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THE WHIR- NEWS ON THE KING OF SPORTS PRICE50 READ EM AND WEEP Just a little reminder to tell you that we have hit our stride and are back in the best of form. Since the Kentucky meeting has started we have been slamming them over in "Regular Whip Style." Our last-minute Occasional has been winning day after day. Here is our record for the past two weeks: ALL HORSES FILED IN ADVANCE WITn THIS PAPER SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17: Braedalbane .10- Won Easter Bells .90- Won THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15: Miss Maizie 9.G0- Won GJyn .40- Won TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14: 310 If DAY, OCTOBER 13: Wild Life .70- Won Minus .70- Won SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10: Max Brick .70- Won Sagamook 7.60- Won THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8: My Valet .00- Won Bourbon Boy 3.50- Won TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7: MONDAY, OCTOBER C: Arabian 8.90- Won Coyne 9.20- Won We are again in with the same connections that we had last year and nothing stops us from obtaining the best information that money can obtain for our followers. THE WHIP has been on the market for two years and we have thousands of satisfied followers. ASK THE MAN WHO PLAYS THE WHIP HOW GOOD IT IS. HE IS THE JUDGE AND YOU ARE THE JURY We have more followers than any other turf publication of this kind. WHAT IS THE REASON? There is only one answer and that is because we produce the goods. THE WHIP does not have any of those so-called guaranteed specials, like giving one free until a winner, or one free if the horse does not pay a specified price. These guarantees do not mean anything. Now, here is why these guarantees do not mean anything: Because no publication will devote its time and effort in getting you the best information, when he is giving you specials free. In other words you get NOTHING FOR NOTHING. OUR REPUTATION IS OUR GUARANTEE. If we dont give you winners, we do not make money. ITYOU WIN, WE WIN Monday, We Have the Best Thing of the Meeting at Laurel. This one comes from the same source that sent us all of the above horses and for Monday, they are advising this horse stronger than ever, because: They are very close to the ones that pay this ones feed bill, and all the horses that they have released from this stable haTe won at big odds. Wc arc also most positive that this one will be returned a winner at odds that will be satisfactory to yon. We ask you in the most earnest manner not to miss Mondays Occasional. If you do, you will the one most sorry. On sale today Sunday for Monday. YES! YES! Our fifty cent sheet has been hitting them on all six, too. Our Free Special has been going great and our followers arc getting the money from all sides. Here arc a few of the most recent winners given on our fifty cent sheet: POSTILLION 2.60-52 CHILHOWEE $ 3.80-02 BYNG 4.00-02 STAR SWEEPER 67.20-S2 BROKEN TOY 5.60- MIDWESTERN 18.80- Space does not allow us to publish any more. If we startd to name them all, this page would not be big enough. The above are only a few of the last four days. g-MONDAY, ANOTHER GRAND SPECIAL GOES FREE ON OUR FIFTY CENT SHEET So rush now and get "The Whip" 52 Occasional and fifty cent sheet and whip the bookmaker. -DETROITERS STOP! LOOK! ! LISTEN! ! ! THE WHIP IS FOR SALE AT THE TWO LEADING NEWSSTANDS IN YOUR CITY: BAGLEY NEWSSTAND DUNNS NEWSSTAND COR. WOODWARD AND MONROE AYES. COR. MICHIGAN AND SHELBY In front of the Monument on Campus In front of Claytons fpCHICAGOANS TAKE NOTE: We have only one agent in your city. It is the ARCADE NEWS STORE 74 West Madison St. Opposite Morrison Hotel CLEVELAND AGENT O. C. SCIIROEDER, 212 East Superior Ave. ST. LOUIS AGENT WM. LASER, 711 Market St. PLAYERS IN ALL OTHER CITIES We have distributers in the above mentioned cities only. So, if you are one of the unfortunate ones, then subscribe to THE WHIP. Send it in care of the BAGLEY NEWSSTAND, DETROIT, MICH. Special subscription rates for this week only: Our Occasional and 50 cent sheet, for 0; In other words, 15 worth for 810. SUPREME FLASH "LITTLE NOISE" Wizard of Turfdom "BIG RESULTS" Two Horses Daily 10 Weekly, or 25 Weekly for Complete Service -EXTRAORDINARY OFFER-g 25 entitles you to one weeks service six days, consisting of two horses daily, also our super-supreme specials that go when the final "O. K." is received from our connections, who need no comment. Our record of winning super-specials is positively unsurpassed. ONCE AGAIN MY FOLLOWERS WERE REWARDED YESTERDAYS SUPER-SUPREME SPECIAL: DIMMESDALE 8-1 WON YESTERDAYS FLASH: All Gone 7.70- Won Crack o Dawn 10-1 Won FRIDAYS FLASH: Dry Moon 7-2 Won Lester Doctor ...9.50- Won Our Information comes direct from our connections at the principal tracks. Wire 010, for six days two horses daily, or 25 a week for complete service, -which includes super-specials. Only weekly subscriptions will be accepted. Do not remit by mail. Wire correct name and address to avoid delay. Address all communications to SUPREME PUBLISHING CO. 168 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET NEW YORK CITY Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing the races will be mailed you for