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HARVEY AMES EARLE BLDG., BROADWAY AT 52ND STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. Nothing was advised yesterday, due to wire trouble caused by the storm, which delayed the confirmation of yesterdays "HARVEY TRANSACTION." THE FOLLOWING is taken from yesterdays advertisement in the RACING FORM: "Tins result of Tuesdays Harvey Transaction is unknown at this writing;, as the Horse started in a late raee at Tijnana, and, nti a conscqncnvc, tlie result cannot lie ascertained until, after press time." BLARNEY STONE 1.00- WON This was the "HARVEY TRANSACTION" referred to and, of course, the only horse advised Tuesday. The only disappointment was the odds, which we were assured would be 8 to 1 or better. Eleven minutes before Blarney Stone started, the odds in the mutuel machines recorded almost 9 to 1, when a heavy return commission from the east was dumped into the machine and caused the odds to drop to 4 1-2 to 1 as the horses went to the post. In the future it is requested that play will.be made not more than one hour before the race and to further prevent a repetition of the occurrence, it was also decided to exclude six subscribers residing in San Diego, as this city is located but a few miles from the Tijuana race track and large plays made so near the scene of action would naturally affect the odds if the transaction starts at Tijuana. "HARVEY TRANSACTION" TODAY As advised over the long distance, one will also start tomorrow, Washingtons birthday. In order to avoid being disappointed, it is strongly advised that remittance of 00 for today or 00 for today and tomorrow be telegraphed eariy to be sure of early listing, as all "HARVEY TRANSACTIONS" are limited to territory and subscriptions are returned when the quota for each has been filled. The best possible sources are employed to make "HARVEY TRANSACTIONS" successes. Subscriptions are recommended on their past accomplishments. A 50.00 investment on each "HARVEY TRANSACTION" since January 6 up to and including the last "HARVEY TRANSACTION," which started Tuesday, February 19, shows a profit of 1,160 I after losses have been deducted. This is the main reason why so many confine their operations entirely to "HARVEY TRANSACTIONS." GARS Chief Observer S3 CEXTS AT ALL yKAVSSTADS Todays Free Code KEW OIILEAXS Wj-oming-Box-Koek-Jteil Today Another 0 Free Special Here is one that comes TIED HOT. Primed and coclced. I sot the O. K. again today. Ttcmember TUESDAYS S30 Pit EE SPECIAL: Cherry Tree ..... 6-5 Won 310XDAVS 0 Fit EE SPECIAL: Miss Domino .... 5-2 Wen TUESDAYS OCCASIONAL: Mali Jong .7-1 Won For this ?50 Free Special ask your newsdealer for GARS DAILY CHIEF OBSERVER 50 CENTS AT ALL NEWSSTANDS $ 5 $ PREDETERMINED TURF PROFITS $ $ Tlie MIKACM: SYSTK.M is natio-ially known 5 $ as Vasy for i!ajor hard for layer." Sold on $ $ installment; payments paid from your profits. 5 J Absolutely FKKK T.5-pacc manual ami review. $ $ Investigate today and make your bookie obey. ? $ Iublic relations manager j $ S. U. AKTHLU $ $ Hoy -10, IX. F. Towson, Mil. 5 SCHUYLER FLOYD Room 614 Calvert Building 1452 Broadway NEW YORK CITY Telephone Bryant 7739 Yesterday the fifth "Western "Schuyler Investment" REPEATER 13-5 Wop There is no longer any doubt as to the superiority of the "SCHUYLER INVESTMENTS." 