End of Xalapa Sale: Eighty Head Bring 56,500 at Second Night of Selling, Daily Racing Form, 1924-12-13


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i I I j j END OF XALAPA SALE Eighty Head Bring 56,500 at Second Night of Selling. Grand Total for Sale 99,900 for 159 Eternal the Top Price at 9,000. NEW YORK, N. Y., Dec. 12. Eternal, the eight-year-old son of Sweep and Hazel Burke, by Sempronius, was the bright and particular star of the dispersal sale of Edward F. Simms thoroughbred holdings. This young stock horse went to J. B. Res-pess for 9,000. For the second and last night of selling in Squadron A Armory, there was a largj and representative gathering of horsemen and breeders, while the bright gowns of many sportswomen enlivened the scene. It was the night of the sale set apart by 10. J. Tranter of the Fasig-Tipton Company as the most attractive and most spectacular and proved a thorough success. Onlookers generally were there to see the selling of the magnificent stock horses, and Eternal was the headliner of them all. The bidding for the son of Sweep was spirited and it finally narrowed to a contest between K. N. Gilpiii and J. B. Respess. Mr. Gilpin went to ?2S.-000 in an effort to obtain the horse, and it was the ,000 raise from Respess that sent the sallion to the Cincinnatian. Leonardo II., confidently expected to be almost as eagerly sought after as Eternal, brought less than half the amount obtained for the star, when he was knocked down to J. O. Kcene on his bid of 2,000. One excellent reason for this low price was th-i fact that Leonardo H. is utterly unknown as a producer, while Eternal has had two crops already. INCREASE IX 1JtICES. The second night of selling saw a decided increase in values and eighty went under the hammer for a total of 50,500, an average of ,20G. That brought the grand total of the two nights to 99,900 for one hundred and fifty-nine head, making the average for the sale ,515. Interest in the sale naturally centered around the stallions, yearlings and horses of racing age. Bidding on these lots was spirit- ed. The five stallions Eternal, Leonardo II.. Theo Cook, The Wanderer and Prince Pal found purchasers scattered throughout the country. Prince Tal went to II. S. Harts Swing-along Stable for ,500. James "W. Bean of "Washington, who had The Wanderer in the stud for two years, took him back for ,- S00. Following the sale Mr. Bean refused an advance for the son of Vulcain. Eighteen-I year-old Theo Cook went to T. M. Murphv for ,000. Willis Sharpe Kilmer, master of Sun Briar Court, Binghampton, N. Y., paid the top price of the evening for a brood mare, when he took the first offering to go under the hammer, Portland Urn, an imported daughter of Son In Law, from Lady Portland. The four-year-old brown brood mare was bred to Negofol. and went to Mr. Kilmer on his bid of 3,000. C. B. Shafer, owner of the Coldstream Farm, a liberal purchaser during the sale, added Bed of Roses, a seven-vear-old daughter of McGee Parkview, to his purchases, for 0,500, and A. II. Ccsden pail ,500 for Forever, a seven-year-old mare by Ballot Hazel Burke. YEARLINGS IN DEMAND. Eleven yearlings were next put up. and good prices were realized for the lot. J. B. Respess was a liberal buyer, and obtained three of the choicest offerings, for a total of 9,400. Sweeping Away, a two-year-old son of Sweep Lady Eastman, was the bst offering of the horses of racing age, and bidding for this prospective Kentucky Derby and Preakness candidate was of spirited nature. J. Vv. Bean carried the bidding to ,100, at which figure he took him. Montfort Jones, with I!. B. Jones, owner of the Audley Farm, was a liberal