Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1924-04-01

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Daily Racing Form Handicaps BOWIE The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : Prlnrr irorge Park, ■flJKfe 31, 1M4. 1— Barrage. Cold Trap. Roller. 2- Yenizelos. Fifty-Fifty, Poor Sport. | Swingalonsr. l onaghee. beater Doctor. 4 lxnd Cranite, Good Times, General That her. :-. — Reparation. Tx rd Granite, Opperman. 6— luie-ks and Drakes. Tody. Servitor. 7— FRKEZY SNKEZY, Flying Devil, Hock Hottom. C. J. Connors. New York II •» ntlirap. 1— Moon Magi - Sam Grenet, Holler, Island King. 1 — Poor Sport. St. Quentin, Fifty-Fify, Hiff Bang. 3— PonaRrce-e. Miss Domino, beater I octor. Ieonartl G. 4— G E N K R A b THATCHER, Aspiration, Frank ... Hord Cranite. I lunlin. Central Thatcher, Aspiration, Setting Sun. €— Totly, The Foreigner, Honolulu Roy, Servitor. 7 QaMea Pillows. FaWJAJ Sneezy, Rock Dot torn. Due de Morny. liicnKo Handicap. 1— Barrage, Bankrupt. Island Kin?, Black Foot. ! Whatebetta, St. Quentin, R-iyal Chat lie. Mom. 3-SWINC AI.ONC. Miss Domino, Yankee Piincfss. Donaghce. 4— Frank C. General Thatcher. Hord Granite. Cooei Times. 5 Lord Cranite, Dunboyne, Frank G., Dun-] I lin. ! 6 The Foreigner. Jack Fairman. Col. Whal- j I len. Day Lilly. i 7 QaMea Billows. Freezy Sneezy, Ftytag Devil, Due de Morny. Observer** IL: tiel it-:i p. 1 No selections. 2— Sei-Wolf, Whalebone, Fifty-Fifty, St Quentin. 3 — Swingalong, Donaghee. Miss Domino. Pathan. 4- General Thatcher. Lord Granite, Aspiia- tion. James F. OHara. 5— Dunlin. Cencral Thatcher, Lord Granite, Dunbeiyne. 6 Servitor, Col. Whalk:i, Buddie Kean. Tody. 7 FREEZY BNEEZT. Golden Billows. Due de Morny, Rock Bottom. cinvciisii-c t»f Handicap*. 1 Barrage. Moc n MaRio. Ratter, Island King. 2 — Yenizelos, Poor Sport, Whalebone, Sca-Wolf. SW IXC AI.ONC. Donaghee, Mi:? Domino. beatar lnx-tor. 4 — General Thatcher, bard Granite. Frank G . Good Tinn-s 5 — Dunlin. Reparation, Lorel Granite, General Thatcher. C Ducks and Drakes, Tc d . The l-,r- iguer. Servitor. 1 — Freezy Sneezy, Colden Billows, Due De Morny, Rock Bottom. TIJUANA The horses which seem best In Tuesdays races are : Tljaaaa. Mexico. March 31, 1924. 1— MISSION PEAK. R. Spreckels entry. Super Lady. 2 — Yie. John Arbor. T ady Leonid. "—Miss Fryer. Power. Martha H 4 — Clarkson. Dr. Johnson. Havana EDctic. 5 --Fort Churchill. Cedric. Arctic King. 6— Dr. Corbftt. Little Beach. Turbulent. 7— Miss Claire. Ociiden.ta. Miss Emma G. I — Flyc-nst. Dan Hogan. Melchoir. 9— Scarlet Bugler, Lady Lillian, Hyanpom. G. W. Schilling. New York II a ml I -a p. 1 — Super I ady, Sea God, Altobloom. Mission Peak. 2— JOHN ARBOR, Al Wick. Yic. Ailliro. 3 — Miss Fryer, Flea, Blanche Myers, Malza- vena. — Norforel Honey. Dr. Johnson, Bobby Allen. Clarkson. 5- Fort Churchill. Babe Ruth, Ravenwing. Cedric. I — Motor Cop. Polly Wale. Noon Glide. Faber. ! — Occidenta. Miss Claire. Full Moon, Mary Jane Bake r. I— Plunger. Melchoir. Sweet and Low. Salvo. I — Tikeh. ltdy Lilian, Gail Ford, Scarlet Bugler. Chicngro Handicap. 1— Super Lady. Mission Teak, Altobloom. Little Bat. 2 — John Arbor. Yic. Pif Jr.. Montjoy. I — Miss Fryer. Flea. Power. Oancing Girl. : — Ihrcne Ward. Bobby Allen. Clarkson, Nor-fcrd Honey. o — Fort Churchill, Cedric, Caveat Emptor. Lady Tiptoe. C— MOTOR COP, Noon Gilde. Fighting Cook. Turbulent. 7— Miss Claire. Frank Fogarty. Full Moe.n. Miss Emma J. 8— Plunger. Cavalcadour II., Sweet and Low, Dan Hogan. *— Wylie, Tikeh, Gail Ford, batty Lillian. Observer* Handicap. 1— Super Lady. Altobloom. Solimente, Missic-n Peak. 1 — Pif Jr.. Yic. John Arbor. Cedonel Lit. Z — Flea. Miss Fryer, Blanche Meyers. Iady Moore. 4 — Clarkson, July Fly, Dr. Johnson. NortV ri Honey. .-.— FORT CHDRCHIbb, Caveat Emptor. Cedric. Ravenwing. 6 — Motor Cop, Dr. Corbett. Faber. Fatty Wale. 7— Mary Jane Baker. Frank Fogarty. Miss Claire. Roisterer. 8 — Cavalcadour II.. Melchedr. Plunger. Salvo. 9 — Iady Lillian, Gail Ford, Tikeh. Nebraska Lad. Consensu* of Handicap*. 1 — Super Lady, Mission Teak. Atob.oom. Sea God. 2 — John Arbor. Yic. Pif Jr.. Lady Leonid. S — Miss Fryer. Flea. Power. Blanche- Meyers. 4 — Clarkson. Norfoid Honey. Phrone Ward, Br. Johnson. ■"—FORT CHURCHILL Oniric, Ca-eat Eivp-tor. Babe Ruth. G— Motor Cop. Doctor CJthatt, Noon Clic.e, Polly Wale. 7 — Miss Claire. Occidenta. Mary Jane Bak r. Miss Emma G. t — Plunger, Flycast, Cavalcaduur II.. Melchoir. 9 — Scarlet Bugler, Tikeh. Wylie. La*tj Lillian.

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