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HARVEY. AMES Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" WON This Horse Was Not the Favorite Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" and, of course, the only horse advised, WON easily. Special attention was drawn to the fact to pay no attention to past performances, as the horse in question finished out of the money in his last start, but wo knew yesterday "WAS THE DAY." "Harvey Transaction" TODAY To give the large and small operator a chance to test the value of the newly found connections, Mr. Ames decided to reduce the terms, for today only, to Twenty-Five Dollars Payable in advance, by telegraph or in person. The public is urged once more to pay no attention to past per-, formances as we have proven conclusively that "THERE ARE DAYS AND DAYS." "Harvey Transaction" means one horse and not a collection. We are materialists, not dreamers. Our ads state "Facts, not Illusions." Telephones: Circle 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749, Two Horses .ggSi The Man Who a Day VWi Produced Most 0 Daily iAJSHHL Winners NO WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTIONS STOP LOSING YOUR. GOOD MONEY Wire 10, at once, and receive Phenoms information for one day and be thoroughly convinced who is producing: real winning- information. Enough said. AND AGAIN I HAVE PRODUCED WINNING RESULTS. PHENOM WIRED YESTERDAY: THE VINTNER 4-5, Won FREEZY SNEEZY .2-1, Third NOTICE PERSONAL NOTICE Phancm suggests that all his clients systematiza their transactions for their mutual advantage. Peoplo -who are capable of upholding same are the ones that succeed in the racing game. " THE PIIENOM AT NEW ORLEANS I am on the grounds, personally, at Jefferson Park, supervising a few private specials for some of the "largest operators" in the country. All private specials will be included in my two horse daily service, which is released daily through my New York office. With the assistance of my exclusive connections, I will produce results at the New Orleans meetings that will -startle "the turf world." They call me "The Phenom" on all principal race tracks for the pbanomsnal results I prd-duced. Owing to my high standing on all principal race tracks it is impossible to give my identity to the racing public, as my reputation would be jeopardized. My connections include! information from owners, trainers and jockeys, who will always be my pals. iPRIVATE INFORMATION-1! I release the best information obtainable, besides my personal efforts, also sparing no expense, trying my utmost to make each and every turf investment a successful return. If you are in the least skeptical, wire 0, for one days service and be convinced that my record stands unexcelled. PHENOM WIRED THURSDAY: SPUGS 9-5, Won BUTTRESS Third PHENOM WIRED WEDNESDAY: CHANNEL 15-1, Won RUMEN 0-1, Won PHENOL WIRED TUESDAY: BUTTRESS ...9-10, Won PRINCE K. 9-2, Won PHENOM WIRED MONDAY: GAYLY 9-2, Won CORINTH 3-1, Won Phenom Wired Saturday: Phenom Wired Thursday: Phenom Wired Tuesday: Escolune 10-1, Won Kinsntnn 2-1, Won Pave Ooldie 6-1, Won Sea Court 8-1, Won Boot Black Third Elsass 13-5, Won Phenom Wired Friday: Phenom Wired Wednesday: Phenom Wired Monday: Knights Bridge ..20-1, Won Gayly 15-1, Won Good Will 18-5, Won Waukulla 9-5, Won Brinklcy 13-5, Won Pete the Scribe ..7-2, Won Remit 0, at once, for one days service and be convinced of profitable results. Wire remittance, giving correct address, to avoid delay. Address all communications, THE PHENOM 799 BROADWAY ROOM 223 NEW YORK CITY JIM REARDON TWO HORSE SERVICE DAILY 5 YTEEKLY RELIABLE INFORMATION WON AGAIN THATS THE REARDON SERYICE HERE THEY ARE ANOTHER DOUBLE: FRIGHTFUL ;.. 8-1, Won BOY O BOY 18-5, Won OH, WHAT A PARLAY! 