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Sporting Leader 26 CENTS— AT ALL NEWSSTANDS New Edition For Sale Today TODAYS FREE CODE: LATONIA: Albany-Liunch-Might-Fold-Human. And, believe ma, sir, this one should win every bit it •s easily as Last Mondays Adv. Free Code: Beau of the West, .85-,Won ■ Yes, sir. this one was the FREE CODE we just BEGGED yon to get. Get busy after todays. SOME MUDLARK. HURRAH!! ■We sure CLEANED UP last week. Here they are: Lady Astor, 7.00-, Won [I Princess Doreen, 6-1, Won - Wrackhorn, 7.45-, Won [J Beau of the West, .85-, Won 1 And a bunch of other winners, MIND, in Kentucky. AL GERN rave only 8 horses — 4 WON, 1 second and the other three didnt start. The SMALLER EDITION ■ of the SPORTING LEADER has been A HUGE SUCCESS No more GENERAL NEWS to wade through to get at the VITAL INFORMATION, and no giving - you a HUNDRED HORSES to SELECT FROM — only a FEW LIVE HORSES. Thats what you want I and thats what the SPORTING LEADER is giving you. HURRAH! AGAIN AL GERNS WON ! CLEANING UP BIG ! Saturdays Adv. Al Gems Special: John Hager, .20-, 2nd J Fridays Al Gems Special: Lee 0. Cotner, .30-, Won I The AL GERN CROWD is just CLEANING Upright and left. Get busy and be with us today for Mondays Advertised 0 Special IS GIVEN FREE on AL GERNS DAILY fl SHEET. One of the NICEST TRCKS that you have seen hereabouts for many a week. Go right now to your newsdealer and ask for AL GERNS SPECIALS ! ONLY .00; MAILED 2 WEEKS, .00 Address: Al Gern, care SPORTING LEADER 440 South Dearborn St. CHICAGO, ILL. and have it mailed to you every day, the with , the 0 SPECIAL, so you will get it FIRST THING i in the morning. ATTENTION, CHICAG0ANS! • For sale SUNDAY at ARCADE NEWS. 74 West Madison: DANS. 65 West Randolph: Newsstand, corner Quincy and State Cts., and MONDAY at ALL LEADING NEWSSTANDS. DETROIT FOR SALE Triangle Newsstand . Gris wold and Lafayette Blvd. Family Theatre Newsstand Cadillac Square I ALSO FOR SALE: Cleveland. O.— O. Schroeder. 21* East Superior Ave. St. Louis — Wm. Laser Lobby. 711 Market St. St. Louis — Foster News, 410 Washington St. | Omaha, Neb. — Myer Coren. 1411 Famam St. " Kansas City — Ricksecker, 8th and Walnut. Dayton, O.— E. Euphrat, 120 S. Jefferson St. and m all other cities where RACING FORM is sold. I BOBBY ALLEN ONLY ONE HORSE DAILY I .00 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY B Yesterdays .00 Star Money Horse: S Annie Lyle .00- Won E Results of yesterdays .00 Occasional unknown at time of wiring ad. Fridays .00 Occasional: Phidias .50- Won j Thursdays .00 Star Money Horse: h Lady Astor . . . .7.00- Won cl Thursdays .00 Occasional: Revenue Agent . ..10- Won Tuesdays .00 Star Money Horse: Bob Cahill . . . .4.10- Won « m Mondays .00 Occasional: be b KEVE.ME AG EST Iand.40-I2 flO m Mondays Star Money Horse: w PHIDIAS .70- WOS Four winning Star Horses Money out of a pos-sible 7 in the past five days. Star Money Horse today. Comes from the same source as WRANGLER. 0 70 . WON. = If you can stand prosperity, then get todays big money horse. TERMS— .00. Wire or call. Some of My Long Shot Winners: POLLY LKIGHTOS S.40- WOK " WRASGLKK 0.70- WOK HITKNY DITROW I29.and0-I2 WOK g flat LLEWELLYK 6.90-52 WOK ST BIG .00 OCCASIONAL to GOES AT KENTUCKY MONDAY In l This one should pay at least 7-1 and WIN in a x . canter. ! TERMS: . One weeks service 6 racing days, 0. r Bargain offer: 5 for daily Occasional and Star Q horses for one week. Subscriptions may start any time. BOBBY ALLEN w 23 Duane St., Room 605 New York City — — — — — — — — — — — _____ .14 341 ADVERTISE IN RAQING FORM " 441 PLYMOUTH COURT m CHICAGO, ILL. S! bit it ■ [I - [J 1 ■ to - — I J I 1 Al McGee 0 DAILY— HOURS 9 TO 2— 0 WEEKLY 152 W. 42nd St., Suite 910-A, New York City Monday s Horse locks like a sure winner and, barring accidents, I look for him to be returned the easiest winner of the day. He stepped out and did six furlongs in 1:13% in preparation for tomorrows race the other morning just like breaking sticks. ,000 tomorrow is what I believe a small investment on Mondays horse should net you. Yesterdays One Horse: Krishna 2.90-, Won Fridays One Horse: Hvy Arty 0.05- Won Thursdays One Horse: Turnberry .9.85- Won Wednesdays One Horse: Brr Sweet 0.25- Won Tuesdays One Horse: Agnes Call 0.10- Won Mondays One Horse: White Star 4.50- Won Remember, Boys, I give you strictly ONE HORSE A DAY. Above horses positively only ones sent out last week. Wire money by Western Union or Postal Telegraph. City clients call at office. 11 ! , i • I | " I I B S E j h cl « m be b m w = "Bud" Edwards ONE HORSE DAILY. .00 DAILY; 0 FOR 6 DAYS. Krishna 2.90-, Won And this comes every day. It used to be hard for the player, hut since I came into the field my followers are getting rich. Its easy money for the sticker. Rush a 0 subscription immediately, for this coming week will be just as good as last week was, and you bet it was a peach. WINNERS I HANDED OUT— Saturdays Winner: Krishna 2.90- Won Fridays Winner. Who Knows Me.1.10- Won Thursdays Winner. Lady Astor . . . .7.00- Won Wednesdays Winner: New Gold 2.10- Won Tuesdays Wire: MARIONETTE 3.80, 1.80- 2ND Mondays Wire: PRETTY POLITICIAN 2.50, 30- 3RD Last Week Big Winner. X1™ ™T $ 8.00-22 WON SWAY 3.10- WON BEST PAL 832.80-82 WON TRY ME FOR A WEEK Dont be fooled into baying cheap information from fly-by-night supposed-to-be information bureaus. Line up with "Bud Edwards, one who has beaten the gam© and spent 20 years as a docker and former horse owner. MONDAY A 30-1 SHOT Heres where you get big dough. Also another grand long shot ready for Wednesday. Rush at once a weeks subscription, only 0 now but rate may be boosted to 00 a week before long. Please careful to give name and address along with money. It avoids delay and helps this office as I I well. I H. EDWARDS ! V 158 Fulton St., 3rd Floor, New York City. " g flat ST to In l x ! r Q w .14 341 " Wonderful Winning System A cool, conservative method, wherein success is assured. Can be played at or away from the track a a with large or small capital. It gives a few select plays each week. Won big money on a straight play. Stood the acid test with WONDERFUL SUCCESS for seven years. My system gives many good-priced winners. Doubt 3.60 Coral Reef 0 50 P Pretty Politician 1.30 Delusive 940 * Bolphrizonia 0 Gipsy Flyer 88-31 Colfin 6.10 Briar Sweet ... 0 25 Crystal Ford ....3.0 Arragosa 165 Quincy Ward 2.90 Phidias .$ o!50 Small payment down; balance as you win. Facts rerarding systems that will open your eyes, FREE Write. WATSOS* CORNELL - West 45th St. Room 201 New York City r S! ======== * Subscribe for Daily Racing Form » ,0 THE REVIEW TOPICS ON DAILY TURF EVENTS PRICE 50 CENTS— ALL LEADING CITIES— PRICE 50 CENTS Western Edition METROPOLITAN NEWS CO. OF CHICAGO, Agents Mondays sheet on sale TODAY Sunday in all leading western cities. Beat the bookmaker with this kind of information. LOOK! LOOK! Our record this week: KRISHNA 2.90- WON WHO KNOWS ME 1 10- WON LADY ASTOR 7.10- WON ALCHEMY $ 3.80- WON SLICKER $ 9.30-S2 WON MARIONETTE 1.10- 2ND ANNIE LYLE $ 5.00- WON PARODY $ 