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ROY KINGSTON "The Talk of Turfdom" 5.00 Daily 100.00 Weekly. ONLY ONE HORSE DAILY Yesterdays Only Investment DOC GAIETY ..8.40- Won Tcs, gentlemen we have the goods and my followers are receiving dividends on their turf investments daily. Tuesdays Only Investment HU0N PINE 15-1 Won Mondays Only Investment HOY 8-1 Won TODAYS INVESTMENT Is a fit and ready horse that is Jnst crying to mn. 10 to 1 or better is the odds anticipated. My information is superior and it cant bo beat. MR. MiAYEIl: Are you Trilling to play the game with some of the wisest and biggest people in the business! Then see me today and join my select clientele. ROY KINGSTON 2S7 Broadway yew york R. RETEY ONE BEST EACH BAT TERHS SIX DAYS TEN -DOLLARS B. RETEYS OCCACIONALS 2 or 3 a. week TERMS TEN DOLLARS EACH COMBINATION OFFER I SIX DAYS ONE BESTS AND THREE OCCASION ALS FOR TWENTY-iTVE DOLLARS. Yesterdays One Best Tvas DUTCH GIRL ....5-2 Won Filed in advanoo -with this paper. I had no occasional yesterday. IMPORTANT NOTICE To avoid the delay and confusion of using code I will wire subscribers three horses and the third horse mentioned in telegram will be my One Best. "When I send a 0 Occasional the name of the horse will be spelled backwards. My service is well and favorably known to many readers of this paper and the fact that I have not advertised for the past two weeks is due to my having: all the clients I could handle. I have now made arrangements for additional telegraphic and clerical facilities and will be in a position to handle several hundred more clients. Telegraph your subscription as early as possible as all orders will he filled in the sequence in which they are received. For the information of those who desire to subscribe for my service I publish herewith the consecutive results of my information during the past two weeks. My One Bests were: August 12: SWEET NOTE 3.95- WON August 11: PIEDMONT 12-5 WON August 9: PANKETA .90- WON August 8: MEDINA 11-5 WON August 7: BETSINDA 9-2 2ND August 6: CHLORIS .S0- WON August 5: KIT 18-5 WON August 4: SANOLA 18-5 WON August 2: PALI 4.00- WON August 1: PROCEEDS 7-1 2ND July 31: OVER FLUE 8-5 WON July 30: THE RUNT 3-2 WON July 29: BETSINDA 6-1 WON July 28: PLUS ULTRA 8-1 3RD July 26: BETSINDA 6-1 WON MY OCCASIONALS WERE: July 28: WILKES-BARRE 12-1 WON July 31: FLAG OF TRUCE 4.60- 2ND August 1: OLD WELBOURNE 12-1 WON August 5: NELLIE KELLY 15-1 WON August 7: DONGES 15-1 WON August 11: HOY 8-1 WON ANOTHER BIG OCCASIONAL TODAY My One Best today seems sure. Telegraph subscription at once in accordance with the terms mentioned in this advertisement and get in touch with real information. GET RICH WITH RETEY R. RETEY 15 lGlst St. JAMAICA, N. Y. The Monthly Form Book containing charts of all races run on recognized tracks in North America during the month of JULY. PItlCE .00 Single copies by mail will POSITIVE!,"! only be sent as registered mail, with an extra charge of ten cents for registration. Not responsible for books sent as regular mail. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO- 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO. TT.T.. 157-159 EAST 32ND STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. 320 EAST 3RD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO 50 RICHMOND STREET, EAST, TORONTO, ONT. GARS WEEKLY TODAYS FREE CODES: Devonshire: Vermont-Rose-Grass-Grass. Hawthorne: Virginia-White-Light-Brown. I IMPORTANT NOTICE TO S. 0. SERVICE SUBSCRIBERS All subscriptions expired with Wednesdays 0 Special, which was 1 BIFF BANG 145 W0N o A . 