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Daily Racing Form Handicaps TIJUANA The horses which seem best in Sundays races are : Tijnana, Mexico, April 19, 1924. 1 — Power, Colonel Lit, Insurance. 2— St. Angelina, Kirkwood, Faber. 3 — Clarkson. Athanna, Miss Spears. 4 — Brazos, Dovesroost, Breeze. 5 — Freebooter. Al Hotfoot, Keepran. 6— LITTLE CHIEF, Cherry Tree, The Arau- canian. 7— Bill MeCloy. Porter Ella. Motor Cop. 8— Zillah. A. lister. Mary Contrary. 9 — Louis A.. Coeur de Lion. Abadane. 10— Great Luck, Speedball, Marsdale. d. W. Schilling. New York Handicap. 1 — Power. Colonel Lit, Plantagenet, Broom Peddler. 2 — Faber. Midnight Bell, SL Angelina, Stone Bell. 3 — Dick Terpin, Athanna, Jack Fountain, Joe Tag. 4 — Breeze. Dovesroost. Cavalcadour II., Little Hope. 5— Freebooter, Battle Shot, My Daddy, Ron-delle. 6— LITTLE THIEF. Cherry Tree, The Araucanian, Paula Shay. 7— Motor Cop, Bill MeCloy, Trusty, Tubby A. 8 — A. Lester, Mary Contrary, Mizanna, Pon-imoi. 9 — Van Patrick, Dorius, Coeur de Lion, Louis A. 10 — Ireat Luck, Marsdale, Virginius, The Falconer. Chicago Handicap. 1 — Clip. Power. Colonel Lit, Insurance. 2 — Faber. Miss Fryer, Kirkwood, Preserva-tor. 3 — Bobby Allen, Athanna, Clarkson, Joe Tag. 4 — Dernier Sou. Breeze, Little Hope, Cavalcadour II. 5— Bondelle, Battle Shot, My Daddy, Freebooter. 6— THE ARAUCANIAN, Cherry Tree, Little Chief. Paula Shay. 7— Motor Cop, Bill MeCloy, Yalta, Porter Ella. 8 Zillah. Settee. Mizanna. A. Lester. 9 — Abadane, Mokihana, Dorius, Coeur de Lion. 10 — Great Luck, Blarney Stone, Marsdale, SpeedbalL Observers Handicap. 1— Colonel Lit, Power. Clip. Vic. 2 — St. Angelina, Faber, Miss Fryer, Midnight Bell. 3— Joe Tag. Bobby Allen, Honest George, Athanna. 4 — Little Hope, Breeze, Dernier Sou, Dovesroost. 5— Bondelle, Battle Shot, Freebooter, Al Hotfoot. %— CHERRY TREE, The Araucanian, Little Chief, Tracer. 7— Bill MeCloy, Motor Cop, Porter Ella, Trusty. 8 — Mizanna, A. Lester, Mary Contrary, Zillah. 9 — Louis A., Hyanpom, Doubtful. Abadane. 10 — Virginius, Great Luck, Speedball, Marsdale. Conitmni of Handicap*. 1 — Power. Clip, Colonel Lit, Insurance. 2 — St. Angelina, Faber, Kirkwood, Miss Fryer. 3 — Clarkson, Dick Terpin, Bobby Allen, Joe Tag. 4 — Brazos, Breeze, Dernier Sou. Little Hope. 5 — Freebooter, Rondelle, Battle Shot, My Daddy. C — Little Chief. The Araucanian, Cherry Tree. Paula Shay. 7— Bill MeCloy, Motor Cop, Porter Ella, Trusty. j S — Zillah, A. Lester, Mizanna, Mary Contrary. 9 — Louis A.. Van Patrick, Abadane, Coeur de Lion. 10— GREAT LUCK, Virginius, Marsdale, Speedball. HAVRE DE GRACE The horses which seem best in Mondays races are : llauf de Grace, Md., April 19, 19S4. 1 — Cloudland. Toppanite. Battleman. i 2 — Faith. Vacuum. Tidings. ■ 3 — Miss Domino. Ieatherwood, Much Ado. 4 — Golden Rule. Rama. Colden Billows. 5-MODEST, Saiko. A. J. Buja. C Conscript, Stevens. Ebb Tide. 7— Luminist, Dandybrush, Seths Flower. T. J. Lynch. en York Handicap. 1 — Cloudland, Earla Baby, Harlan, Toppanite. 2— Tidings. Vacuum. Fort Bliss. Round Robin. 3 — Miss Domino, Leatherwood, Buck Pond, Leonard G. 4— RAMA. Golden Billows, Golden Rule, Setting Sun. 5 — Sarko. A. J. Buja. Suppliant. Modest. 