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- Daily Racing Form Handicaps LATONIA The horses which seem best in Saturdays races are: Latonla, Hy., Oct. 19, 192S. 1 Easter Bells, Centimeter, Antonia, 2 Iew Gold, Corinth, J. N. Camden entry. 3 Pumps, Paris Maid, Sagamook. 4 Miss Muffins, Best Love, Pegasus. 5 CHACOLiET, Cherry Tree, Fantoche. 6 J. N. Camden and Newtondale Stable en try, Glide, Margaret Lawrence. 7 Better Luck, Hold Me, Make Up. J. L. Dempsey. New fork Handicap. 1 Centimeter, Green Gold, Trantula, Easter Bells. 2 New Gold, Muldraugh, Nell McChord, Lady Longridge. 2 Marine Corps, Paris Maid, Tony Beau, Winner Take All. 4 Pegasus, Great Jaz, Belle of. Elizabeth- town, Certain. 5 CHACOLET, Fancy Free, Fantoche, Cherry Tree. 6 Alchemy, Pest, Mah Jong, Beautiful Agnes. 7 Make Up, Donges, Tender Seth, Hold Me. Chicago Handicap. 1 Green GoltP, Centimeter, Antonia, Easter Bells. 2 Muldraugh, Dudley, Lady Longridge, Cor inth. 3 "Winner Take All, Lieut Colonel, Paris Maid, Kimpalong. 4 Pegasus, Certain, Belle of Elizabethtown, Best Love. 5 FANCY FREE, Chacolet, Fantoche, Tip Toe Inn. 6 Glide, Alchemy, Beautiful Agnes, Pest. 7 Donges, Great Luck, Normal, Hold Me. Observers Handicap. 1 Trantula, Green Gold, Easter Bells, Centi meter. 2 New Gold, Nell McChord, Corinth, .Muld raugh. 3 Tony Beau, Plus Ultra, Sagamook, "Winner Take All. - 4 CERTAIN, Pegasus, Great Jaz, Belle of Elizabethtown. 5 Fancy Free, Chacolet, Cherry Tree, Fan toche. ... 6 Glide, Lady Jane, Mah Jong, Margaret Lawrence. 7 Make Up, Hold Me, Resting Time, Donges. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Easter Bells, Centimeter, Green Gold, Trantula. 2 NEW GOLD, Muldraugh, Corinth, Nell McChord. 3 Marine Corps, Pumps, Winner Take AIL Tony Beau. 4 Pegasus, Miss Muffins, Certain. Belle of Elizabethtown. ...... 5 Chacolet, Fancy Free, Fantoche, Cherry Tree. 6 Alchemy, Glide. Beautiful Agnes, Pest. 7 Make Up, Better Luck, Donges, Hold Me. BELMONT PARK The horses which seem best in Saturdays races are: Belmont Park New York, Y. Oct. 19, 1923. 1 MISS DOMINO, Pricemaker, Friday 13th. 2 Golden Rule, Wynnewpod, -Olynthus. 3 Osprey, Miss Star, Rigel. 4 Papyrus, Zev. " 5 Sunsini, Shuffle Along, Home Stretch. 6 Ladkin, Sheridan, Sun Flag. F. J. OrtelL New "York Handicap. 1 Pricemaker, First Lady Harding, Pathan Dante. 2 Satellite, Bigheart, June Grass, King - Albert. 3 Osprey, Miss Star, Firm Friend, Avisack. 4 Papyrus, Zev. , 5 SUNSINI, Shuffle Along, .Solisa,. Homestretch. C Ladkin, Courser, Blind Play, Eaglet. Chicago Handicap. 1 Pricemaker, The Poet, Dante, Pathan. 2 June Grass, Wynnewood, Forest Lore, Golden Rule. 3 Osprey, Miss Star, Avisack, Canaque. 4 Zev, Papyrus. 5 SHUFFLE ALONG, Homestretch, Sun- sini, Cherry Pie. 6 Sun Flag, Ladkin, Nellie Morse, Stanwix. Observers Handicap. 1 Pathan, Pricemaker, First Lady Harding, Friday 13th. 2 Jacqueline Julian, Satellite, June Grass,- Bigheart. 3 -MISS STAR, Osprey, Cyclops, Hullabaloo. 4 Zev, Papyrus. 5 Shuffle Along, Sunsini, Cherry Pie, Home stretch. 6 Blind Play, Nellie Morse, Sun Flag, Sheri dan. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Pricemaker, Miss Domino. Pathan, First Lady Harding. 2 Golden Rule. Satellite,. June Grass, Jac-. queline Julian. 3 OSPREY, Miss Star, Avisack, Rigel. 4 Zev, Papyrus. 5 Sunsini, "-Shuffle Along, Homestretch, Cherry Pie. G Ladkin, Sun Flag, Blind "Play; Nellie Morse. LAUREL PARK The horses which seem best in Saturdays races are: - Laurel, Md., Oct. 19, 1923. 1 Aga Khan, Batsman, Memento. 2 Damask, Lieutenant Seas.W. J. Salmon entry. 