalaa IE — Edna Gerry. by Fsher. Front Royal. Virginia, Achi eiin ni. eh. h. !i. kg llaarlaga -Achieve, by w.iteiinss gbrl Keogk, Boatana. Mad River, b. h. E!. by Eiinlbeii Oohtlo Cad. by Eongfellou. Full Keocb, Montana, Meditation, br li. 9, bj f»ee|i a Day Coy Maid, by I I KiafttoR, For! lxc",h. MentgM,

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