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CHARLES RAYMOND ONE HORSE DAILY ONE WEEK C DATS, 0.00. JUST AS USUAL! ANOTHER WINNER! YESTEEDAYS ONLY HORSE: FRIGHTFUL ....8-1, Won LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! MY FIFTH STEAIGHT WINNER THIS WEEK! ONE EACH DAY, AHD EACH DAY A WINNING DAY. WE ARE OVER ?1,000 WINNER to far this week, with a small ?20 daily flat play. WINNERS! WINNERS! WINNERS! THURSDAYS ONLY HORSE: RICHELIEU 4-1, Won WEDNESDAYS ONLY HORSE: VAN PATRICK 6-1, Won TUESDAYS ONLY HORSE: SLEIVEBLOOM 15-1, Won MONDAYS ONLY HORSE: ANTON I A 5-1, Won SUBSCRIBE AT ONCE, 0 weokly. Invest today and make a foitune before the end of next week. Why guess and lose your good money when I am in a position to make yon a BIG WINNER with my information. A small payment of 0 gets you a winner each day for a whole week. The best of the meeting goss today. This horse that I refer to today has been kept under cover lor over two months. This horse should pay 10-1 OR BETTER. SPECIAL NOTICE A new office opened for the convenience of local clients and those that, are closer to New York. I have opened an office at 206 Broadway, Room 338, New York City. Call or wire money to either office. You can telegraph to my race track address. Use Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Wire at once. CHARLES RAYMOND EOOSEVELT HOTEL NEW ORLEANS, LA. f A CLIFFORD S. BALLE NEW YORK OFFICES: CHICAGO OFFICES: 200 BROADWAY, ROOM 214 109 N. DEARBORN ST., R003I 606 NEW YORK CITY CHICAGO, ILL. This office wishes to announce that it lias discontinued its regular service and lias entered a new field. Beginning: Tnesdaj, December 16, this office will start a daily service. Capable horsemen have been placed at Havana, Tijuana, and New Orleans, to snpplj this office with information. In the past, this office has released one, two or three horses weekly. Beginning Tuesday, this office will release strictly one horse a day, to weekly subscribers. TERMS for this service are twenty-five dollars 5.00 weekly. This office knows that it can deliver winners. Further proof of its capabilities will be given the opening day, Tuesday. This is a select service and needs no soliciting. This office will advertise until it has enlisted a limited number of clients. All players wishing to partake in this service are advised to send in their subscription of twenty-five dollars as soon as possible. This office has been built up on a policy of honesty, secrecy and a square deal to all. Above all, there will be no misrepresentation. Only "facts will be published. The above policy will be adhered to at all times. Clients in Chicago and New York City can call at the offices. Out-of-town clients, remit by wire. V I SUNRISE SERVICE 15G FULTON STREET, SUITE 535 NEW YORK CITY TERMS: .00 DAILY ONE HORSE DAILY YESTERDAYS RELEASE: FRIGHTFUL 8-1, Won Which proves again the value of this service. Seven winners, at good prices, in seven successive days does not look like guess work, you will admit, but this is only the beginning of my winter service, which should prove to be the best ever. THURSDAYS RELEASE: WEDNESDAYS RELEASE: Mit 4-1, Won Van Patrick 6-1, Won TUESDAYS RELEASE: MONDAYS RELEASE: Johnny Jewell 7-2, Won Tod Renesor 30-1, Won SATURDAYS RELEASE: . FRIDAYS RELEASE: Jaunebar .18-5, Won Pat Hampson 6-1, Won DONT FAIL TO SEE ME TODAY. Boys, we mean business. Every single angle has been taken care of by those in the "KNOW." They say it looks like the surest thing that ever faced the barrier. If you have never followed us before, we advise you to start with this one. We believe your investment should prove to be a most profitable one. RUSH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. CITY CLIENTS, CALL. OUT-OF-TOWN CLIENTS. REMIT BY WIRE. NOTICE: FIFTY DOLLAR SUPER SPECIAL GOES TODAY. CHARLES BUSTOR XEW ORLEAXS WIZARD 206-208 BROADWAY, ROOM 536, NEW YORK CITY TERMS: 10.00 DAILY TWO HORSES DAILY CHARLES BUSTOR from NEW ORLEANS sends word TODAY to advise all clients to get aboard fcr a CHRISTMAS LIMIT FARLAY TODAY. All angles have been well covered. This parlay should lay 50-1 or better. A HIXT TO THE WISE IS SUFFICIEXT! "EXUF SED!" THIS IS REAL WINNING INFORMATION, such as my