buver. and added three more to his purchases. John E. Madden, who purchased several mares, was acting for Mr. Jones, and both purchasers added many matrons to Audley Farm. Commander J. K. L. Ross, the Canadian breeder, bought several mares, which will be shipped to his Canadian farm at Vercheres. Quebec, and Kempland Farm, Lexington, Ky. Among these who attended the sale were Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Riddle. Mrs. F. Ambrose Clarlc, A. C. Bostwick. Adm. Cary, T. Grayson, J. K. L. Ross. Joseph E. Davis. A. B. Hancock. Mars Cassidy, Frank Moore. Colev Madden, J. O. Keene. "W. R. Coe. Mr. and Mrs. I. T. Cliinn. Thomas Piatt. "W. 11. Kar-rick, Tom Young. J. W. Bean. Mr. and Mrs VV". L. Walker. AVI His Sharpe Kilmer. Senator P. J. Joyce. J. B. Respess. Maj. T. C. McDowell, Jas. Rowe. Tom Welsh, Tony Wai- Coutiiiued on sixteenth page. END OF XALAPA SALE! Continued from first page. lace, II. G. Eedwell, Frank Taylor, Selby Burch, Fred Johnson. J. C. Milam, Charles j Quinn, John Quinn, Montfort Jones, Edward Cebrian, J. E. Cowden, Max Hirsch, T. J. Monahan, Tom Cistigan. R: Walden, Fred Taral, II. C. Fisher, John Loftus, Captain P. M. Walker, Morty Lynch, George Bull. Col. Matt Winn, Col. Vennie, J. E. Madden. Mark Demarest, Frank K. Ireland, J. E. Widener, G. D. Widener, Noah McClelland. John Whalen, Joe Edwards, L. Cohn, Tom Shaw, C. J. Fitzgerald, J. L. Rhinock, Wm. P. Riggs, W. J. Salmon, Gwyn Tompkins. R. L. Gerry, James Bodsn, Mcse Go!dblatt, Louis Feustel, George Saportas, James Fitz-simmons, W. Knspp, T. J. Ivermath, Ernest Heider, John F. Schorr, Joe Murphy, J. W. Healy, Howard Oots, Simeon Healy, Charles j Chessar, J. McClelland, Roy Waldron, John j Lambert, E. G. Hall, Charles Hughes. Ed-! i ward Burke, Al Weston; Mr. and Mrs. Claude j ! Kyle, E. H. "Snapper" Garrison. Willie j Dugan, Robert Hamilton, John McGilvray, Harry Orr, Tommy Murphy, Lob Cohn, J. ! P. Smith, W. A. Giles of Quebec, Lee Rosen- I berg, C. II. Shaffer, IT. C. Short. J. C. Cosden, H. Gold, C. W. Leonard, II. W. Frost and! J. II. Laheve. Eternal, br. li, 8, by Sweep Hazel Burke; J. P.. Besness 0,000 Portland Urn, lir. f, -t. by Son In Law Lady Portland; AV. S. Kilmer 13,000 Leonardo II.. br. li, 0, by Sweep Ethel Pace; J. O. Ke?ne v 12,000 Rose of Boses, b. m, 7, by McGee Parkview; Coldstream Faun 10,500 Sweeping Away, br. e, 2, by Sweep Lady Eastman; J. AV. . Bean 9,100 learling-, br. or blk. f, br Eternal June Bug; .T. I!. P.espess G..S00 Yearling, b. c, by Eternal Helen Marie; J. B. Itespess 0,000 Forever, br. in,. 7, by Ballot Hazel Burke; A. II. Cosden C,500 "Weanling, b. f, by Ncgofol--Denise Field; J. O. Kecne 0,100 Yearling, b. e, by Negofol Denise Field; .7. B. P.espess . 0,000 "Weanling, br. c, by Leonardo II. Schnapps; S. 1. Kiddle 5,900 Yearling, cli. f, by Prince Palatine Even Break; It. J. "Walden 5,000 Weanling, b. e, by Negofol Silesia; Coldstream Farm 4.C00 Uvonia, br. m, 7, by Flint Bock Trigger; .7. O. Keene ". 4,000 Treasure Fair, cli. in, li, by Fertle Fairy Gold;-P. T. Chinn -1,500 Soldier True, eh. c, 2, by Trap Bock Federal Girl; "W. L. Ilernstadt 4,500 Yearling, br. f, by Eternal Nysiade; J. C. Milam 4,400 Yearling, cli. f, by North Star III. Land League; Xew Jersey Stable 4,300 Ouixota, b. in, 0, by McGee Lady Ouex; A. B. Hancock 4,200 Bockalou, eh. f, 4, by Trap. Bock Ormulu; J. K. L. Bess 4,000 Silesia, eh. m, 0, by Trap Bock Betained II.; J. K. It. Boss 4,000 Shady Sadie, b. f, 2, by Louvois Elevation; F. M. Taylor 3,500 "Weanling, br. c, by Chaucer Sabotiere; P. T. Chitm . ;. , 3,200 Rosy Cheeks, br. in, 5, by Saint Just Purity; B. B. Strassburger 3,200 "Weanling, b. c, by Negofol