2,000 People in the East are being led by the directors intellect which has made racing pay handsome dividends for many years. The sixth Western "Schuyler In- vestment" Takes Place Friday TERMS One Hundred Dollars in Advance by telegraph or in person THE "SCHUYLER INVESTMENTS" ARE LIKE "STERLING ON SILVER" The Stamp of Distinction ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM. Crescent City Service 0.00 A WINNER, 0.00 WEEKLY OR SEVEN WINNERS New York Office: Room 412, 1452 Broadway, New York City Strictly a One Horse Proposition Wednesdays One Big Horse: Old Faithful, 11-5, Won Tuesdays Proposition Lost Second Mondays Big One Horse : Coral Reef, 8-1, Won If You Dont Get Our Service We Both Lose Money DID YOU FIGURE IT OUT? HOW MUCH DID YOU DEPOSIT IN YOUR BANK FROM LAST WEEKS INVESTMENT WITH US? IF YOU DID NOT participate that certainly is too bad. However, dont let that worry you. Get in on todays investment and go make your deposit tomorrow. We expect at Jeast 7 to 1. Saturdays Big One Horse: Mondays Big One Horse: THIMBLE 8-1 WON FLYING FUR ......13-5 WON Fridays Big One Horse: ! Wednesdays Big One Horse: S. OF PLEASURE.... 5-1 WON jLADY CH0C0 15-1 WON Tuesdays Big One Horse: j Saturdays Big One Horse: VENIZELOS 10-1 WON MID. FOLLIES .20-1, 8-1 2nd Thursdays Big One Horse: ! Fridays Big One Horse: TELESCOPE .. 8-1 WON: TELESCOPE 8-1 WON Weekly subscribers will receive two private propositions FREE: No. 1; . Wednesday; No. 2, Saturday. IN REMITTING USE WESTERN UNION OR POSTAL TELEGRAPH Crescent City Service Room 412, 1452 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Near Forty-Second Street Money Horses Exclusively OXE HOUSE EACH PI,AY YESTERDAYS ONE HORSE PLAY: REPEATER Xli TO X IV OX TUESDATS ONE HOUSE PLAY MONDAYS ONE HORSE PLAY HIDDEN JEWEL 7 TO WOX PEICXED ZEAI, B TO 1 AVON j Information phoned to me eech day on long distance from New Orleans comes to us from the g smartest and highest-priced docker in the businers. I TODAY AT NEW ORLEANS We have the O. K. on another horse that has been kept under cover and especially prepared for this race. No mistake trill be made and the price on this winner should bo as good or better than CASH 4 TO 1 WOX Which was my one horse play Saturday and tiled hours in advance with Daily Racing Form. FRIDAYS ONE HORSE PLAY: SAXDS OF PLEASURE . ..B TO 1 WOX Also filed In advance TvitU Daily Racing Form. Do not expect 20 to 1, but you can be sure of fair and sensible odds. Terms, strictly payable t in advance, 5. CO for three winners. "You play as much as you like." Write or wire today, I including: telephone number when possible with address. , I OXE HORSE EACH PLAY. J. B. MARSH 140 State Street Springfield. Mass. 0.00 "WEEKLY .00 DAILY G. DUNN 110 NASSAU ST. NEW YORK CITV Dunns Horse Wired Yesterday: OLD FAITHFUL ....11-5 Won Dunns Horse "Wired Tuesday: ANNE 9-5 Won Dunns DIorsc Wired Monday: GOLDEN BILLOWS . . 5-2 Won THURSDAY-TODAY Fair Grounds Horse About 6-1 Todays horse is the one I have been waiting for and the one I have mentioned in advertisements. Washingtons Birthdays Fridays Horse A ,000.00 HORSE- that will he wired to Dunn subscribers who subscribe, or have subscribed, for a week, 0.00." Telegraph 0.00 weekly; .00 daily, Western Union. Business man of good standing wishes to get in touch with a person who is willing to share one-half of play that is being made for a. reliable stable that is campaigning over twenty horses at New Orleans. Address POST OFFICE BOX 495 CIXCIXXATI OHIO MUTUAL INFORMATION BUREAU 5 Columbus Circle New York City A combination of the smartest information in America. Our horses on file with Daily Racing Form. WEDNESDAYS INFORMATION: SCARE CROW 15-1 Won TUESDAYS INFORMATION: HIDDEN JEWEL .... 7-2 Won MONDAYS INFORMATION: CORAL REEF 8-1 Won Five Big Winners last Week Four Big Winners Week Before ANOTHER BIG DAY TODAY 00 Super Special Goes Today Should Pay at Least 8 to 1 Will ho given free to weekly subscribers. Last weeks Super Special VENIZELOS 10-1 Won 0 straight play on our information for the last three weeks is over ,600 WINNER Get Busy RUSH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TODAY RATES, ?5 DAILY; 0 FOR SIX DAYS Out-of-town subscribers wire remittance by Western Union. City subscribers call. I Subscribe fop Daily Racing Form

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