3 G. C. and C. P. Winfrey entry. Hidden Jewel, Dr. Charles Wells. . V 4 CLANSMAN, Red" Wingfield, Tippity . . Witchet. - y 5 New Hampshire, Bunting, Happy! Thoughts. 6 Royce Rools. Jewell V. D., Old Faithful. 7 War Mask, Bonfire, Comme Ci. T. K. Lynch. Ncvr, York Handicap. 1 Suppliant. Aga Khan, Warrenton, Stevens. 2 Musty, Lieutenant Seas, Sea Master, Let- terman. 3 Dr. Charles Wells, Servitor, Camouflage, Hidden JeweL 4 Lady Myra, Tippity Witchet, Pilgrim, - " Bluffer. 5 BUNTING, Happy Thoughts, New Hamp shire, Dunlin. 6 Jewell V. D., Royce Rools, Bolster, Old FaithfuL 7 Smarty, Bonfire, War Mask, Comme Ci. Chicago Handicap. . 1 Aga Khan, Suppliant, Heir-at-Law, Bats man. 2 Damask, Musty, Lieutenant Seas, Sea Master. 3 Hidden Jewel, Camouflage, Dr. Charles Wells, Servitor. 4 Lady Myra, Tippity Witchet, Pilgrim, Trevelyan. 5 Happy Thoughts, New Hampshire, Bunt ing, Dunlin. G ROYCE ROOLS, Jewell V. D., Clean Gone, Irish Pat. 7 Bonfire, Comme Ci, Smarty, War Mask. Observers Handicap. 1 Suppliant, Aga Khan, Batsman, Heir-at- Law. - 2 Damask, Letterman, Double Tip, Sea Master. 3 Camouflage,- Dr. Charles" Wells, Hidden Jewel, Fredericktown. " 4 Lady Myra, Pilgrim, Clansman, Tippity Witchet 5 Modest, New Hampshire, Blazes, Polly Ann. - .-5 6 ROYCE ROOLS, Jewell V. D., Irish Pat, Clean Gone. 7 Bonfire, Belle Ammie, War Mask, Comme CI. Consensns of Handicaps. 1 Aga Khan. Suppliant; Batsman, Heir-at- Law. 2 Damask, Musty, Lieutenant Seas, Seal Master. . 3 Camouflage, Dr. Charles Wells, Hidden- Jewel, Servitor. 4 Lady "Myra, Clansman, Tippity Witchet, Pilgrim. 5 New Hampshire, Bunting, Happy Thoughts, Modest. 6 ROYCE ROOLS, Jewell V. D., Old Faith ful, Clean Gone. 7 Bonfire, War Mask, Smarty, Comme Ci. AKRON The horses which, seem best in Saturdays races are: Akron, Ohio, Oct. 19, 1923. 1 Currency, Valentine dOr, Humpy. 2 Madson, Carrie Baker, Olive James. 3 Punctual, Mary G., Edna D. 4 Canny Lady, Primitive, Eddie Fuller, 5 WINCHESTER, Colossus, Golden Red. 6 Golden Chance, American Eagle, Assump tion. 7 Cabin Creek, Hercules, Montillo. F. H. Sproule. - Chicago Handicap. 1 Currency, Foy, Marion Hollins, Dutlle Bug. 2 Top Rung, Big Noise, Pomerene, Sky Man. 3 Punctual, Ruth Wehle, Bantam, Charles A. Byrne. 4 Canny Lady, Eddie Fuller, Ferrum, Puzzle. 5 Golden Red, Evelyn White, Colossus, Lot tie Loraine. G Sacajawea, Bill Blackwell, Golden Chance, Orleans Girl. 7 MONTILLO, Ardito, Blarney Boy, Cabin Creek. Observers Handicap. 1 CURRENCY, Dudle Bug, Bridgette, Humpy. 2 Pomerene, Madson, Gilder, Carrie Baker. 3 Punctual, Edna D., Arrow Point, Charles A. Byrne. ...-- 4 Primitive, Canny Lady, Eddie Fuller, Burgoyne-. 5 Golden. Red, Winchester, Lottie Loraine, Colossus. 6 Sacajawea, Queen of the Spa, Golden Chance, Berretta.. . j . 7 Montillo, Blarney Boy, May Girl, Cabin Creek. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 CURRENCY, Dudle Bug, Humpy, Valen tine dOr. - 2 Madson, Top Rung, Pomerene, Carrie Baker. -, . . . 3 Punctual, Edna D., Charles A. Byrne, Mary G. 4 Canny Lady, Primitive, Eddie Fuller, Ferrum. 5 Golden Red, Winchester, Colossus, Lottie Loraine. 6 Sacajawea, Golden Chance, American Eagle, Bill BlackwelL 7 Montillo, Cabin Creek, Blarney Boy, Her cules. HUNTINGTON The horses which seem best in Saturdays races are: Huntington, w. Va., Oct. 19, 1923. 1 Georgia May, Castilla, BalefulL 2 SEABOARD, Lucky Pearl, Rustler. 3 Lieut. Perkins, Harry Glover, Fond-Hope. 4 Bonerb Blue, Arctic King, Miss Beulah. 5 Joyce Hoffman, Amelia S., Dentaria. 6 Kennmare, Black Watch H., The Ulster. 1 Dantzic, Haman, John Morrill. D. Ridgely.

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