Derby Day at Churchill Downs, Daily Racing Form, 1924-05-20

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DERBY DAY AT CHURCHILL DOWNS -- BY CLEM COL H.CWHITEHEADHIEF ■jZJ 4f ul 1 * OF THE R6MOUMT , | V£ J? J i. f*0* "SERVICE, U.S. ARMY, f £~~ V fs Vff y/% IC* ~* ppESEN-rcD . j**-*.*. / vn w/ fWfrSf /[ K I " MR5. MOCfTS WITH jb f IV V wy Njfc? l C" * A TROPHY. / t I ill I A V* Jand Somehow the sight SB W Us/ Wi 4AJ V y of trai nep h.webb c / _ fcl -*-" /x** SADDLING BLACK 5dU V c,co»5e J- LONCi, vETgRAH COL. PHIL T. CHINN AND / Took us Back To The +f -- master or bash ford manor, WH.L.McCOURTIE HE NEVER f A Y DAYS OF DEL FOUNTA IfsJ /l TELL3 THOWS »v|. MU« PMY, M SSES A andIG SPeftTlNG V x I /4ND HARRY STOVEQ. ft/ 1 LOU«V/LLE BREEDER, HOW EVENT TOOK UP A LOT OF /and/ X~N S [ W V M.S GOOD COtT *ZRA BE*T I HW OMN C* »* JC oNtr ©Net. OiD jockev Mooy, jA / mjnH J f jryCRAHOFATWtt /V7 WH»P-ATTME.LASTrURLONG Lv f X_-*d£. XaJoWNEOTME / CTEvvARD lr/ POLE-THEK ONLY /A 3HAK.NG JSTSSce STS C5EOROE #C/ / #*j jT LAND ON WHICH I " ] J OF IT. /AT THE MD THE LITTLE 25SE-TS ,#3*-$£ £ andLL AND %and A LJr THEY BUILT THE Ay/ BLACK HOSS WAS SStSlT WW I MlS PPE A"D rV k. / fDOWNS8ACK V— Vn/coL. MATT WINN VIW- f®*™"*?" S£TESj£y CJ £?R C - /// /N 1875 T, / THE Least pectuRBED JXSSB Derbies VTT .fiii-— /H //I / 1 / "SOUL ON TMB GROUNDS CHARGING FA»T i REPRESENTED » / II 5 mX °N 7WE OUTS*DE XTJ JU 3-ACATOSA -*=-2£~» Walker was A r R HRRY Sinclair [ J*~~~ " Billy t ftr», AF winter-booic fSKiN VETERAN BEFORE lZJUOT A THRILL J~ tSSSS ON s£££? a3T PRESENT-DAY STAR 1 — WHEN BRACADALE J rT OUR T fC W,SE COUNSELLOR ENVlCD THOSE P=L JOCKEYS WERE BORN. ~T * * V STEPPED ON THE /■ I / LADS WHO HAD INVESTED IN BLACK C and HE WON THE «»« I - /pP LEAD AND / CToLO AT LONG ODDs. 7 5v J -T- KEMTUCKY V Aj FOUGHT TOUT L ¥ *-£$ / / y p7 DERBY ON /v J To 7HE VERY END C 1 ? CsX v I » IX / N 7T f rV- RACING IN KEKTVOCrZQf I ///j *JU ff% ji V ****XX AND EVERYWHERE lr-r A / SCC //// Cr / 7 * rJU clse owes much tHL-* £?l -y/sJi Ays I J U N S i Tb DcSMA 6RECKENRfDe3E7Srr // iT / li iil I /// I? js£ LEXINGTON EDITOR. K] H jA « J | //

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