followers have been receiving day by day. YESTERDAYS RELEASES: TALEQUA 3-1, Won FRIGHTFUL 8-1, Won GET IN RIGHT WITH THE MAN WHO KNOWS " THURSDAYS RELEASES: MIT 4-1, Won RICHELIEU 0-2, Won WEDNESDAYS RELEASES: SATURDAYS RELEASES: WEDNESDAYS RELEASES: VAN PATRICK 6-1, Won ESCOLANE 10-1, Won BANKRUPT 10-1, Won CANYON 5-1, Won JAUNEBAR 4-1. Won SMART GUY 4-1. Won TUESDAYS RELEASES: FRIDAYS RELEASES: TUESDAYS RELEASES: JOHNNY JEWELL 7-2, Won WARFARE 12-1, Won LUCIFER 4-1, Won SLEIVEBLOOM 15-1, Won WRANGLER 9-5, Won DAVE GOLDIE 6-1. Won MONDAYS "RELEASES: THURSDAYS RELEASES: MONDAYS RELEASES: ANTONIA 5-1, Won OLD PAIGE 6-1, Won PETE THE SCRIBE... 4-1. Won GAYLY 9-2, Won ARABIAN 1G-5, Won STORMALONG 7-2, Won DONT HESITATE. RUSH YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS AT ONCE. CITY CLIENTS, CALL. OUT-OF-TOWN, REMIT BY WIRE. Daily Racing Guide Has the Winners Two Horses Daily Terms: 0.00 Daily "Bang !" I Told You So ! Yesterdays Two Horses: MODO 3-1, 6-5, 2nd THE VINTNER 4-5, Won And, once again, my army of followers got some more "easy money" yesterday. ARE YOU SATISFIED THAT I CAN MAKE YOU WIN? Give me a weeks trial and I will convince you that "I get the res! goods." Pf" Today Today A BIG SURPRISE I have a surprise in store for you today. My two horses today are considered the $ MONEY HORSES $ and "you know what that means." Get me? "I WARN YOU" DONT MISS THESE TWO WINNERS TODAY because you dont see such "good things" every day, as these two are today. Thats all I can say if you are "wise," you will rush your subscription at once. "Get me?" ,000 Reward ,000 will be given to any person or persons who can prove that the horses advertised above and below were not filed with this paper and released to my clients five hours before post time. Thursdays Two Horses: Pedagogue 3-1, 1-1, 2nd Carnarvon Lost Wednesdays Two Horses: Canyon 5-1, Won Channel 15-1, Won Tuesdays Two Horses Johnny Jewell .... 7-2, Won Sleivebloom ....... . .15-1, Won Mondays Two Horses: Asa Jewell 7-5,1-2 2nd Midwestern .. Lost Saturdays Two Horses: Escolane 10-1, Won Jaunebar 18-5, Won Fridays Two Horses: Warfare 12-1, Won Knights Bridge 20-1, Won 00 parlay on my two horses WON 4,000. I am on the grounds every day and see that each and every angle is well protected before my clients make any investments. My record of winners should convince the most skeptical turf followers that I must know something about the racing game. NOTICE MY NEW OFFICE IS OPEN TODAY EVERYBODY PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: BE SURE AND SEND FULL NAME AND ADDRESS ROOM 301, 76 WILLOUGHBY ST., BROOKLYN, N. Y. BILL MONTGOMERY . THE NEW ORLEANS WONDER " CARE OF WESTERX" USIOX RACE TRACK XEW ORLEANS One or Two Horses Daily Terms: 5.00 Per "Week YESTERDAYS WIRE: CAMOUFLAGE . 11-5, Won THURSDAYS TWO HORSES: MIT 4-1, Won CIMARRON 4-1, Won Today Another Winner Today Connections have another that should -win and pay 15-1 or hotter today. All clients are advised that they must await code before receiving this information. Any client who does not wish to receive this service and has not the patience to meet with my requirements, please do not wire any money, but get your information elsewhere. Just as I stated again, that my horses would appear in this paper whether they won or lost, above is the result, as I never release a horse to any clients unless I am assured the investment to my followers will be absolutely certain and sure. WEDNESDAYS HORSES: Van Patrick 6-1, Won Canyon 5-1, Won TUESDAYS HORSE: MONDAYS HORSE: St. Nicholas . . . . . ... 6-1, Won Antonia . .5-1, Won SATURDAYS TWO HORSES: Escolane 10-1, Won Jaunebar ...18-5, Won FRIDAYS HORSE: WEDNESDAYS HORSE: Knights Bridge 20-1, Won Monastery 12-1, Won MONDAYS HORSE: THURSDAYS HORSE: Pete the Scribe 4-1, Won Benedict Vow 6-1, Won TUESDAYS HORSE: SATURDAYS HORSE: - Miss Meise 13-5, Won Piedmont 10-1," Won Ho service will be sent unless name and address is sent in full. Remit by wire, through Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Address, . BILL MONTGOMERY Care of Western Union, Race Track New .Orleans, La. Subscribe for Monthly Form Book and insure its prompt receipt.

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