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Jerry Maloney TURF EXPERT 4 Court Square Brooklyn, N. Y. TERMS DAILY, 0 WEEKLY Yesterdays One Horse: COLOXEL "WIXX C-l "WON Tuesdays One Horse: TELESCOPE S-l "WOX Mondays One Horse: DOUGHXUT 7-1 OX Saturdays One Horse: EXCHANGE 1C-5 "WOX Fridays One Horss: HOIKOLDT 12-1 AVOX This is the kind of "INFO" I produce. MY INFOKMATION HAS MADE LAYERS TURN TO BE PLAYERS Today "A LONG ONE" Today This horse is prepped to perfection in order to win this race, no dont pass this LONG SHOT "WINNER UP TODAY, for, if you do, you will regret for a long time. NOTICE A well-known manufacturer making a play for one of the most successful statics at New Orleans desires to sharo this information with responsible party. My identity will be fully established. Inferences required. P. O. BOX NO. 5. STATION B. CINCINNATI, OHIO SETHS FLO AVE It S-5 AVON was yesterdays B;st. This makes 7 STRAIGHT AV IN NEKS Mailed- direct the night before, special delivery, .00 FOR SIX HAYS NATIONAL O.K. RACING LETTER 411 Ealtimore Bldg. Chicago, 111. i BRUNELL 4-1 WON and a loser wcrs last Saturdays ?5.C0 XX SPECIALS CASH 4V4-1 "WON and a loser vecro Saturdays. February 1G. Dont miss next Saturdays TWO LIVE ONES. All they cost is .00. Todays Code Special: APRIL-GRAFE-S5-15-28-97 STANDARD TTJEF GUIDE 403, 22 West Quiacy Strset Chicago, Illinois A WINNING COMBINATION Barrier Co. ONE WEEK, SIX DAYS, 0.00 IN ADVANCE ONE DAY, .00 IN ADVANCE 114 NASSAU ST. - NEW YORK, N. Y. YESTEEDAY BARBIES, CO. PUT OVER Their First 00 XIX Special Little Alfred 5-1 Won YESTERDAY BARRIER CO. DAILY INFORMATION TUT OVER Seths Flower 8-5 Won BARRIER CO- NEXT 00 XXX SPECIAL MONDAY, MARCH 3 MONDAYS 00 SPECIAL FREE! FREE! ! for Barriers "Weekly 0.00 Clients. GO AVITII BARRIER CO. 0.03 AVEEKLY START AVITII TODAYS INFORMATION Tuesday Barrier Co. Put Over L0RENA MARCELLIA 18-5 Won Monday Barrier Co. Put Over DOUGHNUT . 7-1 Won Saturday Barrier Co. Put Over: EXCHANGE 16-5 WON Friday Barrier Co. Put Over: HUMBOLDT . ,12-1 Won Thursday Barrier Co. Put Over: CALIGULA 8-1 Won In remitting use Western Union or Postal. 0.00 AVEEKLY; .00 DAILY" Guy C. Winton THE ACTION MAN 565 JEROME STREET BROOKLYN, N. Y. .00 Daily One Horse Daily. MEN Again a Winner Yesterday Little Alfred 5-1 Won AND this one came right on top of the most remarkable run of winners ever known. I do not advertise every day, hut the, readers and hundreds of followers know what I am doing. Tuesdays Horse LOST Mondays horse was: LLEAVELLYN 1-1 AVON Saturdays horse was: BARNEY GOOGLE 1-1 AVON Fridays horse was: ROSEATE II ..9-5 AVON Thursdays horse was: REYENGE ...8-5 AVON Also previous to that I gave: SANDS OF PLEASURE 5-1 WON THIMBLE 8-1 WON FLINT STONE 13-10 WON VENIZELOS 10-1 WON EVERGLADE 4-1 WON SIMPLICITY 15-1 WON POPPYE .4-1 WON TELESCOPE 8-1 WON VENNlE 12-1 WON 19 HORSES GIVEN IN 19 DAYS 14 WINNERS; 2 SCRATCHED; 3 LOST GET AAV AY AVEEK AT FAIR GROUNDS Rush immediately a subscription of 0 NOV and get six wires, something that you cannot duplicate for 00.00 a day. SPECIALLY" PREPARED LONG SHOT TODAY Not a favorite, but one that will astonish even tho most shrewd horsemen operating at the Fair Grounds. Something that all WILL NOT have access to. Can only be obtained through this OFFICE. Send ?20 for one week via Western Union money transfer and I will send you horse immediately. ONE HORSE A DAY ONLY. .00 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY G. DUNN 110 NASSAU STREET NEAV YORK CITY 8 AVINNING DAYS OUT OF PAST 9 Dunns Horse Wired Yesterday: FREDERICKTOWN ...2-1 Won From all conversation with New Orleans Dunns horse today will be a winner. Telegraph 520.00 weekly; ?5.00 daily, AVest-crn Union. New Manual NOW ON SALE Crescent City Service 0.00 A WINNER, 0.00 WEEKLY OR SEVEN WINNERS NeAv York Office : Room 412, 1452 Broadway, Near 42nd Street, New York City Strictly a One Horse Proposition Yesterday: Majority 3 1-2 to 1 WON Tuesday: Amity Claim 15 to 1, 5 to 1 SECOND Mondays Big Proposition Won Saturdays lipr proposition postponed, due to an unforeseen obstacle cropping; up necessitating: the postponement of our proposition. Fridays HiK Proposition : BANKER BROWN 5 to 1 WON AINT IT A GRAND AND GLORIOUS FKELTXG when you call up your bookmaker and he tells you your horse woni This is what you can expect lvhcn you use our service. All we ask is that you have confidence. This is a business that calls for real blooded men, like in war. How many ucuerals would succeed If they unit after a little reverse J "Were not infallible, but we are persistent, because we know what we do is lOO per cent risrht. Dont miss todays hi ft proposition, as we expect an extraordinary price. Winnings on Last 11 Racing Days 00 Flat Play, ,310 Net Saturdays Big One Horse: Fridays Big One Horse: POSTPONED S. OF PLEASURE.... 