40-1, and it only costs a day or 5 weekly. My record is clean. Eight straight winners. THURSDAYS DOUBLE WINNER: CIMARRON C-l, Won MIT 4-1, Won WEDNESDAYS DOUBLE WINNER: CANYON C-l, Won VAN PATRICK C-l, Won TUESDAYS DOUBLE WINNER: SLEIVEBLOOM 15-1, AVon FULL O FUN 9.80, Won GET YOUR CHRISTMAS MONEY. BOYS. Deal with this organization direct. We spend any amount for information and, consequently, deliver the goods. SIX DAYS OF VALUABLE INFORMATION FOR 5. Wire immediately, via W. U., or Postal. Both of my daily horses must pay better than 3-1 or you get an additional days information FREE. J. REARDON BOOM 509, 10C PARK ROW NEW YORK CITY Liberty Flash "Bureau of Winning Info" TWO HORSES DAILY 6 DAYS, 0.00 WEEKLY. I The "Liberty Flash" has been releasing private information to its limited clientele I for years, giving profitable returns. To convince yourself wire 0.00 at once for one ! I weeks service, which also entitles you to our 00.00 Special, that goes whenever I released. YESTERDAYS LIBERTY FLASH RELEASED: FRIGHTFUL 8-1, Won ROSAMOND 10-1, Won iBIG WINNING DOUBLE- GOES TODAY. Advice is: Go the limit, win only, today. MR. PLAYER, this looks to us like the surest spot for my double today. My connections! advise that the stables are out to win. THURSDAYS LIBERTY FLASH RELEASED: RICHELIEU 4-1, Won THE GAFF 6-1, Won H WEDNESDAYS LIBERTY FLASH RELEASED: Igj VAN PATRICK ....6-1, Won CONSCRIPT 5-1, Won 1 TUESDAY LIBERTY RELEASED: I JOHNNY JEWELL. .7-2, Won HAVANA ELECTRIC 6-1, Won I MONDAYS 00.00 SPECIAL: MONDAYS LIBERTY FLASH: ANTONIA 5-1, Won NASSAU 3-1, Won Last Weeks Winners: 1 PONJOLA 7-1, Won KATHLEEN K 6-1, Won I PRIVATE PEAT 4-1, Won WRANGLER 9-5, Won 1 BENEDICT VOW ...6-1, Won BUCADO 2-1, Won 1 SMART GUY 4-1, Won IRISH FRIEZE 7-1, Won MISS MEISE 13-5, Won LITTLE HOPE 2-1, Won 1 PETE THE SCRIBE 4-1, Won BEAR GRASS 3-1, Won No racing at Havana Monday. I City clients, call in person. Out-of-town clients, wire, giving correct address to avoid delay. B Liberty Flash I Suite 222 80 East Eleventh Street New York City I SCHUYLER FLOYD Offers you an opportunity to become associated with the operations of experienced -horsemen. Ar you awake to its calling! 19 ADDITIONAL CLIENTS INVITED Before long the required number of co -partners will be secured. As soon as this number is reached the head of this organizatoin will leave fcr New Orleans and this advertisement will bo discontinued. An Opportunity Unexcelled JOIN US TODAY DONT "WAIT TO INHERIT AN INC03IE STRIKE "WHILE THE IRON IS HOT To employ the SCHUYLER INVESTMENTS is to benefit by an intellect that has made raciag pay hindsome dividends for many years. HE SURE OF YOUR SHARE OF "WINNINGS THIS C03IING YEAR THE NEXT SCHUYLER INVESTMENT GOES TODAY SATURDAY THE PREVIOUS INVESTMENTS WERE: "Wednesday, Dec. 10 -SCHUYLER INVESTMENT: VAN PATRICK G-l, "Won Friday, .Dec. o SCHUYLER INVESTMENT: WAUKULLA 2-1, AVou TERMS: One hundred dollars, payablo in advance, plus the winnings of a hundred dollar straight play on this SCHUYLER INVESTMENT. Winnings to ba telegraphed day following the race. No-other proposition but the above entertained. Address all communications to SCHUYLER FLOYD 2530 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY Bob Caldwell .00 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY ONE HORSE DAILY ONE 1 HORSE DAILY YESTERDAYS 5 SUPREME SPECIAL: FRIGHTFUL 8-1, Won THURSDAYS RELEASE: TUESDAYS RELEASE: Mit 4-1, Won St. Nicholas . .6-1, Won THURSDAYS 5.00 SUPREME SPECIAL: MONDAYS RELEASE: The Gaff 6-1, Won Tod Renesor 30-1, Won WEDNESDAYS RELEASE: SATURDAYS RELEASE: Collision 10-1, Won Firmament 12-1, 5-1, 2nd Nothing ventured, nothing gained. SUBSCRIBE TODAY GET ABOARD DO NOT be left out. 15-1 TODAY Another winning 5.00 SUPREME SPECIAL GOES TODAY. Caldwells service is not a speculation, but a safe investment. Why take chances? Sec me first. BOB CALDWELL iiS7 BROADWAY NE"W YORK CITY "Wnn Lyons Fidelity Bldg., 423 Cth Ave.. New York City. Room G02 Daily TWO HORSES A DAY 0 Weekly THE OLD-TIME SOUTHERNER BACK AGAIN IN MY HOME TOWN r want all my followers to know I am at New Orleans now and am in right with all my pals in th racing game. NOTICE Responding to the requests of my numerous followers, I havo completed all arrangements to release two horses a day. A trial will convince you. RESULTS AND ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! Ycstorday was the big day. Yesterdays Release: TALE QUA 3-1, Won FRIGHTFUL 8-1, Worn , Thursdays Release: MIT 4-1, Won SPUGS 4.1, V7on Wednesdays Release: CHANNEL 15-1; Won VAN PATRICK 6-1, Won ST. NICHOLAS 6-1, Won PRINCE K 5-1, Won ANTONIA 5-1, Won NASSAU 3-1, Won , TODAY TODAY TODAY Subscribe at once for the- two big SATURDAY SPECIALS At New York office. Send money Western Union or Postal or call at office.

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