0ur ,?10ne-ors3 Special goes Friday. This horse must win or our next two S1Q t forCri2ht S I? I 7 We d0 not hlT0 them eve day. S? SySdS Snn. ? f 0a h0rSO 0nly 0nr cials filed in advice O X BO NOT MISS FRIDAYS SPECIAL i horse for Friday has been waited with a long time and now is placed in the riht snot ? where t, connections believe he will win easily and pay around 8-1. P o Saturday we will havo a hcrse at Saratoga which has not yet shown his true form, but J is ; ready and crying to run. Upon receiving word that Fridays horse has won clients Sid at t tTtteTin time! PPt acticn only will enable us to get Saturdays horse I. twooi0 xememln:r u nfl4 lose-yoa ; 2 WIRE 0 at once by Western Union. No Postal here. X S. O. SERVICE, Jamaica, New York NOTE Tell Western Union to send ycur address. It prevents delay. READ THIS CAREFULLY Gentlemen: My connections advise that two real live horses are to go this week, one today and one Saturday. Also two the first of next week. My past record for the last two weeks: Seven horses advised; 6 "WINNERS, paying 3 to 15 to 1, and all filed with this paper in advance. . MT PHOrOSITIOX: TFirc me hy Western Union to prepay fonr telegrams. After the horse wins,, telegraph me Western Union my fee of and you are eligible for nVvt Wse. Clients wbo. remitted for Saturdays winner will receive todays Thursdays horse JlurH Wednesdays horse withdrawn last minute. FRANK ZEME 5CITE S15, CAXyrET BUILDING, M32 beoadwat sew tOBK CITY HARVEY AMES EAfiLE BUILDIna BBOABWAT AT 52B STREET HEW YOKE CIT1 YESTERDAYS "HARVEY TRANSACTION" met defeat through circumstances over which no one exercises any control and as previously stated we cannot prevent accidents that befall horses after they arrive at the barrier. "Harvey Transaction" TODAY Todays "Harvey Tranaction," Mr. Ames advises over the long distance, has had a special preparation for this event, and comes from the same source which supplied the recent successes. Terms, 00, payable strictly in advance by telegraph or in person. Positively no service possible unless subscription is received by wire or in person and correct street address must also be known to this office. warning" Complaints continue to arrive from persons throughout the country naming horses which they bought from unscrupulous persons at reduced rates, supposedly "Harvey Transactions," at tracks where we do not operate, and always the wrong horse. H. MILLER, New York City, is the latest claiming to be our agent, and giving horses as Harvey Transactions" never issued from this office. The public is warned in its own interest not to fall prey to these impostors butto deal directly with this office and avoid unnecessary regrets. TELEPHONES CIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 John J. Joyce 0.00 Daily; 0.00 Weekly. 1416 Broadway NEW YORK CITY FEATURING COMMISSION HORSES AT HAWTHORNE AND CANADA Strictly one horse a day at and track. Yesterdays Hawthorne Commission: DUTCH GIRL 12-5, WON Tuesdays Canadian Commission lost. Tuesdays Hawthorne Commission lost. Mondays Hawthorne Commission: CLIMAX 8-5 Won Mondays Canadian Commission: COR. ROUGE 5.00- Won Saturdays Hawthorne Commission: JACK FROST 8-1 Won Saturdays Canadian Commission: THISTLEWD 8.80- Won and numerous other winners. My commisison horses are all live prospects that go for the money when I send you the O. K. It is a gratifying- satisfaction to know that you are "betting on a horse that is trying and know that you will get a real good ride, and, harring had racing luck, will win. TODAYS CANADA COMMISSION comas from the same source as THB3TLE-WOOD, 8.S0-, came from, and the indications are that they will get a good price. Supreme Flash "WIZARD OF TURFDOM" Two Horses a Day 0.00 Weekly Once again my followers cleaned up YESTERDAYS FLASH: DOC GAIETY ..8.40- Won CRUMPLE 30-1, 10-1 2nd Our FLASH today should he a winning double-header and pay a limit price. All angles are safeguarded against any possible loss. TUESDAYS FLASH: BALBOA 12-5 Won SWEET NOTE .0.95- Won MONDAYS FLASH: HOY : 8-1 Won Prudy 4.95- Won SATURDAYS FLASH: MARK MASTER 4-1 Won CORDELIER ...4.l5- Won FRIDAYS FLASH: KINDRED 5-1 Won BOSS JOHN 5-1 Won All information comes direct from our connections at the principal tracks in the United States and Canada. Why not get the best "info" for the least expense! Our large successful weekly followers enable us to release this "Supreme Flash" at such a nominal fee. If you were, to pay ,000 you could not equal this kind of information. 