Proposed Maryland Rule: State Racing Commission Submits Draft of New Claiming Clause.; Awaits Approval of the Four Racing Associations Affected Before Putting Revised Regulations into Effect., Daily Racing Form, 1923-01-16


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PROPOSED MARYLAND RULE State Racing Commission Submits Draft of New Claiming Clause Awaits Approval of the Four Racing Associ ¬ ations Affected Before Putting Revised Regulations into Effect BALTIMORE Md January 15 The Mary ¬ land State Racing Commission has submitted for the approval of the four racing associa tions operating onemile tracks under its jurisdiction the draft of a new claiming rule If the sanction of the associations is ob ¬ tained for the change it is understood the new regulations will be declared in effect with the opening of the spring racing here hereSELLING SELLING AND CLAIMING RACES RACESFollowing Following is the text of the proposed new rule as adopted by the commission 155 In claiming races except steeple ¬ chases all horses running in the race are subject to claim by any person or his authorized agent but for the account only of the person making the claim pro ¬ vided however that no person shall claim his own horse or cause his horse to be claimed directly or indirectly for his own account nor shall any person claim more than one horse horseThe The selling price of each horse in a claiming race shall be printed on the pro horse the disposition of the horse shall be for the amount so designated Should more than one claim be filed for the same horse the disposition of the horse shall be determined by lot under the direction and supervision of one or more of the stewards stewardsAll All claims shall be in writing sealed and deposited in a locked box provided for this purpose by the clerk of the course Each claim shall be accompa ¬ nied by the amount of the claim in cash unless the claimant shall havj such amount to his credit with the association conducting the race raceAll All claims must be deposited in the claiming box at least fifteen minutes be ¬ fore the time fixed for the race to begin and not later and no official of said association shall open said box or give any information as to the filing of claims therein until after the race has been run Immediately after the running of the race the claim box shall be opened and the claims if any examined in the presence and under the direction and supervision of one or more of the stew ¬ ards ardsWHEN WHEN OWNERSHIP CHANGES CHANGESA A horse claimed shall not be delivered by the original owner to the successful claimant until authorization be given by the clerk of the course and every horse so claimed shall ran in the interest and for the account of the owner who entered it in the race but title to the claimed horse shall be vested in the successful claimant from the time said horse leaves the paddock for the starting post and said successful claimant shall become the owner of the horse whether it be alive or dead sound or unsound or injured during the race or after it itThe The stewards may at any time in their discretion require any person mak ¬ ing a claim for a horse in any claiming race to make affidavit in writing that he is claiming said horse for his own ac ¬ count or as authorized agent and not for any other person Any person mak ¬ ing such affidavit willfully and falsely shall be subject to punishment in the same manner as is hereinafter provided for the punishment of other persons vio ¬ lating any of the terms of this rule ruleNo No horse claimed out of a claiming race shall be sold or transferred to any one within sixty days of the day it was claimed except in another claiming race nor shall such horse remain in the same stable or under the care or manr agement of its former owner or trainer trainerNo No person shall refuse to deliver to the person legally entitled thereto a horse claimed cut of a claiming race and fur ¬ thermore the horse in question shall be disqualified until delivery is made madeNo No person shall offer or enter into an agreement to claim or not to claim or attempt to prevent another person from claiming any horse in a claiming race nor shall any person attempt by intimi ¬ dation to prevent anyone from running a horse in any race for which it is entered nor shall any owners or trainers running horses in any claiming race make any agreement for the protection of each others horses horsesRULE RULE ON MORTGAGES AND LIENS LIENSNo No person or persons shall enter or allow to be entered in a claiming race a horse against which any claim is held either as a mortgage bill of sale or lien of any kind unless when cr before enter ¬ ing the horse the written consent of the holder of the claim shall be filed with the clerk of the course of the association conducting said race raceNo No person or person shall claim own ¬ ership in a horse after such horse has run in a claiming race in the name of another person who at the time of said race had peaceable and undisputed pos ¬ session of said horse horseIn In claiming races not more than one horse in the same interest or under con ¬ trol of the same trainer may start If two or more horses should be entered the first one recorded from the entry box shall be eligible to start startThis This rule shall apply to all races under the jurisdiction of the Maryland Rac ¬ ing Commission including steeplechases which are run under claiming or selling conditions provided however that in any such steeplechase no horse shall be sub ¬ ject to claim except by the owners of other horses running in such race or their authorized agents but for the ac ¬ count of the person making the claim claimAny Any person violating any of the provi ¬ sions of this rule shall be subject to dis ¬ cipline by the stewards who may in their discretion punish the person so of ¬ fending by fine or suspension or by ex ¬ cluding such person from all places under their control for the remainder of the meeting and said stewards shall in every case report their action to the Maryland Racing Commission which may In its discretion exclude such person either temporarily or permanently from all race meetings under its jurisdiction

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