ono weeks trial. Ho chaise unless it shows aifaverzge profit of at least 0 a day on the seals of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to 3. K. WIXI.IS 25 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach. la. bOHHraisasasasMasMsaBBsasasaHsisBi CLIP THIS OUT AND THINK You can pot the Great Incomparable Systsm complete for by registered return mail. If you prefer to get service on those system horses after scratches are in, you can get it on extremsly reasonable terms. All tho winners and losers of this great system play for September are given in tha October Player. There is one true story in October icsuo overy player in tho land should read. , your personal copy, October, by mail. . The Sys-, tarn Player, 499 Sidgewood Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. HARVEY AMES EARIjE BLDG. BROADWAY AT 52D STREET NEW YORK CITT Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" WON The only horse advised yesterday WON easily at very good odds. The form of this horse was known to this office for the last five weeks, and every move was covered by our representatives. Nothing was advised Friday, as this office never guesses or substitutes. Thursdays only horse WON at very good odds and Wednesdays "HARVEY TRANSACTION" WON ALSO and paid better than 7 to 1. Contracts distinctly demand that name of horse must not be advertised. "HARVEY TRANSACTION" TOMORROW Subscription, 00 in advance,- by telegraph or in person. Subscribers to "Harvey Transactions" are advised in their own interests to subscribe early, and Mr. Ames expects to prove again-tomorrow THAT THERE ARE DAYS AND DAYS. The reason this service enjoys the popularity and confidence it does is because the racing public knows our advertisements state "facts, not illusions." This office recognizes no competition; imitators are not competitors. TELEPHONES CIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 CLIFFORD S. BALLE 166 FULTON" STREET NEW YORK CITY SUITE 533 WANTED Wanted, another shrewd horseman. One who knows and can produce Winning information. ,000 a week and more salary, no drawing line, produce the goods and, if your qualifications are there, you are the man we areseeking. One who understands thoroughly and knows that he can produce winning information. NO GUESSWORK OR FAST HANDICAPPING DESIRED. WHAT WE WANT IS A THROUGH AND THROUGH HORSEMAN. Contracts are being closed with THREE 3 HORSEMEN, who have been qualified with the CALIBRE of HORSEMEN WE ARE SEEKING. We want no music or stories in answering the above. Please be brief, to the point and give us all details and facts. The applicants will be assured of the strictest con-i fidence. This opportunity comes but once in a lifetime, to the man who knows and is capable of producing and meets with our requirements, his future is positively assured. REMEMBER Remember MONEY OR SALARY IS NO OBJECT. WHAT WE WANT IS ANOTHER MAN THAT CAN STAND UP AND ANSWER THESE QUALIFICATIONS AND MUST MEET WITH OUR APPROVAL. Must be a real horseman. We want NO CALLERS. Applications must be in writing and appointments will be arranged thereafter in the strictest confidence. Amateurs or those who think they know horses, or day dreamers, are requested not to answer. We want the REAL MAN WHO CAN PRODUCE, and whom we can be proud to have. Regardless of where you are Canada, the west, the south or the east if you can produce the goods, we seek you. CLIFFORD S. BALLE 156 FULTON STREET NEW YORK CITY SUITE 535 Address All Communications Direct. J. T. COLLINS 128 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK CITY TWO HORSES DAILY .00 DAILY OR 0.00 PER WEEK 25.00 DAILY OR 00.00 FER WEEK This Includes all information that comes in the office the entire week. MY SERYICE IS SUPREME AND SEVER COMPARABLE. THIS IS NO GUESSWORK OR HANDICAPPING, BUT GENUINE INFORMATION. I am associated -with the wise operators, and my connections will prove after a weeks trial that it is worth ten times as much as what I ask. POSITIVELY NO FAVORITES RELEASED INFORMATION THAT IS 100 PERCENT GENUINE Yesterdays 2 Special: ROCK BOTTOM 7.30- WON AND AGAIN MY FOLLOWERS WON MONDAY 40-1 MONDAY Thursdays 5 Special: IVORY 9.90- WON Thursdays 2 Special: BLUE HILL 4-1 WON 510.00 PARLAY WON AND PAID ,247 Wednesdays 5 Special: Mondays Special: POSTILLION 2.60- WON HONEY TOT 6-1 WON Tuesdays 3 Special: Saturdays 5 Special: STEVENS 3.30-52 WON ROYAL AIRMAN .. 15-1 WON Tncsdays Special: Saturdays Special: MYRTLE BELLE 3-1 WON ROYAL DUCK .40- WON Mondays 5 Special Wednesdays Special: STAR SWEEPER .30- WON CAPTAIN COSTIGAN 9.60- WON The above is a record worth while looking at. Is this service not worth a trials ANOTHER BIG WINNER TODAY 50-1 OR BETTER That Is just what my 5 Special should pay today. Remit 00 at once, by wire, and give this a weeks trial and he convinced that I can make you a winner. Ail information is directed through connections from Empire, Latonia and Laurel, by wire, when positive that horse should win. That is why my followers are winners. AH necessary precautions will be taken that subscribers do not spread this information through the source of pools. For early service, subscribe early. SUBSCRIBE for DAILY RACING FOI13I ADVERTISE IN DAILY RACING FORM

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