30nly Weekly Subscriptions Will Be Accepted"" RUSH 0 AT ONCE for one weeks service 6 days and you will he a big winner. Send your correct nama and address to avoid delay. Address all communications: SUPREME PUBLISHING CO. 163 West 23rd St., Suite 15 Now York City ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM JAMES J. HARVEY 1416 Broadway, Suite 201 NEW YORK CITY .00 DAILY 5.00 WEEKLY STRICTLY ONE HORSE A DAY EXCEPT WHEN OCCASIONS WARRANT YESTERDAYS big .00 Special finished second. TODAY BIG- DOUBLE-HEADER TODAY Comes to ma direct and from a source that wo can recommend. Connections have a world of confidence regarding this one going over and expect a good price. TUESDAYS 00.00 SPECIAL WON, and paid better than 2-1. SATURDAYS .00 SPECIAL WON, and paid better than 6-1. biffSSSi1 SPECIAL W0N-and thFEf"S ?5.00 SPECIAL WON, and paid hetter THURSDAYS .00 SPECIAL WON, and paid better than 7-1. k.W5D??SIATS m- SPECIAL WON, and paid better than 9-1. MSiT ?5- SPECIAL W0N and minuteSDAYS SPECIAL withdrawn at last My large clientele will vouch for the winning weeks, too numerous to mention. NOTE, NOTE, NOTE Not a losing day last week. My clients are surely winning on the information I release. Become one of my clients today and be a big winner at the ond of each week. A 0 flat play week of Aug. 4 WON 60. NOTICE! NOTICE! My next 00 Special goes Tuesday, Aug. 19. sX JlZ ? V? to W6ckJy subscribers "froe," Subscribe today to avoid being shut out. City 5 nt0f clients t avoid aeiay. Address all communications to JA3IES J. HAKVEY SUITE 201, 1416 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY HARRY D ALTON DAILY RACING WIRE 853 Blake Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1 A DAY ONLY 0 WEEKLY OH, BOYS, LOOK! remenfhowlptL doIs5..:::: g-1 W0N " tweiLX the" word "from" "the"self-sime Jlrty that gave me those two and THEY SAY: "A SURE WINNER TODAY" 5?U are ff0fnff t0 6t- Probably a IB to l .w it fa Mtw tV? Wnt be ablB t0 ess who me toda andWay tho io Md s A WHOLE WEEK FOR 0 SLY DAYS OF LONG SHOTS ONLY 0 fonl sub?cnPon NOW and you become a client for one week No terms for daily service, only weekly subscribers enrolled. Here are some recent winners: AEAG011 5-2 2ND PEDAGOGUE Tff . f.fT? SpecaiL SANDHURST 1.. WON Saturdays Special. TEATEKS -i won -i.-:.r Was rnday s Special. D0NGES nnvpT-c ay; "-I won Thursdays Special. nnip BOTHER 4-1 WQN McAULIFFET..??::!.81- 8-1 WON was Tuesdays Special. 9 WINNING WEEKS OUT OF 11 Better get started with me at once. Dnnf Tot a small mater like 0.00 stand making a ?14939 with three straight Ser tins week. Rush to the Western Union or Postal and send a 0.00 money order at once. .f8 noe SCRATCHED. You all get an extra day for this. Track conditions are better today and I expect to get back to last weeks f onn. Dutch Girl, 13-5, Won, was yesterdays Best. Blotter, 16-5, Won, was yesterdays Long Shot 6winaera i out of last 6 on our Daily One Best. f?tt !?w,set inf orntion like the above for the ridiculously small sum of 50c! Daily at all newsstands, 50c. Mailed the night before, 1 week, .00; 2 weeks. .00. ... NATIONAL O. K. RACING LETTER 411, 22 W. Qmncy St. CHICAGO, ILL Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing the races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS ? 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach. Fla.

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