6 — Trapstick, Conscript, Polly Leighton, Ebb Tide. 7 — Royee Rools, Luminist, Seths Flower, Royal Duck. Chicago Handicap. 1 — Toppanite. Earla Baby. Harlan. Cloudland. 2 — Fort Bliss, Doughnut. Barleycorn, Sligo. 3 — Deputy. Lieutenant Farrell, Leonard G.. Miss Domino. 4 — Golden Rule, Golden Billows, Redstone, Rama. 5— SARKO. Suppliant. Modest. A. J. Buja. 6 — Trapstick, Polly Leighton, Ebb Tide, Conscript. 7 — Luminist. Dandybrush, Dancing Fool, Royce Rools. Observers Handicap. 1 — Earla Baby, Harlan, Toppanite, Cloudland. 2 — Vacuum. Fort Bliss. Marie Maxim, Sligo. 3 — Leonard G.. Miss Domino, Invictus, Flax. 4 — Redstone, Golden Billows, Golden Rule, Rama. 5— SARKO. Suppliant. A. J. Buja, Modest. 6 — Conscript, Trapstick, Polly Leighton, Stevens. 7— Seths Flower, Luminist, Dandybrush, Royce Rools. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 — Cloudland. Toppanite. Earla Baby. Harlan. 2— Faith. Tidings. Fort Bliss. Vacuum. 3— Miss Domino. Deputy, Leonard G., Lieutenant Farrell. 4 — Golden Rule, Rama, Redstone, Golden Billows. 5— SARKO. Modest, A. J. Buja, Suppliant. 6 — Conscript, Trapstick, Polly Leighton, Ebb Tide. 7 — Luminist. Royce Rools, Seths Flower, Dandybrush. COLUMBUS The horses which seem best in Mondays races are : Columbus Ohio. April 19, 1924. 1— Red Seth, Billy Welsh, Daniar. 2 — Diocletian, Fleer, Punctual. 3 — Sylvester. Carpathian. Southern Pacific. 4 — Stacy Adams. Sister Susie. Zoona. 5 — Claymore, Chief Sponsor. Ardella. 6 — Sun Brae, Jacobean, Avispa. 7— JACK FAIRMAN, Tulsa. Crass Tree. F. 11. Sproule. New York Handicap. 1 — Ethel F.. Damar, May Baxter. Esther Grindell. 2 — Jessie Gorman, Doctor Zab. Milda. Grace Daugherty. 3— My Error, Rylla Girl, Southern Pacific, Melvina. 4 — Sister Susie, Aunt Deda. Momentum, Arrowhead. 5— LADY ROSE, Claymore, Yoshimi, Banker Brown. 6 — Jacobean, Avispa, John Joseph. Sun Brae. 7 — Lucy Kate, Jack Fairman. Grass Tree, Biddledee. Chicago Handicap. 1— May Baxter. Ethel F.. Red Seth. Malacha 2 — Milda. Josie Gorman, Athlete. Grace Daugherty. S — Sparkplug, Barberry, Carpathian. Southern Pacific. 4 — Stacy Adams, Sister Susie, Plaid, Arrowhead. 5— BANKER BROWN, Chief Sponsor. Claymore. Lady Rose. 6 — Sun Brae, Scissors, Aislie Vernor, John Joseph. 7 — Lucy Kate, Grass Tree, Biddledee, Hill-man C. ObnerTern Handicap. 1— Ethel F.. May Baxter. Red Seth. Malacha. 2 — Milda, Punctual, Josie Gorman. Athlete. j 3 — Carpathian, Sparkplug, Barberrv, Rylla Girl. 4 — Momentum, Sister Susie, Aunt Deda. Stacy Adams. 5— BANKER BROWN, Chief Sponsor, Lady Rose. Claymore. 6 — John Joseph, Charlie Summy, Sun Brae, Ailsie Yernor. 7 — Lucy Kate, Hillman C, Grass Tree. Capt. Adams. Con*cnf»n« of Handicaps. 1— Ethel F. Red Seth. May liaxter. Damar. 2 — Milda, Diocletian. Josie Gorman. Punctual. 3 — Sylvester, My Error, Sparkplug, Carpathian. 4-— Stacy Adams, Sister Susie, Momentum, Aunt Deda. 5 — Banker Brown, Claymore, I ady Rose, Chief Sponsor. 6 — Sun Brae, Jacobean, John Joseph, Ailsie Vernor. 7 — LUCY KATE, Jack Fairman, Grass Tree, Biddledee.

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