4.40- WON NEW GOLD 2.10- WON BOB CAHILL 4.10- WON BUTTIN IN 1.70- WON PLEASURE $ 5.90- WON We give only three horses daily on the 50 Cent Sheet. MONDAY— ANOTHER WINNING DAY Go to your newsdealer today and ask him for the "REVIEW" 50 Cent Sheet. We also send out a last minute .00 Wire and we are cleaning up day after day. Look! SATURDAYS .00 WIRE: m BLOWING BUBBLES $ 6.20- WON FRIDAYS .00 WIRE: BENEDICT VOW $ 5.40- WON THURSDAYS .00 WIRE: ROSABELLA $ 7.30- WON WEDNESDAYS .00 WIRE: ANNIHILATOR $ 8.10- WON TUESDAYS .00 WIRE: AGNES CALL 0.10- WON MONDAYS .00 WIRE: BOBS MARY 2.90- WON Can you beat this kind of information at any price? Wire 0 right now for one weeks service on this .00 Wire Special. We notify all our western patrons to deal only through the Metropolitan News Co. on all subscriptions. The eastern office wi l not accept any money orders from the western patrons. DISTRIBUTORS: 1— CHICAGO, ILL.— POST OFFICE SEWS, 74 W. Madison; 31 W. Mi—Hj 13; St.rth Clark. 2— DETROIT, MICH.— BAGLEY NEWS CO Woodward and Monroe 3 — CLEVELAND, OHIO — O. C. SCHROEDER 212 East Snperior Ave. 4— ST. LOUIS, MO.— WM. LASER 711 Market St. 6— DAYTON, OHIO— H. EUPHRAT 120 Jefferson St. Western agent for above distributors: METROPOLITAN NEWS CO. OF CHICAGO Room 706, 10 North Clark Street -:- Chicago, ML We invite all our Chicago players to visit our western agent at their offices. THE REVIEW I I I ! V /? 81 "Lucky" Johnny Lyons AMERICAS PREMIER TURF WIZARD and Columbus Circle, Room 217 -:• -:- New York City Only ONE HORSE advised on any day I have information to release. On account of accident to horse early Saturday morning:, Saturdays horse was scratched, therefore no information was *»" released Saturday. Everything must be set right or no business. FRIDAYS HORSE: WHO KNOWS ME 1.10- WON Again all my followers won handsomely. Friday: Saturday: W. Knows Me.1.10- Won Crayon 5.90- Won Thursday: Lady Astor ...7.00- Won Thursday: Wednesday: T. S. Jordan . . . 7.60- Won Mistress Mary.0.10- 2nd Wednesday: Banner Beare75.00- Won BlowS Bubbles *18-32 W°" Monday: Monday: White Star . . 4.50- Won Ballot Brush . .$ 9.70- Won EIGHT WINNERS AND ONE SECOND OF THE LAST NINE HORSES RELEASED which show a net profit of over ,000 on a 0 straight bet. AGAIN LET ME STATE THAT EVERYTHING IS SET FOR MONDAYS HORSE. ANOTHER SENSATION PROMISED FOR MONDAY. No time to lose; get in line with me and WIN. TERMS — 0, in advance, for MONDAYS HORSE. Wire money order right now, or, if in town, call personally. -I a a P * - WORTH WHILE For four days I have advertised in Racing Form horse to start TUESDAY, JUNE 24 Communicate at once. Find out what I can do. Phone early on Tuesday. Will have O. X. at 10:30 a. m. D. L. SHANNON 432 7th Ave., between 33rd and 34th Sts. New York City. Room 10 Phones: Lackawanna 7123; Chickering 4488 r * » ,0 DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ELL. 167-150 EAST 32nd ST., NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. i RICHMOND STREET, EAST, TORONTO, ONT. I READ RACES NOT TO PLAY —Then take top horse plotted by the Engineering | Precision Curve. This horse wins an incredible number of races. In the System Player Monthly. .00, BY MAIL: 138 pages, .00 Register Your Mail 499 RIDGEW00D AVE. BROOKLYN, N. Y. VOLUME II. OF Annual Racing form for 1923 m NOW ON SALE DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. 157159 EAST 82ND STREET, NEW YORK. N. T. 320 EAST 3RD STREET. CINCINNATI, OHIO 50 RICHMOND STREET, EAST, TORONTO. ONT.

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