5-1 WON Fridays Big One Horse: Thursdays Big One Horse: BANKER BROWN ... 5-1 WON TELESCOPE 8-1 WON Thursdays Big One Horse: Wednesdays Big One Horse: ROSEATE II 8-5 WON LADY CH0C0 15-1 WON Wednesdays Big One Horse: Tuesdays Big One Horse: OLD FAITHFUL 8-5 WON VENIZELOS- 10-1 WON Tuesdays Big One Horse: Mondays Big One Horse: LOST SECOND FLYING FUR 13-5 WON Mondays Big One Horse: Saturdays Big One Horse: CORAL REEF 8-1 WON MID. FOLLIES .20-1, 8-1 2nd Saturdays Big One Horse: Fridays Big One Horse: THIMBLE 8-1 WON TELESCOPE 8-1 WON FREE!!! FREE!!! Weekly Subscribers Will Receive Two Private Propositions This Week FREE ! Send correct street address and phone number, if any. IN REMITTING USE WESTERN UNION OR POSTAL TELEGRAPH Crescent City Service Room 412, 1452 Broadway Near Forty-Second Street, New York, N. Y. HARVEY AMES Earle Building Broadway at 52nd Street ItOOai 407-S I NEW YORK CITY j YESTERDAYS "Harvey Transaction WON Just as predicted, easily as the previous one which started aionday. Another case of Knowing -when to Invest. This horse hail not won a race in live previous starts. "Harvey Transactions" are popular with those who confine themselves to the best pro-cnrahle, and have found out by experience that the information is trustworthy and deserving- of conlidenoe. "Harvey Transaction" TOMORROW Tho outlook for tomorrow Is equally bright, and comes from the same source that supplied yesterdays and aiondays matters which were the only two "Harvey Transactions" advised this week. Subscription, S100, should be telegraphed early to avoid return of same when the quota for each territory has been filled. This office is in no way connected with anyone in this line of business and recognizes no competition. The only way to avoid unnecessary regrets and receiving wrong horses as "Harvey Transactions" from impostors is to deal dircotly with this ofllce. Telephones: Circle 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 Subscribe for Daily Racing Form HI PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO, ILL, I JIM DRAKE I 105 Y. 41st St. yew York City I Itoniu .105 I 41 steps Fiioar bkoadavay 55.00 DAILY 0.00 AVEEKLY R Forced to aiove to Larger Quarters J TODAYS BIG SPECIAL has been given a long and careful "prep." My chief docker says that this horse can shake a wicked leg and my advice is to go the limit today, as I anticipate a price of about 15-1 TODAY and, what is more, I anticipate a sure I winner. Get the money today, boys. Yesterdays Horse: COLOXEL AVIXX S-l "WOX Tuesdays Horse: HOXOR 3IAX Scratched Mondays Horse: LOYELIXESS Scratched Sundays Horse: "WILD CAT 7-1 "WOX Saturdays Horse: GOLDFIELD THIRD Fridays Horse: I LILY 31 3-2 "WOX Thursdays Horse: I CALIGULA 10-1 "WOX 9 Wednesdays Horse: 9 QUESADA 10-1 "WOX Tuesdays Horse: I aiAH JOXG 5-1 "WOX Mondays Horse: COIIAL REEF 10-1 "WOX 1 Saturdays Horse: I THIMBLE S-l "WOX 9 Fridays Horse: I SAXDS OF PLEASURE 5-1 "WOX I Thursdays Horse: I FLIXT STOXE 7-5 "WOX H Wednesdays Horse: I GOXDOLIEIt 3-2 "WCX Bj "Tuesdays Horse: I MERCURY SECOXO U Mondays Horse: 1 llltOOKDALE 2-1 AVOX j Saturdays Horse: I DUSTFROOF 5-2 "WOX i Fridays Horse: I LADY ROSE 5-2 "WOX j Thursdays Horse: E H sux aiAiti- s-i "wox I I I Start today, Monday, the first day 1 B of the week and let me try to make 1 a every day a winning day for you this I : H week. AYire your subsc ription by I "Western Union or Postal telegraph. g I $ 14939149391493914939014939 $ 1 $ PREDETERMINED TURF PROFITS S $ The MIKACLI-: SYSTKM is n.-ilioially known $ $ :is "easy for player hard for layrr." Sold on $ S installment; payments paid from jour profits. $ $ Absolutely FKKK 73-paso manual ami review. $ $ Investigate today and make your bookie obey. $ $ lublie relations manager $ $ S. L AKTIIUn S $ Vox 40, li. F. Towson, M.l. S 149391493914939149391493914939$ ADVERTISE IN -RACING FORM

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