Scenery; C. "W. Leonard 3.C00 Yearling, br. , by Negofol Blue Plum; J. C. Milam 3,000 Yearling, ch. f, by Negofol Broom Straw; L. Bosenberg 2.S00 Spring Tide, ch. m, 5, by Olambala Velio w Sea; J. K. L. Boss 2,700 "Weanling, b. or br. e, by Negofol Bose Leaves; P. T. Chinn 2,700 Yearling, ch. e, by China Cock Chrysalis II.; J. C. Milam 2,700 Vivandiere, br. f, by Trap Bock Haversack; J. C. Milam 2,700 Phantom Maid, ch. in, S, by Uncle Algie M.; Audlcy Farm 2,600 Prince Pal, b. h, 7, by Prince Palatini. "Wilful Maid II.: Swingalong Stable 2,500 Weanling, br. f, by Prince Palatine Ited Cross Girl; Crunale and Frost 2,500 Falling Star, ch. i 2, by Adams Express Starina; L. B. Cornier 2,500 "Weanling, br. c, by I.-unardo II. Gerbe dOr; P. T. Chinn 2,300 Trince of Bourbon, ch. c, 2, by Prince Palatine Forever; J. B. Bespess 2,300 "Weanling, br. c, by Leonardo II. Helen Marie; P. T. Chinn 2,200 Silent Princess, b. f, 2, by Prince Palatine Bertie V.; A. B. Hancock 2,200 Scenery, b. m, 11, by Sain Blue Danube; Coldstream Farm 2,100 Weanling, ch. e, by Negofol Bockalou; C. AV. Leonard 2,000 Wren, br. in, 9, by Star Shod Noreon; And ley Farm 2,00-3 Sun Jueen, blk. m, 15, by Bock Sand Souriaute; Coldstream Farm 2,000 Itoniau Princess, b. f, 2, by Prince Palatine Large-; M. Gold 2,000 Ycomanette, ch. m, 0, by Voter Mirella; Audley Farm 1,900 Gerbe dOr, eh. m, 7, by Verdun Gaston- nette: Coldstream Farm 1,900 The AVandeier, b. li. S, by Vulcain Bose Tree II.; .7. AA". Bean l.SOO Yearling, b. f, by Negofol Coat; AV. L. Ilernstadt l,S0O Yearling, br. c, by Negofol Brace Up; J. Edwards l.SOO Chestnut filly, weanling, by Xegofol Phantom Maid; .7. E. Madden 1,700 Bose Leaves, br. m. S, by Ballot Colonial; Coldstream Farm : 1,700 Helen Marie, ch. m, 11. by Stalwart Variant; Coldstream Farm 1,700 ralonibe, ch. m, 7, by LOiseau Lyre Brune- haut; I. Elseman 1,000 Schnapps, b. in, 12, by Burgomaster Irish Beel; Coldstream Farm l.GOO Weanling, b. c, by Leonardo II. Aista; J. C. Milam 1,000 Fulminate, ch. f, 2. by Friar Bock Buckle; J. AV. McClelland 1,000 Toujcurs, b. m, 7, by Eyebrow Estimate; F. M. Brooke 1,500 Crystal Maid. br. m. 18, by Pirate of Penzance Silk Maid; C. Clay 1,400 Aista. 1. ni, C, by McGee Parkview; T. Piatt 1,350 Pamphyle, br. m, 17, by- Bobert le Diable Pamflete; Brownell Combs 1,200 Brown filly, weanling, by Leonardo II. Poppy Bed; Coldstream Farm 1,200 AAatcrstneet, b. in, 7, by McGee Josie L.; Coldstream Farm .- 1,100 Theo. Cook, b. h, 18, by Ben Brush Climax; T. M. Murnhy 1,000 Bed Cross Girl, br. m. 7, by F.audit Golden Fancies; C. F. Clay 1,000 The Nipper, b. m, 7, by Aveu Lady IC. II.; I. Eisemann 1,000 Golden List, ch. m, 11. by Golden Maxim Listless; Mrs. Fied Guest l.COO Tapestry, ch. m. 14, by Bock Sand Tarpeia; C. AV. Leonard 900 AVeanlijig, ch. c, by Trompe la Mort Sissie Ida; J. B. Chote 900 Sabotiere. b. m. 10, by Minora Butch Girl; AV. L. Ilernstadt 900 Thoughtless Beauty, ch. m, 0, by Bisguise Copiette; T. Piatt 000 Grand Review, eh. g. 2, by Grand Parade Princess Polly; M. Gold 9C0 AVcanling, br. c, by Leonardo II. The Nipper; I. T. Chinn S00 AVilful Maid II.. ch. m, 14, by Suudridge Marian Hood; P. T. Chinn SCO AVcanling, blk. 1, by Negofol Yeomanette; A. Eiemicke 70C Traennough. b. m, 13, by Ogden Tra Over; I. Eisemann 700 Brown filly, weanling, by Eterenal Palombu; Max Silvers COO Poppy Bed, br. in. 7, by Martinet Roil and , Gnu; C. F. Clay , 500 AVcanling. ch. f. by Theo. Cook Golden List; Swingalong Stable 500 AAeanling, br. f, by Leonardo II. Thoughtless Beauty; Swingalong Stable 450 Sissie Ida, I, in, 15, by Avingtou Fiuuart; J. P. Laheve .. 200

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