Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1922-08-16

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DAILY It A CING FORM HANDICA PS SARATOGA The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are: Saratoga Springs, N. T.,. August 15, 1922. 1 St. Allan, Routledge, Muskallonge. 2 Violinist, Irish Brigadier, Prelude. 3 Roulette, Rebuke, Leghorn. 4 McKee, Runelise, Messenger. 5 SURF RIDER, Smoke Screen, Firm Friend. 6 Boys Believe Me, Noel, Moonraker. F. J. Ortell. New York Handicap. 1 Muskallonge, Routledge, Mercury, Well- finder. 2 Irish Brigadier, Rockminister, Violinist, Yankee Star. 3 REBUKE, Roulette, Leghorn, Excelsis. 4 Hopeless, McKee, Messenger, Donges. 5 Surf Rider, Smoke Screen, Thimble, Firm Friend. C Monardella. Boys Believe Me, Felside, Great Luck. Cliican" anil Buffalo Hamlieap- 1 Muskallonge, Mercury, Routledge, Well- finder. 2 Irish Brigadier, Rockminister, Maryland Belle, Bit o Black. 3 Leghorn, Overtake, Roulette, Rebuke. 4 Hopeless, McKee, Donges, Runelise. 5 THIMBLE, Surf Rider, Firm Friend, Georgie. 6 Boys Believe Me, Felside, Curtis, Great Luck. Observers llaiille:tii. 1 MERCURY, Muskallonge, Trevelyan, Routledge. 2 Bit o Black, Irish Brigadier, Violinist, Rockminister. 3 Leghorn, Racquetta, Rebuke, Excelsis. 4 Hopeless, Runelise, McKee, Messenger. 5 Smoke Screen, Thimble, Georgie, Surf Rider. 6 Boys Believe Me, Curtis, Monardella, For est Lore. Consensus of ITa nl icrt ps. 1 Muskallonge! St Allan, Mercury, Rout ledge. 2 Irish Brigadier, Violinist, Bit o Black, Rockminister. , , ," 3 Leghorn, Roulette, Rebuke, Excelsis. 4 Hopeless, McKee,. Runelise,- Messenger. 5 Surf Rider, Thimble, Smoke Screen, Firm Friend. ; C BOYS BELIEVEME, Monardella, Felside, Great Luck. " . - .51 TOLEDO The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are: tn, Toledo, OhiOj August 15, 1922. " 1 CORTO, Argo, Futurette. 2 Batty H., Mooresque, Col Chile. 3 Cuba, Phillipe Lugo, San Pablo. 4 Philanderer, Quincy Ward, Miss Caltha. 5 Marion Hollins, San Diego, Mary G. 6 Cacambo, Hoover, Marchtone. 7 Pierrot, Miss Kruter, Bill Head. F. II. Sproule. New Yorlv Handicap. 1 Corto, Argo, Futurette, Oriental. 2 Batty H., Col Chile, Rubula, Fred Kinney. 3 Woolday, Cuba, San Pablo, Dinty. 4 Miss Caltha, Quincy Ward, Philanderer, Benecia. 5 MARION HOLLINS, Zainer, San Diego, Carl Roberts. 6 Cacambo, Malvolio, Chisca, Plain Bill. 7 Pierrot, Miss Kruter, Bill Head, Grandee. Chicago ami UufTalo Handicap. 1 Corto, Illusionist, Futurette, Argo. 2 Col Chile, Whispering, Fred Kinney, Batty H. 3 Cuba, Phillipe Lugo, Bess Welch, San Pablo. 4 Babylonian, Philanderer, Benecia, Clare Frances. 5 MARION HOLLINS, San Diego, Mary G., Advance. 6 Malvolio, Cacambo, Plain Bill, Chisca. 7 Pierrot, Bill Head, Miss Kruter, Tom Roach. Observers Handicap. 1 Corto, Futurette, Oriental, Argo. 2 Fred Kinney, Col Chile, Rubula. Batty H. 3 Little Niece, Cuba, Plato, Phillipe Lugo. 4 Babylonian, Benecia, Philanderer, Miss Caltha. 5 MARION HOLLINS, Ed Garrison, San Diego, Zainer. 6 Cacambo, Chisca, Malvolio, Plain Bill. 7 Bill Head, Grandee, Pierrot, Captain Burns. Consensus of Kamlicajn. 1 Corto, Argo, Futurette, Oriental. 2 Batty H., Col Chile, Fred Kinney, Rubula. 2 Cuba, Woolday, Little Niece, Phillipe Lugo. 4 Babylonian, Philanderer, Miss Caltha, Quincy Ward. 5 MARION HOLLINS, San Diego, Mary G., Zainer. 6 Cacambo, Malvolio, Chisca, Plain Bill. 7 Pierrot, Bill Head, Miss Kruter, Grandee. KING EDWARD PARK The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are : King Edward Park Montreal, Que., Au-gucst 15, 1022. 1 Emden, Captain Greet, L. Gentry. 2 ATTOO, St. Just, Gallou-Berry. 3 Flying Orb, Mess Kit, Fait Accompli. 4 Assume, Commander Colin, End Man. 5 Humpy, Sea Board, Top Rung. C Chow, Fair and Warmer, Homam. 7 Dinty Moore, Royden, Maiden Voter. E. E. Ferguson. New York Handicap. 1 L. Gentry, Thrills, Emden, Theresa. 2 Lady lone, Aunt Deda, St. Just, Attoo. 3 Runmic, Black Pat, Mess Kit, Fait Ac compli. 4 LEE ENFIELD, Assume, Commander ,, Colin, End Man. 5-Thirteen, Joes Sister, Sea Board, Bacchanalian. 6 Neenah, Chow, Fair and Warmer, Plan- tarede. 7 Maiden Voter, Royden, W. M. Baker, Dinty Moore. . Chicago :ml Buffalo Handicap. 1 Emden, Captain Greet, Riposta, Thorn Bloom. 2 ATTOO, St. Just, Aunt Deda, Lady lone. 3 Fait Accompli, Mess Kit; Runmic, Black Pat. 4 Black Baby, Commander Colin, End Man, Assume. 5 Sea Board, Humpy, Cover Up, Bacchana lian. 6 Fair and Warmer, Ross R., Chow, Neenah. 7 Maiden Voter, Edith K., Dinty Moore, Ke- homa. Observers Hmiri ! . 1 EMDEN, L. Gentry, Captain Greet, F. G. Corley. 2 Attoo, St. Just, Lady lone, Gallou-Berry. 3 Runmic, Mess Kit, Flying Orb, Fait Ac compli. 4 Commander Colin, Assume, End Man, Black Baby. 5 Humpy, Sea Board, Top Rung, Hocnir. 6 Fair and Warmer, Homam, Chow, Eddie Tranter. 7 Royden, Dinty Moore, Edith K., Maiden Voter. Consensus of Handicap. 1 Emden, L. Gentry, Captain Greet, Thrills. 2 ATTOO, Lady lone, St. Just, Aunt Deda. 3 Runmic, Flying Orb, Fait Accompli, Mess Kit 4 Assume, Lee Enfield, Black Baby, Com mander Colin. 5 Humpy, Thirteen, Sea Board, Top Rung. 6 Fair and Warmer, Chow, Neenah, Ho mam. 7 Maiden Voter, Dinty Moore, Royden, Edith K.

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